Sunday 1 October 2017

Vindication on Nineveh Eclipses Theory

I've finally been given proper credit for discovering the links between the Bur Sagale eclipse of 763BC, and the total solar eclipses which formed a cross over the site of ancient Nineveh at either end of the period of the unbinding of Satan/prophecy of Pope Leo XIII, on 21st August 1914, and 11th August 1999. See the YouTube video above. It was Pastor Steve Cioccolanti whose video on this subject went viral just before the Great American Solar Eclipse, and whose video was recommended by Anne Graham Lotz, the daughter of world famous preacher Billy Graham (see here). Pastor Steve Cioccolanti proposes that the real reason Pastor Mark Biltz did not give me credit for this discovery was because I am Catholic. Perhaps he thought that if his audience discovered that this idea came from a Catholic source, it would instantly lose credibility, and subsequently be overlooked. So, perhaps his motives were more well-intentioned, and his main concern was in getting the message out there that the timing of the Great American Solar Eclipse appeared to suggest that some form of threat was looming over the nation, and that its people needed to be brought to repentance.

Given the series of natural disasters which took place during the 40-day period from the eclipse to the date of Yom Kippur/Michaelmas (many centred on apparition sites, or places with Catholic themes), combined with the sudden spike in tensions in the North Korean Nuclear Crisis, it seems undeniable that some form of warning was being given to humanity. This is quite likely the closest point the world has come to seeing nuclear conflict since the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. As I observed in my original blog post on this subject The Sign of Jonah and the Binding of Satan, it seemed most likely outcome of the end of this 40-day period of repentance was when the world would once again be spared from the threat of nuclear war, when the hand of the angel with the flaming sword would be stayed for a period of penance.


Anonymous said...

Amen emmett...congratulations....finally someone with honesty! Im from Brazil and im going to buy the digital version of your great work...keep on warrior!

Emmett O'Regan said...

Thanks for your encouragement anon! It amazes me sometimes how wide this blog has a following!

Anonymous said...

That's good, Emmett.
Michael G

Anonymous said...

I'm really glad you're getting due credit, not just because it seemed quite unfair to you,, but most of all because it will undoubtedly lead to more people buying your book, or finding your blog... who knows, it could even lead to some conversions to Catholicism if folks of other denominations read about your interpretations of the wealth of Catholic prophecy and what that says for our immediate times (please for your intercession St. Anthony)?

elena maria vidal said...

Glad to hear it! I made a big deal about it on Twitter!

Emmett O'Regan said...

Thanks Frank! Glad you found my blog! Hope you enjoy it!

Robert Ryan said...

Emmet I've loved your blog but that last piece on Bergolio was way off the mark. This man may well be the precursor to the Anti Christ. He has advised adultorers receive our Divine Master in sacreligious communions. If you can't see this which is so obvious could you be wrong on the rest.

Jason R. said...

So glad you got the recognition you deserve Emmett... you possess a true spiritual gift for interpreting prophecy, and helps your readers to make sense of workd events that would otherwise seem randomly chaotic. Keep up the incredible work my friend!

Emmett O'Regan said...

Thanks Elena!

I don't want to keep this debate ongoing Bob - it's rumbled on for long enough over in the last couple of posts. If you read back through the comments section, you will find most of the answers to any concerns you have, included whether AL opens up Holy Communion to unrepentant sinners (it doesn't). Also, why if I am wrong about one thing, does that automatically make me wrong about everything else? I'm not a prophet - I just speculate on various scenarios described in Scripture and private revelation, and may be right or wrong on many things.

Jason R. said...

This is very off-topic, and I may be beating a dead horse here, but what's going on in Spain right now brought to my mind today after some reflection how the merging of the kingdoms of Aragon and Castile gave Spain the power in unification to finish the Reconquista that had lasted for centuries, removing the last Muslim kingdom, Granada, from Islamic control and uniting the entire Iberian penisula (sans Portugal) under one rule.

It can't be overstated how this really was an essential step, which also happened in 1492, to begin that same year the voyage of Christopher Columbus, which ultimately led to the opening of the New World (which brought a lot of good and bad with it, but the Church was always a great moderating force against those Spaniards with more malicious intent), and the greatest mass conversion of an entire people to Catholicism through Our Lady of Guadalupe and Juan Diego, supplanting a culture where human sacrifice was not an aberration (just as our Western culture has sadly headed with the scourge of human sacrifice through abortion... as demonic forces or entities, Baal and the Maya death gods must be sickly delighted by this).

