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The Duration of the Period of Peace

Below is a list of several prophecies and quotes from the Catechism which definitively state that the "period of peace" promised by Our Lady of Fatima will be extremely short in nature, and should certainly not be considered to encompass an entire "era" during which the Church will triumph for an extended amount of time within history.

If my requests are heeded, Russia will be converted, and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors throughout the world, causing wars and persecutions of the Church. The good will be martyred; the Holy Father will have much to suffer; various nations will be annihilated. In the end, my Immaculate Heart will triumph. The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me, and she shall be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world”.
(Second Part of the Secret of Fatima)

France has corrupted the universe, one day it will be punished. The faith will die out in France: three quarters of France will not practice religion anymore, or almost no more, the other part will practice it without really practicing it. Then, after [that], nations will convert, the faith will be rekindled everywhere. A great country, now Protestant, in the north of Europe, will be converted; by the support of this country all the other nations of the world
will be converted.
Before all that arrives, great disorders will arrive, in the Church, and everywhere. Then,
after [that], our Holy Father the Pope will be persecuted. His successor will be a pontiff that nobody expects.
Then, after [that], a great peace will come, but it will not last a long time. A monster will
come to disturb it.
(Our Lady of La Salette to Maximin Giraud)

Now concerning the times and the seasons, brothers, you have no need to have anything written to you. For you yourselves are fully aware that the day of the Lord will come like a thief in the night. While people are saying, “There is peace and security,” then sudden destruction will come upon them as labor pains come upon a pregnant woman, and they will not escape. (1Thes 5:1-3)

After all these calamities have arrived, many will recognize the hand of God on them. They will convert, and do penance for their sins.
A great king will go up on the throne, and will reign many years. Religion will re-flourish
and spread all over the world, and there will be a great abundance. The world, glad to be lacking nothing, will fall again into disorder, will give up God, and will return to its criminal passions.
[Among] God's ministers, and the Spouses of Jesus-Christ, there will be some who will go astray, and that will be the most terrible.
(Our Lady of La Salette to Melanie Calvat)

The brevity of the period of peace is also attested to by the fact that the Church will only be restored during the coming of the Two Witnesses, who are put to death by the Antichrist at
the end of their ministry. Once again, this means that the duration of the period of peace
must be extremely short.

“Behold, I will send you Elijah the prophet before the great and awesome day of the LORD comes. And he will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers, lest I come and strike the land with a decree of utter destruction.”
(Mal 4:5-6)

And when they have finished their testimony, the beast that rises from the bottomless pit will make war on them and conquer them and kill them, and their dead bodies will lie in the street of the great city that symbolically is called Sodom and Egypt, where their Lord was crucified.
(Rev 11:7-8)

The upshot of this is to illustrate the fact that according to Sacred Scripture and Tradition, as well as Church approved private revelations, the period of peace is extremely short in nature, and this can in no way be equated with the Millennium of Rev 20.  Any Catholics who forward this position are in serious error, since it directly contradicts the teachings of the Catechism, which clearly states that the Church cannot triumph on earth through a
progressive ascendancy during an intra-historical era, and will only enter into the fullness of the kingdom through the final trial of the Antichrist.

The Church will enter the glory of the kingdom only through this final Passover, when she
will follow her Lord in his death and Resurrection. The kingdom will be fulfilled, then, not by
a historic triumph of the Church through a progressive ascendancy, but only by God's victory over the final unleashing of evil, which will cause his Bride to come down from heaven. God's triumph over the revolt of evil will take the form of the Last Judgement after the final cosmic upheaval of this passing world. (CCC 677)

As Cardinal Ratzinger outlined in his book Eschatology:

The rejection of Chiliasm meant that the Church repudiated the idea of a definitive intra-historical fulfilment, an inner, intrinsic perfectibility of history. The Christian hope knows no idea of an inner fulfilment of history. On the contrary, it affirms the impossibility of an inner fulfilment of the world. This is, indeed, the comment contend shared by the various fragmentary pictures of the end of the world offered us by Scripture. The biblical representation of the End rejects the expectation of a definitive state of salvation within history. This position is also rationally correct, since the idea of a definitive intra-historical fulfilment fails to take into account the permanent openness of history and of human freedom, for which failure is always a possibility. In the last resort, such neo-chiliasm expresses a profound anthropological perversion...
Faith in Christ's return is, therefore, in the first place, the rejection of an intra-historical perfectibility of the world.
(Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, Eschatology, p213)


Mark W said...

Thanks, Emmett, this is extremely helpful.

But it always brings up two questions for me.

First, how do you define something like "extremely short" in this context? We've heard for quite a while that time is short, but in some private revelation that's been decades, hasn't it?

Second, is it possible that we've already passed through the period of peace? The time after the fall of the Soviet Union led to a lessening of tension and an increase in peace of a sort, and it was quite brief.

Thanks again,

Emmett O'Regan said...

I would define "extremely short" as a few decades at most. For what its worth, the later versions of Melanie's secret of La Salette put the figure at 25 years.
Yes, after the collapse of Communism, we have certainly entered into a time of peace, especially relative to the wars that came before this period. But the conversion of the nations by the Two Witnesses still awaits us in the future. In Melanie's later version of the secret, she mentions a time of "false peace" after a war started by the forerunner of the Antichrist, and before the time of the ten kings of the Beast. I think that's what that corresponds to.

Mark W said...

So, there are 40 years left? 2029+25, roughly. I'm not trying to do any date-setting with this. But I honestly don't think there's a chance that we'll last that long given how bad things are these days.

Emmett O'Regan said...

Depends on where you count the 25 years and the beginning of the period of peace from. If it is from the casting down of Satan during the Great Jubilee Year at the turn of the millennium, then we only have until around 2026 before the period of chastisement. But again, dates are always going to hit us with a sucker punch.

Anonymous said...

Emmett's reprogramming is coming along nicely. Before he would not even admit that the period of peace was possible. Now, he takes it as granted.

More to the point of this thread: I believe I read in Dupont's Trial, Tribulation and Triumph that the period of Triumphant Christianity would last around 25 years.

Anonymous said...

Mark W,

But if the years following the Cold War were the period of peace, then why did Pope Benedict, in 2010, pray that the Triumph would commence by 2017?

Anonymous said...

Could the return of the Two Witnesses be the "great prodigy that will fill the world with awe" that Pope Pius IX foresaw?

Emmett O'Regan said...

Anon, my position on the period of peace has remained the same for a very long time. Read back through my older posts. I've always held that there will be a short period of peace before the coming of the Antichrist, since this is what the Church has taught all along. My older readers will be able to quickly affirm this for you.
That prodigy appears to be the Sign of the Son of Man.

Rachmaninov said...

Pope Benedict actually asked that the triumph be "hastened" not that it would occur by 2017.

Anonymous said...


So, Pope Benedict has therefore confirmed that the period of peace has not yet commenced.

Rachmaninov said...

My take on the "ultimate" Triumph which Benedict prayed for and who said was "equivelent" in meaning to "praying for the coming of the Kingdom" (in Light of the World) refers to the second coming of Jesus (as the Kingdom will only come in its fullness at the end of the world, but as he also said, if I recall correcly, that there other triumphs in a smaller sense.
Somewhere close to the end of his papacy there is a good homily on the idea of final triumph, but in relation to Jesus ultimate victory. I'll try and find it

Rachmaninov said...

Here it is:

Anonymous said...


But Pope Benedict was not referencing the "final triumph" during his speech at Fatima. Fatima speaks of a "PERIOD" of peace. Clearly, a period is something that occurs within Time and History. The final Triumph will initiate Eternity; there will be no time for a "period" at that point. And a statement by Pope Pius XII implies that this period of peace occurs within Time, not Eternity (clearly, there will be no factories in Eternity):

"But even this night in the world shows clear signs of a dawn that will come, of a new day receiving the kiss of a new and more resplendent sun… A new resurrection of Jesus is necessary: a true resurrection, which admits no more lordship of death… In individuals, Christ must destroy the night of mortal sin with the dawn of grace regained. In families, the night of indifference and coolness must give way to the sun of love. In factories, in cities, in nations, in lands of misunderstanding and hatred the night must grow bright as the day… and strife will cease and there will be peace. Come Lord Jesus… Send thy angel, O Lord and make our night grow as bright as the day… How many souls are longing for the hastening of the day in which Thou alone wilt live and reign in their hearts! Come, Lord Jesus. There are numerous signs that Thy return is not far off." —POPE PIUX XII, Urbi et Orbi address,March 2nd, 1957

Rachmaninov said...

Fatima refers to the events from 1917 until the end of the world, which is why as Cardinal Ratzinger he told Bishop Pavel Hnilica the persecution in the 3rd secret contains the persecution "until the end of the world" The quote above is from my own book "Heralds of the Second Coming" and what the Pope is saying is basically the gospel message "stay awake and stand ready". Why did he bother saying Come Lord Jesus there a numerous signs thy return is not off if we are nowhere near that event?
The simple fact is approved prophecy is now converging that says the coming (second and final Coming) is imminent. Divine Mercy says it; Kibeho says it; San Nicholas Argentina says it and the Our Lady of all nations messages says it.
Pope Paul VI said the miracle of the sun in 1917 seemed to prefigure the last jusgment scene.

Anonymous said...

The Second Coming is no more imminent now than it was 2000 years ago. The Antichrist hasn't even arrived yet and the Catechism teaches that he must come before the Second Coming. So much has to happen yet before the Second Coming arrives. A temporal period of peace was promised by the Mother of God at the Church-approved Fatima Apparition.

Rachmaninov said...

What makes you think these events cannot happen soon? Several recent popes has speculate about the imminent appearance of the Antichrist. Nobody knows the date of the end but we know the signs of the times

Mark W said...

Emmett has, indeed, maintained that a brief period of peace would come about. I've been reading his stuff off-and-on for four years now, I think.

1.2012 said...

Emmett, Any word on when your book will be available? I am very much looking forward to its publication. Keep up the excellent work!

Mark W said...

One thing that gets me in this kind of conversation, as I alleded to above; how do we define "imminent"? The word "soon" sems to last for decades in some of these things.

I agree with you in that I think we are within a dozen years or so now at the most, but imminent is a tricky word to nail down, it seems.

Rachmaninov said...

