Thursday, 1 June 2017

Blood Moons Pastor Speaks on Nineveh Eclipses Theory

The famed "blood moons Pastor", Mark Biltz, has spoken out on my theory concerning the Nineveh eclipses and the sign of Jonah in order to draw attention to an idea he discusses in his book God's Day Timer, concerning the 40-day period of repentance in the run-up to Yom Kippur. In a YouTube video which first appeared online on 29th November 2016, Biltz covers various subjects I had published on a blog post just three weeks previously (found here), concerning the Nineveh eclipses and a possible link to the upcoming solar eclipse of 21st August, 2017. Although he doesn't specifically mention my work during the course of his presentation, he cites some of the material covered in my article verbatim, and follows a long trail of logic which was already established by me just weeks earlier. So, although he fails to credit this material to me in his presentation (possibly for the sake of brevity), it is obviously based on my blog post. You can find the video below:

In April 2017, Biltz published an article in World Net Daily (WND) covering the link between the 2017 solar eclipse, the First World War eclipse and the Bur-Sagale Eclipse at the time of Jonah, which has since been updated to acknowledge my discovery of the importance of the Nineveh eclipses. Because of the huge audience of WND, this material concerning the Nineveh eclipses is now widely circulating online. (You can find Biltz's WND article here).

In my book Unveiling the Apocalypse: The Final Passover of the Church, the significance of the Nineveh eclipses is used as supporting evidence for my theory concerning the unbinding of Satan at the end of the Millennium described in Rev 20, which St. Augustine of Hippo believed would take place at the end of the Sabbath Millennium discussed by the Early Church Fathers. Using the biblical chronology established by St. Bede the Venerable, and later revised by James Ussher, we can determine that the end of the Sabbath Millennium took place to coincide with the millennial anniversary of the birth of Christ, during the Great Jubilee Year of the Incarnation in 2000, which was preceded by one of the most widely witnessed solar eclipses in human history on 11th August 1999 - the path of totality of which crossed the site of ancient Nineveh. I argue that this event is linked to the "Sign of Jonah" mentioned by Christ, which was made in the immediate context of the binding of Satan:

An evil and adulterous generation asks for a sign, but no sign will be given to it except the sign of the prophet Jonah. For just as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the sea monster, so for three days and three nights the Son of Man will be in the heart of the earth. The people of Nineveh will rise up at the judgment with this generation and condemn it, because they repented at the proclamation of Jonah, and see, something greater than Jonah is here! (Mark 12:39-41)

In my book, I note that in addition to symbolising the three days of Christ's Passover, the three days of the "Sign of Jonah" represents the passing of three millennia, following the precept outlined by St. Peter:

But do not ignore this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like one day. (2Pet 3:8)

This in turn is connected to the words of the Prophet Hosea:

After two days he will revive us; on the third day he will raise us up, that we may live before him. (Hos 6:2)

I deliberately omitted any mention of the significance of the upcoming 2017 eclipse in my book, since I did not want to distract from the importance of the Nineveh eclipses in relation to the period of the unbinding of Satan, which was bookended by solar eclipses occurring over the site of ancient Nineveh in 1914 and 1999. This is coupled with the fact that I believe that for now at least, America will in fact be spared from the threat of any chastisement this year, just as the ancient Ninevites were also saved from the threat of God's judgment. It seems preordained that enough will be done to spare America from any possible chastisement, possibly through enough influential people like Pastor Biltz drawing enough attention to the significance of this eclipse for the American people to adorn "sackcloth and ashes", just as the ancient Ninevites did. In fact, Fr. Richard Heilman overseen a "Nineveh 90" program of fasting and repentance to spare any possible chastisement that this may be in store this year, which was conducted by thousands of Catholics.

If anything, I expect the significance of this year rather to involve the earth swallowing the flood which issues from the mouth of the Dragon in Rev 12, which symbolises the end of the period of Satan's unbinding, and is reflected in the story of the repentance of the Ninevites. It is the rescue of the Woman Adorned with the Sun which appears to be reflected in the remarkable celestial occurrence on 23rd September 2017 (covered by Patrick Archbold here).  Following the line of logic first outlaid by St. Augustine, the end of the period of Satan's unbinding takes place during the proclamation of the Gospel to all peoples, which must take place before the arrival of the Antichrist and Second Coming of Christ.

In the presentation he makes on his YouTube channel and on the related WND article, Pastor Biltz goes into significant detail about how the ministry of the Prophet Jonah can be dated to coincide with the timing of the Bur-Sagale eclipse over ancient Nineveh, and how this ties into the First World War Eclipse, which also crossed Nineveh on the date of 21st August.

I first stumbled upon the significance of the Nineveh eclipses in 2013, when a commentator on my blog writing under the name "Federal Expression" mentioned the fact that the point of greatest eclipse of the total solar eclipse of July 1999 was centred on the site of Ocnele Mari, in Romania (you can find this post here). This piqued my interest, and I decided to trace the path of totality of this solar eclipse, which I found directly traversed the site of Mosul/Nineveh. I immediately connected this to the “sign of Jonah” mentioned by Christ.

In the first edition of my book, published in 2011, I had theorized that the solar eclipse of 1999 was part of the Signs in Heaven described at the opening of the sixth seal in Rev 6, which is comprised of a total solar eclipse (the sun turning to sackcloth), a lunar eclipse (the moon turning to blood), a significant meteor shower and an earthquake. I had noted that each of these events had transpired at the turn of the millennium, with the solar eclipse of 1999 (which was one of the most widely witnessed in human history), the Leonid Meteor Storm of November 1999 (which is the most prolific of all meteor showers, and recurs every 33 years), the first blood moon of the new millennium in January 2000, and the Izmit earthquake of 1999, which occurred in Turkey just days after the path of totality had crossed nearby. I later discovered the fact that Izmit was the site of ancient Nicomedia, from where the Emperor Diocletian promulgated his edict against Christians. Following an otherwise bizarre statement of the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, who linked the Signs in Heaven described in the Apocalypse to the attacks on the World Trade Center, I also later proposed that he had meant the appearance of “blood, fire and columns of smoke” which is said to accompany the appearance of these signs in Joel 2:30-31:

I will show portents in the heavens and on the earth, blood and fire and columns of smoke. The sun shall be turned to darkness, and the moon to blood, before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes.

My discovery that the path of totality of the 1999 solar eclipse had crossed the site of ancient Nineveh was thus greatly important to me, since this event already figured prominently in my research. The fact that Christ’s mention of the appearance of the “Sign of Jonah” being given to a wicked generation was made in the immediate context of the binding and losing of Satan was of major significance to my research, since I had already proposed that period of the unbinding of Satan described in Rev 20 was one and the same as Pope Leo XIII’s prophecy of the period of Satan’s greater power - which is thought by Catholics to have involved a 100-year period which started at the beginning of the 20th century. Many Catholics associate the beginning of this 100-year period of Satan’s greater power with the apparitions at Fatima in 1917, and I had personally advanced the theory that the opening of the abyss at the end of the “thousand years” was marked by the appearance of the apocalyptic locusts of Rev 9 (the invention of military airplanes at the start of WWI), and a “star falling to earth”, which I connected to the Tunguska event of 1908. So the fact that the First World War Eclipse of 1914 also directly crossed the site of ancient Nineveh at the beginning of the period of Satan’s greater power is one of the most important discoveries I present in my book.

In the comments section of the blog post where I made the Nineveh link to the 1999 solar eclipse, the commentator "Federal Expression" also drew my attention to the existence of the inscription found at Kizkapan Cave, which shows two figures laying down their weapons during the occurrence of a total solar eclipse. Just earlier in that same day, I had been researching about the eclipse of Thales of Miletus (which this inscription is believed to represent), which occurred over the site of an ongoing battle between the warring Medians and Lydians, leading to a truce being declared. I thought that this event contained some parallels to the biblical story of the repentance of the Ninevites, stating at the time: “The Medians and the Lydians laying down arms could symbolise the repentance of Nineveh”. I thought that if the occurrence of a total solar eclipse near the site of ancient Nineveh could be dated to the ministry of Jonah, this would account for exactly why the Ninevites were so receptive to the preaching of Jonah upon his arrival. So I was completely astonished when I discovered that one of the most famous eclipses in history – the Bur-Sagale Eclipse, could be accurately dated to the ministry of Jonah, and that this had passed over the site of ancient Nineveh. The fact that the inscription found in Kizkapan Cave contains stylised imagery which was associated with the half-man half-fish demigod Oannes/Adapa is further proof that this stelae is a record of the repentance of the Ninevites during the occurrence of the Bur-Sagale Eclipse, as the people of Nineveh would have made a connection between the story of Jonah and the whale with that of Oannes (which is also etymologically similar to the name of the prophet himself), and thus commemorated this eclipse in an inscription which bears motifs associated with this particular deity.