Because of the great significance in the unification of Spain in helping the Gospel to be brought to an entire new hemisphere, the break-up of Spain could be very symbolic in that great work being undone somehow. I know this is probably a very unsubstantiated thing to even suggest, but with the prophecies of revolution in Europe, it's hard not to wonder because of the historical significance, especially of Spain, whether revolt in Catalonia could be the spark to revolutions in other areas, like a repeat of the 1848 wave of revolutions. Europe seems to have been and could still be that tinderbox where the spark of unrest spreads very easily... though many would probably suggest (not without good reason) that the revolutions and civil war prophesied will be between the large Muslim populations in many European countries against the sadly now mostly pseudo-Christian, or even almost completely atheistic population as in the Czech Republic, those nation-states that are the philosophical children of Voltaire and Freemasonry), with that Muslim demographic being likely aided quite a bit by the Arab countries and Iran.

In the Desmond Birch text, the prophecies suggest that the revolutions *probably* start in France, which isn't surprising considering how The Enlightenment and the French Revolution (both very much inspired by the philosophy of Freemasonry) were very much the starting points of the elevation of the Individual over the unity of the Church, which has quite directly led to the atheistic death-culture that seems so ascendant in the industrialized world, and especially so in European countries that not long ago were the bastions of Christianity... how quickly and tragically that switch was made; Catalonia at times in the past was under French dominion, so the area could be almost thought of as part of France through this lens.

Jason R. said...


With all that's going on in the world, perhaps I'm being paranoid, I'm jumping at shadows, I'm wanting to shoehorn any disturbance at all as relating to Catholic prophecies, but I see a potential of the unrest in Spain spreading to other areas where ethnic tensions still exist in European countries with many potential groups perhaps wanting to form split off and form new countries (e.g. Scotland's independence movement, the tensions between Walloon and Flemish in Belgium, etc.).

Again, it would make some spiritual sense I think that revolution and division would first occur in Spain given her role in the past of spreading Catholicism in the New World after uniting all the areas of the Iberian Peninsula... and perhaps even the earthquakes in Mexico near Guadalupe could be another sign of a great "undoing" of the Spanish opening up the Western Hemisphere to Catholicism (although I recognize there hasn't been enough happening in Spain to probably warrant these kinds of speculations, but just as Russia is a country to watch because of the still unfulfilled prophecies involving her, the situation in Catalonia I think warrants our attention vis-à-vis the prophecies of revolutions and civil war starting in, or very close, to France before quickly spreading to Italy (the physical proximity of Catalonia to the Languedoc region in France where the Catharist heresy caused the Church such problems is something to consider possibly as well). With the continuing polarization in the world of politics, with both the left and right becoming more and more ideologically rigid and antagonistic to each other, it would be not a surprise to see the rise of fascism vs. communism again in open warfare, which is another direct relation to Spain and what happened there in the 1930s. It may seem a stretch to think of these types of conflicts happening again in Europe, but only a few years ago I also would not have been able to believe how very divided and very polarized the political spectrum has evolved into.

Well, that's my ranting for the day, I apologize in advance if none of this holds any significance, but, again, I thought about it more in the light of the initial unification of Spain and what great things that led to, and how in that context any dissolution of Spain could be not just an earthly disturbance, but also a spiritual one of "undoing" that work, and it made a connection in my mind to Our Lady of Guadalupe as well, no matter how big of a stretch that may be, I thought it would be worth sharing.

Jason R. said...

p.s. Another off-topic topic... even though Columbus held slaves and engaged in much cruelty, the backlash against his historic role over the last few years has been surprising, with many groups wanting to scrub his name from history almost, wanting Columbus Day abolished/replaced, any statues of him removed, etc. As a 3rd degree member of the Knights of Columbus, I've personally been, well, not attacked, but seriously grilled by non-deist aquantainces especially, why I would belong to any group bearing Columbus' name, and also been accused of belonging to a *fascist* group, merely because the fasces is used in the Knight's emblem as a symbol of unity.

The same symbol is used behind the podium in the House of Representatives. It seems very revisionist to attack that symbol now even though it was used widely before the Fascists under Mussoluni adopted the symbol as well. I guess the same could be said of the Swastika regarding its use by the NSDAP, but the fasces was much more widely used as a metaphor for the strength in unity of a group.

I could never envisioned a group that does so much good in the world as the Knights of Columbus being attacked because of bearing the name "Columbus" and that it has a fasces in its emblem... or me being intensely questioned about my membership in the organization simply for those two purely symbolic things, again, ignoring how much good the Knights do in the countries where they have Councils.

Colin Cooper said...

Hi Jason,

I think you've raised some highly thought-provoking points in relation to the present Catalan crisis. I don't believe that your flogging a dead horse, not in the least.

Spain is a significant country historically for all the reasons you cite.

The modern age is typically dated from 1492, when Aragon and Castille unified to form the Kingdom of Spain and that same polity in turn patronized Columbus' mission to the Americas

We don't know how the current Spanish crisis will play out but I do find it interesting that Sister Lucia was graced with apparitions of Our Lady of Fatima in Spain.