Hi Mark,
I totally agree with you. Who knows really? I remember discussing these things in the early 1980's thinking it would be all done and dusted long ago, and here we are still. I prefer to just focus on the signs of the times and leave the rest to God's timing.

Emmett O'Regan said...

The Catechism tells us what form the triumph of the Church takes - it is by it taking up its own Cross, as foreseen in the Third Secret:

The Church will enter the glory of the kingdom only through this final Passover, when she will follow her Lord in his death and Resurrection. The kingdom will be fulfilled, then, not by a historic triumph of the Church through a progressive ascendancy, but only by God's victory over the final unleashing of evil, which will cause his Bride to come down from heaven. God's triumph over the revolt of evil will take the form of the Last Judgement after the final cosmic upheaval of this passing world. CCC 677

Emmett O'Regan said...

I'm just finishing the editing on my book now. I keep underestimating how long it will take. I would say that August should be a safe bet.

Emmett O'Regan said...

It will happen soon. I would say, at a rough guess, we are a decade away from the Great Chastisment.

Emmett O'Regan said...

We have to remember that the promise of a future "period of peace" was made in context of a global scale conflict which would be swiftly followed by yet another global war, followed by an ever present threat of nuclear destruction during the Cold War right up until the collapse of the Soviet Union. These were the "wars and rumours of wars" foretold by Christ which must take place before the end of the world. So after the collapse of the Soviet Union, we did indeed enter into a "period of peace", in contrast to the global wide conflicts and threats of nuclear annihilation which took place before. Those expecting evil to disappear off the face of the earth at some stage in the future will be very disappointed indeed. This will never happen. The lamb will not lie down with the lion this side of eternity I'm afraid. Even during the future conversion of the nations, evil will still continue to abound in the world, and many will continue to reject the Gospel.

Mary Ellen said...

The two witnesses, the Blessed Mother and Jesus Christ, by the power of the Holy Spirit have been working tirelessly in the US to bring about many Consecrations. Consecrations to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, to his Divine Mercy and to the Sacred Heart of Jesus have been taking place. The more consecrated souls the greater the push back by evil against the Church. The Ten Commandments have been removed from our society in the US and with the enactment of the gay marriage law they closed Catholic Charities' adoption and foster care services. It's only a matter of time before gay couples bring lawsuits against priests for not marrying them. The weight of this evil is great as witnessed by the lawsuits from Catholic organizations and Christian Colleges against the HHS mandate. The ACLU is already bringing lawsuits against the Catholic Hospitals for not performing abortions. In the state of Illinois they want to pass a law that will require all medical providers to offer abortion as an alternative and to include brochures on their premises. I suspect the Sisters will sell their hospital system before they will allow such scandal should this bill be signed into law by the Governor. The persecution is underway all over the world; the devil is very clever. We are in a time of persecution, but also in a time of much grace. It is a time of labor pains, which we pray will bring unification to Christ's Church.

Anonymous said...

Emmett, you said only by God's victory over the final unleashing of evil, which will cause his Bride to come down from heaven. God's triumph over the revolt of evil will take the form of the Last Judgement after the final cosmic upheaval of this passing world. CCC 677. I thought the church is the Bride of Christ. Who is the CCC referring to as the Bride coming down from Heaven? Also, is the Great Chastisement the same as the final cosmic upheaval of the passing World. (The end of times)?

Emmett O'Regan said...

You're right anon. The bride coming down from heaven is the Heavenly Jerusalem - i.e. the Church in a pristine state, having washed its robes clean in the blood of the martyrs. It is the Church of the resurrection. The Great Chastisement is part of the final cosmic upheaval, which ends with the dissolution of the cosmos and the new creation.

theflyingnun said...

Do you believe that there will be warnings (examination of conscience or cross in the sky as Saint Faustina describes etc...) for the unbelievers and the fallen to give mankind a chance to repent before what you describe as the Great Chastisement,
12:1 And a great portent appeared in heaven, a woman clothed with the sun, with the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars;

Anonymous said...


While it could be argued that the "period of peace" promised at Fatima was the lull following the end of the Cold War, I find this dubious for the simple fact that almost immediately upon the Cold War "ending," Neocons in the West trashed the genuine efforts at peace worked out by Reagan and Gorbachev and seized upon the opportunity to expand NATO right up to Russia's borders. The culmination of these efforts were the Neocon-initiated "color revolutions" in Georgia and Ukraine that have brought us right back to the dangerous confrontation with Russia during the Cold War. What really happened at the end of the Cold War was not real peace as promised by Our Lady (no one is proposing the straw man that you have put forth that "evil will disappear") but rather an embrace by the West of the "errors of Russia." This happened because, just as Our Lady predicted, the Consecration came but it came too late.

So, where do we find ourselves today on the timeline of Fatima? I would propose that we are at the crossroads. We know that Pope Benedict prayed in 2010 that the Triumph would commence by 2017. We know that Our Lady warned that if the world would not do penance and repent then "various nations would be annihilated." We know that the Neocon agenda in the West has brought us to the brink of a real hot war with Russia. Putin can't hold-off the Russian hardliners forever. The illegal sanctions imposed on Russia following the West's unjust proxy coup in Ukraine, are an act of war in and of themselves. We hang on the precipice and I think it will take a Divine intervention to keep us from falling over the cliff.

Emmett O'Regan said...

Flying Nun,

According to the Church Fathers, the sign of the Cross in the sky is reserved for the conversion of the Jews, which only takes place after the fullness of the Gentiles is brought in.


I don't like to rely on Melanie's later version of her secret of La Salette too much, but its the only credible private revelation we can rely on such matters. Our Lady told Melanie that a "false peace" would occur after a war conducted by a forerunner of the Antichrist (which can only be Hitler), before the ten kings of the Antichrist hand over global dominion to the Beast from the sea. Towards the end of this false peace, the nations of the world will convert just before the coming of the Antichrist. I would compare this event to the triumphant entrance into Jerusalem, which takes place just before the crucifixion of the Church:

“A forerunner of the Antichrist, with his troops gathered from several nations, will fight against the true Christ, the only Saviour of the world. He will shed much blood and will want to annihilate the worship of God to make himself be looked upon as a God.
“The earth will be struck by calamities of all kinds (in addition to plague and famine which will be wide-spread). There will be a series of wars until the last war, which will then be fought by the ten Kings of the Antichrist, all of whom will have one and the same plan and will be the only rulers of the world. Before this comes to pass, there will be a kind of false peace in the world. People will think of nothing but amusement. The wicked will give themselves over to all kinds of sin. But the children of the holy Church, the children of my faith, my true followers, they will grow in their love for God and in all the virtues most precious to me. Blessed are the souls humbly guided by the Holy Spirit! I shall fight at their side until they reach a fullness of years."

Anonymous said...

Mary Ellen,

A majority of Church Fathers taught that the Two Witnesses were the Old Testament figures Enoch and Elijah. They never died but are being preserved in another state for their end time ministry during the reign of the Antichrist. I believe that they will return to the earth in the same public, supernatural fashion as they left the earth. Perhaps the return of Enoch and Elijah is the "great prodigy" that Pope Pius IX wrote about as being imminent. Perhaps it is a public, supernatural manifestation of the Cross of Christ. Only time will tell. But one thing is for certain: The Two Witnesses and the Antichirst MUST come BEFORE the Second Coming. They have not yet come so it is only logical to conclude that the Second Coming is not imminent.

Emmett O'Regan said...

It really depends on how quickly the Two Witnesses will spread the Gospel to the ends of the earth. I think this will be very rapid indeed. After they do, then the end time proper will come immediately after (i.e. the Great Chastisement and the reign of the Antichrist):

And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come.
(Matt 24:14)

Say for example, if the Two Witnesses began their ministry next year, and they completed their mission within a literal three and a half year period, bringing about the conversion of the Jews, then the reign of the Antichrist would come immediately after, which would be swiftly followed by the Second Coming. I would describe this scenario as imminent. Now I believe that we have a good bit more time than that hypothetical scenario, say about two decades or so (who knows really but God alone?). Even that would still be considered imminent. The Catechism teaches that the Second Coming has always been imminent, and is only suspended until the conversion of the Jews. After this takes place, the Parousia of Christ can come at any moment. Remember, the proclamation of the Gospel to the ends of the earth and the conversion of the Jews are both part of the ministry of the Two Witnesses - one taking place at the beginning, one at the end of their mission. So there can't be hundreds of years between these two events:

"Since the Ascension Christ's coming in glory has been imminent, even though "it is not for you to know times or seasons which the Father has fixed by his own authority." This eschatological coming could be accomplished at any moment, even if both it and the final trial that will precede it are "delayed".
The glorious Messiah's coming is suspended at every moment of history until his recognition by "all Israel", for "a hardening has come upon part of Israel" in their "unbelief" toward Jesus. St. Peter says to the Jews of Jerusalem after Pentecost: "Repent therefore, and turn again, that your sins may be blotted out, that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord, and that he may send the Christ appointed for you, Jesus, whom heaven must receive until the time for establishing all that God spoke by the mouth of his holy prophets from of old."569 St. Paul echoes him: "For if their rejection means the reconciliation of the world, what will their acceptance mean but life from the dead?" The "full inclusion" of the Jews in the Messiah's salvation, in the wake of "the full number of the Gentiles", will enable the People of God to achieve "the measure of the stature of the fullness of Christ", in which "God may be all in all". (CCC 673-674)

Anonymous said...

Maybe that's why the Vatican owns and operates their own Telescope: to keep watch for the return of Enoch and Elijah. They will return the same way they were taken up: from the heavens above.

Mark W said...

Hello FlyingNun,

I’ve come to think we may have multiple signs. The Sign of the Cross in the sky will be the most overt and perhaps the final sign, but I think there may be more. The others might be less obvious.

For example, the conditions of Revelation 12 that you quote will actually be in the sky next year on September 23. The constellation Virgo (the virgin) will have the moon at its feet and a crown of 12 stars (the 9 of the constellation Leo plus Venus, Mars and Mercury). All this is best depicted astronomically at about 3:00pm Jerusalem time.

I suspect that such things as this will begin to be noticed more and more often over the next few years.

My opinion: We’re currently involved – intimately – in the opening skirmishes of the greatest battle of salvation history. Heaven isn’t going to let us go down without putting up a whopping big fight. Battles of that magnitude don’t go unnoticed. As the fight intensifies, so with the signs of conflict – some of which will spill over into the temporal world. Look around, and you’ll see signs of the conflict intensifying all over. Some of these will be signs for the faithful, more obvious than others.

