Friday 11 August 2017

The Great American Eclispe and the Sign of Jonah

Now that the appearance of the Great American Eclipse is upon us, I thought it would be worth condensing all the relevant material I have written on this subject over the past year into a single post. This will allow new readers a quick catch-up, but should also be worth recapping for those who have already read the previous posts, since it will be interspersed with some important new material.

I have previously argued that this impending total solar eclipse appears to be part of a wider sequences of eclipses associated with the Sign of Jonah mentioned by Christ in relation to the binding of the "strong man", which in turn is closely connected to the period of the unbinding of Satan foretold in Rev 20:1-10 and the prophecy of Pope Leo XIII. This series of eclipses is primarily concentrated on the site of ancient Nineveh, in Mosul, modern Iraq - the city the Prophet Jonah was sent to warn of an impending chastisement. The beginning of the First World War, which many Catholics believe augured the beginning of the period of Satan's greater power foreseen by Pope Leo XIII, was marked by a total solar eclipse over the site of ancient Nineveh on the exact same date as the forthcoming eclipse, on 21st August, 1914 - the feast day of Our Lady of Knock.

The vision of Pope Leo XIII is itself primarily based on the trials of Job described in the Old Testament, in which Satan was allowed to test the faith of God's servant. It is therefore interesting to note that Job's initial response to Satan's period of testing is couched in language highly reminiscent of a solar eclipse, and the symbolism of the birth of a "man-child" mentioned by Job here ties us into the significance of the Rev 12 sign on Sept 23rd, 2017. Here, Job curses the day he was born, wishing for the daylight to be enveloped in darkness, and calls for the rising up of Leviathan from the abyss (an event which Rev 20:7 tells us will take place at the end of the "thousand years"):

After this Job opened his mouth and cursed the day of his birth. Job said: “Let the day perish in which I was born, and the night that said, ‘A man-child is conceived.’ Let that day be darkness! May God above not seek it, or light shine on it. Let gloom and deep darkness claim it. Let clouds settle upon it; let the blackness of the day terrify it. That night—let thick darkness seize it! Let it not rejoice among the days of the year; let it not come into the number of the months. Yes, let that night be barren; let no joyful cry be heard in it. Let those curse it who curse the Sea, those who are skilled to rouse up Leviathan. Let the stars of its dawn be dark; let it hope for light, but have none; may it not see the eyelids of the morning—because it did not shut the doors of my mother’s womb, and hide trouble from my eyes. “Why did I not die at birth, come forth from the womb and expire? (Job 3:1-11)

There are a number of striking parallels here to Rev 12, wherein the seven-headed beast that rises up from the abyss seeks to devour the male-child as soon as he is born. So it appears that Job's lament provides us with an interpretative key to understanding the symbolism of Rev 12 in relation to the period of Satan's testing of the Church at the end of the Millennium of Rev 20 - which Pope Leo XIII envisaged as a century of the Devil's greater power beginning at the dawn of the 20th century.

As I detail in the new edition of my book, Unveiling the Apocalypse: The Final Passover of the Church, some theologians have speculated that the inhabitants of Nineveh were so receptive to Jonah's message of doom because of a total solar eclipse that had taken place over the city at around the same time the prophet had arrived to announce its fate. The path of totality of the Bur-Sagale Eclipse, which is one of the most famous solar eclipses in ancient history, occurred just north of Nineveh on 15th June, 763BC during the reign of King Ashur-Dan III of Assyria, and was recorded for posterity in the Assyrian Eponym Canon - a series of cuneiform tablets discovered in the 19th century. 

We know that the Prophet Jonah was a contemporary of King Ashur-Dan III because of a brief mention of him in the Second Book of Kings, which places his prophetic ministry during the reign of King Jeroboam II of Israel:

In the fifteenth year of Amaziah the son of Joash, king of Judah, Jeroboam the son of Joash, king of Israel, began to reign in Samaria, and he reigned forty-one years. And he did what was evil in the sight of the LORD. He did not depart from all the sins of Jeroboam the son of Nebat, which he made Israel to sin. He restored the border of Israel from Lebo-hamath as far as the Sea of the Arabah, according to the word of the LORD, the God of Israel, which he spoke by his servant Jonah the son of Amittai, the prophet, who was from Gath-hepher.
(2Kings 14:23-25)

According to the chronology established by E.R. Thiele, Jeroboam II was sole ruler of Israel between the years 782-753BC, placing Jonah's active ministry to this time period; while Ashur-Dan III was king of Assyria between 772-755BC. Given the fact that this solar eclipse was one of the most noteworthy events to have occurred during the reign of Ashur-Dan III, it has prompted many theologians to suggest that the occurrence of the Bur-Sagale eclipse was the primary reason why the Ninevites were so keen to repent upon hearing Jonah's message of doom - a curious reaction which is left unexplained in the Book of Jonah itself. The Assyrian chronicles inform us that a plague had broken out in the city of Nineveh just a few years before the eclipse in 765BC, which was soon followed by an internal revolt which began during the very same year that the eclipse occurred - a series of events which would undoubtedly have been attributed to the wrath of the gods.

Given the possibility that the repentance of the Ninevites at the preaching of Jonah can be attributed to the Bur-Sagale Eclipse, we have some grounds to suggest that the original "sign of Jonah" consisted of the appearance of a total solar eclipse over the site of ancient Nineveh. When we look to Christ's statement concerning the appearance of the "sign of Jonah" to a wicked and perverse generation, we find that these words were made immediately after His discourse on the binding of the strong man - which according to St. Augustine of Hippo, is an integral component of the prophecy of the unbinding of Satan at the end of the "thousand years" mentioned in Rev 20:

The Lord Jesus Christ Himself says, No man can enter into a strong man's house, and spoil his goods, except he first bind the strong man — meaning by the strong man the devil, because he had power to take captive the human race; and meaning by his goods which he was to take, those who had been held by the devil in various sins and iniquities, but were to become believers in Himself. It was then for the binding of this strong one that the apostle saw in the Apocalypse an angel coming down from heaven, having the key of the abyss, and a chain in his hand. And he laid hold, he says, on the dragon, that old serpent, which is called the devil and Satan, and bound him a thousand years,— that is, bridled and restrained his power so that he could not seduce and gain possession of those who were to be freed. (St. Augustine of Hippo, City of God XX:7)

So in relation to the sacrificial death of Jesus and His resurrection on the third day, the "sign of Jonah" harks back to the three days the prophet spent in the belly of the fish. An event which foreshadowed the crucifixion, burial and resurrection of Christ - which in turn brought about the binding of Satan.

But he answered them, “An evil and adulterous generation seeks for a sign, but no sign will be given to it except the sign of the prophet Jonah. For just as Jonah was three days and three nights in the belly of the great fish, so will the Son of Man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth. The men of Nineveh will rise up at the judgment with this generation and condemn it, for they repented at the preaching of Jonah, and behold, something greater than Jonah is here.
(Matt 12:39-41)

Therefore as well as pointing us towards the significance of a total solar eclipse over the site of ancient Nineveh, the "sign of Jonah" is also intimately connected to the binding and unbinding of Satan.

It is surely beyond coincidence in this regard that the start of the First World War was marked by a total solar eclipse which directly traversed the site of ancient Nineveh in Mosul, Iraq on 21st August, 1914. The World War I Eclipse crossed over the battlefields of war-torn eastern Europe before making its way down towards Nineveh - an event which took place on the feast day of Our Lady of Knock, a Marian apparition which appears to have announced the imminence of the opening of the seven seals by the Lamb of Revelation (see my earlier post on this subject Our Lady of Knock and the Opening of the Sealed Book).

An illustration depicting the World War One Eclipse unfolding over war-torn Europe, shown in a contemporary issue of The Graphic

Moreover, the path of totality of the solar eclipse of August 11th, 1999 had similarly crossed the site of ancient Nineveh at the turn of the millennium. A solar eclipse which I argue in some depth was part of a sequence of events linked to the "signs in Heaven" foretold throughout Sacred Scripture, which mark the moment when Satan is thrown down to earth in great fury by the Archangel Michael, after which he sends out a flood which threatens to sweep away the Church. The fact that the "sign of Jonah" appeared at the dawn of the third millennium after the birth of Christ parallels the three days the prophet spent in the belly of the fish, and the three days of the death, burial and resurrection of Jesus, since according to the words of St. Peter: not overlook this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day. The Lord is not slow to fulfill his promise as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance.
(2 Peter 3:8-9)

It is surely beyond coincidence that the "sign of Jonah" (in the form of a total solar eclipse occurring over the site of Nineveh) had appeared not only at the very dawn of period of Satan's greater power foreseen by Pope Leo XIII, at the beginning of the First World War, but also just before the Great Jubilee Year of the Incarnation at the start of the third millennium AD, accompanied by several other events which fit the description of the signs in Heaven mentioned throughout Scripture. A date which is closely associated with the promises of the Protoevangelium, when the head of the ancient serpent is trampled under the feet of the Woman Clothed with the Sun.