I will comment some more on this a little later on,



Anonymous said...

What I'm most concerned about is if Puigdemont, the Catalan President, illegally declares unilateral independence of the province and the Madrid government responds by ordering his arrest; revoking the autonomy of the Generalitat (parliament of Catalonia) and sends the Spanish army in to restore the constitution.

This could lead to violence and you correctly note Jason, it may inspire copy-cat movements throughout Europe in a kind of "revolutionary wave" of civil unrest and disobedience out of solidarity with the beleaguered Catalans among kindred separatist movements.

It is an open secret that Russian propaganda outlets such as Sputnik and RT have been spreading fake news in Catalonia prior to the referendum. Julian Assange, a proxy of the Putin government, has also been heavily involved.

A crisis - or God forbid a civil war - in Spain, in Western Europe, would be the perfect distraction also for Russia to fulfil its objectives with Zapad in Eastern Europe.

For now, see this:

Leading Eurocrat warns Spain could be torn apart by Catalan referendum

Germany’s EU Commissioner Gunter Oettinger said a bloodbath was on the horizon unless calm could be restored.

Speaking in Munich today he said: “The situation is very, very worrying.

“There is a civil war imaginable now in the middle of Europe.

“One can only hope that a thread of conversation will soon be recorded between Madrid and Barcelona.”

Colin Cooper said...

The link with Fatima might not be apparent at first blush, until one recognises that God - for reasons never really explained - chose to manifest His Blessed Mother to Portugese peasant children in Iberia, with a warning about the need to consecrate Russia.

Why the Iberian Peninsula? Why not someplace closer geographically to Russia like Finland or Poland?

Sister Lucia ended up receiving further supernatural communications while living in Pontevedra, Spain:

"... The Apparitions at Pontevedra
(1925 - 1926)

After fostering for some time the wish to become a religious, in 1925 eighteen-year-old Lucy joined the Dorothean Sisters. She became a postulant at the Order’s convent at Pontevedra, Spain where Our Lady, as She promised in 1917, came to reveal to Lucy the first part of God’s plan for the salvation of sinners in our time of revolt against God: the reparatory Communion of the First Saturdays of the month.

Lucy, referring to herself in the third person, describes the encounter..."

"...The Apparition at Tuy (1929)

In 1926 Sister Lucy left the convent in Pontevedra to enter the Dorothean novitiate at Tuy, a Spanish city near Pontevedra. She took her habit on October 26, 1926, and pronounced her first vows on October 3, 1928. It was here in Tuy that Our Lady’s promise contained in the Secret of July 13, 1917 was fulfilled: "I shall come to ask for the consecration of Russia...."

Sister Lucy describes the communication:

I understood that the mystery of the Most Holy Trinity was shown to me, and I received lights about this mystery which I am not permitted to reveal.

Then Our Lady said to me: ‘The moment has come in which God asks the Holy Father to make, in union with all the bishops of the world, the consecration of Russia to My Immaculate Heart, promising to save it by this means. So numerous are the souls which the justice of God condemns for sins committed against Me, that I come to ask for reparation. Sacrifice yourself for this intention and pray.’...."

Colin Cooper said...

Perhaps even more importantly:

"....The Apparition at Rianjo (1931)

In August 1931, due to illness, Sister Lucy was staying with a friend at Rianjo, Spain, a small maritime city near Pontevedra, to rest and recover. It was in the chapel here that the Messenger of Fatima was once again given a communication from Heaven. Our Lord complained to Sister Lucy of the tardiness of His ministers who delay the Consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, as requested by Our Lady of Fatima on June 13, 1929 at Tuy, two years and two months earlier. Sister Lucy reported to her bishop the important revelation:

My confessor ordered me to inform Your Excellency about what happened a little while ago, between our Good God and myself: As I was asking God for the conversion of Russia, Spain and Portugal, it seemed that His Divine Majesty said to me:
‘You console Me a great deal in asking Me for the conversion of those poor nations: Request it also of My Mother, while saying to Her often: Sweet Heart of Mary, be the salvation of Russia, Spain, Portugal, Europe and the whole world.
‘At other times say: By Thy Pure and Immaculate Conception, O Mary, obtain for me the conversion of Russia, Spain, Portugal, Europe and the whole world.
‘Make it known to My ministers, given that they follow the example of the King of France in delaying the execution of My command, they will follow him into misfortune. It is never too late to have recourse to Jesus and Mary.’
In another text she wrote,

Later, through an intimate communication, Our Lord complained to me: ‘They did not wish to heed My request! ... Like the King of France they will repent of it, and they will do it, but it will be late. Russia will have already spread its errors in the world, provoking wars and persecutions against the Church. The Holy Father will have much to suffer.’
Our Lord was here making an explicit reference to the requests of the Sacred Heart given through Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque on June 17, 1689 to the King of France. As a result of the refusal of King Louis XIV – as well as the refusal of both his son and grandson, King Louis XV and King Louis XVI – to publicly consecrate France to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, as was requested by Heaven by means of a recognized French Saint of that time, the Protestant and Masonic Counter-Church successfully carried out the great upheaval of the French Revolution.