Pax Christi sit semper vobiscum,


theflyingnun said...

Mark W
I know Antonio Yague seems to follow Garabandal, but these dates are coming up very soon. I understand that there are many people on this site that are opposed to Garabandal> After reading a book that was written from a priest about Garabandal, I was brought to Catholicism from years of being a cradle Catholic.
Also, after reading the negative points from the Bishop of Mostar concerning the Medugorje Apparitions, I was very skeptical of Medugorje. However, reading the book called A While Longer from Greg Cring, he brings up an interesting point that the Virgin Mary Mothered Jesus for 33 years and the Consecration was made in 1984. If you add 33 years to that consecration, it equals 2017, which is the time she had Mothered us for 33 years.

Mark W said...


I've seen Yague's material. I'm not a fan of Garabandal, so some of his conclusions are, from my point of view, very thin. But his astronomical material is not unique to him, as others have come across the same information in other ways. Yague is correct in his astronomy, I just don't follow his conclusions.

Interestingly, on November 20, this year, Jupiter enters the "womb" of Virgo by crossing a line between Spica and Porrima; and this happens just after 3:00pm Jerusalem time. This also happens to coincide with the closure of the Year of Mercy.

On September 9 of next year, Jupiter will cross the line between Spica and Zeta Virgo, thus exiting the "womb". This is 293 days after November 20. As it happens, the "normal limits of the human gestation period are from 37 weeks (259 days) to 42 weeks (293 days)" (online medical dictionary). On September 23, the conditions for Rev 12 are complete.

20 days later is the centenary of the Miracle of the Sun.

You probably know all this already, but I assumed that not everyone did.

Anonymous said...

Mark W

Since next year will be the 100 year anniversary of Fatima, perhaps another type of grand solar event similar to but on a larger scale than 1917?


The Flying Nun said...

Mark W,

Are you in agreement that the dwarf planet or Nibiru is part of Rev 12, and if so, do you have any websites that give a more precise description of it?
Then another sign appeared in the sky; it was a huge red dragon,* with seven heads and ten horns, and on its heads were seven diadems. Its tail swept away a third of the stars in the sky and hurled them down to the earth. Then the dragon stood before the woman about to give birth, to devour her child when she gave birth.

Mark W said...

Sam - It's entirely possible, I suppose. But I suspect things will remain a bit more subtle for quite some time. Something big for 2017? Absolutely. Something cosmic, perhaps not. As time progresses, the more likely we get obvious signs.

Think of it this way. There were only three Wise Men that saw the signs in the heavans. There were many that saw Christ's miracles, and there were more obvious miracles towards the end of His life than at the beginning. We're more on the Wise Men side of the timeline just now.

Does that make sense?


Mark W said...


I'm not a follower of the Nibiru ideas. We've had enough stuff floating around our solar system for enough time that we would have found something by now. Even a plant that reflects no light would have been found by a gravitational anomaly in close proximty to the sun. We can spot very subtle gravitational anomolies now at a distance of 200+ lightyears, so we'd definately be able to see them at a distance of a few light minutes. Also, if you go with the idea that Nibiru is something from outside our solar system, then you get this:

Some of the things that are included in Revelation should be seen in a non-literal way. The hurling of the stars from heaven have been described this way. I've seen it described as the fall of a third of the priesthood from grace, and I've seen it described as a third of the angels in heaven following Satan during the original fall. Or it could be a part of the massive battle that is yet to come, and really shatters the heavens in some fundamental way.


Mark W said...

Not enough coffee by half. That should have been:

"Even a plantet that reflects no light would have been found by a gravitational anomaly in close proximty to the sun."

The image of an invisible potted fern drifing around the sun will be with me for the rest of the week. Ugh...

Mark W said...

And I still didn't get it right...

Anonymous said...

Mark W.

Yes, it does make sense I suppose but darn!! I am hoping for something stupendous/momentous soon. I guess I'm an action kind of guy! ;p


Anonymous said...

So, we have established that by the end of September, 2017 the events described in Revelation 12 will be complete.

My question is: what is the correct interpretation of Revelation 12? We know the astronomical meaning of those verses, but what is the eschatological meaning?

Mark W said...


Well, in reality that sort of thing is going on all around us right now, but not on an that obvious level and certainly nothing quite "cosmic". Think of Summorum Pontificum and the Anglican Ordinariate in terms of the battle we're now engaged in, and they both take on a slightly different context. Even the potential reconcilation with the SSPX is a really big deal. On the other side of the front lines, we have the overall acceptance of the sin of Sodom, the increase in demonic activity globally, and the overtly satanic actions of people in different parts of the world.

I think I've come around to Emmett's view on September/October 2017 (as I understand Emmett's view). It's perhaps time for the Orthodox to return home. The Church Militant will then breathe with both lungs and fight with both fists. That would be, in it's own way, cosmic.


Anonymous said...


The real function of Western propaganda in Western Europe, such as Rupert Murdoch’s recent propaganda using Mikhail Gorbachev in this way, is not so much in order to stir his countrymen’s fears of an invasion against their country by Russia, but is instead to stir sufficient support by Brits for UK to join with the US invasion of Russia that increasingly likely will be precipitated under the Article V provision of the NATO Treaty as a ‘justification’ to escalate to all-out war if and when Russia provides a ‘provocation’.

That may not happen this year (and the US military sends signals that they won’t be prepared for that until 2017), but the buildup is happening right now.

NATO Says It Might Now Have Grounds to Attack Russia

Anonymous said...

...........and various nations will be annihilated.............

Anonymous said...

..........and i will put a hook in his jaw......................

Minister of National Infrastructure, Energy and Water Resources Yuval Steinitz told the 16th Herzliya Conference on Thursday that Israel discovered offshore natural gas worth four times the Leviathan field.

Anonymous said...

For your consideration...I came across an online book of locutions to an Italian Priest named Father Octavio Michelini who passed away in 1979. Reading the locutions have been spiritually edifying to me (especially from after page 225). They can be downloaded from this website I would like to include text from one of the messages from Jesus to Father Octavio. It is from page 234 "Soon the hour of purification will come, and the Virgin Co-Redemptrix will crush the head of the infernal serpent for a second time. The Church and humanity, made anew, will see a radiant dawn never known until now. A period of peace and of justice will be the response to all the provocations of hell, against a poor humanity that had become a collaborator with the forces of evil. Afterwards, they will arrive at the last phase of this battle between light and darkness, between love and hate, between good and evil, between life and death. Only at the end of time will come the third and decisive intervention of the Blessed Virgin Mary, who will crush the head of satan for the third time. Then will follow the judgement, the definitive separation of paradise and of hell, that is to say, of the saved and of the condemned.

Anonymous said...

When did the Virgin crush it the 1st time?

Anonymous said...

It seems that the Virgin's 'yes' at the Annunciation was the first crushing because she cooperated in bringing into the world the Word made Flesh. The messages to Father Michelini make it clear that Satan's first task was to deceive Eve to sin. Then he set about to destroy the Word made Flesh and now he is intent on destroying the Church which is where we are at the present time.

Mark L said...

Totally off topic, I apologize for that. But my Googling has failed me. Spirit Daily has been mentioning the San Nicolas in Argentina messages of late and I can't find an English language version of the entire body of them anywhere. There is a book via Amazon about the apparitions, and I think there is a paperback book of all of them in Spanish, but I'd like a simple ebook or PDF of the entire set of messages themselves, in English.


Mark L.

Mark L said...


Surely what we see in Europe is written somewhere, or can be viewed somehow, prophetically? I most eagerly await future posts regarding this, regarding the possible total unravelling of the EU in a very rapid fashion.

Amazing and fascinating to behold...

Mark L.

Anonymous said...

from may 2016

* Christina is aware at present of an earthquake coming very soon to the United States. She can hear the grinding of the earth’s plates.

Emmett O'Regan said...

Mark L - The words of Bl. John Henry Newman in his "Second Spring" sermon comes to mind:

"To set up the Church again in England is too great an act to be done in a corner. We have had reason to expect that such a boon would not be given to us without a cross. It is not God's way that great blessings should descend without the sacrifice first of great sufferings. If the truth is to be spread to any wide extent among this people, how can we dream, how can we hope, that trial and trouble shall not accompany its going forth? And we have already, if it may be said without presumption, to commence our work withal, a large store of merits. We have no slight outfit for our opening warfare. Can we religiously suppose that the blood of our martyrs, three centuries ago and since, shall never receive its recompense? Those priests, secular and regular, did they suffer for no end? or rather, for an end which is not yet accomplished? The long imprisonment, the fetid dungeon, the weary suspense, the tyrannous trial, the barbarous sentence, the savage execution, the rack, the gibbet, the knife, the cauldron, the numberless tortures of those holy victims, O my God, are they to have no reward? Are Thy martyrs to cry from under Thine altar for their loving vengeance on this guilty people, and to cry in vain? Shall they lose life, and not gain a better life for the children of those who persecuted them? Is this Thy way, O my God, righteous and true? Is it according to Thy promise, O King of saints, if I may dare talk to Thee of justice? Did not Thou Thyself pray for Thine enemies upon the cross, and convert them? Did not Thy first Martyr win Thy great Apostle, then a persecutor, by his loving prayer? And in that day of trial and desolation for England, when hearts were pierced through and through with Mary's woe, at the crucifixion of Thy body mystical, was not every tear that flowed, and every drop of blood that was shed, the seeds of a future harvest, when they who sowed in sorrow were to reap in joy?

And as that suffering of the Martyrs is not yet recompensed, so, perchance, it is not yet exhausted. Something for what we know, remains to be undergone, to complete the necessary sacrifice. May God forbid it, for this poor nation's sake! But still could we be surprised, my Fathers and my Brothers, if the winter even now should not yet be quite over? Have we any right to take it strange, if, in this English land, the spring-time of the Church should turn out to be an English spring, an uncertain, anxious time of hope and fear, of joy and suffering,--of bright promise and budding hopes, yet withal, of keen blasts, and cold showers, and sudden storms?"

Anonymous said...