The fact that the solar eclipse of 2017 also takes place on August 21st thus stood out for me, as this is the date when the Knock apparitions took place, which I had previously argued symbolised the opening of the seven seals by the Lamb of Revelation (see here). So it was from there that I drew the parallel to the eclipses at Nineveh in relation to the timing of the 2017 eclipse that was picked up by Pastor Mark Biltz. Biltz makes an interesting contribution of his own on this subject, concerning the significance of the forty day period preceding Yom Kippur (the Day of Atonement) during the month of Elul, which according to Jewish tradition, is related to the forty-day period between when the Israelites committed idolatry with the Golden Calf to God's forgiveness being granted when Moses was once again given the tablets of the Decalogue. So this ties in perfectly with the timing of this solar eclipse 40 days before the Feast of Yom Kippur and the words of the Prophet Jonah: “Forty days more, and Nineveh shall be overthrown!”.

As I have already noted, the feast of Yom Kippur also happens to be one of the central features of the Third Secret of Fatima, which describes two angels gathering up the blood of the martyrs and sprinkling it on the souls of those making their way to heaven. This imagery explicitly evokes the sprinkling of the sacrificial blood on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant by the Jewish High Priest on the Feast of Yom Kippur, as is detailed in the Book of Leviticus. Not only does the feast of Yom Kippur occur exactly 40 days after the “sign of Jonah” eclipse on 21st August, 2017, but it also occurs on the Feast of St. Michael – the angel with the flaming sword seen in the Third Secret of Fatima. The story of the repentance of the Ninevites therefore appears to be in some way connected to the vision of the Third Secret, when the hand of the angel with the flaming sword is stayed by Our Lady to allow for a period of penance:

After the two parts which I have already explained, at the left of Our Lady and a little above, we saw an Angel with a flaming sword in his left hand; flashing, it gave out flames that looked as though they would set the world on fire; but they died out in contact with the splendour that Our Lady radiated towards him from her right hand: pointing to the earth with his right hand, the Angel cried out in a loud voice: 'Penance, Penance, Penance!'.


Mark W said...

Hi Emmett,

I'm going to reread this, and watch the video, but one thing stood out:

"...I believe that for now at least, America will in fact be spared from the threat of any chastisement this year..."

Why? We haven't done much here, to be honest, to warrant such optimism. The penance initiative you mentioned isn't widely known; I follow this stuff, and I'd never heard of it.

So I'm curious, why the optimistic assessment?


The Flying Nun said...


Have you thought about the other Eclipse in 2024. This articles discusses that the United States actually will experience another Eclipse in 2024, crossing an opposite diagonal swath of the country that the eclipse in 2017 crosses, together marking an X across the nation, could be the starting and ending signs bookmarking a seven-year period of awful tribulations that Revelations says waits in store for nonbelievers who are left behind on Earth when the Rapture occurs.

Of course, the Rapture part is nonsense, but the 2 eclipses within 7 years is something to think about perhaps, X marks the spot.

Emmett O'Regan said...

Hi Mark,

If we follow the prophecy of the "Sign of Jonah" to its natural conclusion, then it seems that the repentance of the Ninevites may be an enacted prophecy. Also, I am convinced that the greatest threat of chastisement that America faces is the Cumbre Vieja tsunami. I don't expect that to happen any time soon. This will only come about at the very end of the ministry of the Two Witnesses and rise to power of the Antichrist. The proclamation of the Gospel to the ends of the earth has to happen first, and then the chastisement will be brought about by another falling away from the faith. I think something will happen that will cause America to repent during the course of this 40 day period. Either something related to the solar eclipse itself, or some other sign or threat of chastisement. Of course, I could be wrong. I'm not physic! I'm just watching and waiting like everyone else. I'm sure we are in for an interesting ride.

Emmett O'Regan said...

Hi The Flying Nun,

I did read that about the second solar eclipse. It is interesting to note this, but I can't really make anything out of it. As I said, I am more optimistic in the short term, but extremely pessimistic for the not too distant future.

Mark W said...

Well, as far as the two eclipses go, they cross near Cedar Lake, just southwest of Carbondale, Illinois.

The time between the events is 2423 days (inclusive), or 6 years, 7 months, 19 days. That's roughly 346 weeks.

All of the planets in the solar system will be in the same quarter of the sky.

What else would we look for?

Paul Luke said...

What is unusual about the Knock vision is the silence. Every prophetic and evangelical voice is either ignored or chastised if in contradiction to upside down morality or swallowed in the myriad of information overload. Is the silence of Knock also in relation to Amos 8:11 Behold the days come, saith the Lord, and I will send forth a famine into the land: not a famine of bread, nor a thirst of water, but of hearing the word of the Lord.

The unbinding of Satan unbinds the proclamation of the Gospel anew.

Anonymous said...

I would be careful about the dates on youtube vids as being referential. I watched a lot of Blitz's vids from way back years ago - some over an hour long, of his speeches to large crowds, and in those he spoke of 40 days and Nineveh and Joseph in the Old Testament and many other things in the Old Testament too, from what I recall, relating them to today and 'pulling' timelines from them. So I would caution against saying he has borrowed these ideas -- I suspect he is not aware of your books, but perhaps he is.

It is said that Calculus was invented simultaneously by two people far apart, and that pasta was invented independently by the Chinese and Italians, among other things. It is possible for two people to reach similar conclusions.

We know for a fact that he has deeply studied eclipses of the sun and moon for many many years, and related these to the Bible, so it would not be surprising if he hit on similar ideas.

God bless,
Greg J Cring

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Yom Kippur, something I puzzle over is Matthew 24:36

“But of that day and hour no one knows, neither the angels of heaven, nor the Son, but the Father alone."

The 'day and hour' is a Jewish idiom for Yom Kippur; the Jews fast for 25 hours on Yom Kippur - they fast for a day (24 hours) and an hour, and I read they sometimes (although it is rare) refer to Yom Kippur as the "day and hour".

Another something to think about.

God bless,
Greg J Cring

chris said...

This pope’s inclination to advance an ideological stance over rational judgment does not bode well for Catholicism or the future of the West. Willful blindness endangers both.
A logical shambles, the remarks embarrass the Christian church. An Italian who murders his girlfriend—his mother-in-law, his bookie, his dentist—is not under standing orders from God to rid the entire world of their kind. Catholicism did not make him do it. This pope’s inclination to advance an ideological stance over rational judgment does not bode well for Catholicism or the future of the West. Willful blindness endangers both.

The unspoken name—Islam—withheld from the papal telegram to Manchester parallels Francis’ wordless smile in response to the Portuguese reporter’s in-flight question. It is the smile of oblivion on the face of one of Thomas Ligotti’s demonic clowns


Emmett O'Regan said...

Hi Greg,

I'm fairly confident that he based his presentation on my blog post. He quotes blocks of my text verbatim and follows my line of reasoning to the letter. I know the sound of my own words being read back to me aloud. Also, some of the NASA images he uses in the presentation were some of those I cropped myself, which you can tell down to the millimetre. If he had cropped his own images, you would expect them to be completely different. The Bur-Sagale eclipse in relation to the timing of the ministry of Jonah hasn't been on anyone's radar for a very long time. The fact that the First World War eclipse crossed the site of Nineveh was discovered by me personally, and the date of 21st August jumped out at me because of Our Lady of Knock, which of course is the date of the upcoming eclipse.
Of course, there is also the fact that none of this material is present in his book God's Day Timer, which was published just two months previously to his presentation. If he was already aware of all of this in November 2016, why didn't he include it in his book which was published in September 2016? Obviously he only came across this information after his book was published. He is quite likely that he came across my blog post on Spirit Daily and decided to make a presentation on it. I pointed all this out to his publisher Joseph Farah of WND, and he updated the WND article to acknowledge that I have been writing on this exact subject for years previously.

Mark W said...

"If we follow the prophecy of the "Sign of Jonah" to its natural conclusion, then it seems that the repentance of the Ninevites may be an enacted prophecy".

Hi Emmett,

OK, but if you think about it, isn't there the implied threat that if the Ninevites had NOT repented, then something dreadful would have happened? If we're under the same threat, then the implication has to be that we might not be so fortunate as the Ninevites. True?


Emmett O'Regan said...

Yes, I believe there is a real and present threat Mark, given the convergence of signs around this particular time of this very symbolic year. If there is no genuine attempt at repentance, then a chastisement would be the most likely outcome. But as Sr. Lucia said to Fr. Fuentes:

"The third reason is because in the plans of Divine Providence, God always, before He is about to chastise the world, exhausts all other remedies. Now, when He sees that the world pays no attention whatsoever, then as we say in our imperfect manner of speaking, He offers us with ‘certain fear’ the last means of salvation, His Most Holy Mother. It is with ‘certain fear’ because if you despise and repulse this ultimate means, we will not have any more forgiveness from Heaven, because we will have committed a sin which the Gospel calls the sin against the Holy Ghost. This sin consists of openly rejecting, with full knowledge and consent, the salvation which He offers. Let us remember that Jesus Christ is a very good Son and that He does not permit that we offend and despise His Most Holy Mother. We have recorded through many centuries of Church history the obvious testimony which demonstrates by the terrible chastisements which have befallen those who have attacked the honor of His Most Holy Mother, how Our Lord Jesus Christ has always defended the honor of His Mother."