On June 17, 1789, (the Feast of the Sacred Heart) exactly one hundred years to the day from when Saint Margaret Mary had written down the great designs of Heaven for the King, the Third Estate rose up and proclaimed itself a National Assembly, stripping King Louis XVI of his legislative power. On January 21, 1793, France, ungrateful and rebellious to its God, dared to decapitate its most Christian King as if he were a criminal. ..."

Any connection with present events - which just happening to occurring bbc at the exact same time as the approaching 100th anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun on October 13th - is pure conjecture on my part and may be totally unrelated.

But its worth reflecting on at least imho.

Colin Cooper said...

I don't support the linked website's historiography of the French Revolution, I should add.

But the fact that exactly 100 years to the day St. Margaret Alacoque received her command from the Lord to consecrated the French monarchy to his Sacred Heart, the French Revolution essentially erupted - is rather chilling, when you read how Sister Lucia compared this earlier situation with Fatima.

Well, here we are, precisely a hundred years on from the Fatima revelations.

Jason R. said...

Wow!! Thank you for all your insights Colin, especially in "closing the circle" with how Our Lady of Fatima's emphasis on Spain; I instinctively have always thought of this in terms of the Spanish Civil War, but it seems clear now that Our Lady could also have been alluding to what is beginning to happen now.

So the unrest in Catalonia can be seen as tying together Fatima to Our Lady of Guadelupe as well, which takes the earthquakes in Mexico recently into a whole new realm of scope.

It's worth noting that though the media likes to portray the Nationalists during the war as all fascists, the Carlists were anything but, and Franco rather actively and successfully diminished the power of the fascist Falange.

Franco himself is routinely portrayed as a fascist (which is erroneous) while he was rather a military dictator.

This is offensive to 21st century sensibilities, but in has to be viewed in the context of the Republicans and their allies in the very early events of the war indulging in the murder of clergy in a way not seen since the Diocletian persecutions in the latter years of a pagan Roman Empire. Even the strongest leftists don't dispute that "4,184 priests, 2,365 monks and friars, and 283 nuns, in addition to 13 bishops" were slaughtered in the earliest days of the war which to a large extent was what forced the Carlists to become so involved and basically forced Franco's hand.

Yes, there were atrocities a-plenty on both sides, but a full 20% of Spain's clergy were killed, and in areas of strong Republican control the numbers were often 100% killed.

I think it's very much worth noting the all of Catalonia was probably the biggest hotbed of this wholesale murdering of clergy, and Barcelona until the closing period of the war was the unofficial capital of the Republican/anarchist/Soviet forces (it's been revealed through study of the war that it was Soviet Commissars from the USSR that were a prime-mover of the killing of clergy as a matter of course).

So if a full-blown civil war breaks out in Spain starting in Catalonia, it could be seen in a real way as the continuation of the civil war of the 1930s.

Again, your great information on how Our Lady of Fatima included Spain along with Russia as countries needing conversation and consecration really adds a vital dimension to what some of my ideas are on what is happening in Spain having a very spiritual dimension!!

Jason R. said...

I've got some other commitments today, but I'd like to make a kind of timeline of crucial events since the unification of Castile and Aragon right up to the present crisis in Catalonia in kind of point form to make it more digestible for a casual reader; if you are able and interested, Colin, would you be interested in summarizing the part related to Fatima as you have a really great understanding of it?

Sr. Marianne Lorraine Trouve said...

Jason R., thank you for your interesting comments about Spain.
I have the Desmond Birch book too, and I think that the "civil war" in France and other parts of Europe has already begun, with the large influx of Muslims. France has had several terror attacks, without counting the more frequent acts of violence like burning cars. That doesn't get as much coverage but there definitely is a divide. The soft invasion of Muslims has increased greatly due to the refugee crisis the past couple years. Europe will only see more violence as this progresses.

Jason R. said...

I agree with that assessment, too, wholeheartedly Marianne. If the prophecies of an Islamic invasion (of an actual military type) happen, a built-in fifth column already exists in places like France and others that have a large fundamentalist Muslim component that don't seem at all interested in integrating into their host countries. This may sound bigoted and politically incorrect to note, but it's simply a matter of fact.

Jason R. said...

Sorry, I meant to address you as Sr. Marianne!

