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The Great Monarch

The coronation of Charlemange

According to various prophecies, the reign of the Angelic Pope is closely associated with that of a great Catholic Monarch who helps to restore Christendom to its rightful state after a period of apostasy. In my book, I argue that the prophecies of the Angelic Pope and Great Monarch are connected with the Two Witnesses of Rev 11 (see the post The Two Witnesses for more details). In prophetic tradition, it is these two figures who are foretold to inaugrate the Second Pentecost. The Great Monarch (who is alternatively labelled the Last World Emperor) is styled after Charlemagne - the first Holy Roman Emperor who helped to unify Christian Europe in the 8th century AD. The earliest reference to a prophecy of the coming of a Great Monarch who would establish an era of peace before the coming of the Antichrist is to be found in the Latin version of the Tiburtine Sibyl (which is estimated by scholars to date anywhere between the 4th to 7th centuries AD). The Latin Tiburtine Sibyl models this Last World Emperor after Constantine the Great - who established Christianity as the dominant religion of the Roman Empire:

Then will arise a king of the Greeks whose name is Constans. He will be king of the Romans and the Greeks. He will be tall of stature, of handsome appearance with shining face, and well put together in all parts of his body. His reign will be ended after one hundred and twelve years. In those days there will be great riches and the earth will give fruit abundantly so that a measure of wheat will be sold for a denarius, a measure of wine for a denarius, and a measure of oil for a denarius. The king will have a text before his eyes that says: "The king of the Romans will claim the whole Christian empire for himself." He will devastate all the islands and the cities of the pagans and will destroy all idolatrous temples; he will call all pagans to baptism and in every temple the Cross of Christ will be erected. "Then Egypt and Ethiopia will be eager to stretch their hands to God." ~ Whoever does not adore the Cross of Jesus Christ will be punished by the sword. When the one hundred and twelve years have been completed, the Jews will be converted to the Lord, and "his sepulchre will be glorified by all." In those days Judah will be saved and Israel will dwell with confidence. At that time the Prince of Iniquity who will be called Antichrist will arise from the tribe of Dan. He will be the Son of Perdition, the head of pride, the master of error, the fullness of malice who will overturn the world and do wonders and great signs through dissimulation. He will delude many by magic art so that fire will seem to come down from heaven. The years will be shortened like months, the months like weeks, the weeks like days, the days like hours, and an hour like a moment. The unclean nations that Alexander, the Indian king, shut up (i.e., Gog and Magog) will arise from the North. These are the twenty-two realms whose number is like the sand of the sea. When the king of the Romans hears of this he will call his army together and vanquish and utterly destroy them. After this he will come to Jerusalem, and having put off the diadem from his head and laid aside the whole imperial garb, he will hand over the empire of the Christians to God the Father and to Jesus Christ his Son. When the Roman empire shall have ceased, then the Antichrist will be openly revealed and will sit in the House of the Lord in Jerusalem. While he is reigning, two very famous men, Elijah and Enoch, will go forth to announce the coming of the Lord. Antichrist will kill them and after three days they will be raised up by the Lord. Then there will be a great persecution, such as has not been before nor shall be thereafter. The Lord will shorten those days for the sake of the elect, and the Antichrist will be slain by the power of God through Michael the Archangel on the Mount of Olives.

In a strong echo to the Two Witnesses of Rev 11, other early prophecies of the Great Monarch (such as that of Pseudo-Methodius composed circa 7th century AD) also suggest that the Great Monarch would end his reign in Jerusalem:

When the Son of Perdition has arisen, the king of the Romans will ascend Golgotha upon which the wood of the Holy Cross is fixed, in the place where the Lord underwent death for us. The king will take the crown from his head and place it on the cross and stretching out his hands to heaven will hand over the kingdom of the Christians to God the Father. The cross and the crown of the king will be taken up together to heaven. This is because the Cross on which our Lord Jesus Christ hung for the common salvation of all will begin to appear before him at his coming to convict the lack of faith of the unbelievers. The prophecy of David which says, "In the last days Ethiopia will stretch out her hand to God" (Ps. 67:32) will be fulfilled in that these last men who stretch out their hands to God are from the seed of the sons of Chuseth, the daughter of Phol, king of Ethiopia. When the Cross has been lifted up on high to heaven, the king of the Romans will directly give up his spirit. Then every principality and power will be destroyed that the Son of Perdition may be manifest...