I think the above words of Sr. Lucia refers to Our Lady staying the hand of the angel with the flaming sword in the Third Secret, in one final intervention to allow for a period of penance. The threat presented by the angel with the flaming sword is real, but we can also petition the Blessed Virgin to stay his hand. My confidence is placed in the Mother of God, and I think when the time comes, enough people will ask for her perpetual help.

Unknown said...

Mr. O'Regan,

Can you explain what, exactly, "preaching the Gospels to the ends of the earth" is supposed to look like? I'm struggling to understand what it exactly means. Hasn't this happened? Besides maybe small corners of the world like North Korea, virtually everyone has heard of the salvific message of Jesus Christ. Can you help us better understand the nature of this eschatological event?

Thank you for you work and effort. I'm nearly complete with your book.



Anonymous said...


I have a difficult time conceptualizing America or for that matter any country repenting. Now, if you mean Catholics en masse filling up churches; that I can envisage. Atheists? Strains the mind. :)


chris said...

signs of the times

devil is invention


Emmett O'Regan said...

Hi Ben,

The proclamation of the Gospel throughout the whole world is synonymous with the bringing in of the "fullness of the Gentiles" mentioned by St. Paul, which will lead to the conversion of the Jews (Rom 11). It doesn't mean that there will be universal worldwide conversion to Catholicism. But various prophecies indicate that the full truth of the entire Gospel will be known to all at some point in the eschaton, and there will be many conversions. Despite this, many people will still choose to reject Christ - it is merely the bringing in the fullness of those that are open to the Truth. I believe this will happen as the result of one final powerful intercession of Our Lady, during the ministry of the Two Witnesses. After this full knowledge of the Gospel is known to all, any subsequent falling away from the faith will lead to the events of the Great Chastisement.

Emmett O'Regan said...

Sam, yes, in my mind, it is up to Catholics to take up this task. An organised Rosary crusade during the course of this 40-day period would be the perfect solution, as well as fasting and acts of mortification. But, to me, such an endeavour could only be handled to a sufficient effect by the organisation of the clergy and episcopy.

Anonymous said...

Emmett, thank you for this article. You commented a little earlier this portion of Sr. Lucia's vision "I think the above words of Sr. Lucia refers to Our Lady staying the hand of the angel with the flaming sword in the Third Secret, in one final intervention to allow for a period of penance. The threat presented by the angel with the flaming sword is real, but we can also petition the Blessed Virgin to stay his hand."
I know that you and several others who post here do not believe in the events of Medjugorje, but if you would for a moment give consent to believing that the Blessed Mother comes each day to pray and appear on earth, then it makes more sense why the angel is not allowed to set fire to the earth because Our Lady is in the middle of her plan to take back ground (souls) lost to satan. How is she doing this? One pilgrim at a time, through prayer and fasting and penance. As long as she is making gains, the Heavenly Father will allow the apparitions, if enough people do not pray and fast, then it is going to get a lot tougher.

Emmett O'Regan said...


I don't altogether rule out the authenticity of Medjugorje. If the Church decides in favour, I certainly won't object. I just want to stay away from unapproved private revelations for the sake of prudence.

chris said...

The Pope’s Marxist Head of the Jesuits
George Neumayr George Neumayr May 24, 2017

Fr. Arturo Sosa Abascal, a Venezuelan Communist and Modernist, is carrying out Francis’s agenda.

Understanding the adage that personnel is policy, Pope Francis has been planting Marxists throughout the Church, including at the top of the troubled religious order to which he belongs. In 2016, the Jesuits, with the blessing of Pope Francis, installed as its general superior a Venezuelan, Fr. Arturo Sosa Abascal, whose communist convictions have long been known........................................................................................................................

chris said...

Jesuit chief claims Satan is only a ‘symbol’ created by man

r. Arturo Sosa Abascal, the Jesuit’s Superior General, said in a May 31 interview with the Spanish paper El Mundo that Satan is a “symbolic figure” who doesn’t really exist.

“We have created symbolic figures, such as the devil, in order to express [the reality of] evil,” said Abascal when asked if he believes evil is a process of human psychology or comes from a higher being.

“Social conditioning also represents that figure,” he added.

chris said...

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NEWSCATHOLIC CHURCHFri Jun 2, 2017 - 1:09 pm EST

Why we must heed Our Lady’s request for reparation on First Saturdays

Blessed Virgin Mary , Catholic , Consecration Of Russia , First Saturday Devotion , Immaculate Heart Of Mary , Our Lady Of Fatima , Raymond Burke

Tomorrow is the first Saturday of the month and therefore it is fitting to provide a brief explanation of this devotion, which is of central importance to the life of the Church today.

June 2, 2017 (Voice of the Family) — On July 13, 1917, during the third apparition at Fatima, Our Lady warned that if mankind did not repent God was “going to punish the world for its crimes by means of war, hunger, persecution of the Church and of the Holy Father.”

She continued:

“To forestall this, I shall come to ask for the Consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart and the Communion of Reparation on the First Saturdays.

“If they heed My requests, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace. If not, she shall spread her errors throughout the world, promoting wars and persecutions of the Church; the good will be martyred, the Holy Father will have much to suffer, various nations will be annihilated; in the end, My Immaculate Heart shall triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me, which will be converted, and some time of peace will be given to the w.................................orld.”
In 1925, the promise that Our Lady would come to

chris said...

An Act of Reparation From the Angel of of Peace at Fatima

Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Ghost, I adore You profoundly and I offer You the most precious Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ, present in all the tabernacles of the world, in reparation for the outrages, sacrileges and indifferences by which He Himself is offended. And by the infinite merits of His Most Sacred Heart and the Immaculate Heart of Mary, I beg of You the conversion of poor sinners.

so long
back to work


Anonymous said...

I don't agree with the conclusion that a chastisement is not in store for America. American - the leader of "the West" - is currently providing arms and support for "the Syrian Rebels" and by doing so are waging an unjust proxy war against the Catholic-protecting Assad - who happens to have the support of real Syrians as well as the Catholic Bishops of Syria. These "Syrian Rebels" (who are neither Syrian nor rebelling) are responsible for what Pope Francis has called the greatest persecution of Christians since the ancient Roman persecutions - in fact, this persecution in Syria (the cradle of Christianity) is worse than the ancient persecutions in terms of both quantity and quality of the suffering. Trump was elected to put an end to this demonic warmongering but instead of ending it he has only continued the Bush/Obama Neocon agenda. And there is not one Western nation standing up for the Christians in Syria. Even Catholic Poland has fornicated with the NATO Beast. So, I foresee a Chastisement in the near future; God won't be mocked forever.

Mark W said...

Anon - " doing so are waging an unjust proxy war against the Catholic-protecting Assad..."

And that's the worst thing we're doing? Hardly.

This isn't a question of what we're doing wrong. That list is too long to go over here. It's a question of repentance, in this context. That's what the Ninevites figured out that we've missed so far.

Anonymous said...


I meant to highlight our unjust Syrian intervention because it has apocalyptic overtones. It recalls that verse "And he shall gather them together to a place which in Hebrew is called Armageddon" as we see the great powers all involved in Syria to one degree or another. It also recalls the verses in Revelation that foretell an end time persecution - one that was not global in nature but one which is specific to the lands the author of Revelation knew at that time, the very Christian lands that are under assault in the Middle East as we speak.

But you are correct that the Syrian intervention is just one of many great evils the West has embraced. Here in the West, all four sins that cry to Heaven for vengeance are not only being embraced by the public at large but have also been codified into Law in one way or another, whether it be abortion and endless unjust warmongering, or "gay marriage," or the economic theivery that steals from the poor and middle classes in order to feed the hungry appetite of the Beast. All of it screams "Chastisement" not "Peace."

The Flying Nun said...

Hi Emmett,
You said "It seems preordained that enough will be done to spare America from any possible chastisement, possibly through enough influential people like Pastor Biltz drawing enough attention to the significance of this eclipse for the American people to adorn "sackcloth and ashes", just as the ancient Ninevites did. In fact, Fr. Richard Heilman overseen a "Nineveh 90" program of fasting and repentance to spare any possible chastisement that this may be in store this year, which was conducted by thousands of Catholics."

However, Pastor Biltz only has 5700 views of his video and I don't know how many people enlisted for the "Nineveh 90 program though, but I would have to say not too many.

