Thursday, 11 April 2013

Pope Francis to Consecrate his Pontificate to Our Lady of Fatima

This appears to be hugely significant... There are reports coming through that Pope Francis wishes to consecrate his papacy to Our Lady of Fatima on May 13th of this year. The below material is a translation from the official homepage of the Sanctuary at Fatima:

As an answer to the request of the Pope to the Patriarch of Lisbon, Cardinal José Policarpo, asking that he consecrate the Pope’s Pontificate to Our Lady of Fatima, the Bishops of Portugal have just decided that this consecration be made next May 13. 
The consecration will be included in the program of the International Pilgrimage of May 12/13 and will be made on the 13th at a time to be announced later. 
May’s International Anniversary Pilgrimage, on the 96th anniversary of the first apparition of Our Lady to seers Lucia, Francisco and Jacinta, will be presided over by Mons. Orani Tempesta, Archbishop of Rio de Janeiro. 
Let us remind you that, during the opening speech of the 181st Plenary Assembly of the Bishops Conference of Portugal, Cardinal Policarpo said that he could very well fulfill the request all alone, “in silent prayer”, but that “it would be nice if the entire Bishops Conference joined him in fulfilling the Pope’s request”.

Source here.
Translation given here.


Jamey said...

Thanks Emmett! This is very good news to wake up to.

Anonymous said...

This is good news and it reenforces a hope I have in my heart from some other recent news pertaining to our pope. His appointment of Archbishop Jose Rodriguez Cabrallo, OFM, former vicar general of the friars minor, to the Roman Curia where he will oversee the congregation of religious orders. This is significant because Our Lady of Success said that a prelate will one day convince the vicar of Christ to return the Conceptionists convent of Quito to the charge of the friars minor once again. I pray that Rodriguez is this prelate and Francis is this vicar of Christ.


Sr. Lorraine said...

Thank you for alerting us to this important news, Emmett. This makes me think more and more that those locutions about the pope are authentic, since they kept talking about how he would be very devoted to Mary Immaculate. If he announces he is going to consecrate Russia, that would be the clincher.

Here is one example, from March 3:

"He is seen by many and yet remains unknown. He waits for that moment when I call him onto the center of the stage. When the lights go on, he will be totally prepared, better than any other pope in history because he has dwelt so long in my Immaculate Heart. He knows exactly what I will expect from him and he will give this to me as a faithful son. He will give me everything. He will hold back nothing. He will follow only my plan, setting aside all of his own ideas. He is the one of whom I say, 'He will bring my light to the nations'."

Sr. Lorraine said...

And it seems to further confirm that he may very well be the "Pope dressed in white" that Sr Lucia spoke of regarding her vision.

Jamey said...

Thanks Sr. Lorraine.

I have been concerned about some of the actions/non actions thus far but more time is needed to know the direction Pope Francis' pontificate will take - it could be a very unique papacy in a number of aspects. I really hope he doesn't commit to the celebration of the Protestant revolt in 2017 with the Lutherans.

If he did the consecration to Russia as you mentioned that would also vindicate Fr Gruner and also the stigmatist he was alleged to have spoken to. I also take those locutions seriously you mention - he certainly did seem unknown at large and waited for the moment until he was called onto the world stage - in fact as you all are probably well aware he pleaded at the last conclave not to be made pope then, all of which were unknown to the locutionist on March 3.

Anonymous said...

I think this is especially interesting considering that Pope Francis seems to have a good rapport with the Russian Orthodox church. Wouldn't it be amazing if he were to consecrate Russia to Our Lady in conjunction with the Russian church? Wouldn't that be something?
Exciting times?

Jamey said...

From Te Deum:

"One thing I have noticed and told others about is how Pope Francis responds after Mass when there is a statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary nearby to venerate. He practically runs for the statue like a boy running to his mother, stands there in visible devotion for a minute or two, then leaves. The first time I saw him do this on video, he almost plowed down an unsuspecting MC trying to get there."

Anonymous said...

In a recent message to Light of Mary from Brazil, Our Lord explained the 5th Marian Dogma. I remember Him using the important word "with"...

Now, in this message to Pastor Enoc, the Blessed Mother speaks of the Final Dogma, about Pope Francis and of the consecration of Russia.

I can't attend the TLM very often, my husband does not care for it. I cover my head at the Novus Ordo Mass. Older ladies should remember, this is what women did and should do to honor God.

