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Ned Dougherty's Vision of a Mega-tsunami

In addition to the various prophecies related to a future mega-tsunami event we have already discussed, many contemporary seers also claim to have foreseen this potential disaster. However the fact that some of these claims have been made after the possibility of the collapse of Cumbre Vieja generating a mega-tsunami was discovered by S. Ward and S. Day, and promulgated on various TV documentaries, throws some doubt on their authenticity. It is easy to formulate a "prophecy" to conform to the expectations of current scientific hypotheses. The various prophecies of this event made before the possibility of a mega-tsunami caused by a large scale volcanic collapse was discovered in 1999 and publicised by the BBC Horizon documentary "Mega-tsunami: Waves of Destruction" in 2000, are therefore considerably more impressive.
Amongst the various prophecies of this event made after the story broke on the mainstream media during the initial broadcast of the mega-tsunami documentary, one private revelation in particular appears to contain a fair amount of credibility - those of Ned Dougherty, an Irish-American businessman who had a near-death experience (NDE) in 1984. Before his NDE, Dougherty had been a wealthy nightclub owner and was leading a hedonistic lifestyle typical of someone accustomed to such trappings. However years of alcohol and drug abuse finally caught up with him when he collapsed outside his nightclub. After being taken away in the ambulance, Ned lost his vital signs, and claims to have began a NDE where he saw his life in review, before being led to the presence of a Lady of Light. Here, the Lady revealed to him visions concerning his own personal future, and also visions of cataclysmic global events that were yet to unfold.
Most famously, in his book Fast Lane to Heaven, which was published six months previously to the 9/11 attacks, Ned described the impending danger of a major terrorist attack on New York or Washington that would dramatically change American society, stating that "a major terrorist attack may befall New York City or Washington, D.C., severely impacting the way we live in the United States". (Dougherty, N. Fast Lane to Heaven pp252-253)

After his NDE and encounter with the Lady of Light, Ned underwent a radical life transformation, giving up his nightclub business and party lifestyle, and embraced his hitherto neglected Catholic religion. He embarked upon charitable and missionary work, and today he hosts End Times Daily - a Catholic news site with a focus on eschatology, where he also publishes interior locutions which he states have been given to him on a monthly basis since 2005.
In another vision experienced during his NDE which Dougherty relates in his book, he describes various geophysical events which sounds highly evocative of the threat posed by the collapse of Cumbre Vieja. Here, he gives a description of volcanic eruptions being caused by huge earthquakes and the shifting of the earth's axis, resulting in massive tidal waves that will engulf the East Coast of America:

I watched as the axis of Earth's rotation began to shift significantly. I could not tell how much time the shift took, nor was I shown a time or date when it would take place. I could tell that significant geophysical changes to the Earth's surface would take place as a result of the shifting of Earth's surface would take place as a result of the shifting of Earth's axis. Great earthquakes erupted throughout the world, significantly changing the major continents. There were volcanic eruptions of great magnitude spewing clouds of billowing smoke and ash throughout the atomosphere, sending the Earth into a period of darkness. Great floods resulted from melting and shifting polar ice caps. Many low-lying land areas were engulfed by huge tidal waves. I watched scenes of these events taking place, depicted like black and white movies. I watched one scene from a hilltop location on the coastline of Long Island, New York, as rows of massive tidal waves descended on the coastline, burying the land under the water. I saw another scene from a street corner in New York City. A wall of water rushed down to the wide street as surrounding office buildings began to collapse. In another scene, I watched as a massive wall of water hit the coastline of Miami Beach. In its wake, I watched as an entirely new land mass rose up out of the ocean. (Dougherty, N. Fast Lane to Heaven p78)

This vision closely parallels the hypothesis I forward in my book, which connects the eruption of Cumbre Vieja to the Eschatological Earthquake described in various places throughout the Bible, which is associated with the Second Coming of Christ.

Although Dougherty's book was published a few months after the mega-tsunami documentary first aired in March 2001, it is almost certain that he was unaware of the threat posed by Cumbre Vieja during the course of writing his book. It would be interesting to discover whether he made any public disclosures on this aspect of his NDE before the release of the documentary in the year 2000, but there is some publically availible evidence that he was unaware of the mega-tsunami hypothesis during the course of writing his book. In fact, during an interview with Michael Brown given in Spirit Daily, Dougherty ponders about the cause of the massive tidal waves he saw in his visions, and speculates that they might be related to an earthquake centred on a faultline in the middle of the Atlantic:

In one series of visions he saw massive waves striking from Florida to Long Island and believes it may be related to something we have discussed as the Gorringe fault in the eastern Atlantic near the Azores-- a mysterious seismological hotbed under the ocean where land heaves up and last caused a major tidal wave in 1755 (a surge that swept the coastline from Spain and Portugal to Morocco and up to England). It's located at 36.5 north latitude/11west longitude, and periodically causes quakes of up to magnitude-8.7. Ned is concerned that it could also cause a wave or backwash to North America. He believes this because in his vision it seemed like there was enough warning for people to evacuate -- "a time to get to safety." Ironically, he saw one such safe spot at a shrine called Our Lady of the Island in Eastport, Long Island, which he says is several hundred feet above sea level and located with precisely the view of the ocean he experienced in his vision. (Michael H. Brown Spirit Daily - see the full article here).

It was only later that he learned of the threat posed by Cumbre Vieja, and travelled to La Palma in the Canary Islands to investigate the area for himself. He is now convinced that the events he claims to have witnessed during his NDE are directly related to the threat posed by the Canary Islands (see here). He also kindly linked to my articles Mega-tsunami - which shows how this event appears to be the "huge mountain, burning with fire" being thrown into the sea, as described in the Book of Revelation (Rev 8:8), and also to Our Lady of Light and the Apocalyptic Nativity, about the significance of the apparitions of Our Lady of Zeitoun in relation to the modern legalisation of abortion. Ned goes into some detail about the appearances of Our Lady in Egypt in his book, as well as some good material on the apparitions at Turzovka in 1958 - which also appear to predict massive tidal waves generated by a volcanic collapse.

See also the earlier post The Casting Down of Mountains, which acts as a hub-page for the various passages in Scripture which I believe may foretell this future event.


Jamey said...

It seems noteworthy that the Blessed Mother appeared to Ned as "Our Lady of Light". First there is the connection you have made Emmett that Our Lady of Light appeared in Egypt when the slaughter of the new innocents began via the legalisation of abortion in 1968, just as the Holy Family escaped to Egypt during Herod's slaughter of the original holy innocents.

Then there was Ned's past as a nightclub owner where he acknowledges participating in the culture of death and also some of the comments he has made concerning the link between abortion and calamities coming our way if there is no turnaround. In particular the comment on his dvd after studying ancient civilisations - "Every civilisation that destroyed its young were eventually destroyed themselves."

It's a shame he hasn't brought out more books or works as he was planning, I like his writing. Ned if you are reading this please release some stuff you have personally written in your journals at least as an ebook on your website!

Cathy said...

Here is his website for the times ahead. God Bless!