Anonymous said...

Jason et al,
Emmett, thanks for allowing this discussion. Get work lately. Thank you for always sharing your knowledge with us.
Jason, brilliant connections you are making. Another came to mind, the separatists' movements prevalent throughout Europe one hundred years ago and the Russian Revolution all sync with the Blessed Mother's warning at Fatima. Just as now, one hundred years later we have on the anniversary of Fatima, separatists' movements throughout Europe and real possibility of revolutions/aka civil wars, in Europe and in United States. Along with the 500th hundred anniversary of the Protestant Reformation, which directly paved the way for the French Revolution, and most other world conflicts since and conflicts within the Catholic Church, we are witnessing historic times in the making.
May God abundantly bless and protect all here, Amen.
Curious lyrics to "In Dream" from the Lord of the Rings soundtrack -

When the cold of Winter comes
Starless night will cover day
In the veiling of the sun
We will walk in bitter rain

But in dreams
(But in dreams)
I still hear your name
And in dreams
(And in dreams)
We will meet again

When the seas and mountains fall
And we come to end of days
In the dark I hear a call
Calling me there
I will go there
And back again

Jason R. said...

Thank you so much Jennifer for such a nice comment... and thanks for pointing out the wave of new states splitting off (mostly from the Austro-Hungarian, German, and Russian empires at the end of the war, which is getting very close to its hundredth anniversary). Great connection with the 500th anniversary of the Protestant Reformation. I don't usually think of it as so linked to the Enlightenment and the French (and also in a way, the American) Revolutions, but now that you write that connection down I'm kind of amazed I hadn't thought of it before!!

So, as a rough time line, we have the unification of Spain and the Reconquista removing the last Islamic kingdom from Spain in 1492, and hot on the heels of that, the first Spanish trip to the Americas with Columbus, which ultimately peaked (spiritually) at least with the conversion of the entire Mayan nation through Our Lady of Guadalupe in 1531.

Next big event 1617 and the start of the Protestant heresy, which as you so aptly pointed out led ultimately to the French Revolution from 1789 to 1799, which further led to the system of European monarchies being replaced by Republics. 1848 is a big year for revolutions across Europe after a period of serious tensions and unrest (not unlike the world today actually), which led to Marx and Engels and the beginnings of capital "C" Communism.

Next, the First World War, just prior to having broken out (and a result of ethnic tensions between Serbia and what they saw as Austro-Hungarian interference in the Southern Slavic lands still relishing their new freedom from the Ottoman Empire). Of course, a very big one, the appearance of Our Lady of Fatima in 1917, and subsequent appearances to Sr. Lucia for years afterwards, mentioning Russia, Spain and Portugal specifically as needing prayers for conversion. Also the promise that if people's hearts do not turn toward her Son, an even greater war preceded by a great light over Europe.

Next, the Soviets seize power in Russia, and after securing their victory, attempt to take over all of Western Europe (only Poland stopped them at the so-called Miracle of the Vistula in 1920, a battle I'm proud to say my Austrian grandfather from Galicia, now Western Ukraine, fought in as a regimental commander in the Polish army, and a victory he at least always maintained to my grandma belonged to the intervention of the Black Madonna of Częstochowa).

Next, as well as the mass killing of clergy, both Catholic and moreso Orthodox in the CCCP, the slaughter of clergy on an awful scale under the Revolutionary government in Mexico, then the even more awful Spanish Civil War, where the Republican government encouraged the murder of clergy on a level not seen since the Diocletianic Persecution (I find it a terrible crime of history that the Spanish Civil War is portrayed as a fight against fascism, which it absolutely was not, with the Falange delagated to the smallest role Franco could force on them in actuality, and much of Franco's extreme actions being out of necessity to stop the slaughter of clergy).

Jason R. said...

It is worthy to note that a major bastion of the Republican forces and thought was centred in Catalonia, with Barcelona being somewhat their unofficial capital (George Orwell, who fought on the side of the Communists and Anarchists in Spain, details this in his book "Homage to Catalonia"). The war ends just prior to the outbreak of even greater war (which was indeed proceeded with an supernatural Aurora Borealis which did not coincide with any solar activity that could explain it), The Second World War, which Spain mostly sits out of other than the volunteer Azul ("Blue") Division used on the Eastern Front against the Soviets.

After the end of the Second World War, we have many more Marian apparitions during the Cold War echoing that of Our Lady of Fatima, with many also believing that the 1984 Consecration performed by Pope St. John Paul precluded at the last moment a general and full-out nuclear war between the West and the Communist Bloc which would have fit in quite well with the "the living will envy the dead" phrase, as well as being very tied in with the imagery of the apparition to Sr. Lucia at Tuy in 1944 (at least in my imagination with the lance being very much like an ICBM and the head that detaches being very much like MIRVs).