I am excited for the new edition of your book so that I can re-read your interpretations. I can't remember what you have said of the beast of Revelation, but I have to say that as soon as I read the news about Brexit this morning I had Rev. 13:3 on the heart. I also wonder about the spiritual significance of it occurring on the feast of John the Baptist. Is this a "forerunner" of things to come? If Britain leaving the mortal wound to the beast--and, if so, will Britain re-join the EU down the line to heal this wound? I hope this is simply good news and the unraveling of the NWO's plans, but I can't shake Rev. 13:3.


Anonymous said...

Meant to say **IS** Britain leaving the moral would to the beast.


Emmett O'Regan said...

Thanks ACW! I argue that the beast of Revelation is a combination of all four of Daniel's beasts, symbolising a global empire. Haven't thought of that connection before concerning the mortal wound. It is an interesting one!

Emmett O'Regan said...

The beast with seven heads and ten horns also represents a revived Roman Empire. So I suppose this event could be related in some way.

Anonymous said...

All of the early Church Fathers make it clear that the mortal head wound that is healed is NOT a reference to BREXIT but is instead a reference to a wound suffered by the Antichrist. To claim that the mortal head wound is a reference to BREXIT is laughable.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the responses Emmett, and Anonymous!

Anonymous: Can you share some of those Church Father quotes? I know Revelation has multiple layers of meaning, but if they say something that disproves my idea outright, I'd like to read it and be corrected. Although I think this could potentially be one layer of meaning--since the EU is like a new Roman Empire--I'd rather stand in the truth than in a false opinion. Thanks.


Cetera said...

With the beast representing a revived Roman Empire, you might be very interested in this:

EUROPEAN political chiefs are to take advantage of Brexit by unveiling their long-held plan to morph the continent’s countries into one GIANT SUPERSTATE, it has emerged today.

The foreign ministers of France and Germany are due to reveal a blueprint to effectively do away with individual member states in what is being described as an “ultimatum”.

Under the radical proposals EU countries will lose the right to have their own army, criminal law, taxation system or central bank, with all those powers being transferred to Brussels.

Controversially member states would also lose what few controls they have left over their own borders, including the procedure for admitting and relocating refugees.

Unknown said...

I know many will grumble with this view, but after pondering this data for over 25 years I have drawn two conclusions on these questions:

First,St. Augustine's view is correct.

Secondly, I believe the short period of peace refers to the few months immediately after the Second Pentecost and before the Third World War: e.g., Between Spring and Autumn 2017.

The war comes, China is triumphant, the Church appears destroyed, and China's victory is washed away by the three days of darkness sometime in late 2017.

Reasoning: The Second Pentecost causes a great revival in the faith and adds to the remnant. Nevertheless, much of humanity again falls asleep spiritually, like the Apostles in Gethsemane, and China seeks to militarily exploit military, political, and economic weaknesses of the U.S. caused by large natural disasters: earthquakes, tsunami, volcanoes. These disasters occur between now and Spring 2017. The Second Pentecost causes the natural disasters to subside until nuclear explosions from the war disrupt checks and balances in nature and the earth changes start up again.

Russia's role in the war is still clouded and there are two perspectives:
1. Russia participates with China in the war against the West and then China turns on and defeats Russia.
2. Russia is converted, the Orthodox and Catholic Churches unite and Russia holds out with the West against China's onslaught until the three days of darkness occurs in late 2017.

Anonymous said...

Personally, while I do concur with the basic schema that the OP lays out (involving minor chastisement and so on), I disagree with Emmett that the "period of peace" will be as short as a generation (i.e. two decades or so).

I do believe that an era of peace will come. For 2,000 years all Christians everywhere at the behest of Our Lord Jesus have prayed the words, "Thy Will be done ON EARTH as in Heaven". Surely, God will answer this prayer. I cannot envisage Him not when lesser, individual prayers are answered when this is the collective 'sigh' of generation after generation of His followers uttering the words He instructed us to say. For millenia, God's will has not been perfectly done on earth. Do we expect Him to just respond, "oh well, lets just let human sinfulness and Satan have their way, I'm creating a new heaven and earth anyway!"

I am wary of conflating the heresy of chialism or millenarianism (secular messianism - that Our Lord will bodily reign over a thousand year paradise on earth) with the simple belief in a 'longer' peace amounting to a more extended period of 'triumph' for the Church.

The 'period of peace' has nothing to do with the erroneous belief in a bodily reign of Christ on earth for a millennium. It is entirely to do with the Church Militant, His Body on Earth, which shall be conformed as closely as possible to the Church Triumphant in Heaven - so much as sin and human frailty will permit under the aegis of divine grace and by means of the sacraments.

It is not millenarianism to believe that the Second Pentecost or 'Sabbath' of the Church will persist for a longer era of time within history. Indeed the type of future eschatological peace 'within' history that the 1952 theological commission authorised as 'licit' to believe actually envisaged a more extended 'era':

"..…[it is not against our Catholic Faith to] ...hope in some mighty triumph of Christ here on earth before the final consummation of all things. Such an occurrence is not excluded, is not impossible, *****it is not all certain that there will not be a prolonged period of triumphant Christianity before the end. If before that final end there is to be a period, more or less prolonged, of triumphant sanctity,***** such a result will be brought about not by the apparition of the person of Christ in Majesty but by the operation of those powers of sanctification which are now at work, the Holy Ghost and the Sacraments of the Church... "

—The Teaching of the Catholic Church: A Summary of Catholic Doctrine [London: Burns Oates & Washbourne, 1952] p. 1140

Anonymous said...

This is in fact what I believe (as did Venerable Bartholomew Holzhauser).

And it is interesting to note that while St. Bonaventure stated "no one knows how long that time of great peace will last", Pope Benedict's thesis on his theology of history interpreted the so-called 'Sabbath era' as a new 'age' of the Church:'s%20theology%20of%20history%20corrective%20to%20the%20speculations%20of%20the%20brilliant%20but%20wayward%20Calabrian%20abbot%20Joachim%20of%20Fiore&f=true

The Thought of Pope Benedict XVI New Edition: An Introduction

What Bonaventure produced was perhaps the most substantial high medieval synthesis...

It is this latter, seven-fold schema which is the most interesting in Bonaventure's eyes, as it had been to Augustine in the De Civitate Dei. What emerges from Ratzinger's necessarily convoluted discussion, is that Saint Bonaventure, just like Joachim, hopes for a new age of salvation within history. Between Jesus Christ and the final consummation of history he makes space for an 'inner-historical transformation of the Church'. Before this immediately pre-eschatological 'seventh age', there lies a small section of our present sixth age which is yet to be realized. Here is where Bonaventure's attention is focussed, in a:

mysterious border-line area separating the perilous time of the present from that age of Sabbath rest which is yet to come within the framework of this world. (Ratzinger)

Within the single covenant of the New Testament, the present sixth age is being brought to its climax. In this, the crucial role is that played by St. Francis...

Bonaventure presents Francis as the key-figure in ushering in for the Church a new era which can only be compared to the beatitude of heaven itself...Within the time of the Church, the emergence of St. Francis, the 'Angel of the Seals,' foretold in the Book of the Apocalypse, and the rise of the prophetic movement he started, namely, Franciscanism.

Francis is for Bonaventure not just another saint, but the [first] sign of a new age. Francis had called himself, according to the Legenda Major, 'the herald of a great King'. This enabled Bonaventure to see him, not just as a new John the Baptist - the herald of Christ, but also as a new Elijah... "

I see this as more significant than a 20 year hiatus from suffering before the Great Chastisement.

If St. Bonaventure and Benedict XVI are correct then we can expect a new "age" in which there will be an "inner-historical transformation of the Church".

And remember - we BOTH might be wrong about the duration. St. Bonaventure cautioned:

"Then there will be peace. God alone knows how long that peace shall last..."

- Saint Bonaventure (ca. 1217 - 1274), Minister General of the Franciscan Order, Seraphic Doctor (Collation 16:17-19. Translated by McGinn, B. Visions of the End, pp199-200)

With God a day is like a thousand years and a thousand years like a how can we be sure?????

Kp said...

Jesus promised that the poor will always be with us. Always.

He also promised that the world will always be against us.

In fact, the whole point of creating humans with free will was not for us to live in a golden age of peace, but rather to choose between God and sin. That's the only reason we live in a world that even has sin in the first place. We weren't created to be divine pets.

The apostles all looked forward to the second coming as the fulfillment of prophecy and our golden age of peace. They knew of no golden age existing beforehand.

As far as "thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven"-- you left out the beginning of the phrase: " thy kingdom come..."

Christ's kingdom will come at the Second Coming. The prayer itself is looking forward to the second coming.

Paul was expecting the second coming able to occur at any moment-- he knew of no period of peace.

Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition are made up of the Apostles teachings. There are no dogmatic traditions that can develop after that. Any further dogma that's defined can only clarify what was already taught by the apostles. There is no more new revelation.

Any little t "tradition" that's given only exists to point us back to Scripture and Sacred Tradition. Any little t traditon must also not contradict Sacred Scripture or Sacred Tradition.

If Paul and the other Apostles knew nothing of a golden age of peace, if they believed Christ could return at any moment, then anything stated to the contrary 1700 years later should be dismissed.

Mark L said...

It seems to me, given that our Queen stated:

"Russia will be converted, and there will be peace; if not, she will spread her errors"

The period of peace is relative and related to Russia spreading her errors. I read no world-wide era of peace in that, just a period of calm specifically regarding Russia spreading her errors. In the above sentence, Russia is mentioned three times: "Russia will be converted, if not, Russia will spread Russia's errors." So the period of peace is clearly all about Russia.

Have we seen a relatively brief period where Russia stopped spreading her errors, a brief period where it brought relative peace as coming from some stability in that?

It is hard to refute that we haven't. Read EWTN's writeup regarding what has happened since the consecration - start reading at the March 25 ,1984 date:

If that isn't an end to Russia spreading her errors and thus engendering a short era of peace, I don't know what it's supposed to look like.

It seems to me that the consecration happened, the period of Russia adventurism ended, and now it is beginning again. I look for things to come, such as the reunification of East and West, the outpouring of the Spirit perhaps (I see it happening in my own heart), and maybe other things, but not the fulfillment of the period of peace.

Pope Benedict's words: ""We would be mistaken to think that the prophetic mission of Fatima is complete." most likely do not mean that the Russia prophecy and period of peace weren't fulfilled. Consider this:

"Cardinal Martins, who for many years was prefect of the Congregation for the Causes of Saints, was born not far from Fatima, and accompanied Benedict XVI on his pilgrimage to the shrine.