Let us unite our prayers for Pope Francis.


+ + +

Messages to Pastor Enoc (translation)


"LITTLE CHILDREN PRAY FOR MY FIFTH DOGMA be enacted and Russia be consecrated to my Immaculate Heart!"

April 9th, 2013
1:15 PM

Little children of My heart, that the peace of God be with you.

People of God, fear not, your Mother will not abandon you, I look after the flock of My Son, I will protect you and guide you lovingly on your way through the wilderness. Pray for the Pope Francis, to enact my fifth dogma as Mary Mediatrix, Coredemptrix and Advocate , Lady of All Nations. You must PRAY MUCH for Pope Francis, because the enemies of the Church infiltrated the See of Peter will shorten his days as Pope if he does the will of my Father. My little children, fortify the Pope with your prayers, fasting and penance, so you can do the will of God and no evil force can divert the path and the mission entrusted by heaven to him.

You are in a time of great confusion and division, My Son's Church is divided into two camps, some in favor and others against the election of the Vicar of my Son. I remind my children that nothing moves in creation, not a leaf, without the consent of my Father. Do not allow be divided because of My opponent, be aware that when you pray, you fast and do penance, my Father's will always be favorable to you. I ask you to have confidence in the decisions of my Father and to pray a lot with my Holy Rosary and the Chaplet of the Precious Blood and wounds of my Son, that the Pope Francisco can guide the Barque of Peter, in the midst of the terrible waters of apostasy and Masonry at these last times. Depends on your prayer that the Vicar and the Church stand fast by the time My Father needs to carry out his holy will.

Pray, little children for my Fifth Dogma is enacted and Russia be consecrated to my Immaculate Heart. Make a prayer chain globally with my rosary, asking Heavenly Father for this great request. Pray also for the peace of the world at this time so threatened by the lust for power and expansionism of some kings of the earth. Do not neglect prayer, because you are in times of great upheaval, if you pray all will be stopped for a while as my dogma is promulgated. If you neglect prayer wars will come between nations and all begin to destabilize.

I ask because my children much prayer to stop the course of all these events as disastrous for humanity. Remember that one swallow does not make a summer is a popular saying of yours. Therefore it is important to pray IN CHAIN because the unity is strength and collapses fortresses; have faith and trust in God, He is your victory and I am your Captain and Lady, who will guide you in the company of Michael and the Celestial Hosts to the gates of the heavenly Jerusalem.

My daughters, I ask you to go back to place the shawl on your heads in imitation of mine and as a sign of love and respect for God. You do not know how much this Mother will appreciate it and how happy the heaven would be with your act of mercy. Tell me yes, that you will do My daughters; Can I count with you?, I want that you welcome this lovely request that I make to you, so that you come back to the House of God by your shawl over your head and we worship in honor and glory to the Triune God . Be at peace in the Lord. Your Mother, Mary Mystical Rose.

Make known my message to all mankind.

Anonymous said...

It does look like this pope takes the Fatima message seriously, perhaps more so than all the others. The seriousness of the times might indicate that the church will finally take Fatima by its word. If the pope's initiative towards the orthodox is any indication , and Garabandal is true, the pope ventures to moscow, then events are very close.

Emmett O'Regan said...

Thanks for pointing out the significance of the prophecies of Our Lady of Quito in relation to the appointment of Archbishop Cabrallo, Catherine. I'll have to look into this again...

I think those locutions are worth paying attention to Sr. Lorraine. They appear to have been spot on so far... It seems far more likely now that he will consecrate Russia, and that he will perhaps publish the rest of Sr. Lucia's material relating to the Third Secret at some point. I'm looking forward to May 13th now, to see what that significant day brings...

Anonymous said...

I'm confused now, I thought the is againts Catholic Church because its mentioned that Medjugorge apparitions is valid eventhough the Church say its not

Emmett O'Regan said...

Hi Anon,

I haven't read enough of the messages at to make any personal judgment on them. I'm not really particularly interested in contemporary alleged seers because of the widespread proliferation of bogus claims. So I certainly wouldn't invest anything other than mild interest in them. If they claim that Medjugorje is valid, then that is something else to take into consideration.
I'm not a Medjugorje devotee, so I don't have any vested interests here. But the apparitions at Medjugorje haven't been officially condemned by the Church. The two local bishops of Mostar have spoken out against them, which urges extreme caution; but this doesn't amount to an officially binding condemnation - since only the Petrine office has the charism of infallibility. The official position from the Vatican still hasn't been determined, and there is an on-going commission to determine the validity of these apparitions.
I think it is a good idea to stay distanced from any contemporary alleged apparitions, and give nothing more than a passing interest in them...