Our Lady of Akita is worthy of special note for what will befall mankind, which I think I see the beginnings of happening right now). There is more, but skipping ahead, we see Spain breaking apart again, threatening to take it back to the divisions on the Iberian Penisula before the Reconquista... and the Spanish Civil War is very commonly referred to as the "Dress Rehearsal for the Second World War".

The events unfolding day by day in Catalonia is bringing back the spectre of another full-blown civil war in Europe proper, something that only a relatively short time ago would have been just unthinkable. The earthquakes in Mexico I think are tied to Fatima by way of how Spain brought the Faith to the New World, as are the ones in Japan as the Akita apparitions are so tied to Fatima as well, especially when looking at the 1944 Tuy apparition as an integral part of the entire Fatima message (as well as the fact that the Akita 3rd message, the one so mirroring the message of Our Lady of Fatima, occurred on Oct. 13, 1973, 56 years to the day after the Miracle of the Sun).

That was a dense reading that was a bit rambly, so I'll leave it at that, but Spain seems to be an oculus that tie many of the other events between 1492 and our present day together in a way that isn't exactly clear until trying to take in the entire picture at once. Please pray with me for a peaceful resolution in Catalonia; Dear Jesus, please fill the hearts of all those in Spain on either side of this issue with Your mercy and kindness, that a peaceful resolution can be reached, and that if more conflict is to come, that it not spread to other countries or areas outside of Spain, but more than anything, as always, Thy will be done, Amen.

Jason R. said...

p.s. Thank you Emmett for letting me go on with all my speculating about Catalonia being a potential lynch pin in the prophecies of civil war and revolution breaking out beginning in France and Italy almost simultaneously. I know Spain or more specifically Catalonia aren't named in those prophecies so I'm kind of going out on a limb, and maybe even shoehorning the crisis over Catalonia in to a bigger prophetic event than it is, but I appreciate being able to go so very off-topic in the comments sections to share information with and between other readers (it's also nice to talk about something that isn't as devisive, but the goings-on with Pope Francis I see as much as you as being a prophesied event coming to pass).

Bridget said...

Jason, you're like a walking encyclopedia. It's awesome! :) I always enjoy reading your comments. Thank you!

Jason R. said...

Aww, thank you Bridget! I am a bit of a history buff, but I certainly don't have the charism of the interpretation of prophecy like Emmett does; I know curreny world events, history, and geopolitics well (being disabled and bed-ridden a good majority of the time affords me thr chance to do a lot of reading), but most of my ideascare a mere reflection of what I've learned from reading all of Emmett's blog posts; they all make such sense on a spiritual level that I can't see for myself despite being quite well-read.

Jason R. said...

p.s. As far as the most frightening of current events go, I think the stand-off with the DPRK is by far the biggest. The onky way to eradicate the threat of their nuclear weapons would be an all-out nuclear strike the would wipe out the whole country. And it isn't just Trump... no American president would tolerate North Korea possessing nuclear tipped ICBMs that could hit any part of the continental US.

The only thing still up for debate I think is if the US waits for the North to do something as incredibly stupid as shoot down an American plane over international waters, or precede with an unprovoked first strike. Thus is crucial though as China has said that any unprovoked attack would be considered an act of war against China as well, which would likely lead to a much more widespread nuclear holocaust as well as leaving the fragile global economy in tatters. I think Trump's bellicose language is specifically trying to elicit a foolish attack directly against any American assets, so they can nuke the DPRK back into the stone age without China getting involve. Both scenarios are horrific, but directly conflict between the US and China infinitely moreso.

Anonymous said...

Jason, what a brilliant summary of historical events. I would just add that you are right to bring up the slaughter of so many of the clergy during the Russian/Communist revolutions, the Civil war in Spain, and the Mexican civil war. Prior to those events, the French Revolution witnessed wholesale slaughter of clergy and consecrated men and women on a scale not seen before. The way the good men and women of the Vendee resisted and witnessed to Christ is an inspiration for all of us. I pray daily for courage like theirs. I would argue that historians would prefer for us to view such events as purely political. The animosity and the irrational vengeance shown towards the Holy Roman Catholic Church, should lead most to conclude that these events were much deeper than surface political differences. It is evidence of the spiritual battle waging about us.
Some would argue that even the members of royal families that were put to death as a result of the violent turmoil in France, Russia, and Europe are in fact Christian martyrs. They essentially died for their faith. By their deaths, God was thus removed from daily life and government. I am in no way saying these people lead saintly lives, however, they died because of their Faith.
Emmett is indeed blessed with a special comprehension and deep wisdom for amazing insights and connections. And, you, Jason, are just as blessed with a gift for vast knowledge and an ability to share complex issues in a succinct manner. Sorry to hear of your situation. Thank you for using your time wisely and for sharing what you surmise with us.
What a wonderful of group of people Emmett has cobbled together!