Cardinal Martins said: “It is important to understand the Pope’s words correctly. It is evident that the prophecy of Fatima is not over. It is evident that the phenomenon of Fatima continues to shape the Church and believers. But why? Because the fundamental truths which the Virgin taught in Fatima are extremely relevant and will always be so. Because they are ever-present values, they are natural and thus sacred values, which cannot be renounced and which are not negotiable.So Fatima will always have something to say: the content of the message which the Virgin entrusted to the shepherd children and through them, to all men and women of our time. This is why the prophecy is not over, and never will be !”

(Found here:

So Fatima's message of prayer and conversion will *always* be relevant, and it is in that context that Cardinal Martins and others explained Pope Benedict's words.

Finally, as stated several times before, Pope Benedict has already spoken about the mistaken way in which his utterance regarding "the time between now and the anniversary" was taken. (No surprise in today's prophecy-happy world). He already stated that he has no special insight, that he is far too rational to think that some historical moment is going to unwind between now and then.

Mark L.

Kp said...

Mark L, thanks for this. I've said numerous times before that the Fatima messages quotation about peace, in context, was about Russia spreading her errors. Yet people get upset about this and insist upon extrapolating enormously from a single line about "peace." But nothing in the context of the message implies anything about a 1,000 year golden age where, for all intents and purposes, sin and heresy no longer exist.

Something else I find interesting is this: we have prophecies going back many centuries that point to the secoND half if the 20th century as a period if great significance. Our Lady of Good Success was extremely specific about our time period about 500ish years ago. If we still have another 1,000 years left, where are all the prophecies about the 22nd century? 23rd? 25th? 27th? 30th? etc etc. Pretty strange that everything points specifically to our century specifically, but we hear of nothing beyond it.

Anonymous said...

I don't know guys. Didn't Our Lady say something about world peace somewhere and not just relative peace? Think of the literally dozens of wars and skirmishes that have plagued these poor nations and continued since this so called consecration. We're talking for the past 32 years here. Those nations that have experienced these could never claim there was any kind of peace.

“The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to Me, Russia will be converted and a period of peace will be given to the world.” Now IF Russia were consecrated, where’s this period of world peace? IF Russia had been converted = world peace. None of these have occurred. You don’t think Our Lady came to Fatima to tell us about a relative peace, do you?


Kp said...

You're taking out one sentence and extrapolating it to mean a golden age of world peace. Look at the entire paragraph (in fact, the entire prophetic message). It's focused on the dangers of russia and russia spreading its errors.

If you were living in Iraq 15 years ago, and Our Lady came to warn you in a vision of a coming conflict, warning about the wars in Iraq, the spreading of a Caliphate from Iraq, but that a period if peace would be granted after the Caliphate were consecrated.... would you extrapolate from that that the consecration would lead to a 1,000 year golden age of peace where sin practically doesn't exist or would you realize the message of peace was about the destruction of ISIS and radical Islamic warfare?

Anonymous said...

I don't think I said it would be a golden age. I am repeating the words of Our Lady- 'a period of peace for the world'. Whatever length that may be who knows. But since Russia has not converted nor been consecrated; and no world peace has ensued has a result of these non events, it is safe to assume this will be a future event culminating in something akin to the results of the consecration of Portugal in the 30's , where those results where instantaneous. This is not about a 'sinless' world but a radically different world than now.


Anonymous said...

The "period of peace" or "age of Mary" comes after the "minor chastisement". It's "minor" because it's not the last "major" chastisement of Antichrist but it won't seem minor if 3/4 of the worlds population dies off due to war, famine, plague, pestilence and/or a comet.

These events haven't happened YET but appear to be within the next 5 years. Once the French Great Monarch (Henry of the Cross, Henri V de la Croix) achieves peace and conversion of every country (with the help of the great country of the north that converts due to the pope FINALLY doing the consecration - RUSSIA) the age of peace is said to last until he (Henry of the Cross) gives up the ghost on the mount of Olives, immediately after which the Antichrist arrives.

At least one other source (Holzhauser?) says the period of peace will last during the time of the great monarch AND his successors. It could be 25 years, could be 40 years, it's all based on mans cooperation with grace. Incidentally, at least one bishop of the Church believes this time period WILL constitute an age of the Church. Apparently just because the 5th age has lasted a LONG time does not mean the 6th will be long.

An example of prophecies not arriving at the time they were said to occur are the chastisements in prophecies which were said to happen in 1999,2000. These obviously did not happen, YET. It is now 16 years past, these events now SEEM to be on the horizon so there were probably enough prayers that held off these events for this amount of time.

Kp said...

Sam, you avoided my question, so let me restate it:

"If you were living in Iraq 15 years ago, and Our Lady came to warn you in a vision of a coming conflict, warning about the wars in Iraq, the spreading of a Caliphate from Iraq, but that a period if peace would be granted after the Caliphate was consecrated.... would you extrapolate from that that the consecration would lead to a 1,000 year age of world peace where there's literally no war and sin practically doesn't exist? Or would you realize the message was about Iraq and its errots and the promised peace was about the destruction of ISIS and radical Islam?"

Anonymous said...


Since you deleted my comment that called you out for saying there would be no "age of peace" with it's triumph of the Church, I will ask in another way which perhaps will allow my comment not to be deleted. Please tell me when the Church had it's complete (and last per the prophecies) triumph on the earth and every nation converted (eg: Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, etc)?

You say it was the period after the cold war. That's odd because I had not realized peace occurred then, I seem to recall a Rwanda genocide in that time frame and of course the never ending bloodshed in Palestine, I think there was even a little war in Afghanistan with Russia.

Please elaborate on that time of the age of peace for my and the readers beenefit.

John O'Donnell

KP said...

John, can you please show me in the message of Fatima that said there will be complete and total worldwide peace, that the Church would have a complete triumph over sin ON THE EARTH but before Christ's return? That the entire world will convert to the Catholic Church? Where does our Lady say that?

I see a very difficult time reconciling such a belief with Scripture, the catechism, the dogmas of Trent, etc. Trent explicitly teaches, dogmatically, that grace never overwhelms a person's free will. Remember: 70,000 people saw the Miracles of the Sun at Fatima. Do you really think all of them converted and were saved? Many of them remained atheists even after they saw the miracle. People even rejected Christ after personally witnessing HIS miracles. There's nothing magical about people living in the 21st century rather than the 20th or 1st centuries. God pours out grace, even through miracles, and people still reject Him. There will be no golden age without war, practically without sin, where everyone is Catholic, etc; at least not until Original Sin and Concupiscence are wiped out.

Anonymous said...


What does your paragraph have anything to do with Fatima? Who in their right mind would believe there is to be a thousand year age of world peace? Nor have I even closely implied that. Red herrings perhaps?

You're also missing the meaning of the sequence of Mary's promise. IF Russia is converted... This so called 'consecration' by jPii did not result in Our Lady's promises of peace for the world. Obviously none of these have occurred so you reach...for anything to justify the church's disobedience to Our Lady's requests.


Emmett O'Regan said...

John, I don't allow any comments that are lacking in charity. Everyone is entitled to share different viewpoints here, but I expect that disagreements should be conducted with dignity and respect, and without recourse to anger. No approved private revelation mentions an "age" of peace, since such an idea ultimately descends into millenarian heresy, which has long since been condemned by the Church. Our Lady of Fatima foretold that there would be a "period" of peace following the First World War if Russia was consecrated to the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and if it wasn't, a worse war would break out during the pontificate of Pope Pius XI. Russia wasn't consecrated properly, and the Second World War could not be prevented. However, we are also told that in the end Our Lady's Immaculate Heart will triumph, Russia will be converted and a "period" of peace will be granted to the world. I have never said anywhere that Russia has converted, and have repeated many, many times that I expect that the full fruits of the period of peace still awaits us in the future during the ministry of the Two Witnesses, when the Gospel will be proclaimed to the ends of the earth. This period will indeed be short, since the Two Witnesses who accomplish this feat are then put to death by the Antichrist immediately after they have finished their testimony. But it will not involve the end of all evil on earth - this is official Church teaching based on Scripture. As Pope Benedict XVI stated during his pilgrimage to Fatima in 2010: "The Lord told us that the Church would constantly be suffering, in different ways, until the end of the world.". Christ's parable of the wheat and tares states that good and evil must exist side-by-side until the end of the world (Matt 13). There can be no period before the harvest when only the wheat will prevail. Also not everyone will be brought into the Church, merely the "fullness of the Gentiles" will enter into the fold before the coming of the Antichrist, and then there will be another falling away from the faith. What approved private revelation states otherwise? There are no approved private revelations which contradict official Church teaching.

Jason R. said...

Yikes, I'm just following the coup attempt in Turkey, with many conflicting reports (the last that I read is that Erdogan has landed in Germany for safety). Do you think Emmett that this could have any bearing with a possible Turkish role in re-creating an Ottoman empire throughout the Middle East (something I've read on other websites as a possible part of the minor chastisement against Europe/the West)?

Cetera said...

Erdogan has always wanted to recreate the Ottoman empire and a global Caliphate under himself. That has been his goal.

If the coup turns out to be successful, it would be a good thing for the world. Erdogan also supports ISIS, supported the Muslim Brotherhood, etc. He's not a good guy at all.

Jason R. said...

Yes, though I don't follow it as closely as you do Cetera, I kind of got the same impression, with his recent changes to Turkey's constitution, his cracking down on the opposition in parliament, or at least the biggest opposition party, the increased attacks on Kurds and still letting fanatics use Turkey as their entry point to both Syria and Iraq to fight as jihadis... every move he makes is one of consolidating his power to such an extent that it looks inevitable and inarguable that his final goal is to be the complete and totalitarian dictator of the country, and, yeah, who knows where he would go from there, but the most logical guess would be that he would want to turn "his" Turkey into a regional superpower that if doesn't outright re-create the Ottoman empire, then have as much behind the scenes power in every Arab country, or at least among the Sunni population, that it would be basically like a recreated Ottoman empire.

I think maybe from there, if he does create a Sunni superstate that rather than defeats ISIS just somehow incorporates them, he will be wanting a final showdown with a Shia superstate centered on present day Iran and most of southern Iraq, along with Lebanon and Syria. I also have a feeling that if a great Sunni-Shia Islamic civil war breaks out across the region, and even into Pakistan, the Arabian peninsula, and might even drag in countries like Malaysia and Indonesia, whoever wins that war will consolidate their power across the whole region (and my bet between Turkey and Iran is that Iran will come out on top with massive Russian aid and maybe even direct military support).