In a further allusion to the Two Witnesses of Revelation, the Great Monarch is foretold in yet another prophecy (which can be traced back to the monk Adso during the 10th century) to lay down his crown on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem - the place where the "two olive trees" of Revelation are slain by the Antichrist.

Some of our learned men say that one of the Kings of the Franks will possess anew the Roman Empire. He will be in the last time and will be the greatest and the last of all kings. After he has successfully governed his empire, he will finally come to Jerusalem and will lay aside his sceptre and crown on the Mount of Olives. This will be the end and the consummation of the Roman and Christian Empire.

 This prophecy seems to describe the abdication of the Great Monarch, but it also implies a theme of martyrdom. The king willingly gives up his temporal power in the place the Lord was crucified - the same location where the Two Witnesses are put to death by the Antichrist. It simply cannot be coincidence that these two prophesied restorers of Christendom parallel the Two Witnesses of Rev 11.

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Unknown said...

I've been studying the life of Fr. Aloysius Ellacuria, CMF. Some have pointed out certain parallels in Father's life and references to the great monarch.

1. Both are identified with France. Fr. Aloysius is from the Basque provinces, and three are in France. In the time of Napoleon, he was considering a completely separate nation for the Basques, because they are unified in their language and culture.
2. The Fleur-de-Lis as a reference to purity, a special virtue cultivated by Fr. Aloysius, and confirmed with his teaching on heroic chastity.
3. In his role as a founder and administrator of a congregation of men, Fr. Aloysius could be considered a monarch or superior/general of his new order.
4. He work was like a personal prelature through which he wanted to continue until the end of time. Opus Dei is a personal prelature and Father instructed us to look into how the Opus Dei was organized. Father Aloysius authority over the movement was like that of the prelate in a personal prelature.
5. The sinew of Father's hip was operated upon, his hip was replaced, and he did limp the rest of his life.
6. He went to Jerusalem to dedicate his life's work to Our Lord. He was received by the Latin Patriarch of Jerusalem, and he prostrated himself on location of the Holy Sepulture. There are photographs of these moments.
7.Father insisted on a renewal in the faith and morals of Catholics, i.e., a restoration to the beauty of the faith.
8. Father's family goes back to the 9th Century, the time of Charlemagne. So does the family Coat of Arms.
9. Henry is the name of the monarch. This name "Henry" means "home rule" which is what Father Aloysius did. he ruled his order, and he made sure it would continue afterwards.

These parallels are not hard to see. However, if indeed there is such a prophesy, and if Fr. Aloysius can be identified with the prophesy, we still awaiting a restoration of Faith! Perhaps this restoration can be referred to as the "Triumph of the Immaculate Heart."

Emmett O'Regan said...

Fr. Manion,

Thanks for sharing the story of Fr. Aloysius Ellacuria. I haven't heard of this remarkable man before. Thanks for your dedication to his cause!
There are indeed some parallels in his life with the Great Monarch. Perhaps he prefigures him in a way:

"What has been is what will be,
and what has been done is what will be done, ...there is nothing new under the sun."
(Ecc 1:9)

Unknown said...