Anonymous said...

I thought the 3rd secret was already revealed? Perhaps you are referring to the words of the Blessed Mother in explaining the vision, that was not given? I agree that you would think that she explains clearly enough what she meant, not the Ratzinger-Bertone-Soldano line of forced interpretation that had to be given. I think Ratzinger was forced into that situation, as when he was Pope, he seemed to have reversed himself. For the sake of the argument, let's say Pope Francis will declare fully the interpretation, and the fifth Marian dogma in the future, the forces of organized evil will probably strike at him before May 13th rolls around. Let's hope not though. Praise the Lord.

Emmett O'Regan said...

Hi Anon,

Yes, that's why I was careful to say the rest of Sr. Lucia's material relating to the Third Secret, rather than the rest of the Third Secret itself. If the certain members of the Church hierarchy says that the Third Secret has been published in full, I think this is a reasonable position for them to hold in accordance with the dictates of their conscience.
I consider the secrets of Our Lady of Fatima to be the most profound works since the close of Public Revelation. But the evidence that there is some other material written by Sr. Lucia concerning the Third Secret, which is of vast and direct importance to its interpretation, seems overwhelming. The Church certainly isn't lying when it has said that the secret has been revealed in full, but it most definitely hasn't published everything relating to it as written by Sr. Lucia either. We need only think of the envelope passed to Pope John Paul II by Sr. Lucia during the beatification ceremony of Jacinta and Francesco Marto on May 13th, 2000. This would appear to be additional material on top of this, perhaps on the level of the Pontevedra apparitions to Sr. Lucia in 1925.
So, as Pope Benedict XVI has said, the true extent of the mission of the shepherd children of Fatima is far from over.

Anonymous said...

Posted earlier, the Blessed Mother speaks of the 5th Marian Dogma on April 9th, 2013 to Pastor Enoc.

Here is the part of the message from Our Lord given Light of Mary about the Fifth Marian Dogma. Co-Redemptrix is going to be the difficulty for some but it is not hard to understand, unless Mary cooperated WITH the Blessed Trinity's plan of redemption, our redemption would not of happened. God respects everyone's free will, Mary's too. She had to give her fiat.

Good Friday
March 29, 2013

...I desire a Church that is guided by the Love of My Mother for Me and for each one of you. I desire you beside My Mother at the foot of the Cross in every instant. Beside Her, beside the Full of Grace, beside your Advocate, beside the Mediatrix of all Graces, beside the Queen of Heaven, beside the Advocate of all men, beside the Queen and Lady of Creation, beside that Woman who not only gestated Me in Her Womb, but WITH Me and in Me, each one of you; My Mother the pure one and without stain, My Mother… Beside Her I desire you, beside Her Guide, Your Example, beside Her who advocated for those who were less privileged, beside Her who saw to the most intimate details of those who are Mine so that I could take care of them. Or was it not She who interceded at Cana in Galilee, or was it not She who forgave in Her Heart in My Name and thus I also forgave in Her Heart?

Oh Jerusalem do not weep for Me, weep for yourself!



I call My faithful People to not forget that they have a Mother and She is the symbol of My true children...

Jamey said...

" ... mentioned that Medjugorge apparitions is valid"

Oh dear.

If Medjugorje is true anything may as well be. To have so much scandal and even people die from the apparition because the Gospa told them they would be healed and not need medical treatment; to the seer running out of the room when her eyes were prodded at by the French doctor and then claiming she flinched because baby Jesus slipped out of Mary's arms; to the money involved....

Jamey said...

"The Italian website L' Impertinent abAteo picked up this gauntlet thrown down by Fr Amorth. After research based on "clear and incontrovertible" documentation, it produced a report detailing the small fortune "seer" Ivan Dragicevic has made (in cahoots with travel agencies) from his "visions."
"Pilgrimage to Medjugorje with accommodations at the home of Ivan Dragicevic!" advertises "206 Tours," setting out the specific dates from May to September 2012 when Ivan is in residence (the 'off season', October-April, he now spends in America). The pilgrimage package includes: "Conversations with Ivan in the chapel of our house; Breakfast and dinner served by Ivan and Family; Ivan will lead the group on Apparition Hill to pray and meditate; There will be many opportunities to talk with Ivan during your stay." In addition, the "Dragicevic family will do their best to make as much as possible your stay pleasant and comfortable."