Jason R. said...

Thank you so much Jennifer, you're much too kind, but yes, I fully agree with you and am so appreciative of every member of this mini-community that Emmett's incredible writings have brought together, including the ones I often on opposite ends with on a lot of things. A well-informed and articulate, for lack of a better word, opposition, makes me buckle down and drives me to increase my knowledge, understanding, and probably most importantly, charity in amazing ways!

Jason R. said...

p.s. Growing up in a country that is a constitutional monarchy, I used to think that Canada would possibly fuction better as a republic (especially because of the historical enmity Quebecers feel toward the British Crown), but the older I get the more I think maybe even absolute monarchies would be better than what we have today; I can see the connection between the end of the monarchies and the social dissolution and complete lack of morality, especially of the Judeo-Christian type, that exists in the Western industrialized nations today who have almost completely lost the Gospel.

I thank Our Lord for countries like Poland, and the many African and Latin American nations, that have still held true to the Church and its teachings.

Just a few years ago, going to Mass I would see the parents of the friends that I'd grown up with there... but never the friends. In my mid 40s I would have been considered part of the "youth wing" of our parish, haha, and one of the very few with younger children that would regularly attend Mass (as well as teaching our kids the faith and praying the Rosary and Chplet of Divine Mercy at home, and enthroning the Sacred Heart and Immaculate Heart in our home).

I count my marriage falling apart as the deepest failure in my life (which includes many, many failures, including being a recovering heroin addict, though the physical and sexual abuse I experienced as a child were not insignificant factors).

But more on topic, I worried about how are ever-shrinking parish could survive; in s them of 30,000 people it looked liked we'd need to merge with the only other parish in town.

But as almost an answer to my prayers, Saskatchewan got a rapidly expanded Filipino community, and the lead are mire full than they were even in my childhood. Everyone I the entire church sings as loudly and unabashedly as the choir (and as beautifully, too). There is a true sense of community back, and sometimes during one of those wonderful hymns it sounds like Heaven come diwn to Earth, just as the Mass in a way actually is. Its as if the old world is being saved by the new in a way... so incredibly grateful fir this!!!

RC said...

Morning Jason,or rather evening where you are? I fully concur with your observations on the probability of the new world saving the old, in particular as a european I believe Poland is the last beacon of Catholicism here and a shining example to be followed by all of europe. The Polish strike me as a faithful,holy people and as an Irishman I lament the fact my own country used to be very much like that.

If I may be personal for a moment? It seems like you have had many crosses to bear my friend and I admire your resilience and your love of The Holy Catholic church. If there are any particular saints you have a devotion to I'd surely like to send a few prayers their way for your intentions.God bless you brother.

Jason R. said...

Boy, RC, you couldn't have offered this at a beter time, as (without getting into detail) I'm in one of the most stressful times I've been in in at least the last year. My family's patron saint since time immemorial has been St. Joseph the Worker, so if you could ask him for his intercession with me right now, I would be incredibly grateful... thank you for your very kind offer, like I wrote, you couldn't have asked at a better time and I always appreciate the prayers of others above all else... my mom used to tell me that I should remember that in most situations I best I can do with my two hands (as opposed to temporal things) was to have them folded in prayer.

Jason R. said...

p.s. My maybe soon-to-be-ex-wife said that of Ireland as well. Despite some emotional issues of her own (though I'm the pot calling the kettle black), she is a very devout Catholic. She immigrated to Canada in 1999, and just a couple of years ago when she went home for a visit, she was absolutely shocked at how the country had changed so much. Much of her own family that were raised as devoutly as she was hadn't just left the Church, but were atheists now, and even her own mom who taught her the Faith was all in favour of same-sex marriage! She was so down when she got back to Canada, she said something along the lines of "I've been homesick for a place that I've found out hasn't even existed anymore for years already".

Even though I'm Austrian ethnically, I'm very proud that my family (who were from Lemberg) became very patriotic and ethusiastic Polish citizens as quickly as Lemberg changed to Lvov at the time of the country's rebirth after the end of the First World War. I still have many family in the area, though it's now part of western Ukraine after the Polish borders changed at the end of the Second World War. My grandma spoke a stange mixture of Polish, German, and Ukrainian in her twilight years, which I learned very well when I was a wee one (I guess her and her grandchildren were the only practitioners in the world!), as her children still communicated with her solely in either Polish or German. So though my link to Poland is a little tenuous, I still feel some pride in that heritage, especially in how Solidarity helped to start the unravelling of the entire East Bloc, and their now incredible devotion against such strong resistence and external criticism.