Unless we come up with a Jesus multi level marketing campaign pretty darn quick, I don't see how we can stop a chastisement from happening soon. I could only get one person from my family to start participating in church, and in my wife's family, zero, and that is including from grandparents all the way down to grandkids. Does anyone here have 2 people that I can borrow that are going to church so I can fulfill my 3 quota? Mark L or Mark W, I think one of you is mathematically gifted. Just pertaining to my group, how many people would I have in my group if I started out with 3 today and those 3 got their 3 and so on within 40 days. With regarding some of the links below, unless the Virgin Mary blows out the flame, I don't see anything halting a huge chastisement.

Mark W said...

Flying Nun - Sorry. In a pinch, I think I might be able to get three, and that's if I force my youngest daughter to go along.

Emmett O'Regan said...

Well, we'll have to see what happens. But if God is going to send a chastisement, He will surely announce that it is coming first, in a way that will be heard by all. He gave that much to the Ninevites. I don't think that God will send a chastisement on America without giving it a chance to repent first.

Emmett O'Regan said...

The below video has 50,000+ views on YouTube, and is partially based on Biltz's material concerning the 40 day period after the solar eclipse.
The potential prophetic significance of this solar eclipse is being picked up by many Protestants at least.

chris said...

can't help it

must see---i don't agree with all his conclusions


Anonymous said...

I'm confused. What are all these heavenly signs supposed to mean? Is something going to happen this year? Is that what Blitz and company are trying to say? What exactly is going to happen? You'd think specific signs would herald a specific prophecy, not generalizations.

Theflyingnun said...


It seems as though there are 3 things that could possibly have an effect on us shortly. No one knows for sure whether or not there will be a major calamity or chastisement. However, I always ask myself this question; have we on Earth, listened to our Lord and our Mother's requests at Fatima and the requests that were asked of us after Fatima? My answer would be not exactly. Hopefully with enough prayer like Emmett seems to think, hopefully nothing happens and we can just cross off another bible verse from the Book of Revelation.

Bridget said...

Personally, I'm interested in the theory that the birth of the "male child" in Revelation 12 (futurist interpretation) could possibly be the Angelic Pope or Great Monarch... time will tell!
Emmett referenced this possibility in the Sign of Jonah post.

MightyRighty said...

I apologise for the intemperate tone of this post...but seriously, there are some people commenting here who really do need psychiatric help.

That link posted by Chris @12:19 -
'This is when the firestorm of the golden empire occurs'
'a heavenly event causes the sky to go dark for 3 hours'
Is this an episode of Game Of Thrones?

This guy turns what might be legitimate study of interesting occurrences into little more than a masturbatory fantasy, loosely based on scripture, that expresses nothing more than his own illiteracy and inadequacy.
Its the bible rewritten for uneducated, fat american protestants.

@Bridget - There is no 'male child' about to be born ffs.
And theres is no 'rapture' either unless youre one of those credulous yankee prods.

Incidentally, that video I refer to shows the moon passing by 11 times (11 months) for the gestation period, not 9 months. Its his own fkn video and he cant count.

Seriously people, while this is very, very interesting there are far too many protestant interpretations and far, far too much credence given to them.
All protestant interpretations must, by definition, be false; so there are your false prophets; right here in this comments section.

If its not Roman Catholic teaching, its apostasy.

End of.

Now can we carry on without the protestant onanism.

Bridget said...

The point I'm trying to make is that the restoration of the Church might kick into high gear later this year. Whoever is meant to fulfill the role of the Angelic Pope of Great Monarch might become more clear around this time. That's all.

Anonymous said...

I for one have never been a fan of great monarch/angelic pope prophecies. For one, prophecies should come with an "expiration" date - since the first such utterances were more than a thousand years ago from what I understand of it, if it be true I think it might have come to pass long ago - that is, it has 'expired': throughout the centuries, there have been many great Catholic leaders in Europe.

And since it seems to be such an old prophesy, it might have been corrupted like in the game of telephone - over the centuries 'bits' might have slowly been added in such as the king being of French or German or Spanish origin, for example.

If it is indeed true, and has not expired, to me it seems the best candidates for it are JPII as the angelic pope (angelic meaning messenger perhaps), and Blessed Mary as the Great Monarch who works with him to end Russian atheism and the cold war and to cut short the Great Tribulation.

As for mightyrighty, I agree. It seems too many US Catholics have listened for far too long to Protestant television and its endless stream of eschatology programs, and they have let a lot of that mish-mash enter into their understandings of the end. That is not to say that everything said on such shows is rubbish - there will be an 'Elijah', and Jerusalem being in the possession of Jews once again is a sign, are two such examples.

God bless,
Greg J Cring

chris said...

Mighty Righty

The video posted was the best explanation i found explaining the sept 23rd star pattern and the explanation of its rarity. Has never happened since adam and eve.
I for one enjoy information and classify it when read. MAYBE I'LL LEARN SOMETHING NEW.I haven't found one yet with all the explanations and answers. It seems you might have, Please post for the rest of us.

Also, please post if you will catholic sites that have discovered the things being discussed?

As it pertains to the jews, most of the info has lit up the protestant side of faith.

When you, mighty come across catholic apostasy or a corrupt pope, do you think espn will have covered it and warned us, as it has for the liturgy,and eccumanism.

Where are the catholic sites that are explaining the meaning of Jeruselum being the capital, the two state ramification for america?

If you are afraid of reading several aspects of the tremendous amount of biblical happenings going on today, you will miss the min story..

IT'S ABOUT THE JEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chris said...

I have become aware of the fact that i have never heard brought up as a marker before.

During Jesus's crucifixion, there was a--- three--- hour solar eclipse. The maximum time for an eclipse with the moon --8 min----

(july 16, 2186-This will be the longest total solar eclipse between the dates of 4000 BC and at least AD 8000 (12,000 years), lasting a maximum of 7 minutes, 29 seconds.)

what solar body caused this eclipse??????????

explanations are earthquake, dust storm...........

chris said...

luke 21, 8-11
Luke 21:8-28New International Version (NIV)

11 ............................., and fearful events and great signs from heaven.

Jupiter hit with 21 pieces a few years ago shoemaker levy hit 2009 i think

now 23rd of sept 2107

Are these the signs to be watching?

Are they protestant?????


Mark W said...

Chris, no they aren't Protestant. But the proper interpretation isn't Protestant either. And a lot of what you're talking about has been mentioned here and on other sites by Catholics. The first one I saw was on YouTube about four years ago.

MightyRighty said...

I'll reply to a few comments....

Firstly @Bridget - I heartily apologise for my tone and criticism. I was short of fuse when I wrote that wrongly criticised your literal interpretation. Of course the 'birth' likely pertains to a Pope.
Again, forgive my stupidity.

@Chris - We (Roman Catholics) are the 'Jews' - the chosen people held in covenant with God.
The Jews used to have it, then Jesus was delivered to them and they failed to recognise him. We now hold the Covenant with God.... until the end of time when it reverts back to the Jews for completion.

@GregJCring - I have a different view of the Monarch prophecies. I think some of the characteristics are not what people think.
The 'lineage', for example could refer to personal or spiritual characteristics, not ancestors. A 'descendent of Pepin' could refer to a characteristic of Pepin, rather than the king himself. In this case perhaps it refers to promotion the promotion of education?

Likewise, why the references to limping and a damaged hip? These surely refer to Jacob wrestling with God at Peniel. Wouldnt that signify difficulties with faith/belief, rather than an actual limp?

I think we need to take deep breaths and meditate on exaclty what these apparations, visitations and predictions actually mean within the context of the rich, deep and multi-layered faith and philosophy that brought them to us; Roman Catholicism.

Again, apologies for the tone my earlier post....

chris said...

THANKS BUT NOT NEEDED ---- keep on educating me !!

@Chris - We (Roman Catholics) are the 'Jews' - the chosen people held in covenant with God.
The Jews used to have it, then Jesus was delivered to them and they failed to recognise him. We now hold the Covenant with God.... until the end of time when it reverts back to the Jews for completion

My interest, my whole point, is in the notion that all the "signs" might be pointing to israel being prepared to be able to revert back.

splitting the land
turkey and russia
a war very close that will gather lost lands and defeat immediate enemy
plans ready for third temple

I don't think it will be an exact happening on sept 23rd. I did say i did not agree with the video's conclusion.


chris said...


I will try u tube regarding this.


MightyRighty said...

@Chris - disregard that video. Its clearly mad.

This is an off-the-cuff riff on current events and not meant as a real interpretation, just an illustration of an analogy that could be used -

On israel, if you want your 'abomination of desolation' in the temple then look no further than the US attempting to move its embassy there and/or recognising it as Israels govt capital.
Jerusalem is a spiritual capital, meant in metaphorical terms.
Attempting to put a national, temporal capital there or a centre of earthly power (US embassy) could be seen as a 'desecration'.