The signs in Heaven are the visible signs which herald the eschatological expulsion of Satan from Heaven at the expiration of the "short time" given to him at the end of the thousand years, when the Devil is cast down to the earth with a third of the angelic host. Throughout the Bible, these signs are associated with casting down of Satan to earth, in passages such as that found in Ezek 32:

You consider yourself a lion of the nations, but you are like a dragon in the seas; you burst forth in your rivers, trouble the waters with your feet, and foul their rivers. Thus says the Lord GOD:
I will throw my net over you with a host of many peoples, and they will haul you up in my dragnet.
And I will cast you on the ground; on the open field I will fling you, and will cause all the birds of the heavens to settle on you, and I will gorge the beasts of the whole earth with you.
I will strew your flesh upon the mountains and fill the valleys with your carcass. I will drench the land even to the mountains with your flowing blood, and the ravines will be full of you.
When I blot you out, I will cover the heavens and make their stars dark; I will cover the sun with a cloud, and the moon shall not give its light. All the bright lights of heaven will I make dark over you,
and put darkness on your land, declares the Lord GOD.

(Ezek 32:2-8)

Once Satan realises he has been cast down to the earth, he sends forth a flood from his mouth in order to sweep the Woman away. Many Catholics believe that the centenary of the apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima next year will in some way be involved in the end of the period of Satan's greater power, which would correspond to the next event which must follow in the sequence of the Divine drama - when the flood issued from the mouth of the serpent is finally swallowed up. It is therefore quite remarkable that there will be another "great sign seen in heaven" that will appear during the course of the year 2017 which also harks back to the significance of Rev 12. A sequence of astronomical events which are set in motion in just a few days time at the conclusion of the Year of Mercy on Nov 20th, 2016 - the feast of Christ the King, and peaks on 23rd September, 2017. As the widely respected Catholic writer Patrick Archbold notes:

On November 20, 2016, an astronomical event begins that will last nine and a half months, culminating in startling concurrence with the vision of Revelation 12. While I am not an astronomer, all my research indicates that this astronomical event, in all its particulars, is unique in the history of man.

On November 20, 2016, Jupiter (the King planet) enters into the body (womb) of the constellation Virgo (the virgin). Jupiter, due its retrograde motion, will spend the next 9 ½ months within the womb of Virgo. This length of time corresponds with gestation period of a normal late-term baby.

After 9 ½ months, Jupiter exits out of the womb of Virgo. Upon Jupiter’s exit (birth), on September 23, 2017, we see the constellation Virgo with the sun rise directly behind it (the woman clothed with the sun). At the feet of Virgo, we find the moon. And upon her head we find a crown of twelve stars, formed by the usual nine stars of the constellation Leo with the addition of the planets Mercury, Venus, and Mars.

That is a truly remarkable and, as far as I can determine, unique series of event with a startling degree of concurrence with the vision of Revelation 12.
(Read the full article here)

33 days before the conclusion of this astronomical event on 23rd Sept, 2017, another remarkable total solar eclipse will take place. And just like the solar eclipse which occurred at the start of World War One (at the beginning of the period of the unbinding of Satan), this event will also transpire on Aug 21st, 2017 - the feast of Our Lady of Knock. While it is difficult to know for sure if this event has any real prophetic significance, the fact that it will take place at the end of the period of Satan's greater power foretold in the prophecy of Pope Leo XIII, and that it so close to the Rev 12 sign that occurs on 23rd Sept, 2017, prompts us to ponder whether this solar eclipse is part of the "sign of Jonah" sequence that began on Aug 21st, 1914. Only instead of appearing over the location of ancient Nineveh, this solar eclipse is concentrated entirely upon America, and the path of totality can only be seen across the central United States.

If this solar eclipse does have any significance in regard to the "sign of Jonah" which appeared on Aug 21st, 1914 and was repeated on Aug 11th, 1999, then we are left to consider if this may suggest that America is the new Nineveh that is being called to repentance. The fact that 40 days onward from this event brings us into a convergence of the Jewish feast of Yom Kippur with the date of Michaelmas on 29th September, 2017, gives us further pause for thought, recalling the words of Jonah himself:

Jonah began to go into the city, going a day's journey. And he called out, “Yet forty days, and Nineveh shall be overthrown!” And the people of Nineveh believed God. They called for a fast and put on sackcloth, from the greatest of them to the least of them. (Jon 3:4-5)

It has been noted by Pastor Mark Biltz that this solar eclipse is timed to coincide with a 40-day countdown in Jewish tradition, pointing to the significance of the feast of Yom Kippur, which is preceded by a 40-day period of prayer and fasting in the month of Elul. According to Jewish tradition, the month of Elul marks a 40-day period of repentance before the feast of Yom Kippur, and was the time during which Moses spent 40 days on Mount Sinai after the incident of the Golden Calf, in order to prepare for the reception of the second set of tablets containing the Decalogue. This year, Yom Kippur coincides with the date of Michaelmas on Sept 29th, which is also preceded by a separate 40-day period of fasting kept in Catholic tradition known as “St. Michael’s Lent”. Indeed, it was while keeping this tradition on Mt. Alverna that St. Francis of Assisi received his stigmata. So these two separate traditions concerning a 40-day period of penance each appear to be related to the significance of the Great American Eclipse forty days earlier, and echo the words of the Prophet Jonah himself: “Forty more days, and Nineveh will be overthrown”. (Jon 3).

The fact that the convergence of these 40-day periods of penance occurs so near the centenary of the Miracle of the Sun invites us to seek meaning for this coincidence within the text of the Third Secret of Fatima itself. When we do so, we find that the vision of the Third Secret is framed around the sprinkling of the blood sacrifice made by the Jewish High Priest on the Mercy Seat of the Ark of the Covenant, which took place once a year on the feast of Yom Kippur.

And he shall take some of the blood of the bull and sprinkle it with his finger on the front of the mercy seat on the east side, and in front of the mercy seat he shall sprinkle some of the blood with his finger seven times. Then he shall kill the goat of the sin offering that is for the people and bring its blood inside the veil and do with its blood as he did with the blood of the bull, sprinkling it over the mercy seat and in front of the mercy seat. Thus he shall make atonement for the Holy Place, because of the uncleannesses of the people of Israel and because of their transgressions, all their sins.
(Lev 16:14-16)

After the two parts which I have already explained, at the left of Our Lady and a little above, we saw an Angel with a flaming sword in his left hand; flashing, it gave out flames that looked as though they would set the world on fire; but they died out in contact with the splendour that Our Lady radiated towards him from her right hand: pointing to the earth with his right hand, the Angel cried out in a loud voice: 'Penance, Penance, Penance!'. And we saw in an immense light that is God: 'something similar to how people appear in a mirror when they pass in front of it' a Bishop dressed in White 'we had the impression that it was the Holy Father'. Other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious going up a steep mountain, at the top of which there was a big Cross of rough-hewn trunks as of a cork-tree with the bark; before reaching there the Holy Father passed through a big city half in ruins and half trembling with halting step, afflicted with pain and sorrow, he prayed for the souls of the corpses he met on his way; having reached the top of the mountain, on his knees at the foot of the big Cross he was killed by a group of soldiers who fired bullets and arrows at him, and in the same way there died one after another the other Bishops, Priests, men and women Religious, and various lay people of different ranks and positions. Beneath the two arms of the Cross there were two Angels each with a crystal aspersorium in his hand, in which they gathered up the blood of the Martyrs and with it sprinkled the souls that were making their way to God.
(The Third Secret of Fatima)

Although he is not explicitly named, the Archangel Michael figures prominently in the Third Secret as the angel who threatens to strike the earth with his flaming sword, issuing the threefold cry of “Penance, penance, penance”. Could this call to repentance point to the convergence of these separate 40-day periods of penance before the feast of St. Michael on the very centenary of the apparitions at Fatima itself? The fact that these periods of penance immediately follow a solar eclipse patterned after the original “sign of Jonah”, warning of the chastisement of Nineveh in forty days gives us pause for thought. A warning which now seems only too real, with the recent ramping up in tensions between America and North Korea. However, there is room for real optimism in a point of comparison between the Third Secret and the story of the repentance of the Ninevites, as we are told that the hand of the angel with the flaming sword is stayed by the rays which emanate from the hands of Our Lady, in order to allow for a period of penance, which must take place before the unfolding of the via Crucis of the Church. 