The Polish immigrants in my parish are there even time I make it to Eucharistic adoration, or if I am well enough and can get to morning Mass early enough to pray the liturgy of the hours... it used to just be me, my priest, and a deacon, but it has many of the Poles now, too (and these are people that still have a full days' work ahead of them... I'm on disability and having nothing *but* time but am still often too lazy to go to morning Mass even when I am feeling well enough, let alone early enough to take part in the office of readings before morning Mass.

I know it's dangerous to paint any ethnic group with one brush, either bad or good, but all the Polish people I've ever met have been, just, really saintly seeming people. I can't believe I can't remember her name, but a foreign exchange student from Poland in my last year of high school (who I had a giant crush on haha), was stunningly beautiful, but refused to date because she thought Western ideas of dating were too impure for her sensibilities, but I did go over to her house to watch Dekalog on VHS (I still remembered enough Polish then to half-way understand it, and she helped fill me in on the blanks). If you've never seen Dekalog, it's probably the best TV series I've ever watched in my life, in fact, I'm going to try to track it down to watch it again after all these years (this time with subtitles, haha).

I'm posting again just to say thank you once more RC. You are so incredibly kind to offer to pray for me, and it is like our Guardian Angels must have had a talk, because I've never needed the prayers of others in my life like I do now with what I have ahead of me for the next month or two. It makes it doubly so when I was so rude and completely out-of-line to you on that other topic, yet you forgave me so quickly, and now offering prayers for me... you are the kind of Catholic I want to be much more like <3

Jason R. said...

Oh, it came to me, Monika was her name (pronounced "Mo-NEEK-ah" similar to how Monique is pronounced but with an "ah" sound on the end). She was such a sweet person, if I'm blessed enough to make it to Heaven someday, I'll have to look her up!

Jason R. said...

Ahh, I'm becoming post-happy, last one though I promise. Here is the IMDb link to Dekalog, each episode is based on one of the Ten Commandments in a very dramatic way. Again, I couldn't rate this series highly enough even though it's been around 25 years or so since I've seen it(and with the 9.1 rating on IMDb, I guess I'm not alone in that)

RC said...

Hi Jason, St Joseph is a saint close to my heart also so rest assured my friend i will remember you in my supplications to him.

If I could ask a favour of you? My father sadly passed away earlier today after a long struggle with illness, he was the man who instilled my love of the faith and although naturally heartbroken,I thank God for hearing his prayers and calling him home. If you could offer a prayer to Our Lady of Sorrows for the repose of his soul,I would be most grateful. God bless you brother.

Jason R. said...

Oh RC, my heart surely goes out to you. It is Thanksgiving Day in Canada today, so I'm going to be easily able to remember your dad not just today but every year, I will try very hard to remember and will mark it down in my calendar. I have never said a prayer to Our Lady of Sorrows before, but I will right now, and I'll offer any Chaplets of Divine Mercy for the repose of your father's soul as well. I lost my mom quite early, but my own dad only 2 years ago. We had some unresolved issues, but as soon as he passed away suddenly from a heart attack, none of that mattered anymore. I still miss him dearly, so I know a little of how you must feel. Thank you for asking me, I'll be sure to keep faith with that promise and remember him in my prayers every Thanksgiving Day.

Jason R. said...

p.s. I don't consider myself a victim soul even with the infirmaries that are part of the Cross that I bear; I don't deal with the pain with enough acceptance to be one of Our Lord's victim souls... but I'm working on that. But the pain that I'm dealing with now; physical (gastroparesis and a spine wracked with arthritis), emotional (in dealing with the sale of my home back to by wife for much less than it's worth, a tough decision), mental (I have bipolar affective disorder II and am struggling through a depressive phase), and even spiritual pain over what is going on in the world, I'll be offering all of it up as graciously as I'm able for the repose of your father's soul, and that if he be in purgatory right now, that his transition to the full Beatific Vision in Heaven be a speedy one.

RC said...

Jason,thank you so much,your kindness,thoughtfulness and prayers mean a great deal to me at this time and God bless you for them. I think you'd have liked my father very much, he was rock solid in his faith and the last time i was home,regretfully which was almost six months ago,i caused him great distress with my angst about the happenings in the church, yet every single instance or arguement I threw at him his reply was always the same, "the gates of hell will never prevail"!

God bless you and keep you close to Him brother, and may St Joseph always intercede for you.

Emmett O'Regan said...

My prayers are with you RC, and for the happy repose of your father's soul. I've been there too, mate. Hard times... Your Faith will see you through.

Jason R. said...

It may not mean anything at all, but today for the first time ever I got an email from EWTN for a special sale on an Our Lady of Sorrows item. Having gotten this right after the first time I ever prayed for her intervention I'm taking as a sign that she is listening. ♡