I dont agree with the videos conclusion, but I also dont agree with its assumptions.

Dont look to youtube for answers; read, meditate and reflect.

Anonymous said...

Hey Chris,

I enjoy your contribution here. Please don't stop providing information to this site. I really get a kick out of some of your entries. You remind me of the Energizer Bunny. You take a licking and you keep on ticking. I will pray to God that I can have as good a heart as you have. Sometimes I wish your batteries would run down just a little, just kidding, keep up the good work!

chris said...

Thank you! Your fee will be in the mail today!
Please don't use me a a good heart detector, You will be disappointed. I thank you however for your momentary lapse!!
My intention is not to interfere with Emmett's "r'aison de etre", but to find info regarding the tangents that he makes known.


As much as you found my post in error, is as much as i find your Jeruselem metaphor in error.
It fits as today's interpretive mindset. This is why the site is worthwhile, ideas can be expressed.

When the bible says
Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of trembling unto all the people round about, when they shall be in the siege both against Judah and against Jerusalem.
Do you think it is metaphorical>
Beat your weapons into plowshares metaphorical?
Take seven months to bury all the dead metaphorical? And seven months shall the house of Israel be burying of them, that they may cleanse ... It shall take all Israel (Ezekiel 39:13) seven months to bury Gog's dead.
I suggest you might do some reading as well.


chris said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
MightyRighty said...

@Chris - short answer; 'Do I think its metaphorical' - Yes, I do.

I think Jerusalem itself is a metaphor, insofar as it does not refer to the modern Israeli city. The 'Jewish' capital, perhaps, but not modern Jerusalem.

I dont understand why we accept phrases such as 'weeks' to be metaphors meaning years or decades but we interpret other parts literally.
It seems to me, like the example I gave above, that interpreting these words to mean something in our space and time is just an exercise in ego and hubris.
The internet is replete with examples of people using current event to point to biblical event and all of them are inevitably wrong.
My US/Embassy/Jerusalem interpretation is just as valid as one from 1973 which claimed the 6 day war was a 'sign'.
But both are wrong.

As an aside, I'm always will to listen to others and I find many of your posts very informative. Its just that first video link was 'out there'.


chris said...

After reading my post it came across rather acidic and was not meant that way.
As i said , i enjoy learning and hearing different views.

This topic's answer will be known in the next two years i feel.

Senate Approves Jerusalem Embassy Bill on a 90-0 Vote
9:00AM EDT 6/7/2017 JNS.ORG


chris said...

I think this is the basis for weeks usage.

Again, if something comes up protestant i am not endorsing, rathe reading as a teaching/learning tool.

The Decree of the 70 Sevens
Daniel 9:24

Gabriel’s prophecy to Daniel began with the words, “Seventy sevens are decreed upon thy people and upon thy holy city…”

Many English versions have translated the phrase to read “seventy weeks.” But this translation is not totally accurate and has caused some confusion about the meaning of the passage. Most Jews know the Hebrew for “weeks” because of the observance of the Feast of Weeks, and that Hebrew word is shavuot. However, the word that appears in the Hebrew text is shavuim, which means “sevens.” The word refers to a “seven” of anything, and the context determines the content of the seven.

Here it is obvious Daniel had been thinking in terms of years—specifically the 70 years of captivity. Daniel had assumed that the captivity would end after 70 years and that the kingdom would be established after 70 years. But here Gabriel was using a play upon words in the Hebrew text, pointing out that insofar as Messiah’s kingdom was concerned, it was not “70 years,” but “70 sevens of years,” a total of 490 years (70 times seven).

The focus of the program of the 70 sevens was “thy people and…thy holy city.” The “people” were Daniel’s people, the Jewish people, and the city was Daniel’s city, Jerusalem. Though he had spent the vast majority of his life in the city of Babylon, Jerusalem was still Daniel’s city. For Jews, whether they are in the land or outside the land, their city is always Jerusalem and not any other

chris said...


This is from God- 1967 Miracle -War 40th Anniversary (Israel-Jews)
"This is from God"
Jim Bramlett
Jun 6, 2007

Dear friends:

On the modern calendar, June 7, 2007 is the 40th anniversary of the miracle Six-Day War and Israel recapturing Jerusalem and the Temple Mount after being in Gentile hands for 1,870 years (since AD 70). The war's swift outcome was truly a miracle as shown by unexplained enemy blunders.

As the war began, Israel found itself outnumbered and out-gunned on three fronts, Egypt to the south, Jordan to the west and Syria to the north. The Soviet Union had poured $2 billion worth of arms into the Arab nations. Israel's enemies brought twice as many soldiers, three times as many tanks and four times as many airplanes to the battlefield.

But just before the war, Egypt, Israel's main enemy suffered a series of major mistakes and mishaps.

"There was this miscommunication between Nasser and his top generals," Channel 2 Military Correspondent Ehud Yaari said. "And everything didn't work to what they thought. And when the war broke, you could see and hear, which we did. We heard them. You could see and hear that the Egyptian high command was not in control."

Egypt's high command also dismissed warnings by mid-level Egyptian intelligence officers of an imminent Israeli air attack.

The night before the war, Egypt's commander-in-chief, Abd al-Hakim Amer gathered his high command for a party at an air base far away from the front lines. "They were caught by surprise, totally," Yaari said. "I mean some of them tried to get into the air in order to join their units. They couldn't do it."

Two weeks before the war, Egypt replaced all of its commanders in Sinai with officers unfamiliar with the terrain.

On the morning of June 5, Jordanian radar detected the Israeli Air Force taking off. They sent a red alert to Cairo but the decoding officer used the wrong day's code and failed to decipher the vital information! The warning never came. Instead, the Israeli Air Force decimated the Egyptian Air Force on the ground, the key to the outcome of the war.

Incredible blunders! It reminds me of God's warning to Egypt in Isaiah 19:14: The LORD hath mingled a perverse spirit in the midst thereof: and they have caused Egypt to err in every work thereof, as a drunken man staggereth in his vomit.

Author Sarah Rigler, who's written about the Six Day War, believes that series of Egyptian mistakes revealed the work of an unseen hand:

"You can say, what a lucky coincidence or you can see the Divine Hand," she said. "You can see God arranged all these things to happen the way they did because He wanted the Israeli strike to succeed. He wanted us to win. He wanted us to regain our holy places."

Famous General Moshe Dayan, the commander of the Israeli forces, was a very secular person. Yet he went to visit the Western Wall the day after it was liberated. There's a tradition to put notes to God in the wall. So even he put a little note to God in the crevices in the wall.

As soon as he left, a newspaper man ran and took the note out and read it. What did it say?

It was a line from Psalms that said; 'This is from God. It's wondrous in our eyes." (Psalm 118:23).

chris said...

Another Sign

Something large comes Israel's way

“Streaked, Speckled, Spotted”, First Jacob’s Lambs in 2,000 Years Born in Native Land

MightyRighty said...

I'm sorry Chris but Israeli political interpretations, whole-number anniversaries of wars and spotted sheep are exactly the type of nonsense that should be avoided.

If your understanding of God is based on this level of sensationalised internet claptrap-ery then you are already in hell.

With as much genuineness as can be conveyed on an internet message board, I strongly urge you to seek counselling or other available professional help.

Further, I wont be engaging anymore with you or your theories.

best wishes finding whatever help you need to get you through your difficulties,


Bridget said...

I think Chris is just anxious like the rest of us to see what the future holds for the Church.

What concerns me (and confuses me) more are those who have ZERO interest in the topic of eschatology. I've tried sharing Emmett's blog/book with others but...they just flat out don't care. No interest whatsoever. This blasé attitude I consistently encounter just doesn't make sense to me. It's unsettling. ????

Bridget said...

Several years go I read through Thomas Merton's "The Ascent to Truth" and this one paragraph has always stuck with me. He was comparing groups of unbelievers, including hardcore atheists and lukewarm religious...

"The atheist has mobilized his mind and his will and his whole being against God and against religion. The third group- those who still cling to the outward forms of religion without a living faith in God - are a mystery indeed: their wills do not belong to God, since they have no scruple in disobeying Him. What do they think about Him? Perhaps very little. They are skeptics in practice. The thought of God, even the question of His existence, has ceased to have any immediate practical value to them. They do not even bother to deny Him. And in this sense they are perhaps worse off than the atheist, who still finds the thought of God a source of positive excitement."

Anonymous said...

I agree with mightyrighty that it is confusing when people use metaphors for some sections of a book in the Bible and then get extremely specific about some verses, imposing 20th century realities onto images, for example, especially the Book of Revelation.

Many examples of this abound and these were popularized in [Protestant] best sellers such as Lindsey's "The Late, Great Planet Earth." An example that always comes to mind is locusts meaning helicopters - the book of Joel speaks of locusts swarming over Israel, and while locusts are in play, he is also metaphorically speaking of the Babylonian army and its conquest of the Jews. Likewise, Rev 9 speaks of the locusts that descend from the smoke that rises out of the abyss, once it is opened.

