Monday 19 September 2016

Chapter Outline of the New Edition

I'm in the final stages of preparing the revised version of my book for publication, and it should be available within the next couple of weeks. Given the fact that some substantial changes have been made, and the book is now doubled in length, it will be published under the new title Unveiling the Apocalypse: The Final Passover of the Church. I thought I would post the chapter outline here, so that readers can get a glimpse of what to expect concerning the changes that have been made in comparison with the older edition, and the amount of new material that has been added. While the first half of the book is still largely the same as the original, the second half is completely new material. The original material has also been updated throughout and expanded where necessary, and given the fact that a lot has happened over the last five years, a lot of these changes are quite significant.

Chapter 1      The Return to Zion                                                                         


                        The Prophecy of the Return                                                               

                        Christ on the Eschatological Restoration                                          

                        The Prophecy of the Seventy Weeks                                                 

                        The 1,260 Years of Desolation                                                          

                        The Prophecy of the 2,300 Days                                                       


Chapter 2      The Two Witnesses                                                                        


                        The Two Olive Trees of Zechariah                                                    

The Angelic Pope                                                                              


                        The Third Secret and the Persecution of the Antichrist                          

The Mercy Seat and the Blood of the Martyrs                                  

                        The “Two Pillars” of St. John Bosco                                                 

                        The Secrets of La Salette                                                                   

The Conversion of England                                                               


Chapter 3      The Worldwide Web of Deceit                                                    

                        Gematria – the Original Meaning of 666                                          

                        The True Meaning of 666?                                                                

                        The “Mark” of the Beast                                                                    

                        The Plague of Sores                                                                           

Eternal Sin in Catholic Theology                                                      

The Message of the Third Angel                                                       

New World Order?                                                                            


Chapter 4      Signs of the Times                                                                         

                        The Sixth Seal                                                                                    


                        The Rise of the Locusts                                                                     

                        The Horsemen of the Apocalypse                                                     

                        The False Prophet                                                                              



Chapter 5      Babylon Falling                                                                             

                        The Empire of the Last Days                                                             

                        The Great Harlot                                                                                

                        The Rise of Secularism                                                                      


The New Atlantis                                                                               

The Seven Burning Mountains of the Book of Enoch                      

The Inundation of Ireland                                                                  

                        The Fall of Babylon                                                                           

                        The Visions of Bl. Elena Aiello                                                        

                        The Rod of God’s Chastisement                                                        

The Messages of the Three Angels                                                    



Chapter 6      The End of the Thousand Years                                                                                

The Sabbath Millennium                                                                   

The Fall of Satan                                                                               

The Cosmic Drama                                                                            

The Crushing of Leviathan and the Sealing of the Saints                 

The Secrets of La Salette and the Turn of the Millennium                      

The Vision of Pope Leo XIII                                                                  

The Short Time of Satan                                                                   

St. Hildegard’s Vision of Sin within the Church                               

St. Augustine and the End of the Thousand Years                            

The Angel with the Keys to the Abyss                                              

The Angels Bound at the Euphrates and the Wheels of Ezekiel       

Our Lady of Knock and the Lamb of Revelation                              

The Sign of Jonah                                                                              

The “Fourth” Secret of Fatima?                                                        

An Apocalyptic Date Contained in the Third Secret?                       

The Two Towers and the Signs in Heaven                                        

The Tower of Babel and the New Pentecost                                     

The Century of Martyrs                                                                     

The Sacred Heart and the Example of the Kings of France              

The New Fatima Revelation                                                                    

                        The Apocalyptic Nativity: A New Slaughter of the Innocents?        

Chapter 7      The Sign of the Son of Man                                                           

The Day of Mercy                                                                              

The Shekhinah Glory and the Star of Bethlehem                              

The River of Life and the Conversion of the Jews                            

The Eschatological Earthquake                                                         

The Cup of God’s Wrath                                                                   

The Day of the Lord                                                                          

The Tree of Life and the Angel with the Flaming Sword                 

Sr. Lucia’s Vision of a Cross of Light                                               

Cardinal Ratzinger on the Sign of the Son of Man                           

The “Great Sign” of the Secret of Fatima                                         

The Martyrdom of the Two Witnesses                                              

The Great Monarch and the Sign of the Cross                                  

The Day of Atonement                                                                      

The Holy Trinity and the Signum Crucis                                          

The Seal of God                                                                                

The New Exodus                                                                               

The Period of Peace and the Reign of the Antichrist                        

The Image of the Beast                                                                      

The Song of the Three Holy Children                                               

The Song of Moses and the Angel of the Seven Thunders               

The Pillars of Heaven