Careful scrutiny of this tourist operation revealed that a separate entity, "Prayer Experience" (run by Ivan and his wife), sells the selected tour package through the agency "206 Tours." Consequently, on the basis of a stated maximum of 28 pilgrims per pilgrimage, multiplied by the number of available dates (10), L'Impertinent abAteo, calculated a Dragicevic profit of $171,360 — "Not to mention the offerings that pilgrims and visitors will leave the beloved 'seer'."
This first part of the investigation more than suffices to refute Fr Amorth's false contention. Part two, on Ivan's real estate wheeling and dealing, is the coup de grace. Anyone with some idle time to kill can view the full report at L' Impertinent abAteo. Here is the final reckoning, based on public records of the State of Massachusetts:
In just 5 years the "seer" Ivan Dragicevic has bought properties worth a total of 1,566,000 U.S. dollars, equivalent to 1,470,953 euros. ... The average American, in 5 years would have earned $198,508 gross, 195,336 euros gross .... almost 10 times lower than the amount spent by the "visionary".
The other "seers" and their relatives also possess properties (pensions) in Medjugorje, and also advertise "travel packages."
With the greatest respect to the otherwise admirable Fr Amorth, when it comes to Medjugorje, perhaps he should take his own advice and just zip it. Why defend the indefensible? The truth will always out, as complicit Vatican functionaries have repeatedly discovered in recent times."

Anonymous said...

Thank you Emmet and Jamie,

The link above also explain the diabolical nature of Medjugorje.

Anonymous said...

I'm so Sorry Jamey, can't believe I typed your name mistakenly. Oh well I'm half asleep in the bed typing with ipad (which i'm totally not used to) after a really long day

This is one of the message from locutions. Org about Medjugorje by the way

Jamey said...

No worries Anon, I spelt my name that way for years until I realised the spelling on my birth certificate. Thanks for the links.

After my reversion I was pro Medjugorje and tried glossing over the problematic aspects. After attending the TLM a few times I found I had less need to go "apparition hunting" and then detached myself from it quickly. Also I saw Ivan Dragicevic live at Perth Cathedral and felt something off with him.

I do think that soon we will see the decisive "Cardinals against Cardinals" and "Bishops against Bishops" as prophesied at Akita - perhaps this will be triggered by a pronouncement on Medjugorje.

Anonymous said...

Although.. is curious that Ivan was here in Argentina giving testimony about medugorje and had a vision in which the Queen of Peace said (among other things) that she was praying for the conclave in Vatican city electing a new Pope at the time.. Pope Francis is Argentinian. I think this is something, right? (my english is not that good, I hope I expressed clearly my worry.

Anonymous said...

Do we know what Ivan and any other seer would be doing with their properties and their funds? Could they not be providing for others with their means. We need a better argument to denounce Medjugorje. I think I have read of a previous pope saying - it is better to err on the side of belief, with the possibility of being made a fool of, than to deny a gift of the Holy Spirit.

Muv said...


Here is a decent translation, free from the Google translation rubbish.

I'm sorry Anonymous, but attaching significance to the fact the Ivan was in Argentina at the time of the Conclave is clutching at straws. As for the vision of Our Lady praying for the Conclave, well he would say that, wouldn't he?

I was in Rome last October and as I was about to go into the Basilica for the first time I saw a young man whose T shirt had "The Hand of God" printed on it. Anyone aware of the bad blood between England and Argentina over football will know what that means. I just groaned inwardly and cussed Maradona. Five months later the tabloids here had pictures of Pope Francis with banner headlines proclaiming "The Hand of God."

God enjoys a good laugh.

Muv said...

...anyway, on the strength of having received messages from God via T shirts, I am going to stick my neck out and say that this Pope is going to consecrate Russia and I am greatly looking forward to it.

Thank you for your blog, Emmett. I'm always nipping in for a quick read to see what you and the regular commenters have to say.

Emmett O'Regan said...

Thanks Muv! I'll put up that translation instead...

Jorge said...