If a Turkish led Sunni alliance is directly defeated by an Iranian centered Shia alliance, even to the extent of overthrowing the Saudi royal house, taking over Mecca and Medina, etc., that this would also very likely turn from a proxy war (at least partially that is what would be happening besides the Sunni-Shia conflict) between all of NATO vs. Russia could lead to the Islamic (in this case Shia) and Russian surprise invasion of Europe after the civil wars start in France and spread to Italy... which if the predicted civil war is between Christians vs. large Muslim minorities that feel that their very existence is threatened is a way you could see how an Islamic superstate would feel very compelled to intervene in a Europe where a series of Christian vs. Muslim civil wars may break out, mixed with a general uprising by people who have been economically left behind by the new economies of globalization.

It all sounds outlandish even to me typing it out, but events like this could happen so rapidly that they don't have a precedent for how quickly things could unravel into a global and new World War.

Jason R. said...

p.s. I think a purge of the Turkish army is going to take place such that the world hasn't seen since Stalin's purge of the CCCP's armed forces in the late 1930s. There will be a lot of executions I think, an incredible amount. "President Erdogan (centre) told his cheering supporters that the army must be cleansed."... reading this even though it is rather innocuous still sent shivers up and down my spine.

Jason R. said...

Sorry for going on and on about this, but I could also totally see Erdogan creating a parallel military wing, like the NKVD or Waffen SS or Iran's Revolutionary Guard or Saddam Hussein's Republican Divisions, to ensure that the Turkish Armed Forces will never again have the power to even attempt to defy him. The more I've read today, the more I'm afraid that the Turkish Armed Forces had one kick at the can to overthrow Erdogan with how much power consolidation he has been vigorously engaged in, and they blew it, which is not a good thing for this world, no matter how supportive the message from NATO allies have been, I think deep inside they wished the coup succeeded, and who knows? Maybe MI6 and the CIA might have given the military in Turkey a little push in the direction of a coup... it's hard to believe they would have attempted a coup without at least putting feelers out to certain people they could trust in other NATO countries to gauge what the reaction would be to a successful coup. Ahhhh, my head is swimming, so I'll shut up now!

Jason R. said...

It sounds like the coup was of noble intent as you wrote Cetera after I read this statement by the failed plotters, "After the military takeover was announced, a statement from the group was read out on national broadcaster TRT. It said that the democratic and secular rule of law had been eroded by the current government. There would be new constitution, it said." I believe that they acted just as they said, and that this wasn't a nicety to broadcast, because Turkey, especially since the showdown between the Supreme Court and Erdogan, and also especially within the last year, he has been taking Turkey firmly out of the realm of the secular and closer to how the Iranian or Pakistani government operates. OK, now I'll really shut up.

Mark W said...

It wasn't a coup. It was more like a Reichstag Fire event. There are several sources questining the whole thing. It looks like Erdogan cooked it up himself to root out opposition members in the military, and to ensure public support for his "presidency".

Anonymous said...

Emmett, thanks for responding, I have been away for a few days so just getting back.
please clarify,

" I expect that the full fruits of the period of peace still awaits us in the future during the ministry of the Two Witnesses,"

What do you mean by "full fruits of the period of peace?" Do you think the "period of peace" is simply the time of the two witnesses whom Church fathers and doctors believe to be Enoch and Elias? If that's your belief than we know how long that time period is, it's 1260 days no?

Do you believe Russia has been consecrated as our Lady requested and her Immaculate heart must also have triumphed?

John O'Donnell

Cetera said...

Jason, I'm not sure what form all of this is going to take. I know Erdogan is a strong supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood. Egypt had the good luck and grace to have a successful civil war during the Arab Spring, and overthrew Morsi, who was also a supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood. Turkey will not be so lucky.

I think I'm probably in the minority here on this particular site, but I believe that Turkey will be a key focal point during the reign of the Anti-Christ, and that that Anti-Christ will come from an Islamic background, if not be a prominent Muslim himself. Islam is THE anti-Christian religion, and their end-times prophecies are very close to ours, but from the opposite side.

I also think that Russia will be converted, and are not (or will no longer be) the general source of evil and the "bad guys" most want to attribute to them. Right now Russia is about the only nation in the world currently defending Christianity and Christians, and trying.

I also have a suspicion that when Jesus said to Peter in the garden that those who live by the sword will die by the sword, he was speaking on more than one level, and had Islam in mind. There are a lot of new martyrs for the Lord every day in the Middle East. I pray every day for Christ to hurry up and return, as the need is so great, and getting worse faster and faster.

Anonymous said...

keep your attention on greece. syria is still the target
erdogan has been set up and his time is short.

Anonymous said...

Turkey Suspends All US Operations Against ISIS At Incirlik Airbase, Which Vaults B61 Nuclear Bombs
Tyler Durden's picture
by Tyler Durden
Jul 16, 2016 12:06 PM

Following the failed Turkish coup, U.S. military operations out of Turkey’s giant Incirlik Air Base - critical in the ongoing campaign against ISIS - came to a halt Saturday afternoon as the Turkish military closed the airspace around the base and suspended all US-led operations, mostly targeting the Islamic State.

Jason R. said...

I agree Cetera, and beyond being an anti-Christian religion, Islam is technically a Catholic heresy. In many ways they took part of Catholicism, but removed the priesthood, the sacraments, and God come in the flesh as a man. If you check out some of the books on Catholic heresies at EWTN from earlier years, they all include "Mohammedanism" as a Catholic heresy rather than any kind of separate religion. When you study the development of Islam, this view makes a lot of sense.

Mark W., I won't doubt it at all that the coup was just orchestrated political theatre, especially since one of the first moves was firing 2,700 judges as a response. Also, the coup itself was so incompetently executed (and it's not like the Turkish military doesn't have experience in this area) e.g. the first thing they would have done is make sure that the coup didn't begin until Erdogan was in an area where he could be quickly detained or killed.

Jason R. said...

... although all of these theories from a BBC report on the coup make a lot of sense all on their own:

"One theory suggests it was a "false flag" event staged by President Erdogan to gain more power, but common sense dictates the event went too far to be a false flag.

Another theory embraced by the Kurdish movement is that Kemalists - secular followers of the founder of modern Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk - in the army tricked the Gulenists into staging a coup. They knew it would fail and that it would lead to a long-awaited cleansing of Gulenists from the military.

Another theory stems from a police source, who said that the AKP government had been planning to arrest Gulen-supporting army officials on 16 July. The source claims that when the coup-plotters learned about this, they went ahead and initiated the coup earlier than planned - hence the sloppiness.

President Erdogan and his ministers blame the Gulen movement for the coup, and say that this attempt is the group's last gasp.

He may be right, but there is a lot that does not add up. "

Jason R. said...

I thought you might like reading this article Mark W.,, in which Gülen himself describes what he believes to be a staged "coup".

RP said...

Emmett, I can't wait to re-read your book with the new edition.

I thought this article was inspiring for how we should prepare during these times.

Anonymous said...

just coincidence or a new world order announcement

jerry gives aug 14th time for decision

georgia guidestone date aug 14 2016

the 9th of Av fell on August 1st, 1914, the day that World War I started. It seems to be a day when ruling empires are changed.

9th of av 2016 is -----------------aug 16th

Secretary of State John Kerry is warning Syria's government and its backers in Moscow and Tehran that they face an August deadline for starting a political transition or risk the consequences of a new U.S. approach toward ending the 5-yearold civil war


Anonymous said...

I'm convinced that this was a failed real coup by the US. Think about it: a dictator like erdogan is an egotistical, self-absorbed narcissist. Would such a narcissist be reduced to talking on skype/facetime on a mobile phone, held up by a female presenter not wearing a hijab- screened on national tv while his army was bombing the parliament, blocking bridges and roads, stealing helicopters and planes? It's simply unthinkable. Think about it logically: such a narcissist as erdogan, should he have faked a coup, would have made TOTALLY CERTAIN that he could speak to the people from a location which conveyed his gravitas as president of the nation. Instead, he was at the mercy of a female tv presenter while speaking on a mobile which has a 6inch screen. This is just not logical. So, to be reduced to such humiliation shows the coup was real, erdogan's lines of communication and power were cut and he was reduced to an ad-hoc mobile phone linkup to his citizenry.

This, if you ask me, is incontrovertible evidence that erdogan was almmost deposed. and if you look at the broader geopolitical context:

1) refugee crisis in europe as spearheaded by erdogan; and,

2) the mending of relations with Russian, which was CATEGORICALLY against US interests, you are left with no conclusion other than
that this was a real coup staged by the same people that brought you the Arab Spring and the Ukrainian Maidan.

Cetera said...


I am not sure what you mean by a "real coup by the US." Assuming that it was a real coup, it was by no means aided, abetted, planned, or sanctioned by anyone in the US gov't. Obama is BFFs with Erdogan. Obama is quite possibly the biggest supporter of Erdogan in the entire world.

I believe there was a coup planned. I believe most of the military that acted in Turkey meant to depose Erdogan. However, it was poorly planned and poorly executed. I suspect that there was a preliminary plan for a coup. Somehow it was found out, and when that occurred, it spurred action before it was ready. Either some of the plotters decided to go ahead and attempt the coup immediately, before they were fully ready, or others opposed to the coup helped trigger it and encourage it before it was ready.

If you attempt a coup against anyone, but especially against a radical or dictatorial individual or government, it has to be all or nothing. If the coup does not succeed, everyone involved is executed. There can be no hesitation, no pull-back, no surrender. Once you start, the only way you stay alive is 100% success. Anything less is a guaranteed death sentence.

The only way to get to 100% success is to achieve all of your objectives quickly, usually by necessity through surprise. The surprise was there. Erdogan was completely out of position, and briefly lost communication. However, he didn't surrender, and was able to communicate, however amateurishly, with his supporters.

The goals in a coup should be as follows:
1. Take out the leadership
2. Control all communications.
3. Set and manage expectations of the populace.
4. Consolidate and organize power.
5. Never give up, never surrender.

The coup failed everywhere. Erdogan was out of town. Great, that made it easier to quickly take over key government buildings, but so what? They failed to control communications, allowing for chaos when Erdogan called on his supporters to actively take to the streets and fight the military.

