Friday 20 April 2012

A Cashless Society - Closer than you may think...

The material below is taken from the financial section of the UK broadsheet newspaper The Telegraph on 19th April 2012. It concerns the widespread rollout of NFC PayTag stickers by Barclaycard, which customers are encouraged to stick to their mobile phones to allow fast and easy contactless payments. The article also explains how this technology is set to replace cash transactions in the near future. For anyone who owns a mobile phone which doesn't have NFC technology already integrated into the handset, these stickers allow easy access to contactless payments. But in the immediate future, all cell phones will have this technology fully incorporated by default.

'Save the Pound” was the cry when we feared Tony Blair was about to sacrifice our ancient currency for membership of the new-minted euro. Having seen off that challenge, those who prefer their money in traditional form face an equally sinister threat from the forces of banking technology...
The end of the cash economy is nigh. Millions of Barclaycard Visa cardholders are about to find they can make “contactless” payments of up to £15 (and from June, £20) by means of a sticker called a PayTag on the back of their mobile phones, which will merely have to be waved over a reader device without need of a signature or a PIN.
Hardly the end of civilisation, I hear you say: what’s so sinister? Like the Oyster Card and pay-by-phone parking, any electronic application that removes the need to carry a pocket full of change – or scuttle to find some when you’re in a hurry and it’s pouring with rain – is surely to be welcomed.
Technophobia can be irrational, and is overcome by familiarity: some of us resisted hole-in-the-wall cash dispensers long after they were introduced, on the grounds that PIN numbers were hard to remember, the machines were in exposed places and often out of order, and we preferred to be handed cash by a polite cashier who addressed us by name. But the technology became more reliable, PINs and passwords became basic tools of existence, and we realised that bank staff no longer knew or cared who we were. So the ATM became part of the furniture of life, with no accompanying sense of unease.
And that’s probably the way it will be, five years hence, for the daily stream of cashless, contactless transactions that will have largely replaced the regular visit to the ATM. The need for notes and coins will gradually diminish, and we will begin to forget why we ever felt emotionally attached to the idea of them.

The article then goes on to discuss the benefits to the various world's governments by the introduction of a cashless society based on electronic commerce through mobile phones:

The potential for reducing cash-related misbehaviour is a big arrow in the quiver of the advocates of cashlessness. It’s easy to count who loses out in the transition: not just the mugger but the market stallholder, the vendor of contraband booze and rolling tobacco, the odd-job plumber and anyone else who routinely fails to account to the taxman. The Spanish government, teetering on the brink of the next episode of Europe’s debt crisis, is proposing to outlaw all cash transactions involving more than 2,500 euros in order to quell the black economy and maximise tax collection – but also proposing to exempt non-residents, so cash-rich British bank robbers can rest assured that they will still be able to live it large on the Costas.
(Read the full article here)

In addition to the world's governments being able to claim billions in lost revenue from tradesmen who are usually paid up-front in cash and can thus can escape paying taxes, it also has the potential to eliminate illicit trades dependant on cash transactions, such as prostitution, drug-dealing, illegal gambling, as well as robberies and the selling on of stolen goods. The world's banks also stand to profit from cashless transactions, as they will escape from having to maintain ATM machines, which require regular restock of cash via costly security transit firms, which are also frequently subject to robberies. It would also lessen the requirement of many of the functions of the humble bank cashiers and physical branches, which largely deal with cash and cheque deposits and withdrawals, meaning that banks would make massive saving on store fees. So it is easy to imagine that this form of cashless society will be eventually pushed through at the insistence of both the world's governments and banking systems.
The reason that mobile phones will become the central component of this form of electronic commerce through contactless payments is simple, as is spelled out in the following article:

The tag is about a third of the size of a normal credit card, and can be stuck onto any flat surface. So it doesn't matter whether your phone is the latest iPhone, BlackBerry or even an 80s style phone the size of a brick.
Indeed, it doesn't even have to be on a phone at all. If you have a particularly chunky watch, or carry an Oyster card with you all the time, the PayTag can be placed on that instead. Barclaycard has chosen to market PayTag in this way because it believes the mobile phone has become the most essential thing to have about your person at all times.
When the time comes to pay for your items, you merely hover your phone (or wherever you've placed the PayTag) over the payment terminal and your payment should be made. I tried it out myself and can report that it was extremely easy – and most importantly, quick – to do.