Is this the period of penance foretold in the Third Secret? It is difficult to know for sure, but the fact that these convergences are occurring on the centenary of Fatima certainly warrants our attention, and our prayers. Just as God promised to Abraham that He would spare Sodom if even a tiny fraction of its inhabitants were found to be righteous, the Third Secret appears to be telling us that the Heavenly Father is willing to act with such a similar gesture of Mercy, so long as the need to repent is recognized by the righteous few. As to what course of action we can take, Fr. Richard Heilman is spearheading a 54-day Novena starting on the Solemnity of the Assumption, 15th August, 2017 - the start of St. Michael's Lent, lasting through to the centenary of the Miracle of the Sun itself on 13th October, 2017 (for more details see his post Striking Phenomena during this Centennial Year of Fatima). This seems to be as good a place as any to start our means of reparation. 


Mary ELlen said...

Just under three years after the August 21, 1914 full solar eclipse over eastern Europe, Ninevah, etc. on July 28, 1917 WWI began, which was also the 9th of Av. The 9th of Av in three years falls on July 29-30, 2020. Will this be the beginning of WWIII? We also have an asteroid coming within 4,200 miles of the earth on October 12, 2017, the day before the 100th Anniversary of Fatima. God bless!

theflyingnun said...

An Interesting Fact! Something to think about!

A total solar eclipse occurred on June 8, 1918

The first wave of the 1918 pandemic occurred in the spring and was generally mild. The sick, who experienced such typical flu symptoms as chills, fever and fatigue, usually recovered after several days, and the number of reported deaths was low. However, a second, highly contagious wave of influenza appeared with a vengeance in the fall of that same year. Victims died within hours or days of their symptoms appearing, their skin turning blue and their lungs filling with fluid that caused them to suffocate. In just one year, 1918, the average life expectancy in America plummeted by a dozen years.

Notice that the flu started mildly in the spring of 1918. In June of 1918 the Total Eclipse in the United States commenced. In the fall, (penance, penance penance) a more violent wave of the flu took effect.

675,000 persons died in the United States.
Francisco and Jacinta Marto of Fatima died from the the Flu virus.
This is the 100 year anniversary of Fatima.
The 1918 Total Eclipse goes along almost the same path as the one coming up on in 10 days.

The big one is coming, and it's going to be a flu pandemic
(CNN)Experts say we are "due" for one. When it happens, they tell us, it will probably have a greater impact on humanity than anything else currently happening in the world.

Dr. Larry Brilliant, Epidemioligist (I want his last name) on this video
says "in the next 20 t0 30 years there will be a pandemic and it will have the potential to bring humanity to its knees." New strains of influenza are already infecting birds in 75 countries. Such is the case with a highly lethal flu pandemic. And when it comes, it will affect every human alive today.

In the 20th century alone, we experienced serious flu pandemics. The Spanish Flu of 1918 was an unprecedented catastrophe. Experts' best estimates (before there was more formal census and record-keeping) were that 20% to 40% of the world became ill and more than 50 million people died.
In the United States alone, approximately 675,000 people died in just the eight months between September 1918 and April 1919. Some people died the same day they became ill, and others died within a few days from complications of the flu, such as pneumonia or meningitis.
at the 31:58 mark for Total Solar Eclipse of 1918

Anonymous said...

Just like to point out that WW1 began on the 28 July, 1914.

Bridget said...

Great summary, Emmett! Thank you!

A few weeks ago after reading your previous post about St. Michael's lent after the solar eclipse, I came across your post from last year about St. Michael and the Burning Mountain

"During the course of researching a topic for an updated version of my book, I stumbled across the official coat of arms of Tenerife, one of the Canary Islands, which shows the Archangel Michael standing with a lance over a volcano situated in the sea. This image is highly evocative of the vision seen by Sr. Lucia when she was instructed to commit the Third Secret to writing in 1944"

I attempted to connect the two and assumed the downfall of America from the mega-tsunami caused by the "burning mountain being thrown into the sea" would be fast approaching. I was concerned we were much further along on the timeline and much closer to the rise of the Antichrist.

But you made a great point that the "angel with the flaming sword is stayed by the rays which emanate from the hands of Our Lady, in order to allow for a period of penance, which must take place before the unfolding of the via Crucis of the Church."

The way history tends to repeat itself, and there are so many parallels going on, I suppose it would make sense that we're about to witness nuclear war being avoided AGAIN, the same way it was avoided back in the 80s thanks to Our Lady and the consecration in '84...right???

I hope so!!

Anonymous said...

Interesting headline in today's Guardian.

Life at 'the tip of the spear': defiant Guam refuses to cower to Kim

I'm writing this on my iPad and it appears that the link I've provided may be IOS specific. Not only that but it's proving impossible to edit the link.

Emmett O'Regan said...

Yes, Bridget. I don't expect this Cumbre Vieja event anytime soon. Definitely not within the coming weeks. The biggest threat right now is from North Korea, which only has a limited capacity.

Bridget said...

Off topic, but another small step towards the Restoration of the Church??

"While some media pundits speculate that Vatican Secretary of State Parolin’s trip could pave the way for the first ever visit of a Catholic pope to Moscow, most analysts believe Orthodox opposition makes that eventuality remote.

Such a move, however, would be in line with what Iacopo Scaramuzzi, an expert at the website Vatican Insider, says is the pope’s desire “to unify Christians.”

Bridget said...

Thanks Emmett!

Anthony said...

On the day of the eclipse, this is happening at "America's church" (the designated site for Our Lady of America):

The church intends to try to block it, apparently.

chris said...

Democrat Fingers in the Vatican Pie: Did Obama Force Benedict’s Abdication?

And his stink lingers


MightyRighty said...

I despair for the Catholic Church when we have people posting nonsense like 'Obama caused Popes abdication'......

Shame to look at Padraig and his MotherOfGod site and see the clowns in Charlottesville in the TV; cut from the same cloth they are.
Bent on imminent destruction and Papal conspiracies. Little more than small-minded, judgemental-ists who cannot take direction. Neo-nazis they used to be called.

Be aware people that for every Emmett producing a lucid, balanced and nuanced analysis of Scripture there are 10 keyboard warriors roaring about personal revelation and pointing Gods finger at you in the most unbalanced and unchallenged fashion.
Many of them can be found on the website.

(Keep up the good work Emmett, good to have some Catholic sites that arent written by Papal conspiracists/apocalypse types/lunatics)

Bridget said...

Yeah, that being said, what are the other sites to avoid besides motherofgod??? Emmett's is my go to blog, I'm not aware of any other Catholic sites that are as clear and balanced as his... are there any?

chris said...

you are missing a word


I wonder if some people don't understand or question that things have to happen to cause Emmett's version of the future.. We are living in the times of these actions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
how can all the bad stuff evolve and happen if people are not doing bad things..

I am wondering if you think la Salette and others ie Akita are about buddists or protestants??

Malachy's pope list are all saints


Anonymous said...

Comparing the folks at Motheofgod to Neo-nazis? Shame on you, MightyRighty. I'm surprised Emmett allows such comments on his otherwise respectable blog. And it happens to be a matter of the public record that John Pedosta and his fellow Demoncrat bolsheviks DID in fact attempt to stage a "Catholic Spring" coup against the Catholic Church. These were the same Democrat vermin who armed real Neo-Nazis in Kiev during the Maidan and who armed real domestic terrorist groups like BLM, Antifa and the other protest groups that caused so much rioting, violence and unrest during Obama's 8 years of hell. You must be one of David Brock's ShareBlue shills, "Mighty Righty".

Emmett O'Regan said...

Just thought I would let you guys in the com-box know that it looks like my material on the sign of Jonah and the solar eclipse is now getting a lot more coverage. Although, I am still not credited with discovering the importance of the Nineveh eclipse during the time of Jonah in relation to the First World War eclipse, and how this possibly ties into the 2017 eclipse. Pastor Mark Biltz never mentioned that his source was derived from my material.
Billy Graham's daughter has endorsed a recent video on how the eclipse ties into the sign of Jonah by Pastor Steve Cioccolanti, which has already racked up over half a million views on YouTube in just two weeks. Once you go into the below site, watch the video from about the 15 minute mark:
The most important stuff is all based on my work.