Hi Emmett
Although I owe much of what I understand of the times we´re living in to present day prophecy phenomena, I do agree that it is a dense forest of true and false alike, very difficult to discern. Today I don't care about details or chronology, only look at the common pattern. However, after reading part of this very excellent work on the role of Christian era Prophecy on the Church (Christian Prophecy – The Post-Biblical Tradition, by Niels Christian Hvidt, Oxford Univ Press) and looking to some details on both Daniel and John’s apocalypses, I came to the conclusion that some key information for the correct understanding of these prophetic books will be given to chosen prophets in THE TIME they start unfolding. Some samples of the most conspicuous ones:
Apocalypse, Chapter 10 – An angel clothed in cloud, adorned with a rainbow, cries out and seven thunders are heard. John was going to write down what the thunders said, but was told not to, but to seal them up.
Daniel, Chapter 12: 8 I heard, but I did not understand. So I asked, “My lord, what will the outcome of all this be?” 9 He replied, “Go your way, Daniel, because the words are rolled up and sealed until the time of the end. 10 Many will be purified, made spotless and refined, but the wicked will continue to be wicked. None of the wicked will understand, but those who are wise will understand.

Jorge said...

To Jamey
Just reminding something very important: the fact that TODAY all those spurious phenomena around 'Medugorje' seem quite unpleasing, one must always remember that the events happened in the 1980's might be true. Seeing the Mother of God doesn’t exempt anyone from of falling of Grace. The fact, for instance, that one of Medugorje historical priests might have 'went wrong' doesn't mean that the Virgin Mary didn't appeared in Medugorje; it only means that it fall to temptation. I remember that one of the Bishops opposed Medugorje because none of the seers took religious vows! – An incredible clerical argument, such as the mere fact of seeing the Virgin would theologically determine one’s vocation to the Religious or Clerical state. Those are so called arguments 'ad hominem'. The Church must concentrate on the events and testimonies of 1982 and study the contents of the messages, and forget about related ‘folklore’. In many instances of private prophecy, the first messages are true and later being a prophet becomes the way of living of the 'seer' and things can start getting pretty ugly.
As for the evident split among Church Cardinals and Bishops, it will probably came about because of the Fifth (although we have more than five Marian dogmas already) Marian Dogma. I think Pope Francis will not care about 'consensus' in things related to the Blessed Mother of God.
Nice blog!

Jamey said...

Hi Jorge

In regard to none of the Medjugorje "seers" not having a vocation it is different than most other major apparitions (given there is several of them) however I agree it is not a reason to reject the apparition. However there are many other issues with earlier messages littered with lies, contradictions and scandal:

Although he doesn't come across as a confrontational character I agree about Pope Francis not caring about consensus if he thinks something needs doing.

Anonymous said...

It's interesting that this pope has been assigned hope for the consecration that other popes haven't. Up until now, the reason given was that the Russian orthodox would be offended by such an insulting notion. What circumstances could have possibly changed with this new pope that previous others couldn't seem to do? Is he not afraid of insulting them ? Will he have all the bishops behind him and if he does, why back him but not previous popes? It would seem a lot more has to transpire before this happens. There is one prophecy that states that this pope will consecrate Russia during the course of a major war. My guess is that Russia will be involved during this war and the church will not have no other recourse but to do the consecration(with little fear of offending them any longer).

Anonymous said...

Why does the Church or Pope even care if the Russian Orthodox are offended? So what? If Mary, or another saint, or Jesus appeared to me and told me to do something just that still might offend someone, I'd do it anyways. It seems that Heaven trumps other mans opinion.

Jamey said...

Concurred Anon2. Unfortunately the Church has been scared to rock the boat the past few decades.

Anon1 I remember reading a while back whilst the pope had to call on the bishops to do the consecration with him but if any bishops chose to be disobedient the consecration will still be valid. I can't remember the source though.

Benedict gave Pope Francis some documents as well as two sealed envelopes - I wonder if the latter in fact contain the third secret.

Jamey said...

Related to the "Church of nice" and trying to pacify all, Cardinal Kasper says there was intentional ambiguity in Vatican II documents:

Anonymous said...

Do the Blessed Mother's words to Pedro Regis affirm the messages?

Pray with all your heart for Pope Francis.