(See full article here)

The Royal Canadian Mint recently unveiled its vision of how digital currency will replace cash in the near future, with its development of the MintChip. It issued a video which elabarates how this form of digital money is set to replace cash tranactions through cell phones, etc.

The most frightening prospect of this cashless society scenario is that it will become truly impossible to buy or sell anything without owning a cell phone with built-in NFC technology capabilities. So even if we chose to forgo using cell phones now, we would be compelled to own one in the future if we wanted to be able to engage in any form of commerce at all - even down to the tiniest transaction. The only viable alternative would be to live in a truly self-sustaining farm or community - which simply isn't a option for the vast majority of people.

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Cell Phones and the Mark of the Beast


Steven Cass said...

Self-sustaining communities may not be an option for many, but they are going to have to be. Emmett, thanks for the excellent work you do. I may have never have even considered the possibility of cell phones as the mark of the beast without. Now I need to convince my friends and family to be prayerful and watchful...

Emmett O'Regan said...

Hi Steven,

The mark of the Beast was always going to be something totally unexpected. I only came across the notion that it was based on phyiscial objects myself while in Hebrew class at university - by providence we were studying the Hebrew translation of Deut 6 at the time. I had always suspected something about the uniformity of the letters www, and how they reflected the threefold repitition of digits in the number 666, but only was able to properly establish this connection in the year 2000, when I came across a book which had a Hebrew alphabet and its numerical equivalents. It was then that I decided to study biblical languages in an attempt to prove this hypothesis, and in doing so discovered the inextricable link between the mark of the Beast and the Jewish practice of wearing phylacteries.
Good luck convincing other people in your social circle - many will discount it off-hand without listening (thinking you mad in the process), and for those who do, it can prove difficult to displace the microchip implant theory, despite the clear textual evidence that the mark would be a physical, tangible object.
Also keep in mind that the Church has the last say on this matter, and that we should avoid taking any radical measures in the mean-time.

Jamey said...

Steve Cass, I have been considering this lately - joining a self sustainable community mainly to try protect my 2 kids from where this society is heading.

Anonymous said...

"Good luck convincing other people in your social circle - many will discount it off-hand without listening (thinking you mad in the process), and for those who do, it can prove difficult to displace the microchip implant theory, despite the clear textual evidence that the mark would be a physical, tangible object. "

Cell phones will communicate with the microchip/ Verichip/ PositivID chip. To say it is one thing or the other would be unfairly simplistic. The chip will be your unique identifier, something people "can't steal" like a cell phone. In other words, the chip is the next step in boiling the frog slowly after people acclimate to using PayTag stickers. What if someone stole your phone? Hacked your PIN? Of course, the solution will be to have the chip in tandem with the cell phone.

This is in addition to the fact that "terrorists"/ our own Satanist leadership at the helm willfully fulfilling prophecy, will release the "superflu". Won't go along with the mark of the beast/ cashless society? Then you are a Luddite in league with the terrorists - physical cash spreads the superflu. "Think of the children! You don't want to be a terrorist, do you?"

It's interesting that many things are all coming at the same time: April 4, we get "Mintchip" digital currency offered by the Canadian Royal Mint (read British Zionist Prince William False Prophet royal mint)

On April 11, we get "Why PositiveID Corporation (OTC:PSID) Became Very 'Real' Today"
Verichip/ aka PositivID began selling Verichips for glucose reading. It is a short jump to integrate all these things into the mark of the beast when the time is deemed right.