Most images of Revelation seem more metaphoric, and even specific ones have a strong (stronger?) metaphoric interpretation.

I feel those Catholics who say Revelation alludes to helicopters or specific personages such as Putin, Trump, or Obama, reveal a heavy Protestant influence on their understanding of it. It would be better to listen or read Catholic theologians on the topic, such as the podcasts by Taylor Marshall, available for free on the internet. Private apparitions can also help, such as Fatima and Pope Leo's vision - these help us better understand some of the eschatological Scriptures.

For what it's worth, anyway.
God bless,
Greg J Cring

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, God does indeed use imagery to explain things, since He is so far beyond our comprehension in so many ways - just ask Job!

There is the anagogical sense of Scripture after all. There are also types - even Jesus cited examples of typologies of Scriptures. Esther is a type for Blessed Mary, and note the Adar 13 date appearing 6 times in the Book of Esther, and how it was the day of the triumph of the Jews, the people of God, over those who wanted to destroy them. This aligns with the 6 apparitions of Fatima, on the 13th of the month, and Our Lady speaking of her Triumph over evil. God is telling us something about the number 13 and His triumph over evil.

The Maccabees also triumphed over those who wanted to obliterate Jewish religious ways, the Seleucids, on Adar 13. Coincidence? No - Fatima and God's choice of it happening on the 13th tells us it is not coincidence.

We need to be careful to go too far the other way, thus missing signs God gives us to know the times we are in.

God bless,
Greg J Cring

psieve2 said...

It's all up to the bishop what private revelations or scholarly ones are worthy to believe and those decisions can be overturned by a successor.

chris said...


"If your understanding of God is based on this level of sensationalised internet claptrap-ery then you are already in hell."

you sanctimonious twit! Evidently you do understand God!

My posts are little findings throughout the internet that are mainly comments on Jewish trends and frivolities while waiting for a breakthrough regarding Fatima or any other current idea or explanation.

I don't need or care about your approval. If you find my posts as nonsense as you seem to do don't read them or comment.

There are several days of silence here that i tried to fill.
You're taking things a bit too seriously.

I did however see a doctor at one point!
I said ' Doctor doctor ! I have a weak back! He said" When did you get this weak back? I said " About a week back!" nyk nyk nyk!!!

Mg No one knows the future. We are all prying the pages back to see it!! The Catholic future you seem to understand is still a bit hazy isn't it!!

Pray, Hope And Don't worry!

stop reading my posts you will live longer

Mark W said...

"you sanctimonious twit!"

"stop reading my posts you will live longer"

Quotes of the week.

Mighty Righty - Don't take Chris' posts so seriously. You could look at them as I do. I scan them, and pass over most without looking deeply. Once in a while, he'll post something that I look at. But if you're here long enough, you'll notice that Chris strikes gold every now and again. The gems make the rest worthwhile.

"I'm sorry Chris but Israeli political interpretations, whole-number anniversaries of wars and spotted sheep are exactly the type of nonsense that should be avoided"

You're absolutely right. And you're absolutely wrong. We've noticed some combinations of dates that are curious. If you don't look at the whole picture, you might miss something. You're absolutely correct that these things are generally nonsense. But every now and again we notice a connection. Someone here once pointed out that we're all pretty much nuts, and that there's actually a psychological problem that sees structure in things where there is none. But Mary appeared on the 13th of each of six months, not on random dates. And at a place named Fatima - not an insignificant name, given it's history in the 7th century. In order to see patterns, you have to look at data. And to find a recognizable pattern, you have to sift through a truckload of....filth and silliness.

This whole endeavor could be sinful if we were all out to gain hidden knowledge for the simple gaining of that knowledge, or to get an edge on something. But in general terms, we are not, I think. For myself, I'm here trying to discern the Will of God. The reasons for that search are my own, and I'm not going to elaborate, but I think others here are doing the same thing, at least in general terms.

chris said...


I heartily apologise for my tone and criticism. I was short of fuse when I wrote my response.
Again, forgive my stupidity.

I was off my medicine.!!

PS when you give them a chance you'll find my posts have tremendous insight into current events!!


chris said...

Devotion to Our Lady of Fatima played role in famous exorcism !!

William Peter Blatty's best-selling novel, "The Exorcist," and later its 1973 film adaptation of a 12-year-old girl possessed by the devil are forever etched in popular culture. The book and film are a fictional take on a series of unexplained supernatural phenomena that a 13-year-old boy in Maryland experienced beginning in January 1949 after playing with an Ouija board. It led up to a rite of exorcism performed in St. Louis by Jesuit Father William S. Bowdern.......


chris said...

This ties into the sheep story that started the revolt here...............

Rabbi Kleiman is using this science for a purpose the researchers probably had not envisioned: to help prepare for the Third Temple.

“According to prophecy, there will be a Third Temple, and when there is, we will need to identify the priests,” Rabbi Kleiman explained to Breaking Israel News. “Kohanim are the manpower of the Temple. Without them, it is an empty building.”

But the Kohanim the Leviim the sons of Tzadok that kept the charge of My sanctuary when the children of Yisrael went astray from Me they shall come near to Me to minister unto Me; and they shall stand before Me to offer unto Me the fat and the blood saith the Lord GOD. Ezekiel 44:15


chris said...

The point is, it is NOT METAPHORICAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

“I began Jerusalem Watch to connect people to the fact that Jerusalem is literally rising from the dust and ashes, just as Isaiah promised,” said Heymann. “When people connect to this, they are literally becoming a part of the tangible fulfillment of prophecy.”


Anonymous said...

I don't have enough time and space here to explain it, but I published a booklet several years ago with help of my Spiritual Director, and all predictions based on a chart have come true. The biggest events this year are to be "civil war" in the USA and bloody revolution in France, starting after the French Parliamentary elections this week. The latter will spread and become the final Crusade against Islam. The real backer of this Muslim uprising in Europe is Turkey and the real intervention to stop it will come from Russia. It will be like the Byzantine Empire vs. Ottoman Empire all over again. At the same time there will be a parallel civil war in Israel where Islam is also defeated and Israel conquers the rest of the Promised Land. A 7 Year Peace accord will be implemented by victorious Russia and Israel. After that Anti-Christ will take over and "RENEW the Covenant" already made by Russia and Israel (Daniel 9:27) then break it when he decides to occupy the temple in Jerusalem. That's all for now folks. Write to me for more after you see an Islamic uprising get out of hand in France this year, and a much less powerful USA settle down into a much more holy nation with a big increase in state and native rights. Email

chris said...

These images are historically similar to what was seen at Fatima in 1917 and viewed by 70,000

Signs – Have Russia and the West Swapped Spiritual and Cultural Roles? …”In Russia, Christianity is associated with being modern and progressive”

The Flyingnun said...

Here are 2 articles I found about The Woman Clothed with the Sun

1st read

2nd read

Also, Mark W and Mark L, I commented back to you about what you had written on the previous blog. Thanks for your answers!

Anonymous said...

Can a Catholic believe that the Antichrist has already come and gone, or must we believe that he is yet to come? Thank you.

Mark W said...

Anon - not exactly. It could be said that the Antichrist is about today and has not been revealed, but you could not say that the Antichrist is in the past.

(As an aside - Malachi Martin said that the Antichrist was already "abroad" in 1997, and he said that we had less than 20 years. (This from a man who claimed to have read the 3rd Secret of Fatima). I don't know how honest Martin was, but at least he gave us a date...this year. I doubt it's true, to be honest but it's something to talk about.)

And note the distinction between the Antichrist and an antichrist. The Antichrist (with a big "A"), is the son of perdition and will lead to the Apocalypse - there is only one of these. There are many antichrists (little "a") around. Darth Soros comes to mind, and these are a dime a dozen nowadays.

chris said...

June 12, 2017

14 Year Old Boy Says the Virgin will appear – Watch crowds flock to Knock Shrine as ‘image of Virgin Mary’ appears in clouds “Our lady appeared in knock today . Astonishing Never get over what i have seen.

Mark W said...

Chris - now that last one is interesting. How familiar are you with I've heard of them, but never read them much. I don't know how solid they are, either in their orthodoxy or in their accuracy.

Emmett - Can you validate any of this article from your closer proximity?

It's pretty clear from the reactions of the people on the audio, that they thought they saw something, but I didn't see anything on the video myself.

chris said...


I defer to Emmett.
In reading their posts, the tone seems to be leaning toward orthodox with a disdain for today's liberalism. They are pro 'fatima still in play' AND WATCHING. Also, they report on some of this Pope's quirks.


chris said...


They are staunchly pro medjugorje.


The Flying Nun said...