They also failed to issue their own orders and expectations to the populace, and then when the populace that was loyal to Erdogan came out into the streets, the military surrendered to local police forces. You had guys armed, in tanks, beaten to death by unarmed civilians, and fully armed combat troops in gear surrendering to local law enforcement armed with nothing more than side arms.

The military wasn't ready for a coup attempt. The soldiers clearly had no interest in shooting the people (a good thing), but they failed to accomplish anything that would lead to the them not having to confront the people and prevent the possible situation.

Also, your comment that this was a coup staged by the people who brought us the Arab Spring is completely wrong. The Arab Spring was largely staged by the Muslim Brotherhood, supported by religious extremist populations, with the intent of replacing secular leaders with devout Islamic governments. The military in Turkey is exactly opposite of that. The Turkish military has been a source of secular order, pro rule-of-law, pro democracy, anti-Sharia.

My take-away is the world got worse this past week. Europe was hoping to pressure Turkey to stop the flow of Islamic "refugees" into Europe, but that definitely will not happen now. If Erdogan had been deposed, the Turkish military would most likely have made a deal with Putin and Russia, and Russia would have been able to attack ISIS with less hassle and worry.

Instead, Erdogan will continue to try to undermine and eliminate the Kurds, will continue to foster and aid ISIS, will continue to try to escalate with Russia, increasing the likelihood of a large scale war that will draw in others (Turkey is a NATO member), and generally we'll be on the same path going from bad to worse as we slouch towards Armageddon.

Cetera said...

Let me clarify the previous comment. The only way the Turkish coup attempt would have been aided, planned, etc by the U.S. government was if it was a staged, faux coup designed to fail, expose the military leaders likely to conduct such a coup, all with the intent of Erdogan consolidating power. I think the odds of that are slim, but possible.

There is zero chance the U.S. tried to stage a real coup against Erdogan. Obama would never, ever do such a thing, any more than he would have undermined Morsi in Egypt. The world would be a much better place today had Turkey been able to pull off what Egypt already successfully did, ousting Morsi after the Arab Spring. Al-Sisi in Egypt is currently one of the good guys in the Arab world.

Mary ELlen said...

We may be in the ministry of the TWO Witness's: The Blessed Virgin Mary and the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

Jason R. said...

I'm teetering back and forth between the theories that the coup was staged by Erdogan, or was a pre-emptive and badly planned/rush attempt by the Gulenists in the army because they were tipped off of a crack-down coming literally the next day, or even that it was the Kemalists in the army playing a dangerous game to precipitate a purge of Gulenists throughout Turkish society.

But putting all of these thing aside for a moment, I was wondering what the opinions are of any/all of the Americans who frequent these comments sections on how wise it is at this point for the US to be storing nuclear weapons in Turkey at this time? Though the 50 or so B-61s are gravity bombs with tactical yields meant to be dropped by aircraft such as F-16s rather than much bigger yield strategic weapons meant to be dropped by B-52s or B-2s, from what I have read, they could be fairly easily modified to be delivered by ground-to-ground missiles that Turkey has in abundance in it's current arsenal?

It just seems that Turkey is getting more and more unstable, in which I mean it is getting more under the control of a single individual without any of the normal cheques and balances of a healthy democratic society. If Erdogan becomes more and more of a one-man show, and pushes Turkey toward a more and more Islamist society, stamping out the last vestiges of Ataturk's almost religious-like devotion to a purely secular Turkish state, perhaps another faux-coup could be used to snatch up though B-61 nukes in a way that no-one will no where they went to... and from there, it is not a large jump to think that Erdogan could see them slip into the hands of ISIS to be used against Damascus, or even Tehran, either of which scanario would surely cause the Iranians to go full-tilt to creating nuclear weapons of their own to use against ISIS, or Saudi Arabia, or even Israel.

While Russia is still in my opinion a large threat to the stability of Eastern Europe, the Balkans, the Caucasus region, and the Baltic Republics, it isn't at the same level of intensity of a Brezhnev-era CCCP, so is it really a necessity to keep US nuclear weapons on Turkish soil. If the coup was actually a real one, even with the substantial US military presence at Incirlik Air Base where the B-61s are kept, the US military force there is mainly in the form of the US Air Force, pilots, ground crew, and logistical personnel... well, it just doesn't seem inconceivable that they could be overwhelmed by a Turkish military in full coup mode, and whether they are genuine or part of a political theatre by Erdogan, either way those weapons could be snatched up much easier than the world might imagine.

So again, I'm just looking for opinions by any Americans, or even any non-Americans who are up to date on the geo-political forces at play here, and especially the strategic wisdom of continuing to have a stockpile of Americans nukes in such an increasingly unstable, yet conversely authoritarian state where so much of the power is concentrating in the hands of a single man who displays the narcissism and megalomania of a Mussolini or a Hitler or a Mao or a Fidel or a Stalin, the type of man for whom any thing is possible, and who, presumably, would use any deception or fake coups, etc., to get his mitts on some nukes. And, again, I don't think he would be stupid enough to use them himself, such as a Turkish attack on Damascus or Tehran, but that he would get those B-61s into the hands of any group (ISIS is just one among many) who would use them against whoever Erdogan would like to see them used against. I haven't read up to much on how customizable the B-61s are, but I'm sure at the very least they could be triggered as a truck bomb, and it's important to remember that ISIS has quite a diverse set of military equipment that it captured from the Iraqi army when they beat a hasty retreat from Mosul.

Jason R. said...

... cont

As an American, would you support a removal of the 50 B-61s from Turkey, even at the risk that that could start a trend of removal from places like, say, Poland? Keeping in mind, for Poland as an example, where the deterrence effect as well as the symbolic support the B-61s represent to an increasingly, and IMHO, very justified, fear on the part of the Polish people, but because of my family history, my Dad born in Poznan, his mom both in Lviv, and they spent over 4 years in a Soviet work camp where rape was a daily thing, etc... so Poles, and especially Latvians where Russian special forces have been caught violating their borders already, have very good reason to be concerned after Russia's actions in the Crimea, Donbass, Georgia, etc... I know many people, even here, thing of Putin as a good man, but I have a completely different view. KGB, whether former or not, well, actually former is a misnomer, because the KGB were all "true-believers", like the SS, Hussein's Republican Guard, Iran's Revolutionary Guard... and it is very telling that Putin that he has put all his old KGB acquaintances in every position of power in his government as Ministers, etc.). I'll just add that I am very proud of Canada for stepping up and taking the role that was supposed to go to France as being part of the trip-wire to help secure the confidence of the Latvian people, as well as the other Baltic republics, and all the countries south of the Carpathians that have become increasingly nervous since the Russian military adventurism in Georgia, and seemingly wanting to take over every area with a localized Russian-speaking majority in whatever country it is, and it seems that the attitude of Russia is "damn the inviolability of nations' borders whether they are legitimate members of the UN or not". But I'm admittedly prejudiced by my own family's experience, so I'll digress on this topic. With the Orthodox Synod going on, which I hope they are serious as they say they are on putting a new focus on ecumenism, may make Russia less like Hitler before the Second World War and his taking over of German-speaking local majorities in other countries.

Here is some wikipedia information on B-61 bombs for anyone interested in this:

I have to say for myself, and it isn't much of my business other than I am from another NATO country, but the storing of nuclear weapons in an increasingly Islamist country like Turkey with a President who obviously has his eye on being a complete dictator in the truest sense where he has complete and totalitarian control makes me very nervous. I hope they are either removed or the US military increases their ground force presence at Incirlik enough that the bombs are inviolably under the total control of America no matter how much Turkey might want to get their hands on them.

Jason R. said...

p.s. Just a line to an article I found that contemplates the same thing as I brought up:

Cetera said...

As an American that follows events very closely, I'm not sure how to answer your question, Jason.

On the one hand, Turkey doesn't exactly need U.S. nukes in order to get nukes. Islam already has nukes in Pakistan, and the know how has been disseminated far and wide. Iranian nuclear physicists are widely acknowledged to have worked with the Norks and have their own first-hand experience building and crafting nuclear weapons.

I also think that it is absolutely inevitable that Islam will detonate a nuclear device against civilian populations in the future. The only doubt that remains is whether or not that targeted civilian population will be another Islamic population (Sunni vs. Shia) or a Western target. The main thing that has prevented an Islamic nuclear has been access, not intent, and that access barrier seems to be crumbling.

I'm also unsure about the security of U.S. nuclear devices in Turkey, both from an operational and a functional status. While I understand the basic theory of building a nuke, I am certain I could not disassemble one successfully, nor get usable materials out of one if I had one dumped in my lap. Surely there are a lot of folk that could do better, but one would imagine that there would be fail safes. The nukes are supposed to be zero-point safe.

I would hope that the Pentagon is constantly updating contingency plans for an overrun of Turkey. They have entire staffs who are supposed to do nothing else but dream up situations and options for them. I would hope, but am not terribly confident in that hope, that the nukes would be exported before they could be captured. The U.S. can still project force like nothing else the world has ever seen, and should be able to conduct sustained, constant carpet bombings on any section of the world at any time with less than 72 hours notice. They can do that simply by using B2s out of Nebraska with a complicated refueling operation, without using any carriers or any other support infrastructure. I would also hope that U.S. forces could hold the fort long enough for air-delivered reinforcements and support to arrive. Again, I'm hopeful, not confident.

Cetera said...

continued from above:

Then you have to start looking at things from a political perspective. Turkey is one of the oldest members of NATO. Every NATO country is theoretically under the protection of the American nuclear umbrella of forces. I do not believe it would be possible to remove that umbrella of protection from a NATO member, even one as lack-luster as Turkey, without serious repercussions throughout the Alliance.

I'm leaning more and more towards having the U.S. out of the U.N. and out of NATO, but at this point in time that hasn't happened, and is not going to happen in the near term. Until the U.S. decides to pull out of the treaty, and to abandon all NATO allies, I suspect the nukes will stay there. Further trouble and rumblings of trouble may lead to more hedging of bets, but I don't think the political climate is there that would risk NATO as a whole.

I would also be very hesitant about such moves until we had alternate arrangements with our true allies and could actually support them. Of course, this current administration's allies are very different from the American peoples. We seem to be currently operating under the premise of "no worse friend, no better enemy."