Actually, what Father Aloysius did is quite remarkable. Under obedience to his General Superior in Rome he founded a new religious order in Fatima, Portugal. The date of the General's letter is February 9, 1972. The order consisted of two branches - the religious and the laity. In 1976 Father went with pilgrims to the Holy Land. He had an audience with the Latin Patriarch, and dedicated his work at the place known as the Holy Sepulcher. In 1978 a formal agreement was reached with the two branches linking them in a fashion similar to a personal prelature. This contractual agreement was recognized by the Congregation of Religious in Rome in 1991, but not officially, rather as a movement. The importance of this is the existence of a regimen with religious, priests, and laity, dedicated to continue our Catholic heritage, and to spread the message of Our Lady of Fatima. There is more, but the movement continues to the present, and according to Fr. Aloysius' intention, it would continue the work of St. Anthony Mary Claret, founder of the Claretians, until the end of time. St. Anthony Mary Claret is considered by the Claretians to be the 7th Angel of the Apocalypse.
All of this fascinates me, and I can't help be see the parallels. Even the fact that Fr. Aloysius started he new order in 1972 somehow may relate to the year 1972 in the Fatima prophesies. I put up a website about Father Aloysius at
However, I haven't written about this Great Monarch prophesy until very recently.

EA Bucchianeri said...

The approved stigmatist and mystic Marie-Julie Jahenny revealed considerable details about the Great Monarch to come. Our Lady, Our Lord and St. Michael revealed who he is, but the date of his coming is still unknown. His appearance on earth will be completely miraculous and brought about by Christ alone. For more information, here's the link:

Anonymous said...

The living Messiah is truly
I promise with all of my heart , all breath I take my life and soul,
Knowing what that promise means, which I don't take lightly
that Holy Father Pope Peter the last and his wife Mary Romanus
are truly the brother and sister of Christ! When writing to Pope
Peter and Mary ones heart and soul is dicerned right from the
thrown in Heaven! He is the living earthly Messiah also He
Is the great Catholic monarch along with King Jesus Who
IS coming back at His third coming! Out of Jesus great love
and mercy the unborn babies of abortion are coming back
too they have true parents who want them and love them
Oh Holy Father and Mary Romanus are so good!
The little flock as long as they Do all that King Jesus
and our True Pope growing in virtue and humility and
Obediance and persevere in doing so will not only
Reverse age but shall not die also! Mary was never
Separated fro God , She was there from the start
, She was United in the sufferings and death of her son
and She is now United in the hearts of Holy Father
Petrus Romanus and His wife Mary through the
because the Sacred Hearts are right in them!
Sadly to say most all will reject then and rehang
Jesus on the Cross again through the rejection
of His True brother and sister! They people
must choose between the Word which never
changes and which is living write in His Testimony
and Heart of His two witnesses and true little flock
Or between the anti Christ who will mimic all that
Jesus did in His life! Obama and Francis are the
two beast spoken of in the bible and it has
Been revealed from Heaven Obama's third term
is fixed!

Jesus let me hold Him right in my dream He
Is so beautiful and handsome so peaceful no
words can describe! He was good to me
To let me experience a communion with the
unborn babies ! Hell is very real too I disobeyed
His Testimony and experienced excruciating
pains of hell! It was so scary!

The little flower answered my prayers too
about His Testimnoy! I truly hope you
Pray about it too before you Jesus turn
Jesus away righting you ,
His eyes get so sad like hurting ones
best friend from what I saw in my dream.

Most people didn't want Jesus as a infant
Most didn't want His death and sacrifice
and sadly to say they are doing it all over
again by spitting on Him and His true brother
and sister and true little flock! He is hidden
in His Word for they can't handle His Just
Anger! Oh my gosh it truly take a lot to
have Him get to Just Anger! Our nation
Flunked as a whole , and until are nation
Humbles itself to His two witnesses and
Repentance they shall reap what they so!
For Obama is not going to end tell the people choose!

Erin Bell

PS. Please watch!!

Evangelartist said...