Coincidence that all this is in time for the "2012 end of the world"? No way. 2012 must be propaganda, but to what end? The only logical explanation would be something very strange and unbelievable is set to be sprung upon people. To my mind, this must be the notion that "aliens are real, and aliens are demons". Because "aliens" are said to implant devices into people, this must be a decoy mark of the beast to fool people on the fence about the verichip. Say that "aliens are demons, trying to trick us into worshiping the antichrist and false prophet" and they will be blinded to the real AC and FP and mark of the beast.

Anyway, I'm glad to see you promoting this cashlessness as the mark. I don't trust any Christian prophecy on the net since it could be construed as 2012 deception propaganda, but this is a very good sign to me about your site.

Anne said...

I believe that If there is anything good and worthwhile reading on the internet, by that I mean, wholesome, good for our Souls and illuminating, then its This Website/Blog.

God Bless you Emmett for your luminious research. Please continue sharing your Divine writing/research. You have helped my feeble soul to grow more than 1000 sermons!

Emmett O'Regan said...

Thanks Anne - you're too kind!

Hi Anon,

I understand that it can be difficult to contemplate other possibilities for the mark of the Beast. But the notion that the mark of the Beast would be a microchip implant is very recent indeed, dating back to the early eighties. Before that, it was generally recognised that the mark of the Beast would be visible and tangible, like a tattoo or brand, rather than invisible (which from a 1st century AD context, would be completely illogical), and today the vast majority of theologians accept that it was based on a parody of the Jewish practice of wearing phylacteries - which are physical objects that bear the name of God as Shaddai. But the idea that the mark will be a microchip has now become so widespread, that Christians tend not to even attempt to look at other possibilities.
Looking solely at the text of Revelation, we can ascertain a number of things about the mark of the Beast. As well as being an inversion of Jewish phylacteries (and thus a physical object), we find that everybody, no expections, from all walks of life, would be DECEIVED into accepting it.
"Also it causes all, both small and great, both rich and poor, both free and slave, to be marked on the right hand or the forehead, so that no one can buy or sell unless he has the mark, that is, the name of the beast or the number of its name."
(Rev 13:16-17)
"And the beast was captured, and with it the false prophet who in its presence had done the signs by which he DECEIVED those who had received the mark of the beast and those who worshiped its image." (Rev 19:20)
If the mark of the Beast is really going to be fulfilled in the form of a microchip implant, then we would have to ignore the parts of the prophecy stating that everyone will receive it and that they would do so by being deceived into accepting it. No right-minded Christian would receive a mirco-chip implant, since millions of Christians currently believe that this is the form the mark of the Beast will take. So it would logically follow that the mark would have take a form that no one would expect if everyone was going to be deceieved into accepting it.
Also there is no need to implant someone with a microchip if they can simply install it in a device that most people carry about with them at all times.
Most commentators believe that biometrics will be used to stop theft of mobile phones allowing the thief access to your bank funds (which is why current use of NFC payments is limited to small transactions) - and indeed biometric mapping of citizens is already being rolled out in countries such as India. Your fingerprint or iris would have to be scanned by the built-in camera in your phone before it would allow a transaction to take place. This technology is already up and running, and very easy to implement. Once it is, there will be no barriers to cell phone transactions replacing cash altogether...

Anonymous said...

OK--this is my question. If the Mark of the Beast is the cell phone as you say...well....aren't we all now under the mark of the Beast? (Or most of us.I actually don't have a cell phone--but I use a computer!) Aren't we all being decieved now? And does this mean we are putting our salvation in jeopardy if we use one? This is just not clear to me why using a cell phone (and I understand it's not quite up to the sophisticated level you are explaining on your blog--but it's coming along with a cashless society) is somehow sinister and evil. I understand the lack of interaction with people although that's happening now. Families are falling apart, sin is's here already!
I also understand that your every move can be detected by someone by these devices, but we're really not that far from that now also. So...I need something to see how spiritualy this sophisticated cell phone Mark of the Beast is going to make me lose the salvation of my soul. Thanks for the interesting blog.

Emmett O'Regan said...

Hi Anon,

You raise a number of good points, and the response to your questions is actually quite lengthy, so I'll need to address it in a blog post. I will post the answer up shortly...

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