Anonymous said...

Funny Emmett how these ministers can't give credit where credit is due. The question is why? If they really fear God then they should be humble stewards not men taking ideas/research from others and promoting it as their own work.

Anonymous said...


Do you think there may be a connection between this eclipse and the three days of darkness prophecy since Jonah spent three days in the belly of the whale?

Emmett O'Regan said...

I think it is because my material is so inherently intertwined with Catholic thought. It's ironic that they are rea─║ly promoting one of my chief arguments for a link between the unbinding of Satan at the end of the Millennium with the prophecy of Pope Leo XIII. They have no real idea of the true depth of the prophecy of the sign of Jonah.

Emmett O'Regan said...

Also, I have a symbolic take on the three days of darkness, rather than literal. If you ask me, we are living through the three days of darkness right now, and are about to emerge on the other side.

Sr. Marianne Lorraine Trouve said...

Thank you, Emmett, for this great rundown of everything here.
I fully agree that Our Lady of Knock is very important in regard to these events.
I also think, since the totality of the eclipse will be visible only in the USA, that the feast of St Pius X, celebrated here on Aug 21, is also significant.
Pius X stated the purpose of his pontificate was to "restore all things in Christ" (from Ephesians). If Emmett is right that we are about to emerge on the other side of darkness, we could be on the verge of seeing things restored in Christ. I like to think of it that way.

At St Peter's, Pius X's body is in the Presentation chapel which has beautiful art, including a depiction of the fall of Lucifer and one of the crowning of Mary. I don't want to read too much into that, but it is intriguing. details here:

Also, during his lifetime, Pius X authorized the crowning of quite a few images of Mary, which seems appropriate in view of Rev 12 and the woman crowned with the sun.

God bless you!
Sr M Lorraine

Anonymous said...

Sr. Lorraine, would that be the beginning of the custom of processions culminating in the crowning of a statue of Mary on May 1?


Sr. Marianne Lorraine Trouve said...

It's different from that, since those processions are much older. This is called a canonical coronation, in which the pope through an official document authorizes a special crowning or an image of Mary. Search for "canonical coronation" for more details. (I can't copy link right now(. Pius X did at least 9 of these canonical coronations.

Sr. Marianne Lorraine Trouve said...

Also, St Pius X died on August 20, 1914, the day before the total eclipse over Europe.

Jason R. said...

Thank you Sr. Marianne about the connection to Pope St. Pius X, the pictures of the Altars at St. Peter's were amazing. I don't know hardly anything about this pope so I'm looking forward to reading up on his life.

I have such a strange feeling right now, and it doesn't seem to me to be coming from my human emotion, so maybe feeling it the wrong word... it's more like a spiritual sense, that I feel within the next year a great deal of feeling of trepidation, almost overpowering at times, but also just as much if not more, a deep feeling of hope and relief. I don't understand how I could have both of these at the same time because they're so seemingly mutually exclusive of each other, but there it is. Has anyone else ever felt this, both strong fear and strong hope, in a spiritual sense, at the same time? I hope these senses aren't some sort of deception, but they definitely are very prominent in, well, not my thoughts, or my feelings, but they are there maybe in my soul (if such a thing makes sense?).

Jason R. said...

p.s. Is there amy kind of special novena that is prayed in the 40 days leading up to Michaelmas?

Anonymous said...

Hi Jason,

I am experiencing the same strange sense right now alternating between uneasiness and hope. Thank you for articulating it so well. God bless you.


theflyingnun said...

On this same video that you placed on your blog:
If you go to the 35:40 mark on the video, it goes on to explain about the
August 21,2017 and the April 8, 2024 Total Eclipses. He makes a point that the Mississippi Ohio Rivers join at exactly where the paths of totality cross each other. The 2 eclipses intersect at the Mississippi and the Ohio River, which could possible split the United States in three, where the rivers divide.

Isaiah 18:7
Then will gifts be brought to the LORD of hosts—to the place of the name of the LORD of hosts, Mount Zion—from a people tall and bronzed, from a people dreaded near and far, a nation strong and conquering, whose land is washed by rivers.

Revelation 16:17-20
The seventh angel poured out his bowl into the air. A loud voice came out of the temple from the throne, saying, “It is done.

Then there were lightning flashes, rumblings, and peals of thunder, and a great earthquake. It was such a violent earthquake that there has never been one like it since the human race began on earth.l
The great city* was split into three parts, and the gentile cities fell. But God remembered great Babylon, giving it the cup filled with the wine of his fury and wrath.
* Every island fled, and mountains disappeared.

He also mentions briefly about the Solar Eclipse on April 8, 2024 will come across on Nisan 1, 5884 (this is what sparked my curiosity.) I found the following at these sites when I looked up what Nisan 1 was.
Here are the dates:

The cycle of months begins with Rosh Chodesh Nissan. Every Rosh Chodesh contains the power of renewal, as manifest in the renewal of the moon. Rosh Chodesh Nissan, the crown of all Roshei Chadashim, contains an extra-special power of renewal. This is manifest in the renewal of the entire natural world at this time. Refreshed by the rains of winter, the plants and animals all begin a new cycle of growth.
The Great Exodus of Egypt:
On Rosh Chodesh (the first of the month of Nisan), beni Yisrael (the children of Israel) heard the nes (miracle) that they were going to be redeemed on the night of the 15th, later in that very month. We hold this evening to remember the miracles and the hesed (kindness) that Hashem (God) does for His nation.
“In Nisan we were redeemed in the past, and in Nisan we are destined to be redeemed again.” (a midrashic quote (Exodus Rabbah 15:2) asserting that just as the Exodus from Egypt took place in Nisan so too will the ultimate messianic redemption)

Here is what I found very interesting. The total path of the 2017 eclipse does touch the Mississippi and Ohio River where they meet, but the total path grazes a town in Illinois called Cairo (the area has been called Little Egypt.)

When the 2024 eclipse hits, it will be Rosh Chodesh Nisan in Egypt and Jerusalem, also the total path of the eclipse goes through once again where the Mississippi and Ohio Rivers meet and right through Cairo Illinois.

MightyRighty said...

@Eo'R @Sr MarianneLT
This is remarkable.
I was just considering whether or not to post my latest inclinations here when I see Sr MLTs post on the death of the Pope.
This is not a prediction, rather a talking point bringing together a few different things in one thesis.

Here goes..... It is my consideration that the 'event' we are all seeking to clarify is the Death of Pope Francis. My reason for this was the announcement that the Vatican Secretary of State Parolin was to visit Moscow in September.
Its fairly obvious (at the moment) that Pietro Parolin is the best candidate for the Petrus Romanus - Peter the Roman - figure, the final pope.
It is also said that WWIII would begin when the Pope returns from Moscow - but I cannot remember who said it - was it one of the Garabandal seers? Anyone clarify?
Vatican Radio says the visit is due in September
But Crux (the latest article) says August including this one which dates the visit 20-24 Aug!!!!! Right in the middle of the Eclipse!!!!

Is it possible that during this visit, Francis will die and Parolin the de facto and likely next Pope will leave Moscow as prophecised?

Another prophecy states that the conflict will break out in either October or July which would fit with this timing. (I think this was one of the German peasant prophets but I'm not sure. Anyone know?)

This I think is far more likely than anyone receiving stigmata or some such.

MightyRighty said...


That crossover of eclipses does indeed occur near rivers
That exact area is known as the New Madrid Earthquake zone -

Anonymous said...

To those wondering about Novena for the USA to repent:
Spirit Daily (and others) are endorsing a 54-day rosary novena for this intention beginning today, 15 August, feast of the Assumption.
Just Do It !

Bridget said...

Your theory makes Pope Francis' quote about a potentially short pontificate even more unsettling...

"As he has on other occasions, Francis hinted that he doesn’t expect to be around very long.
“I have the feeling that my pontificate will be brief … four or five years. I don’t know, even two or three,” he said.
The pontiff called this nothing more than a “vague sensation.”

chris said...

Here is the guy who "borrowed " Emmett's ideas. you can fast forward through the commercials etc. However i must say it is interesting.

thank you emmett.

also the first day if you liked the topic


Theflyingnun said...


These are some of the Garabandal Seer's comments.

Interview was conducted in the early 1980s by Monsignor Francisco Garmendia, Auxiliary Bishop of New York
Bishop: So after John XXIII came Paul VI, John Paul I and then John Paul II. So look out, the noose is tightening! It's the Virgin who is speaking.
Conchita: The Virgin was talking about the end of the times. She also spoke to us about France. I don't know if you remember but it was being said that a world war would break out in 1962. At the time everyone was afraid including me. Then the Virgin appeared and addressing our concern said: "Don't be afraid, there will not be another world war."

