Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Tsunami Clouds: Shadows of the Future?

I thought it would be worth posting up some images of the rather ominous looking clouds that were photographed along the Florida coast on 12th Feb, 2012. They are remarkably similar to the various photoshopped images of the mega-tsunami threat posed by Cumbre Vieja in the Canary Islands, which as I have argued at some length throughout this blog, appears to be predicted not only in many places throughout the Bible (see the earlier post The Casting Down of Mountains for a fairly comprehensive survey of the biblical passages that I believe foretell this event), but also in the prophecies of various Catholic seers and visionaries throughout history - long before the possibility of such an event was even considered. For example in the post The Apparitions at Turzovka, I detail how Our Lady is said to have given messages to Matous Lasuta in 1958, which foretell volcanic eruptions expelling vast amounts of debris and subsequent tidal waves destroying large portions of the earth. And in the post John Paul II: The Third Secret and a Prophecy of a Mega-tsunami? I show how this event may even be foretold in the purported "hidden text" of the Third Secret of Fatima.

It is tempting to view this bizarre weather phenomenon as a glimpse of things to come - a warning sign of the threat which looms towards America and the rest of the world if God's call for repentance against the modern culture of death is not heeded. The Obama administration's increasingly threatening posture towards the Church, attempting to coerce it into sponsoring crimes such as abortion - the greatest of modern evils, helps us to understand why the world faces such judgment.
Interestingly, Florida would be one of the regions worst affected by a mega-tsunami generated by the collapse of Cumbre Vieja, as is shown by the image on Ward and Day's computer model below:

This strange cloud formation comes on the back of not only recent volcanic rumblings in the Canary Islands last year (see here), but also new apparitions of Our Lady in Egypt on Oct 22nd, 2011 (see the earlier post here), which as we have noted in previous posts such as Our Lady of Light and the Apocalyptic Nativity, appear to be directly linked to the modern "slaughter of the innocents" which is the legalisation of abortion. Here we noted how the first apparitions of Our Lady in Zeitoun, Egypt - the sanctuary prepared for the Holy Family in the desert to escape from Herod's act of genocide against innocent children (cf. Rev 12:14), took place during the exact same month as the introduction of legalised abortion in the Western world. And now the American government is attempting to find ways to force the Church to pay for this genocide of the unborn.
Is it just me, or is there a pattern emerging here?


joerusso777 said...

Hi Emmett,
Do you see the conflict with Iran playing a significant role in Apocalyptic terms. It seems to me they are connected in some way with Russia. Thank you again for all your work. I know it's off topic but wow things are moving fast.

Anonymous said...

I would think that Obama's re-election would signal the swift and complete demise of the US. If someone like Santorum got elected I could see things changing for the better, however as a certain level of Catholic thought would suggest - God allows corrupted people to fall in the hands of corrupted rulers.

There seems to be a fair bit of volcanic activity still going on in the Canary Islands:


Emmett O'Regan said...

Hi Joe,

I certainly think that the division between the Western and Arab worlds, brought so sharply into focus by 9/11, is linked to events that have yet to unfold. And Russia has traditional ties with Iran, as well as China. But I don't think the current situation in Iran will spill over into another global conflict. I think other things have to happen yet, such as the Second Pentecost.
I believe the real danger will come if America was incapcitated. If the U.S collapsed economically as a result of a major natural disaster, such as is presented by the mega-tsunami threat, then Israel would be a prime target for the surrounding Arab nations. And we know that the battle of Armageddon is preciptated by an invasion of Israel from various places in Scripture(e.g. Rev 20:9 Ezek 38:8, etc.). The only thing preventing this at the minute is Israel's ties with the U.S.
I see no need to worry about such things just yet though - I think (and indeed hope) we have some years yet before these chastisements.
That being said, prophecy is always conditional. If you look at likes of Amos and Jeremiah, they always followed a set formula - pointing out that if Israel and Judah continued in their apostasy, they would be met with swift judgment. The people didn't listen and Israel was destroyed by Assyria, and Judah by Babylon. In the case of Jonah's pronouncement of judgment against Ninevah, the people repented and were spared.
So everything is dependant upon the actions of the nation as a whole. Judgment can be hastened, or delayed, or even averted altogether, depending on the collective reaction of the people.
As Jamey states, a second Obama term could prove disasterous. He would almost certainly use a last term in office to push through his abortion agenda. I think the government have only reneged on this stance at the moment because of the oncoming election and the need of the Catholic vote. Let him in again however, and he will have nothing to lose. I think he'll push through with whatever controversial plans he's been holding back on.
I'm very disappointed with Obama. I expected great things for him as the first African-American president. I thought he was a much deserved symbol of hope and seachange. How wrong was I? I didn't know what his stance on abortion was, and was surprised at how antigonistic he has become on this matter.
I'd be worried about the spread of the volcanic activity at El Hierro to La Palma, in the same way it spread under the earth's crust at Iceland recently, causing eruptions at different vents many miles apart in sucessive years.
I hope these are nothing more than "warning shots" being parted across our brow. But they've certainly got my attention...

