Tuesday 10 February 2015

Iraq Apparitions Update

I thought that readers might like to know that Michael O'Neil from the Miracle Hunter website will be conducting a new interview tonight with the reporter who initially broke the story on the Alqosh apparitions, Jeff Gardner. It will be broadcast on Michael's weekly show on Radio Maria at 4.00 CST (which can be found here), so hopefully he will be able to provide a few more details.
Some commentators on the previous post have refined the image to make it a bit clearer (above and below), which I thought I would put up here for others to see.


Anonymous said...

Well that was a bit of a let down.

Mark L.

joerusso777 said...

Ok. Here's what I see, (for what it's worth)
That bottom picture is much more revealing to me than the top.(I'll look at that one again too)

It almost looks more to me like Jesus, but I can see how it could me Mary also at times.

He's standing looking forward, but body is at a slight turn. In his right hand he's either holding some kind of book or scroll. His left arm is raised up to where whatever he's holding in that hand is slightly blocking his face. In the background there's a faint cross directly behind him and looks like multitudes of souls gathered around the cross behind him.

I had to enlarge that photo to where it was blurry up close, but stood across the room and I could see it. Also for what it's worth I also see whatever they used to tie around the waist. Amazing!
Maybe I'm crazy?

Anonymous said...

I've looked at this in Photoshop a couple of times, and I can't get anything rational out of it.

I can say that the image is heavily digitized and a lot of pixels are missing. This makes it look like the image has been manipulated.

It's also taken with not a lot of light, so a digital camera is trying to compensate.

In my opinion, you can't hope to tell what this image looked like in real life. It might be something important, it might not.


Anonymous said...

I'm intrigued by the image, given the very low amount of data present (16k). I assume you're referring to the original. I don't know what you mean by "missing pixels" and is "heavily digitized." It is a digital image so it is 100% digitized by nature.

In my last version (top version in color), I intentionally "blew out" the histogram and stretched it to the max, a technique used in the earlier stages of an astrophotograph to just see and get an idea of what data is present. We already had retouched images to try to give us a more accurate "appearance" of what might be there. My last offering wasn't intended to make it "look" like anything but rather to see what data is there, and there is no question that there is more light in the regions shown, and unquestionably an aura around the object.

Now - whether it's a match flame held in the dark at 100 yards or Our Lady in the sky is not for me to say. There's just not enough known. But what I see, I do find compelling, particularly when viewed next to her Egyptian appearances.

I was pretty disappointed in the radio interview. The only thing I came away with was a fellow entered a house and an excited person ran up to him and showed him a picture on a cell phone. That's all we know.

Did she take it? Was it a copy from someone else? Did she take a photo of someone else's photo? How many others saw it? Did she see it with her own eyes? Why didn't he ask her how many others saw it? If he did, why didn't he say so on the interview? Why wasn't he asked these things?

The sheer lack of information from ground sources has me a touch impatient if not borderline dubious.

Mark L.

Anonymous said...

For those who are eager to see Jesus, go and spend some time in adoration. If your local church does not have adoration, ask your parish priest to establish a time for adorers.

joerusso777 said...

Regardless. Jesus in the Tabernacle is amazing in itself. Anon. It's not about signs and wonders being the foundation of faith. I know I find Eternal riches in the Word, and the Church he established. To see him in his Glory....that's the end I hope to enjoy for all Eternity.

Anonymous said...

To Joerusso: I can definitely see the scroll, but as for the cross and the multitude of souls, that's a big, fat zilch. Of course, I only have a small tablet to view this on, so even enlarging the picture as far as my device will allow ahd viewing it at a distance only shows a mottled black background. Other comments that this could be a manip taken into account, I think it would behoove us to hold credence in abeyance until and unless the Church gives us a verdict.

joerusso777 said...

Anon. I agree with you. I hold very little credence to stud like this but also I keep in mind the possibility of something Supernatural. For instance I don't see Jesus and Mary in toast and trees and call it a miracle. :)
The only way I see those things in on my Desktop with a 20' screen blown up standing back. Again it could be doctored. The fact that it happened means more to me than anything else. God Bless

Anonymous said...

Dear Emmett,

Thank you for all of the work you do on this blog. I apologize if you have already covered this and I missed it or forgot, but do you see any significance in the fact that the acronym for this Muslim threat is ISIS, the name of an Egyptian goddess? I know that this acronym is English, and probably different in other languages, but it still strikes me as perhaps more than a coincidence. When I read about the goddess Isis, though, no relation between the two struck me.

Thank you!

Emmett O'Regan said...

Thanks Anon! I did note the possible significance of the link between ISIS and the name of this pagan deity in one of my recent posts on the new Fatima revelation. I'm glad others are of the same mind!

jim.carroll said...

LOL! :D I also noted the pagan name "ISIS", but didn't think anything about it because that's the acronym in English. Just for giggles, I did a search on the Arabic acronym DAESH (pronounced DIE-esh) and apparently is becoming more popular among world leaders. To quote from an article in Inquisitr:

The reason DAESH hates being called DAESH is because it’s similar to the verb Daes, which means “one who crushes something underfoot. It also sounds similar to Dahes, or “one who sows discord.”

"Crushes something underfoot"? Guadalupe, anyone?

joerusso777 said...


I've been thinking through this for a few days now, ever since I've been learning a little about the Jewish roots of our Faith.

So I knew about the fact that this year is the Shemittah year.(could be badly misspelled lol)
This happens every 7 years. I also knew that the following year (which begins sometime in September 2015) is the year of Jubilee. (Only celebrated after 49 years 7x7) What I didn't know until I heard Scott Hahn explain it is that this 50th year is actually known as the year of Pentecost to the Jewish Calendar!

Now that in and of itself means very little since it's happened numerous times in history, but Dec 8th 1965 Vatican II was officially closed. I know people have issues with this Council so I don't expect those to put much credence into this, and I'd rather not get into that debate. What's so striking to me about all of this is that St John XXIII said that (Paraphrase) "The Council is being promulgated to bring about a "New Pentecost"

So 50 years later (50 being significant for Pentecost even in Ancient Judaism) after the end of the Council, which also happens to fall right on the Jewish Calendar for the year of Pentecost! Could a new and 3rd Pentecost be right around the corner? And since it also includes a Jewish Feast year of PENTECOST, an indication of the conversion of the Jews? Wrap in the fact that Benedict XVI prayed that the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart would be completed before the Centennial of Fatima, and 500 years after the Protestant revolt would be that same year?

What do you think? You know way more than I do :)

Emmett O'Regan said...

Thanks for pointing this out Joe! This is very interesting indeed - especially given the upcoming solar eclipse this month and last of the blood moons this year. I'll have to think about this.

Emmett O'Regan said...

Jim - also note that the Islamic State of Iraq was first formed on 13th October 2006.

joerusso777 said...

Thanks for your response. I'll be looking forward to what u think.

Emmett O'Regan said...

I've done a little bit of research into this Joe, and it seems interesting so far. I'll have to investigate further to confirm this, but some people are forwarding the hypothesis that 70 jubilees have passed (3500 years) since the Israelites entered the land Canaan, marking the start of the period of jubilees. We would have to look to the internal chronology given in the Bible to confirm this though, rather than relying on the conflicting chronology of secular historians. This would be significant if true, especially if we take Jeremiah's prophecy of the 70 years into consideration.

joerusso777 said...

Oh wow! If this turns out to fit all of those things this would be way too much of a coincidence! Now I really can't wait to see what you find!