Bishop: So she said there would not be another world war. There have been local conflagrations, and much has been said about a coming world war. The situation is very tense, but a world war would be the end of nations.

Albrecht Weber’s book (the finger of God) contains this statement attributed to Conchita: “The pope will go to Russia, to Moscow”. As soon as he returns to the Vatican, hostilities will break out in different parts of Europe.” [The source for this information was also requested. Mr. Weber responded: “Conchita said this in a long conversation at her house on November 14,1965.

This excerpt is taken from the German book by Albrecht Weber, «Garabandal—The Finger of God» («Garabandal—Der Zeigefinger Gottes»).
Conchita told the author in 1965 when everything would be set in motion:
“When communism comes again everything will happen.”
The author responded: “What do you mean by comes again?”
“Yes, when it newly comes again,” she replied.
“Does that mean that communism will go away before that?”
“I don't know,” she said in reply, “the Blessed Virgin simply said 'when communism comes again'.”
Albrecht Weber
Garabandal. Der Zeigefinger Gottes

FATHER BENAC: Did the Blessed Virgin speak of communism?

MARI LOLI: Our Lady spoke several times about communism. I don’t remember how many times, but she said that a time would come when it would seem that communism had mastered or engulfed the whole world. I think it was then that she told us that priests would have difficulty saying Mass, and talking about God and divine things.
FR. BENAC: Did Our Lady ever speak of people being put to death?
LOLI: What Our Lady said was that priests would have to go into hiding but I didn’t see whether they were being killed or not. She didn’t exactly say they would be killed, but I’m sure they would be martyred.

FR. BENAC: Your mother told me that one night you were upstairs with your father and that you cried and cried for one hour. Afterwards your father said to her: “I have just seen the most touching sight. Loli was crying the whole time while saying, ‘Oh, it’s going to be like that? People are going to suffer like that? Oh, make me suffer!'” Do you remember what you said at the time?

LOLI: It was all related to communism and what is going to happen in the Church and to the people because all these things are to have repercussions amongst the people. When the Church suffers confusion, the people are going to suffer too. Some priests who are communists will create such confusion that people will not know right from wrong.[THE CALL OF GARABANDAL, Apr-Jun 1984.]

Also, mystic Maria Esparanza who died in 2004 said:
Be careful: Especially when it seems as though all is peaceful and calm. Russia may act in a surprising way when you least expect it.

She also said that God’s justice will start in Venezuela.

She also predicted the twin towers falling down in New York.

Jason R. said...

Thank you Catherine for sharing how you have had the same sensations, that makes me feel better that I'm not losing my marbles!

For anyone who was interested in any special prayers that could be said leading up the the Feast of St. Michael, here's a link if interested to the chaplet of St. Michael. It just clicked with me that I have some prayer beads that are similar to a rosary that I wasn't sure what they were for, but they correspond to the chaplet perfectly, a nice surprise.

p.s. I know this isn't a prayer request forum, but a good friend of mine, Charlie, lost his sister today after a long fight with cancer. It gives me great hope that Kathleen went straight to Heaven after suffering so much here on Earth, and the fact that it's the Feast of the Assumption today makes me feel that doubly so. But for any people who pray for other's intentions, I would appreciate it so much if you could remember Kathleen, and all of her family, in your prayers today; thank you in advance sincerely.

Jason R. said...

p.s. I'm not claiming to have any kind of supernatural knowledge, but I am a charismatic Catholic, and have been told by another such Catholic that they thought I had from the Holy Spirit a gift of discernment... I know that sounds like a logical fallacy, "An Appeal to Authority", so take anything I write with a very large grain of salt, but I have this sense that the next exactly 60 days until the centenary of the Miracle of the Sun the world unwittingly may be in the most precarious 60 days of human history. I wish the intercession of St. Michael was still asked for at the end of every Mass.

I feel that asking for his help through fasting, his chaplet and his novena, and of course, *always* asking for the intercession of Our Lady could very well be the only thing standing between mankind and the lesser chastisement predicted through so many saints and apparations of Our Lady that we sorely deserve.

Our nations, particularly in Western Europe which used to be the centre of Christendom while that centre now seems to have moved to S. America, Africa, Eastern Europe, etc., that we have turned our collective backs on the Gospel in exchange for the false glorification of the achievements of man, culminating in the most groteesque of all man's achievement, that of nuclear weapons, which may be one chicken that could come back to roost. "Pacem in terris" seems so very apt to the time we are in right now, I wish every one in the world could read that encyclical with a very open heart, something like that I believe could change the whole world.

Anyways, I'm just kind of ranting, but I really, really feel, though it could very well be a spiritual deception, that the next 60 days are most precarious ones and we should all pray for peace and atonement and turning back to the face of Our Lord right now, maybe in particular through the Chaplet of Divine Mercy (although always with the Rosary, as well as Chaplet of St. Michael, too), for Divine Mercy is very sorely needed by all of us.

We have so much abundance in our lives in the Western industrialized nations that we hoard for ourselves, leaving so much needless suffering in other parts of the world, though through the umbrella of national charities under Caritas does a lot, we could all do more (whenever anyone knocks religion as the root of every bad thing in the world, I always pull out the fact that Caritas feeds fully 70% of the population of sub-Saharan Africa each and every day who would otherwise die of starvation or disease linked to malnutrition... that single fact usually stops proselytizing anti-Deists in their boots).

Whether we suffer the minor chastisement, possibly very soon, possibly still a great distance still, begging for the intercession of Our Lady, the Divine Mercy, and St. Michael, may be critical for us not getting what we deserve, but the time, however short it may be, of a Marian era of peace. I fear so greatly right now that it may take something as awful as a nuclear war to wake us all up and turn our hearts and place our trust in Our Lord again instead of what the Enlightenment has wrought.

Mark W said...

Ok, wet blanket time.

The two eclipses - this one and in 2024 - do not cross at Cairo, Illinois. They actually cross west of Carbondale. In fact, Cairo is just outside the zone of totality this time around. Is it close enough for government work, absolutely.

Yes, the New Madrid Fault is directly beneath this area. But to split the US into three pieces would require a tectonic movement at the level of the Escatalogical Earthquake itself. Possible, sure. But that would almost certainly set of Yellowstone as well. At that point, the mega tsunami would have very little impact as half the US is dead already.

Anonymous said...

Certainly pertinent to this discussion is Sensus Fidelium's series on Our Lady of Revelation. I encourage all to take the time to view these videos:
Part 1 -
Part 2 -
Part 3 -
God's love to all,
Michael G

Mark W said...

Jason & Catherine - It's interesting that you mention those feelings. I've had some of the same things happening. I'm clouded by what's going on at work and that's pretty overpowering at times, but there are moments where I actually feel joyful (first time in years, really). And there's something else. I don't really know how to describe it. But it's almost like a strange pull towards holiness, and doing holy things. And I know that we're all supposed to feel like that from an internal motivation, but this feels almost external. I honestly don't know how to put it into words.

Sr. Marianne Lorraine Trouve said...

Jason I understand those feelings you mention; it's like a time of anticipation that can relate to both good things and bad.
I will pray for the repose of your friend Kathleen's soul. May she rest in peace.

psieve2 said...

The real one involves only seeing by blessed candles and dying if you look out the window.

Jason R. said...

Thank you Sr. Marianne, I really appreciate your prayers.

And, Mark, I have felt that same tug towards holiness I think. I'd usually just not think about fasting, or committing to praying a chaplet every night, and I'm feeling, well, not exactly guilty, but I'm examining my conscience and watching my actions much more carefully than every before, and not out of any kind of fear, it just seems to be happening organically I guess it could be described. I want to be a better person, I want to lead a more good life. Describing this pull is hard to put into words for me as well.

theflyingnun said...


Here is a nice article with a mention of you here at Spirit Daily.

shrimpytoe said...

The place in Southern Illinois where both total solar eclipses, both 2017 and 2024, intersect near Cedar Lake, near Bald Knob Mountain. On the top of the mountain is a huge white cross, called "Cross of Peace." I find that very consoling. I visited there long ago and always felt something important would happen there.

Also, the Mississippi River is akin to what the Egyptians had in the Nile river. Since Southern Illinois is referred to as "Little Egypt," many see a correlation to the events in Scripture related to it.

Anthony w said...