~ ~ ~

message to Pedro Regis

3.790 – Message of Our Lady, delivered on March 16, 2013

Dear children, St. Peter will direct his barque amidst great tempests. Pray. The successor of Peter is going to need your prayers. He will experience his Calvary. He will be loved and hated because of his positions. Now is the time of suffering. The poison is in the tree, not in the fruit. The Church of my Jesus is going toward a future of great trials, but as I have already told you, Jesus is in charge of everything. PETER IN THE LAND OF PETER. What I am telling you, you may not comprehend now, but calm your hearts, for Jesus walks with you. The king will suffer because of his subjects. Do not be afraid. I am your Mother and I will plead with my Jesus for you. The road will be short for the king, similar to the crossing of the famous plaza. Bend your knees in prayer. In the end, the victory will belong to the Lord. Love the truth and remain with the Church. The lessons of the past should not be forgotten. Go forward without fear. This is the message which I bring to you today in the name of the Most Holy Trinity. Thank you for allowing me to gather you here once again. I give you my blessing in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen. Peace be with you.


Anonymous said...


I think it's thrilling to finally sense there is a crack in the dike in re to vcii and its language. It is hard to believe it was based all on interpretation of the words and this coming from someone like Kasper, makes it seem more plausible. The question I would ask is why now and was it a slip or intentional?

Sr. Lorraine said...

Emmett, did you see the news about the huge fireball in Spain? Plus the earthquake in Iran.
Also the Boston bombings--which is where I am located. Very tragic. It's so important to pray.

link about fireball:

Jamey said...

Anon re Cardinal Kasper, not sure why he made those comments but may well be sometimes people reach the point where they just say what they think rather than painfully consider the politics of a situation. I once worked in government and it was painful having to write documents trying to achieve maximum appeasement of all parties it would have been refreshing to simply be honest.

Anonymous said...

Ah politics, I forgot about that!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, the plot thickens.

A striking 71% of Russia's people hope for a visit by Pope Francis to their country, according to a new poll by the Lavada Center in Moscow.

Emmett O'Regan said...

Hi Sr. Lorraine,

Thanks for alerting me to the news story about the fireball in Spain. There's been quite a lot of notable meteor strikes this year. In the Bible, stars falling to earth symbolise fallen angels. It reminds me of Rev 12:9

"And the great dragon was thrown down, that ancient serpent, who is called the devil and Satan, the deceiver of the whole world—he was thrown down to the earth, AND HIS ANGELS WERE THROWN DOWN WITH HIM".

There was a 6.1 magnitude earthquake in Iran last week as well, close to a nuclear reactor. And the 2013 Chelyabinsk meteor strike hit close to nuclear facilities. There seems to be a pattern emerging here - especially in the wake of the Fukashima disaster - near where Our Lady of Akita appeared to warn of "fire falling from the skies", in the land of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Also connected is the convergence of the timing of Halley's Comet in relation to the Chernobyl disaster (which is Ukrainian for "wormwood").

Emmett O'Regan said...

The tragic events in Boston remind me only too well of the almost daily bombings and shootings here in Northern Ireland when I was growing up during the Troubles. Nobody should have to suffer this, let alone innocent women and children.

Anonymous said...

It has been stated by promoters of Medjugorje (claiming the vision said so) that it is a continuation of Fatima. If Fatima is not over with, and there is more to Fatima, can Medj. still be considered legit? I don't think so.

Jamey said...

When I saw Ivan he said the apparitions are not about the end of the world but about conversion etc etc. It surprised that he would say this - I would argue from the ten secrets the "seers" have discussed that indeed it sounds close to a world ending scenario. Any prophet who knew about a massive chastisement wouldn't hold back imo. The things he had to say felt quite secular to be honest.

One thing to bare in mind is that Fr Petar Ljubicic whom has been selected by the seers to announce the secrets is advanced in age so if he dies before anything happens that would surely be the final nail for all.

Plot thickens again, New Catholic from Rorate wondering why Pope Francis' already short weekday homilies are being edited and not released in full:

Jamey said...

With gay marriage being legalised in NZ and a push for it to happen in other countries I was wondering who is forcing all this, it seems unrelenting and planned on a worldwide level - Voris' latest provides some possible answers:

Amazingly the proponents of gay marriage compare opponents akin to racists whilst in reality they are completely different issues. It feels like the world has entered a new level of evil.

Hopefully this consecration of Francis' pontificate will be the antidote to the prevailing attack and insanity. Heaven surely knows we need help as well as a strong voice in this world.

Anonymous said...

The most recent message to Pastor Enoc. I hope someone will comment, these first two intentions, Catholics have been praying for and for a long time.

Reminder, it is a translation. I
saw the message at ~


+ + +

Messages to Pastor Enoc

April 19th, 2013
2:50 PM

Little children of My heart, that the peace of God be with you all.