Will said...

We should all be gravely worried over a 2nd Obama term. If Santorum is elected, which I think would be a miracle and answer to our prayers (I live in SC, USA), then I think the work could begin to change the moral compass of America. Things have gone so far down the slope though...

Emmett O'Regan said...

Hi Will,

Yeah, I hope Santorum will get in too and reverse this madness... I really can't see Obama getting a second term in office with his belligerent attitude towards Catholics. I think to avoid chastisement altogether, there would have to be a widespread return to America's Christian roots, and Roe vs Wade would most definitely have to be overturned.
I hope you don't live on the coast!

Will said...

Yeah, I read through all the blog posts over the weekend. About 120 miles inland.

Emmett O'Regan said...

That's some amount of reading! The blog is probably about book length in itself! I think anywhere over 50m inland is supposed to be safe. Although according to the prophecy of St. Patrick, the inundation of Ireland is supposed to spare the people from the reign of Antichrist. This echoes Akita, where Our Lady said "The survivors will find themselves so desolate that they will envy the dead". Although I think in this context she was referring to the aftermath of a nuclear war.
Personally, I'm hoping for a "sign of Jonah", or at the very least that these events are outside our lifetimes. Prayer and faith is the key.

Anonymous said...

hahaha love the comment to Will "I hope you dont live on the coast."

It seems as though Obama's cronies are going after Santorum, expect Rick to cop some serious heat now that he is a genuine contender, the tactics are infuriating to say the least:

More and more recently I am coming to the opinion that many people make deals with the devil for 5 minutes of fame. I wouldnt be surprised if Obama was such a case.

As you say Emmett if he gets a second term the gloves will be off and he will try force these evils down the throats of everyone and this time with no mercy. I also believe he is going to try completely finish destroying the US economy if given a second reign.

Obama declared June to be the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Pride month. I think at one point June use to be month of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. A truly diabolic force operates through this man.


Tony said...

also, the tsunami shaped clouds over Alabama. all of this along the gulf of Mexico.

Emmett O'Regan said...

Thanks Tony! That's interesting - especially since this tsunami-shaped cloud formation was photographed just a few months before those in Florida. Very portentous indeed...

Anonymous said...

[Hi Emmett. Check this out - what I came across on the net. Simone]

Futurism Was, Is, and Is To Come

Preterists claim that the "Antichrist" and the "great tribulation" were fulfilled during the 70 AD period.
If so, why do we find that the arrival of the Antichrist was regarded as a future event by writers who lived during and after 70 AD?
Polycarp (70-167) wrote that "He comes as the Judge of the living and the dead."
Justin Martyr (100-168) said that "[Antichrist] shall venture to do unlawful deeds on the earth against us the Christians...."
Irenaeus (140-202) wrote that the ten kings (Rev. 17)"shall give their kingdom to the beast, and put the church to flight."
It's not true that Francisco Ribera (1537-1591) "revived" futurism because it was never lost during the Middle Ages or prior to that period of time.
Bernard of Clairvaux (1090-1153) stated: "There remains only one thing - that the demon of noonday [Antichrist] should appear."
Roger Bacon (1214-1274) spoke of "future perils [for the Church] in the times of Antichrist...."
John Wycliffe (1320-1384) referred to "the hour of temptation, which is coming upon all the world, Rev. iii."
Martin Luther (1483-1546): "[The book of Revelation] is intended as a revelation of things that are to happen in the future...."
(Google or Yahoo "Famous Rapture Watchers" to see quotes from many Christian leaders throughout the Church Age which prove that they expected a future Antichrist and a future great tribulation.)
Preterists use Matt. 24:34 ("This generation will not pass....") to try to prove a 70 AD fulfillment of "Antichrist." Since many of them see "these" (Matt. 25:46) fulfilled in the future in Rev. 20, why can't they apply futurism as easily to Matt. 24:34? After all, the word "this" is the singular form of "these"!
To see something that preterists, historicists, and futurists can all agree on, Google "Pretrib Rapture Secrets."

Emmett O'Regan said...

Thanks for that Simone!
Full preterism completely denies the prophetic power of the eschatological portions of the Bible. It ignores the many passages in the Bible which clearly place the events it is describing as occuring at the end of time. This view owes a lot to the influence of Albert Schweitzer and the historical-critical method, and ultimately leads to a denial of the central tenets of Christianity itself.