To Flying Nun about the Garabandal apparitions.
It is quite startling what Conchita said about when "communism comes again". I know that Emmett has said that communism could come back again in Russia. And sister Lucia said in her interview with Cardinal Vidal of the Philippines in 1993 that we are now living in the period of peace that Our lady promised after the fall of communism in the Soviet Union. So maybe Conchita's warning about communism coming back could be imminent.

God Bless
Anthony w

John Fitzgerald said...

It's interesting. I read on Russia Today recently about a communist leader who's just been released from prison and who's vowed to bring communism back to the country. Also about a group of Stalinists who've been trying to tear down a statue of Tsar Nicholas II in Siberia. Can't see any of them succeeding with Putin in charge but you never know.

I've generally been of the opinion up till now that the line 'when communism comes again' refers to the Cultural Marxism gaining so much traction in the West.

theflyingnun said...


The nickname "Egypt" may have arisen in the 1830s, when poor harvests in the north of the state drove people to Southern Illinois to buy grain. Others say it was because the land of the great Mississippi and Ohio River valleys were like that of Egypt's Nile delta.

Thanks for the info concerning the Cross of Peace. I didn't realize that is was so close to Route 57. I can only imagine how crowded it will be around the 21st of the month.

As I was walking my dog yesterday by the Adler Planetarium in Chicago, they had the Doane Observatory opened in the back with 2 telescopes pointed at the Sun. They told me to look for the 3 sunspots that were located on the Sun. How amazing it was to look at the Sun without having to squint and find those 3 sun spots. While I was looking through the telescopes at the Sun, Fatima came into my mind. If anyone gets a chance they should visit McDonald Observatory at a night viewing near Fort Davis TX. The facility is located on Mount Locke in the Davis Mountains of West Texas, The observatory is part of the University of Texas at Austin. It is absolutely beautiful at night.

@ Anthony W,
I just hope that Conchita interpreted the message correctly when The Virgin told her that there would be no more World Wars.

Jason R. said...

It's hard to understand how we could be living in the Marian era of peace right now to me. Since the end of the Cold War we've still had thinging like The Great War of Africa in the Congo that killed 5 million non-combatants and 330k+ combatants, just as one example... that doesn't feel like an era of peace to me. It just doesn't seem like Our Lady would deal in half-measures this way.

Mark W said...


There are some statistics that support the idea of being in the Era of Peace. In comparison to earlier periods, the casualties due to war are much lower now than the past couple of centuries. If I can find one of the stats sites, I'll post it here. Too tired now.


Sr. Marianne Lorraine Trouve said...

In reference to Emmett's other post about St Francis, etc., I found out that St Pius X was a member of the Third Order of St. Francis, and wrote a letter about it:"Tertium Franciscalium Ordinem" (8 September 1912). It's interesting that the eclipse in the USA is on the feast of St Pius X, and Sept 23, the day of the sign in the sky, is the feast of St Pius of Pietrelcina (Padre Pio).

August 21 is also the feast of Our Lady of Knock. Interestingly, the day of that apparition, Aug 21, 1879, was the very same day that Pope Leo XIII authorized a canonical crowning of the image of Our Lady of LaSalette. The crowning in LaSalette was going on while Our Lady was appearing in Knock. Perhaps there is some connection with that message, in which I believe Our Lady said that the Church will be in eclipse.
1879 was also the 25th anniversary of the proclamation of the dogma of the Immaculate Conception by Blessed Pope Pius IX (another Pius!)
Pius IX had also formally declared St Joseph to be the patron of the universal Church in 1870, just nine years before the Knock apparition, at which St Joseph appeared.

I'm not sure what, if anything in particular, all this means, but it is interesting to see some lines of connection between the various apparitions of our Blessed Lady.

Jason R. said...

Thanks Mark, I guess I may be making the mistake of taking anecdotal evidence without seeing the whole world-wide picture.

Anonymous said...

Mark W,

While I do not doubt that you have statistics to prove that our era is more peaceful than times previous (I've argued as much), you're referring strictly to war, and I think that's where the problem lies.

Let us not forget that in our current climate we're seeing about 50 million abortions a year. Those are numbers that cannot be ignored, especially given the subtle violence of abortion.

To put it in perspective, the number usually thrown around for total deaths during WWII is 60 million. So add our current era's war dead (Africa, ISIS, etc) plus yearly abortions, and in one year we're FAR outstripping the entirety of WWII.

That's how I see it anyways.

God bless,


PS. Emmett, your blog is amazing!

Jason R. said...

After thinking about it for awhile, I guess I've been equating the Marian era of peace promised at Fatima with the temporal and spiritual reigns of the Great Monarch and Angelic Shepard in error; has anyone else made the same mistake?

chris said...

Jason R

Stick to your heart. We are not in Mary's period of peace. The heavenly definition of peace is nor relative with due respect.

This is not an academic comparative. We all have our own ideas.
n the end we will all be incorrect to a certain degree.

Keep posting your ideas and opinions. they are interesting and informative.


Anthony W said...

To Chris, Jason R and Mark W.
According to Sister Lucia in the recorded interview that she gave to cardinal Vidal in 1993. She explains that the period of peace is the peace from communist subversion and persecution coming from Russia, not a peace for the whole world. And the fall of communism in the former Soviet Union now allows the people to choose whether they come back to Christianity or not. Remember God respects our free will there will be no mass conversions unless the people freely choose to do so.
The world is a wicked place and will continue to be wicked until the second coming of Jesus.

God bless

Anthony W

Bridget said...

Jason R,

I think I'm notorious for being confused about the Great Monarch and Angelic Pope, haha. My thinking is that the peace promised at a Fatima following the fall of communism is a foreshadowing/prefigurement of the future Restoration of the Church/reigns of the Great Monarch and Angelic Pope. That being said, would it make sense then that JPII and Reagan were prefigures of the Angelic Pope and Great Monarch (Two Witnesses)? Especially since both had assasunafion attempts within 6 weeks of each other? I noticed a new book came out discussing their bond and their roles in ending the Cold War. I started reading the prologue...sounds interesting!

P.S. Please keep in mind that I was born in '84, so I only have surface knowledge of the fall of communism and how that all went down. Please feel free to correct me!

P.P.S. Just for the sake of conversation, which of Emmett's American readers will actually be in the path of the eclipse? I live in Memphis, but my family and I plan to travel north a few hours to get inside the path of totality when it passes over Kentucky.

Emmett O'Regan said...

Sorry I haven't been able to respond to the above comments much. I've been on holiday, and haven't found the time. I'll try to catch up when I can.

theflyingnun said...


Here is a neat interactive video and map of what the eclipse will look like at specific times in any given city.

Also, this is interesting about the eclipse concerning the 7 SALEMS, read the comments too.

Sorry, Maybe, I am just going crazy but I think God is telling us something. I am not sure that I want to be in the total totality of the eclipse when it comes Monday. If we were talking about any other time period, I probably would. This year scares me! With the eclipse being exactly 40 days from Yom Kippur and 33 days away from Revelation 12 sign, "Woman Clothed with the Sun." And now we have USA drills with South Korea. I don't see China sitting idle, if something happens. Everyone in the USA seems to want to be celebrating but, I just don't think it is the right time! As I am writing this I hear LOUD jets circling the city, practicing for the Chicago Air, Water and Boat Show coming into the city this weekend.

Can anyone else add to the list!

1) Jonah
2) Woman Clothed with the Sun
3) Fatima
4) 500 year protestant reformation
5) 300 years Freemasonry

Here are some other articles that some of you may or may not have seen.

Dan said...


Where are you located in Chicago? I am currently working in the LOOP, and I can see and hear the jets zooming by my building in preparation for tomorrow's show. It seems pretty ominous to me given the proximity of the solar eclipse on Monday. Everyone here in Chicago is full of excitement, but I do not yet know if the total solar eclipse means peace or chastisement upon our country. I suppose it's peace if we repent (and this would assumabley require a tragic, shocking chain of events in order to rouse our desensitized consciences) and chastisement if we do not repent.

I honestly see America as the prodigal son who is much younger than the elder brother (Europe). America has squandered its riches on sin, but God's Mercy is ever abundant, especially to younger, weaker, little souls, since little souls are often the ones who realize they cannot do anything by themselves and must rely on Our Lord and Our Lady for everything.