Concerning those who doubt that the 3 Days of Darkness will occur notwithstanding that Catholic saints and seers have fore-seen it. I make no claim to be either of such (though I have been given other dream-visions over the years) but I experienced a premonitory dream-vision of the TDD in 1988. I had read somewhere that Our Lady said that if a person were to make a nine day novena of praying all 15 decades of the Rosary each day that they would understand what is to come, or something to that effect. I was only 3 or 4 days into the novena and I had obtained a copy of a book about the TDD by a clergyman, last name of "Hebert". I read a short way into this book when I grew tired and went to sleep. I then experienced a dream vision totally different from any ordinary dream or nightmare: During daylight I was standing between two cars in a parking lot with trees nearby and I noticed that the sun and sky was suddenly growing dark, and my thoughts were "Is this it?" but I KNEW it was the TDD because I had had this premonition of it! So I jumped into the vehicle on my right and within a very short time (seconds I think) everything was totally black; but then there began some sort of effervescent light or lightening which would light up everything the way lightning does. In that light I could see in front of the car and in the nearby environment many very hideously horrible creatures - DEMONS! - which were, well, really, shaped like huge elephant feces! They were not like devils with long-extended, human-like but wolfish-looking faces, but what was horrifying was that they emitted pure evil which I could sense and which terrified me to the point that I felt I was about to have a heart attack! There was also a lot of horrific noise going on as well, and in desperation to distract myself from it I yelled out twice, "Immaculate Heart of Mary, please pray for me!" and then cried out twice "Sacred Heart of Jesus, have mercy on me!" -and then I suddenly became unconscious! But the dream continued to show that I woke up when it was all over and saw that the sun was shining again, and I got out of the car, and the dream then ended. When I woke from my sleep I decided to read more deeply into the book on the event and therein read something I had not gotten to or read previously: It said that there will be those who are caught out in the open who are not supposed to die who will be spared and protected by being put into a deep sleep, which is what happened to me, thank God!Continued in next message:

Evangelartist said...

Indeed, as it is written, "On that day he who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved" and that is what happened and I had not read that information about being put into a deep sleep before the dream-vision, so that it was not suggestion from the previous reading that played any part in influencing me to have that dream. So it will occur in my lifetime (I am now 63 on July 23, 2016) and I believe this will happen within four years (no later than 2021)and only AFTER the anti-Christ has appeared and which event will relate to his and the destruction of all the wicked, who will literally become "ashes under" our feet, as St. Malachi prophesied. (Malachi 4:1,3) There is also in that verse an implication that many will experience healing and much improved health (Malachi 4:2) which I think confirms or was part of the prophecy given to that young Franciscan man who was in Medugorje some years back, Brother David-something. I admit I do not wish to see that event come upon the world since it was indeed so horrible and will be accompanied by a global earthquake that will likely rupture nuclear power plants, etc. which will poison the air, but this will all be cleared up when the TDD are over. On another note of prophesy, I was given a sheet of paper back in the early 1990's on which there were the details of a prophesy by a Catholic Austrian seer who foresaw that New York City would be destroyed by a nuke missile sent into the city from a ship in the harbor: He said that "the Arabs will do this owing to something the USA had done against them". He was under the impression it would occur around 1999, but was not definite about it. Remember that this was back when there was not such great alarm as there is now about the horrific actions of the radical Islamics that now prevails. One can only speculate that perhaps someone will destroy that Cross-less "shrine" that the Arabs built near Ground Zero, or perhaps a new (another)evil USA president will stop the immigration into the USA of Arabic people, the Saudi Arabians being a people who have talked of overcoming America for many years, as I was told by an American woman (a now retired RN) who had married the nephew (medical student in the USA)of an oil sheik and who had to go to Saudi Arabia at the demand of his uncle to serve as a doctor there. She said that she had learned their language but did not reveal this to her in-laws with whom she lived and she heard them often speak of overcoming America, more than likely by trying to grow in terms of population here and the promotion of Shariah law into our political system. Consider that it stands to reason that if they cannot take over the US from within, if they find their plans frustrated they will destroy it from without, at least beginning with NYC, a modern Babylon I might add. And remember 9/11: That which is conceivable is possible! And there is the wisdom that says, "The future is determined by the character of those who shape it". Consider the godless character of the many people in NYC, and the USA, to say nothing of the false-godded people of SA!

Servant to Jesus Christ said...

Archangel Michael is the Man in Linen/Great Catholic Monarch. Pope Benedict XVI needs our prays. Pope Francis is the false prophet/little horn who will bring in the antichrist who is currently hidden. MARIA DIVINE MERCY is God's end time Prophet. Pray pray pray.

Henry said...
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