Hi Mark W,

I heard about the 14 year old boy 2 weeks ago. Strangely enough, if it was real, I think that it would have been all over the news and newspapers, especially in Ireland on the day it happened, not sent in via YouTube. I had to chuckle a bit, on the article, a priest wrote in that all he saw were clouds.

I hope that I am wrong though.

The Flying Nun said...

Here is another article about the Knock vision.

chris said...

Flying Nun;

Are you able to recall where you saw the story about the little boy two weeks ago?
May i trouble you to post the source?

Thank you


Bridget said...

I went to the original post on Facebook, Biddy Connor's profile. Photos were posted as well not shown in the article, but, like most of us, I can't see anything. Some even circled sections of the photo saying they see Padre Pio's face??? Facebook seems to be the original source. I gotta say though...since it's a public post, the comments are painful and cringeworthy. Yeesh. : /

Bridget said...

Wow, lots of info to sift through over there on her page. Video of the 14 year old boy sprinkling holy water on those around him. A man, I assume his dad?, repeating the message to the crowd so all can hear. Pray the rosary for peace among travelers, go to confession, go to Mass, and say your rosary with your family at home.

Hmmmm, interesting...

Emmett O'Regan said...

Sorry, I don't know any more about these alleged visions any more than you do, Mark W. I'm always wary of such claims though. If God wants us to listen to someone, He will make it quite clear, like He did at Fatima. By the looks of things from that video, a few people were perhaps seeing what they wanted to see in the movements of the clouds and sun. Maybe we will find out more though.

The Flying Nun said...

Hi Chris,

Somebody posted it on the Mother of God Forum. There was some discussion about it, then weirdly enough, a week or so after it was posted, the post was taken away due to the possibility of the embarrassment of it, if it did not come to fruition. But, I am not a hundred percent sure that is why they took the post away.

Mark W said...

Well, you'd think it would make the local news if nothing else. Likely a hoax if no one's heard anything since.

The Flying Nun said...

Hi Emmett,

In any of your research, other than the Star of Bethlehem appearing around Jesus birth, (some people have it pegged 2 years before birth) have you found the Star of Bethlehem star that was present around the time of Abraham and also 2 years ago around the time of Sept, 23, 2015?

chris said...

Flying Nun;



chris said...

Virgin Mary DOES appear at Knock, Ireland
June 13, 2017


chris said...

A Video of the Virgin Mary transforming from the sun has appeared. Must See…


chris said...

it seems we are not the only 'segment' who has found this happening interesting.

Anonymous said...

Mysticpost and its owner Ryan are deliriously pro medj.. Spiritdaily loves to post from there as very pro medj. Michael brown will attest. I wouldn't trust mystic any further than I could throw him. He'll say anything to bolster his book and his site.

chris said...

Is it possible that three years before Saint John Paul II consecrated Russia to the Virgin Mary’s Immaculate heart in 1984, Our Lady came to Medjugorje to announce that the “period of peace” was beginning and that Medjugorje – the activity of Medjugorje and its message of peace – would represent the period of peace promised at Fatima


chris said...


May I ask a question appealing for an opinion!

It is my understanding that Satan will do everything in reverse in regards to news and signs that announced the messiah's coming.( I.E. THE ANTICHRIST)
Is it POSSIBLE that to announce the Antichrist's birth/coming the unusual and infrequent moons and celestial alignments might be interpreted in jewish orthodox " as announcements??
Or better said, is it in the realm of trickery that signs could be used by evil to introduce "the messiah"?


chris said...

Mighty RIGHTY;

I found an interesting video which deals with numbers and coincidence.
I think it will address your non belief in signs.

PS YOU can't get angry on this , you will be dazzled!

PS Everything in bits i don't presume it is all true.


Mark W said...

Chris - Have you ever read Lord of the World? That's how I see the Antichrist's arrival...or something similar.

chris said...

Lord of the World?

That sounds familiar. Is that the book recommended by Pope Francis?

would you recommend it?


chris said...


that was the wrong video. i am so sorry.

try this one


Anonymous said...

It is not necessarily true that Satan will do things in reverse.

As for Medjugorje and the 3 years, it is more fascinating because it was not 3 years, but precisely 33 months from the 'official' start of or anniversary of the apparition (June 25, 1981) and March 25, 1984. Our Lady indicated that time (33 months) was to prepare the parish of Medjugorje for its role - that she would first convert the parish, and then the world. Through typology, one could say the 33 months to convert the parish prefigures 33 years to convert the world - and of course 1984 + 33 = 2017. The Pope Leo vision happened in 1884, and 1884 + 33 = 1917, the year of Fatima.

The number 33 of course has a lot of mysticism associated with it - the God-man walked this earth for 33 years. Some holy mystical saints lived 33 years. In the larger picture, God took 33 years as a man to save the world.

Another interesting point - from June 24, 1981 to March 25, 1984, it is 1005 days. The visionaries reported that for various reasons Our Lady did not appear to them on 5 separate days, meaning she appeared to them 1000 days up to March 25, 1984. A day is like a year for the Lord, says Peter, so one could say that means 1000 'years' - a number that points to Rev chapter 20. (Remember Our Lady said there are no coincidences regarding all of this.)

As that web link explains:

"Most who follow Fatima and Catholic prophecy believe that the “period of peace’ must be a time for the whole world to be at peace. But what if that was not what was meant. At Fatima, Our Lady promised that a “peace will be granted to the world for some time.” If we read these words precisely Medjugorje and the apparitions of the Queen of Peace may well represent the “peace” that was granted to the world. The promise at Fatima was not that the world would be AT peace, but rather that the world would be GRANTED peace."

The website points out:

"'The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me, which will be converted, and peace will be granted to the world for some time.”- Our Lady of Fatima'"

The Holy Father did the Consecration on March 25, 1984, so one would be correct to assume some time of peace - God's peace - was granted to the world, via the apparition of Medjugorje, which changed in tone in March of 1984 through 1987, with the focus of the messages moving from the parish of Medjugorje to the entire world.

God bless,
Greg J Cring

Sr. Marianne Lorraine Trouve said...

Emmett what you said about the earth swallowing the flood really intrigued me. I just read on Numbers about the rebellion of Korah and how the earth opened to swallow the rebels. After that Aaron's​ staff blossomed with almond blossoms. That was later put in the Ark of the Covenant, covered by the mercy seat. Not sure of the connection but I think there is something. The great apostasy we're seeing on the Church today is certainly a rebellion. Besides being the feast of Knock, Aug 21 is also the feast of St Pius X, who fought modernism that "blossomed"in the beginning of the hundred years of Satan's century. The almond tree is the first to blossom in Israel on spring, and is called the "watching tree." The symbolism seems pertinent. God bless you!

Sr. Marianne Lorraine Trouve said...

Several times above, "on" should be "in." Sorry.

chris said...


In reverse might be poor description. My point is, the devil will mimic the signs that predicted Jesus's coming , which was not recognized with signs that orthodoxy will recognise thereby preparing the way.

ps i am not suggesting the arrival of the bad guy, i am merely posing questions that might influence a seemingly important intersection in world history.


Bridget said...

When it comes to Satan's trickery, I think it's a much more subtle approach in order to do the most damage and deceive the most people. i.e., mocking God by hijacking the phrase "This is my body" and giving it over to abortion advocates.

Emmett O'Regan said...

Flying Nun,

I wasn't aware of any star associated with the time of Abraham. I believe the Star of Bethlehem was a number of different events, leading up to the appearance of the Shekhinah Glory itself over Bethlehem. This specific event appears to have been repeated just before the destruction of the Temple (as described by Josephus), and was also later witnessed by St. Cyril of Jerusalem. It will manifest again as the Sign of the Son of Man.

Emmett O'Regan said...

Chris, I have often pondered whether the celestial omens around the turn of the millennium portends in some way to the birth of the Antichrist, or the beginning of his path to power. Once the Devil is cast down to earth (an event which is heralded by the appearance of the Signs in Heaven), he then transfers his great power and authority to the Antichrist (Rev 13:1).

chris said...

Thank you for your post. I wonder if the "omen" needed to suggest the "messiah's" arrival will be a more specific event i.e sept 23rd, which will resemble the magi's observation,rather than a cumulative announcement.
It seems, in reading a few of the orthodox sites that there is posted material pertaining to rebuilding the temple and events needed to satisfy garment making, i.e. a return after 1000 years of a mollusk needed to produce a blue color dye mandated for a temple garment, the rabbi's predicting the messiah's arrival etc.
It appears the rabbi's are on guard.


chris said...

After 2000 years of absence a mollusk needed to make temple garments has returned!!
another coincidence.??


Mark W said...

Flying Nun & Emmett -

Have a look at:

I should point out upfront: I don't agree with all of his conclusions. But his astronomical observations are accurate; I've double checked all his astronomical observations, and they're all accurate.


chris said...

Sun moon and stars for 2nd coming.

Once again Emmett you are correct. A singular event will not be the tipping point.