"At that time Jesus said in reply,* “I give praise to you, Father, Lord of heaven and earth, for although you have hidden these things from the wise and the learned you have revealed them to the childlike." (Matthew 11:25)

In addition to the anniversaries/significant coincidences you mentioned, I would add that we are approximately around the 1,000 year anniversary of the Great Schism between the Roman Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox. I have a hunch, that this schism was the beginning of the evils we see today. I see a clear progression between the Schism and now based on the following timeline:

1054 Great Schism
1517 Protestant Revolt
1717 Freemasonry
1917 Bolshevik Revolution/Communism
1960 Transfer of Cultural Marxism from USSR to USA as evidenced by the "sexual revolution" and the whole host of changes that destroyed the liturgy, doctrine, and purity of the Catholic Church, in addition to the breakdown of marriage and the family

2017 (Beginning of the) end of all of the above? I sure hope so. Let us persevere in this 54 Day Novena for Our Nation to do our part to help Our Lady save America and save the souls of the people who inhabit this beloved country. Emmett said in his post: "Just as God promised to Abraham that He would spare Sodom if even a tiny fraction of its inhabitants were found to be righteous, the Third Secret appears to be telling us that the Heavenly Father is willing to act with such a similar gesture of Mercy, so long as the need to repent is recognized by the righteous few."

I truly believe that Our Lord and Our Lady will spare our country and convert it to the Catholic Faith if a sufficient amount of Catholics pray this 54 Day Novena with devotion, constancy, and zeal. Who knows, this number that would be sufficient to God, could be as little as three people. If so, let's make sure we are among those people.

Dan said...


I almost forgot to mention that I suspect that the Great Schism is the reason why the evil one chose Russia as the instrument to spread Freemasonry/Communism to the world. Because Russia is a bastion of the Eastern Orthodox Church, and therefore the country that embodies the schism the most. I believe this is also why Our Lady wanted Russia consecrated, not only because of the Bolshevik Revolution, but also to heal the schism of 1054. 1,000 years of schism, can you believe that it has been so long? It's about time that the schism end and the Holy Catholic Church be restored to Her Unity that Our Lord gave her at the Crucifixion.

John Fitzgerald said...

I would be astonished if it turns out that we're living in the era of peace at the moment. Peace is more than the absence of war, and to my mind the last 25 years, certainly in the West, have been characterised by restlessness, discontent and a growing alienation - from ourselves, from our communities and from God. It's an internal violence which seems to be spilling over now in a number of different ways into external, physical violence.

The peace prophecied by Our Lady will, I believe, be qualitatively different, emanating from within rather than without.

theflyingnun said...

Great post! I agree with you concerning peace or
chastisement. We will know soon enough though!
The 54 day Novena is definitely the way to go. As far as the Schism goes, the Orthodox object to the Catholic doctrines of Purgatory, Substitutionary atonement, the Immaculate Conception, and papal supremacy, among others, as heretical doctrines. So
It is going to take a HUGE MIRACLE!!!
Concerning where I live, I live in front of Agora. If you want to have a beer sometime or if your a golfer even better, just email me by adding, to my last post.

God Bless,

Anthony W said...

To John Fitzgerald.
Sister Lucia made it clear in her interview with cardinal Vidal in 1993 an interview that was filmed and recorded that the peace Our lady was talking about was a peace from Russian communism which was the great threat to the world. As bad as communism was and is in China and Vietnam those countries never threatened the entire world like Russia did with world conquest. So we are living in the period of peace now with the fall of communism in Russia.

God bless

Anthony W

Anonymous said...

"America as Ninevah"

Emmett, you don't live in this great country. I have lived in many states here all my life and travelled extensively. The faith here is deep and strong, and nothing like what your portrayal of it has often been. One can get their news from the internet, and think Hollywood, Washington D.C. and a supreme court judge represent this nation.

Or perhaps statistics of decline in church attendance, etc.

But that is nothing like what this nation is about, or its ordinary people, who are deep in faith.

I have been on the road again, driving through many states the last few weeks, and have another several to go. Everywhere I pick up many Christian stations, Christian billboards. The churches are well attended, but more importantly, the faith is deep. The drain in attendance in the NE is because they've all moved to the SE.

It's easy to naysay all this when we spend our times on the internet, or have war in our own hearts so we look for it elsewhere, and criticize everything.

Of course our influence has been vast. Is America to be called Ninevah because of a single supreme court judge redefining marriage? Or because of New York and LA? Do you think God uses our own standards to judge things?

If this eclipse is our warning, why are there now clouds forecast from East to West? If Monday came and a miracle of clear skies happens across the whole country, then we'll reexamine the eclipse.

It's too easy to fall down rabbit holes with all these things.

This nation is not as unholy as is portrayed. I suspect per capita our participation in our faith considerably outstrips most other countries. And I am deeply grateful for that.

Anonymous said...

Anthony w.

is this the very same lucy who claimed that 1960 was not the year the secret was to be released?

juan valdez

TonyR said...

way off subject Emmett. doesn't the eclipse of the 21st of Aug. end about on top of the Canary Islands off of the west coast of Africa? was it you yrs ago that talked about these islands? if not my bad. I was just looking up not just where the eclipse starts but where it ends. also, reading in the bible about the earthquakes and rocks breaking when Jesus was Crucified during an eclipse...
God Bless!!!!
Tony R.

chris said...

This, seemingly doesn't bode well for putin

The source for this information was also requested. Mr. Weber responded: “Conchita said this in a long conversation at her house on November 14,1965.
This excerpt is taken from the German book by Albrecht Weber, «Garabandal—The Finger of God» («Garabandal—Der Zeigefinger Gottes»).
Conchita told the author in 1965 when everything would be set in motion:
“When communism comes again everything will happen.”
The author responded: “What do you mean by comes again?”
“Yes, when it newly comes again,” she replied.
“Does that mean that communism will go away before that?”
“I don't know,” she said in reply, “the Blessed Virgin simply said 'when communism comes again'.”

my guess would be there's a new leader on the way


MightyRighty said...

@Chris - do you even read your own posts?

Where does it mention Russia anywhere in what you've posted?
WTF has any of this to do with Russia? Or Putin?
Are you labouring under the delusion that Russia is still Communist?

@HonourMary - 'Eclipse ends near Canary Islands' - not in any maps or links that I can find. Do you have any evidence to papers or sites that can show this?
(No nonsense sites, please; Catholic or Scientific only).

@Juan Valdez - again, links please, else fow-ged bow'dit....

@John Fitzgerald - I like your style. Seems like you think before you write.
'More of this sort of thing'.

Jason R. said...

I don't think that kind of tone us necessary; it hurts your arguments because it's hard not to be dismissive of someone's views when they start into personal attacks.

There's no need to go ballistic every time someone so much as mentions Russia (there are over one hundred examples of Catholic visionaries and saints indicating that Russia will attack and invade Western Europe at some point, most indicating at a time when it is least expected. Your viewpoint seems to suggest to just disregard all of those saints, etc. A person's POV is more well-considered when not overly emotional, and especially when ad hominem is not used.

In any case, Chris isn't attacking Putin, in fact reading between the lines he's saying if Russia is to slip back into Communism or become a malevolent force again, Putin won't be involved, whereas I'm if the opinion that Putin is evil with a lot if evidence to back that up... you seem to be on the attack with Chris for a position he didn't even take.

Bridget said...

I was curious about the Canary Islands comment as well. I just went to and zoomed out to see the end. Looks like that area will experience a partial eclipse...

Anonymous said...

To the poster that mentioned "Communism coming again." It has come again. But not to Russia. It has come to the United States and the West which have rejected Christianity and embraced Communism which is nothing more than atheism, materialism, hedonism and militarism elevated by the State to the exclusion of Christianity. As for Russia, I can understand why the reprobate Western establishment continually demonizes and threatens Russia: Russia has been converted just as Our Lady predicted, Vladimir Putin threw the real Communists out of Russia, and Russia everywhere has been thwarting the demonic, Freemason agenda of the West.

chris said...

thank you!

I'm getting beat to sore throwing ideas in the pot!!


Say a prayer for me!

chris said...

here is what you missed!!

Conchita told the author in 1965 when everything would be set in motion:
“When communism comes again everything will happen.”


i.e.--- something will happen to cause this return.

Am i more clear??


and no sometimes i don't read them and explains my horrendous grammatical and typing errors

petere veniam tibi

chris said...

that should be

ego veniam peto "

chris said...

well as you can see i flunked latin in college.

it was to say please forgive me.

I even got lost in Rome while i was staying at the hotel Miami!!!!


Anonymous said...

Mighty righty,

links to what? That she said that or that she didn't? One or the other is truthful.

juan valdez

Bridget said...