Little children, I make an urgent call for the upcoming May 13, the date that marks 96 years of My appearance in the Cova da Iria Portugal, to take place the day of prayer worldwide with the prayer of My Holy Rosary at 12:00 am.

Start with My Angelus prayer and unite in prayer with your Mother, asking the Father for these intentions:

On the Promulgation of my Fifth Marian Dogma (Mary Mediatrix, Co-Redeemer and Advocate, Lady of all people).
For the consecration of Russia to my Immaculate Heart by Francis Pope and the Church
For World Peace
For the triumph of my Immaculate Heart

That whole Catholic world is relying on My call that day so that together we cry out to the Eternal Father for these great intentions.

Little children of My heart, you are My great Marian Army, accompany Me on this glorious day praying My rosary with Me for us to be one voice and one family claiming the Eternal Father for mercy for all mankind.

My children, I ask you with all my heart that you bear that day put the blanket over your head in an act of love, piety, contemplation and devotion.

I count on you, my great Marian Army!.

Your Mother Mary, Lady of All Nations loves you.

Make known My message to all mankind.

Anonymous said...

The Church doesn't comment on ALL of eschatology. It is PROPHECY that makes explicit the end times and about the next period of time, the 7th Day. Sharing, from 2010.

Someone compiled prophecies about the Era of Peace. This is the "first triumph" as Father Iannuzzi calls it.

# of characters, I couldn't post the entire list.



+ + +

Compilation of Prophecies on the New Era of Peace

April 6th, 2010
This Report prepared by Ronald Smith, Chardon, Ohio, 44024 - USA

SISTER NATALIA is a Hungarian nun born in 1901 and is alive at the time of this writing (1993). She was chosen by Jesus to suffer as a victim soul for the priesthood and to be a messenger to the world.
"Jesus showed me in a vision that AFTER THE CLEANSING, mankind will live and angelic and clean life.
There will be an END TO SINS against the sixth commandment, adultery, and an END TO LIES.
The Savior showed me that unceasing love, happiness, and divine joy will signify this FUTURE CLEAN WORLD...

"She (Mary) told me that the HOURS OF DARKNESS (three days of darkness - Final Chastisement) will be exactly seventy-two, and the only way to count them is with a mechanical clock, because there will NOT be any electricity.
After this purification, there will be spring...
Everything will be GREEN, and everything will be CLEAN...

"I knew that this meant (a vision) that the Catholic Church would CONVERT THE WHOLE WORLD and would reign in the coming era of peace."

The triumph of the Hearts of Jesus and Mary will come and there will be PEACE ON EARTH.
When it happens, you will gaze at my presence in the huge Eucharist, you will see what I have been revealing.

"Evil begets evil (reference abortion).
Your country (USA) will be CLEANSED and PURGED until one day I shall reign in a NEW ERA OF PEACE AND LOVE."

"The great awakening (warning) is NEAR.
This great event will begin the march to the great era of peace.

"I wish as soon as I can to RESTORE EARTH TO ITS FORMER GLORY, the REINSTITUTION OF PARADISE where those who sought Me and My Son Jesus with their hearts shall dwell.
But this privilege has to be earned by each person yearning to see and live in the new era which the Spirit of I Am revealed to My servants the prophets."

I am in total awe of all that our Lord revealed to me: pure air, crystal clear water, beautiful trees and shrubs, even grass all in various luscious shades of green, etc...
Every man, woman, child and animal was LIVING TO PLEASE GOD and to do only His Will.
Although some of my remnant will NOT live to see this new era, they will rest in peace with me."

"When the time comes, a NEW JERUSALEM will come upon the land and the seas, and an ERA OF PEACE will settle upon the earth."

"There will NO LONGER be abortion and the sounds of My little ones will triumph.
There will be NO MORE adultery, NO MORE stealing.
My Commandments, dear children, will be RESTORED INTO THE HEARTS of man.
The era of peace will PREVAIL upon my people."

"My Father's ERA OF PEACE will then be upon the earth and PEACE WILL REIGN in the hearts of those chosen to live during these times which will be called The Greater Testament, and will be a time of GREAT PEACE AND LOVE will exist in the hearts of ALL men."

"Son, I am the person in scripture called 'The Woman Clothed With The Sun'.
I am part of the prophecies of the end times.
Contrary to what others believe, the Father has given me an assigned role for the liberation of planet earth and its ushering into a NEW ERA OF PEACE, the SECOND EDEN."...