Emmett O'Regan said...

Sr. Lorraine, I think that you have made a very important insight concerning the significance of Korah's rebellion in relation to the earth swallowing the flood in Rev 12. Aaron's rod sprouting forth blossoms and almonds after this event recalls the prophecy of Isaiah 11 concerning the stump of Jesse:

A shoot will come up from the stump of Jesse; from his roots a Branch will bear fruit.
The Spirit of the Lord will rest on him—the Spirit of wisdom and of understanding, the Spirit of counsel and of might, the Spirit of the knowledge and fear of the Lord—and he will delight in the fear of the Lord. He will not judge by what he sees with his eyes, or decide by what he hears with his ears; but with righteousness he will judge the needy,
with justice he will give decisions for the poor of the earth. He will strike the earth with the rod of his mouth; with the breath of his lips he will slay the wicked. (Isa 11:1-4)

This reflects the following passage in Rev 12:

Then the dragon stood before the woman who was about to bear a child, so that he might devour her child as soon as it was born. And she gave birth to a son, a male child, who is to rule all the nations with a rod of iron. But her child was snatched away and taken to God and to his throne; and the woman fled into the wilderness, where she has a place prepared by God, so that there she can be nourished for one thousand two hundred sixty days. (Rev 12:4-6)

It seems quite likely that this particular prophecy refers to the Great Monarch. Although the prophecy of the stump of Jesse primarily concerns Christ Himself, the Great Monarch, along with the Angelic Pope are both a type of Christ, each fulfilling the separate role of King and Priest that was combined in the person of Jesus - following the order of the priest-king Melchizedek. As well as alluding to the Ascension of Christ, the child being snatched to Heaven recalls the resurrection and ascension of the Two Witnesses. So in addition to referring to Jesus being born from the broken Davidic line of kingship, the shoot coming up from the stump of Jesse could also suggest the Great Monarch arising from the stump of the Holy Roman Empire.

Anonymous said...

Holy Mother I continue to pray for you help...
Oh most beautiful flower of Carmel, fruitful vine,
Splendor of Heaven.
Blessed Mother of the Son of God
Immaculate Virgin, assist me in my neccesity
(Mention my intention)
There are none that can withstand your power.
Oh Mary,conceived without sin,pray for us have recourse to thee (3times)
Holy Mary,I place this prayer in your hands (3times)

Finish with 9, Hail Marys and publish

Sr. Marianne Lorraine Trouve said...

That is an amazing connection, Emmett, I hadn't thought of it in relation to the Great Monarch. I looked up more about the Monarch and St Hildegard referred to him as the White Flower who will come from France (quoted on p. 258 of Desmond Birch book.) In a sense Western Civilization has been in rebellion against God for a long time, and restoring the Holy Roman Empire would be a remarkable return to faith. I'm praying for that!

Colin Cooper said...

Sr. Marianne,

I find both your own and Emmett's thoughts on this fascinating - but I just wanted to note, as I am familiar with St. Hildegard's oeuvre, that Desmond Birch's purported quotation from her writings is not quite right.

She does refer to the figure of the Great Monarch but not to my knowledge as a "White Flower" emanating from France. I'm not entirely sure where Birch got that from. For some reason, there are a great number of alleged prophecies associated with various medieval figures that are in fact of dubious origin.

In her letter to the clergy of Trier, however, after her description of the spiritual renewal of the post-reform period, she writes:

"...And then strong men will arise and prophesy and will collect together all their understanding of the Scriptures and all discourses inspired by the Holy Spirit, like a necklace of precious stones. Through these and through other wise ones many seculars will become good and will live in holiness.

Indeed this holy zeal will not soon dry up, but will last a long time, because all this will happen on account of the erring time, when there will have been many martyrs to the faith.

Indeed, a Warrior [vir praeliator] will do this, who will consider in the beginning and end of his works how far he may resist the erring people. He will constitute prophets at first as the head, wisemen as the eyes, learned ones as the mouth ... that is, by the understanding of these he will explain prophecy. Then the princes will hang up their lutes and tambourines in hardship and sadness, in the same way as the sons of Israel did when they were captive (Psal. 136: lff). After this, all spiritual things will be strengthened without defect ... because the warrior will replenish the wholesomeness of the air and will bring forth the viridity of virtue..." (c. 257A-B)

So, as you can see, she ties the future coming of a great spiritual renewal period to the rule of a spiritual "Warrior" - the Great Monarch of other private revelations - who will be assisted by "prophets" in changing the hearts and minds of the other temporal rulers.

She doesn't tell us his country of origin, though, or refer to him as a White Flower.

Anonymous said...

Just finished watching the excellent Oliver Stone documentary The Puitn Interviews. He let's Putin tell his side of the story. It is fascinating and further confirmation to my mind that not only has the 1984 Consecration of Russia borne great spiritual fruit in Russia, but also that Putin might just be the prophesied Great Monarch. I've always suspected Putin is White Russian with royal blood, probably with a lineage that has roots in Germany as well as France. For most of her history Russia was a Orthodox Monarchy and Putin rules like the great Christian Monarchs of old. Putin meets the requirements of the "Great Monarch" prophecy like no ruler has in recent memory.

chris said...

Reader of Third Secret of Fatima Fr. Malachi Martin says: “There is an unfinished chapter (to Fatima) Russia will play a role…Everything will happen before November 2017”

dates have always been incorrect !!



rosekdiem said...

Headlines on Spirit Daily today:

Anthony said...

To Chris.
What Malachi Martin may be referring to is the vision that sister Lucia had in 1944 after she had written down the third secret. This vision was revealed in her diary that the sisters from her convent published a few years ago and it is very similar to what St John Paul 11 said at Fulda. This is what sister Lucia writes in her Diary. " I felt my spirit filled by a mystery of light that is God and in him I saw and heard: The point of the lance, like a flame that detaches itself, touched the axis of the earth. It shakes: the mountains, cities, towns and villages are buried with their inhabitants. The sea, the rivers, and the clouds overrun their boundaries: they overflow flooding and sweeping away countless houses and people. It is the purification of the world immersed in sin. Hatred, ambition provoke the destructive war!" "I then felt in my heart fast beating heart and in my spirit the echo of a gentle voice that said, " In time, only one faith, only one baptism, only one holy Catholic and apostolic church. In eternity, Heaven".

chris said...

I think that the destruction and deaths and upheavals that will cause the remaining population to understand , change and accept in time, only one faith, only one baptism, only one holy Catholic and apostolic church. will be why the coming times are called the worst before or after.

May we be granted the grace to escape mans fate.


Anthony said...

To Chris.
Who knows, only God himself. But if you look at the crazy guys and gals on Capitol Hill who are itching for conflict with Russia. Then maybe the chastisement is very near. Syria could be the spark for a future conflict after America have attacked Assad's forces yet again. Next time it could be a Russian plane that is shot down and Russia have every right to retaliate. And that could be world war 111. Because there is something very scary and evil about modern America. When communism fell in the U.S.S.R it's as if everything flipped and the devil left Russia and went over to America and into Europe as well because we are no better.
But God will not abandon us. Pray the rosary and do the first five Saturdays as Our Lady asked and go to confession. God's people will prevail.

God bless


Ron Humble SFO said...

Hi everyone

I agree with Anthony 100%. It seems so obvious.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Anthony that we must pray our rosary every day, do the first five Saturday devotion, stay close to the sacraments and be faithful to our daily duties. Sister Lucy also said that the rosary and scapular go together according to Our Lady.

Reading Emmet's blog has been an eye opener for me as this 2 videos I have watched recently which I'd like to share because now things seem so much clearer.

God bless,

Anonymous said...

Hi Emmet,

Are you familiar with St. Vincent Ferrer whom they called the Angel of the Apocalypse? I just stumbled upon this today and I did not know that God delayed the coming of the Anti Christ during St. Vincent's time because of his preaching and warning. The people heeded his warning and repented so there was a reprieve. Just like the story of Jonah and Nineveh.


chris said...

it seems this is one of two known errors recrded in the bible.

The other being no stone will stand on anoth. yet we honor the wailing wall as a remnant of the temple.

Anonymous said...

No stone upon another....Jesus was speaking of the Temple, not the Temple Mount, which is basically the 'pedestal' upon which the Temple was mounted, akin to a vase on a stand. The stand remains; the vase has been smashed. If one walks down some side streets along the Temple Mount, there are giant carved stones, one upon another, in the exact positions they landed after the Romans forced them over the Temple Mount walls and down into the alleys, so it is said. I saw this on a documentary about it once years ago.

When the Temple burned, the gold inside melted and ran into the crevices between the Temple stones. The Roman soldiers pried all the stones apart to get at the gold, as it was their booty, their spoils of war. So the Temple itself was completely destroyed. Later the Temple of Jupiter was built on the Temple Mount.

God bless you.