Who else read flying nun's post about the Seven Salems? While that's interesting, he was right about needing to read through the comments. This one caught my eye...

"There is only one spot in the U.S. that is the intersection of both the solar eclipse of 2017 and the next one in 2024. It is just south of Carbondale, IL. If you zoom in closely at this intersection point. There is a road there named Salem Rd! Google Maps Coords: 37.645021, -89.267531"

If you want to double check, you can calculate the coordinates yourself here...

I got N 37.64 and W 89.27. Sure enough, if you plug the coordinates into google maps (37.64, -89.27) it puts you less than half a mile away from Salem Rd. And the fact that Salem Rd itself is less than half a mile long??! That's extraordinary!

I gotta say, I'm excited about tomorrow. Some extended family of mine own farmland in KY that runs through the center line of totality. That's where we'll be heading in the a.m. I'm not too concerned that anything earth shattering or "bad" will happen tomorrow. I'm just looking forward to what should be an unforgettable experience. My practical side is strictly concerned about traffic and clouds!

T minus 24 hours, everyone!

Bridget said...

Also, the exact point of intersection is located in the tiny town of Makanda, IL, which uses the slogan "Star of Egypt.",_Illinois

Anthony W said...

To Juan Valdez.
The secret was for the Pope to read and St John XX111 did read the secret but as Sister Lucia said in her interview it was for the Pope to read and if he decided to reveal it, he should be careful how he chose to reveal it.
There is a video on You Tube by Carlos Evaristo called "The Prophecy, Consecration, Triumph and Secret of Fatima". This is where Sister Lucia gives a filmed interview to Cardinal Vidal of the Philippines.

God bless

Anthony W

A'Esquecida said...

Concerning the feeling of great hope/deep trepidation:

"Will I act? I must act. I must take steps to stop mankind’s selfishness. These will be merciful acts that will prevent far greater destruction. However, the acts themselves will not be seen as merciful."

"America is weighed down by its history and it refuses to repent. It refuses to repent of its history and go in a different direction. What else can the heavenly Father do? He must stop America in its tracks so it cannot pursue its destructive path. This is an act of mercy."

Locutions to the World ~ Mar. 31, 2013

Anonymous said...


I am sorry to inform you that Locutions to the World, have been proven to be false.

MightyRighty said...

@Anonymous 22:37 - well said. A comment backed up with evidence. People seem to post whatever comes into their heads as cold, hard fact - no thought, no analysis, nothing.
Just post it up and its real.
Thanks for the debunk - we need more of this and less of the nonsense.

@Jason R - I dont 'go ballistic everytime someone mentions Russia' - I just asked (and I ask again) where in anything Chris has posted does it say that Russia is Communist?
It doesnt.
It says 'when communism comes again'.
So you see it IS necessary to be dismissive and take 'that kind of tone' because
1. he is talking complete bo**ox and
2. people like you just uncritically lap it up.
I dont care if hes attacking Putin or Russia or Bolivia or Cake or Martians.
I couldnt give a f**k.
What I DO care about is someone deliberately taking famous quotations out of context - either out of ignorance, illness or to shill for some other agenda.
I say again - the words quoted by Chris dont mention Russia anywhere.

@Anonymous 03:15 - is far closer to a truth in saying 'communism' has returned in western europe and USA - in the form of central bank/govt intervention in propping up markets.

@Juan Valdez - you made a claim that Lucy said 1960 was NOT the year to release the secret... I think most people (myself included) would have thought otherwise.
I asked you for a link to back up your claim.

regards etc

chris said...

mighty righty
Conchita told the author in 1965 when everything would be set in motion:

that is from the statement you are frothed about

remember kennedy, cuba, khrushchev?
khrushchev--the head of the COMMUNIST-- that's COMMUNIST party in RUSSIA

you see that was the implied connection

PS I hope i have not revealed the identity of my secret agenda !!


Russ said...

I noticed that the Rev 12 sign of the virgin will occur all day on the 23rd ending on the vigil of Our Lady of Mercy (aka Our Lady of Ransom). Can we relate this to the third secret where Our Lady stops the angel with flaming sword? Perhaps at the cost of a ransom? An increased oppression of the remnant? Devotion to Our Lady of Ransom started due intercession of a monastic community for the release of the Christian's held captive by muslims; i believe in the 1200s.

It's eerie to think so many people will be gathered together looking at the sky (tomorrow) for the eclipse. But yet when the sign of the virgin appears nobody will be able to see it due to the cloaking of the sun. It seems like the eclipse invokes a wonder that should appropriately be directed towards Christ's return; but Mary in her humility is hidden by the sun - pretty awesome to reflect on. I'm considering listening to Verdi's requiem during to eclipse to add to the moment. :)

It makes me wonder if the Rev 12 sign will be accompanied by a miracle viewable to a few faithful considering it's importance. Although one could argue that the sign is only recognized by the few faithful (without needing to see it) who are vigilant and paying attention to the signs of the times.

My wife and I (and our kids) are all joining you in the 54 day rosary novena.

Jason R. said...

"@Anonymous 03:15 - is far closer to a truth in saying 'communism' has returned in western europe and USA - in the form of central bank/govt intervention in propping up markets."

Honestly? Quantitative easing now qualifies as a firm of Communism?? Wow. And I say that as someone who has worked in t h.g e financiasl sector a good portion of my life and having degrees in Admin (Finance) and Economics.

I'd be interested in hearing an unpacking of such an outloidish claim, but your incredible and unnecessary hostility to any factual information that doesn't conform exactly to your worldview/opinion is blatant.

I don't think any of us cone here yo be cursed at or attacked. For years these comments sections have been a great sharing of ideas and information. It's always good to have new people and new perspectives join in the conversation, but even when people havoing points of contention e.g. Medjugorje and the role of Russia in precipitating a war between Sunnis and Shia and an joint invasion with a resurgent Islam of the Balkans and Italy seem to be points of disagreement, but people respected others and recognized that these are things decent and intelligent people can legitimately disagree on, as well as current politics and events *respectfully*. I seem to agree with almost all of what Mark W. shares, not as much what Chris shares, but I treat both of them with the same respect; you aren't garnering any respect dropping f-bombs and engaging in personal attacks, attempting to bully people away from sharing ideas here. Frankly, it makes you look like a zealot, and children behavior like that makes people instantly discount wha t you might have to share. I'm guessing you're a very young person, and if not, I feel doubly sorry for you.

Anonymous said...

Mighty Righty,

Allow me to rephrase it. Is this the same lucy who said that the third secret was not to be revealed to the world by 1960?

In 1946 Canon Barthas asked Sr. Lucy why the world must wait until 1960 for the revelation of the Secret. Sister Lucy gave two reasons for this particular date: first, "because the Blessed Virgin WISHES IT SO," and also because "it will be clearer then."

The new Lucy says something a little differently: Archbishop Bertone therefore asked: “Why only after 1960? Was it Our Lady who fixed that date?”

Sister Lucia replied: “It was not Our Lady. I FIXED THE DATE because I had the intuition that before 1960 it would not be understood, but that only later would it be understood. Now it can be better understood. I wrote down what I saw; however it was not for me to interpret it, but for the Pope" .

juan valdez

Anonymous said...

We cannot trust anything Sister Lucy said or wrote after 1960. She was either replaced by another person (which I believe) or her words and writings were manipulated by wicked men at the Vatican. They would have done anything to keep the Third Secret from the world.


Mark W said...

Well, the eclipse has come and gone. It did get dim here. We were in the 80% zone.

How long before the messenger arrives crying for penance?

Anthony W said...

To Juan Valdez and Catherine.
This is nonsense to say that sister Lucia was replaced. And the Vatican is not wicked. I'm amazed that anyone who calls themselves Catholic could buy into this crazy conspiracy theory about a fake sister Lucy and a massive cover up in the Vatican to conceal the third secret. Unfortunately there are people who have no faith or trust in our Holy church.

God bless

Anthony W

Anonymous said...

I didn't say the Vatican was wicked. I referred to wicked men at the Vatican. Anyone not living under a rock knows about current and past wicked actions of some men living and working at the Vatican. And by the way, conspiracies have existed since the fall of man. It's how the devil operates, no?

binks webelf said...

Not to be contrary, but since there's no Scriptural mention that the mission of Jonah to Nineveh had anything to do with eclipses; and since Jesus mentions the sign of Jonah being three days in the belly of the whale ( Jesus being dead & rising on the third day), your use of "The Sign of Jonah" as having to do with eclipses is perhaps far- fetched.

Did I miss something?