Still, I am less worried about any particular nation stealing U.S. nukes than someone just making their own devices and using them on their own. I wasn't alive for the first nuclear war, and I don't think I want to see another one, especially one with an actual exchange of nukes between sides.

Should such a thing happen, the Western world will be faced with two choices, equally horrible. Surrender and die out, or completely eliminate all of Islam, including all innocents. It won't take more than 3 nukes going off in Western cities for the populations to all push for and demand the complete annihilation of anything that is even tangential to Islam. Will our leaders and politicians do it, or will they cave? My money is on caving, unless someone with more intestinal fortitude emerges. The world cries out for another Cromwell. Nature abhors a vacuum. We may yet get one. We may also get something much worse (see Emmett's book).

Anonymous said...

Mary Ellen,

The Two Witnesses are not the Hearts of Jesus and Mary.

And overwhelming majority of the Church Fathers confirm what is alluded to in Sacred Scripture: the Two Witnesses are Enoch and Elijah and they will return in public, supernatural fashion during the reign of the Antichrist.

Jason R. said...

Thank you for your comments Cetera; I always appreciate reading your posts because of the depth of knowledge you possess on international politics and especially geopolitics... it's starting to be a rather old book, but have you ever read "The Rise and Fall of Great Powers", or even better, the newer books "The Next 100 Years", its follow-up "The Next 10 Years"?

I'm usually not one to push books on anyone else, but with your keen interest in these matters I couldn't help but think of these books, especially George Friedman's ones... when I was looking up the links I noticed Friedman has a new one called "Flashpoints: The Emerging Crisis in Europe" that I just ordered... from the blurb on Amazon it sounds like it would be a great book to read for any of us interested in eschatology as it ties in to geopolitics by its strictest yet simplest definition, "... the study of the effects of geography on international politics and international relations."

The description of Friedman's newest book really piqued my interest, especially after having read his previous books and my amazement at how prophetic they have been about events in the world (e.g. he predicted the Russian seizure of the Crimea many years in advance, among dozens of other examples):

"New York Times bestselling author and geopolitical forecaster George Friedman delivers a fascinating portrait of modern-day Europe, with special focus on significant political, cultural, and geographical flashpoints where the conflicts of the past are smoldering once again.

For the past five hundred years, Europe has been the nexus of global culture and power. But throughout most of that history, most European countries have also been volatile and unstable—some even ground zero for catastrophic wars. As Friedman explores the continent’s history region by region, he examines the centuries-long struggles for power and territory among the empires of Spain, Britain, Germany, and Russia that have led to present-day crises: economic instability in Greece; breakaway states threatening the status quo in Spain, Belgium, and the United Kingdom; and a rising tide of migrants disrupting social order in many EU countries. Readers will gain a new understanding of the current and historical forces at work—and a new appreciation of how valuable and fragile peace can be."

Jason R. said...

... cont.

The one thing that disturbed me a little in what you wrote was the idea of wholesale genocide of Muslims, which I assumed just meant Muslims in the Middle East rather than ones farther east or where they have significant minorities i.e. Indonesia, Malaysia, France, Singapore, etc. I don't think this is something you were advocating, for I don't think Our Lord or Our Lady would advocate a Holocaust 2.0 of innocents who are struggling under the yoke of Invincible Ignorance, especially women and children. I can't get over that Our Lady chose arguably her most important appearance at a site named after Mohammad's daughter Fatima, and I hope, wish, and pray that it will be through Our Lady of Fatima that Muslims will convert wholeheartedly, or in my mind, be cleansed of their heresy, for I think of Islam primarily as a Catholic heresy that a religion in and of itself.

That being said, I agree with your view of the danger of Islam, and I am convinced by several personal experiences and ones shared by close acquaintances who I believe to possibly have the gift of prophetic dreams that Rome, including of course the Vatican, will be utterly destroyed by an Islamic nuclear ICBM, which I think will originate from Iran. I'm rather amazed at how many Westerners, especially Christians, are unaware that Mohammad himself called for the conquering, or short of that, complete destruction of Jerusalem, Constantinople, AND Rome, and that not a single jihadi isn't keenly aware of that last unfulfilled order directly from "The Prophet" himself.

But even knowing such danger, the idea of killing innocent people who by no fault of their own grew up and have lived their whole lives in Islamic societies... I can't help but think of St. Paul's words in 1 Corinthians 15:10, and that if I was born into one of those lands I'm quite sure I would be a Muslim myself, and who knows more specifically what my beliefs would be. I lost so many family members during the Second World War through bombing of Germany cities that I may have a bias here, that though they lived in a Nazi-ruled country, dozens of my father's cousins that died as children in the bombings by the British specifically, it just doesn't seem moral or just to me, and even more especially because the night-time bombings using incendiary devices were meant specifically to terrorize the population rather than any pretense of interrupting war production, etc... the British were quite open about it at the time. I'd hate to see the Western world make the same mistake en masse by conducting a nuclear annihilation of entire population of Muslim-majority countries (which would take along many Christians, specifically groups like the Assyrian Catholic Church, and other non-Muslim population groups along with the Muslims. I believe God would judge us most harshly for any acts of genocide, no matter how seemingly strong the reasoning behind it. Again, I'm not suggesting you were advocating for such a move, rather than just predicting that it could come as a possible future action. I pray that the mass conversion of the Muslims will come before any such thing could take place, and the possibility gives me yet another (as if I needed any more) even more incentive to pray the rosary daily and to again keep the First Saturdays devotion if I ever recover from the illness that keeps me bed-bound.

Jason R. said...

... cont. 2

Anyways, thanks again for replying in such a detailed manner to my question Cetera. Although I am left of you on the political spectrum, again, I love to read your very insightful commentary and look forward to whenever you post (not that I should be naming favourites, but you are among the posters here who's words I look forward to the most... your opinions and incredible knowledge of detailed facts and use of quotations of enemies of the Church instead of just hyperbole remind me of my late mom, who was a Charismatic Catholic and really had a passion for these things as well... which if you knew how much I admired my mom and still do, you'd know that that's about as high of praise as I could give a person I think.

Cetera said...

Let me explain. No, it is too much. Let me sum up.

No, I haven't read those books. There are a great many things that I want to read, and just don't ever find the time. I need to make the time, but it seems like I always have something higher priority.

As to Islam, I do think it is THE anti-Christian religion. I do not advocate for the mass extinction of Islamic believers. I do feel that based on the trends of history, an inevitable clash with Islam is inevitable. Understanding the causes and seeing the horrible, logical ends isn't a lot of fun for anyone. Lots of innocents will be killed. I don't want it to happen, but that isn't the same thing as understanding that it most likely will happen anyway.

Islam cannot co-exist with anything that isn't Islam, and Islam doesn't co-exist with itself, either. The Sunni/Shia "issue" is one both sides are perfectly willing to wipe out the other side over. Islam doesn't really have any capacity to negotiate, settle, and come to a live-and-let-live arrangement. It is spread and enforced by the sword, and because of their view that all are born Muslim, and that apostasy is a capital crime that must be punished by death, they are basically required to exterminate all non-Muslims.

Assuming these things, assuming an indefinite timeline, one of two things will happen. Islam will exterminate everyone else, or everyone else will finally have had enough and will exterminate Islam. There is a middle-ish option, where Islam converts to Christianity, but that is just another way of exterminating Islam.

There are a variety of sources that indicate that a major push is underway inside Islam, and that vast majorities of Muslims may indeed convert. If you look, there are rumors of Jesus appearing to many, many Muslims in dreams. There are stories of these converts to Christ still practicing Islam for fear of death. However, there are many, many more martyrs being made daily now than is likely to have ever occurred before in the history of humanity.

I'm not certain that is good news. Martyrs are good, and earned their ticket to Heaven, but the process of making them is horrible and horrifying. Still, the ranks of the host of Heaven are swelling in numbers.

As for the rest, thank you for the kind compliments. I'm convinced you must have me mistaken for someone else. :) I don't post very often, and when I do, it is usually too lengthy. I desperately need an editor.

Cetera said...

So, another terror attack today, in Germany. At some point, the public is going to be tired of being scared, and they are going to be tired of losing loved ones.

The human brain works very, very hard to take shortcuts to important information. It is a survival mechanism, and used for interpreting danger. It is OK to have a false-positive reaction to danger on occasion, but not OK to miss danger. Those that missed the danger didn't make it long enough to have kids. As a trade off, we occasionally panic over a half-glimpsed something in a mirror or out of the corner of our eye, or get freaked out by a dark basement.

Stereotypes are common, because they work. It is an overly-simplified version of profiling, which also works based on probabilities for risk avoidance.

When the public can't tell the peaceful Muslims from the violent Muslims, but all the attacks keep coming from people who believe a certain way, and coincidentally, look a certain way, then all people who look a certain way will eventually be perceived as the enemy. There isn't time in a life-or-death moment to fully evaluate whether someone is a good guy or a bad guy. You just have to respond to the threat. At some point, all people who look like the attackers will be taken as a threat by the public's individual self-consciousness. It doesn't have to happen in everyone. It just has to happen to enough people that the strings start to unravel. It will snowball on itself, and it will lead to violent confrontations, and eventually a complete paradigm change.

Here is The Three Conjectures, written by Richard Fernandez back in 2003:

Cetera said...

correction above: individual's sub-consciousness

Anonymous said...


You wrote..

" There can be no period before the harvest when only the wheat will prevail. Also not everyone will be brought into the Church, merely the "fullness of the Gentiles" will enter into the fold before the coming of the Antichrist, and then there will be another falling away from the faith. What approved private revelation states otherwise? There are no approved private revelations which contradict official Church teaching."

Your theory here and also your blog title itself unfortunately are incorrect. You believe the triumph of the Church or "age of peace" is during the the time of the "Two Witnesses" which all Church historians and doctors have told us are Enoch and Elias but which you evidently doubt because you keep referring to them as 'the two witnesses" which they are, but when doctors of the Church have already told us it will be Enoch and Elias, no sense playing games like you know something better.

Both Holzhauser and Saint francis of Paola state that all nations (during the age of peace) will enter the Church. It does not mean all MEN will convert (we know the entirety of Jews WON'T until the end after the Anti Christ) but ALL nations will convert to the Catholic faith. After this age of peace or Age of Mary men fall AGAIN, THEN the Anti Christ, Enoch and Elias come to convert everyone.

Here is the quote from Holzhauser "He will root out false doctrines and destroy the rule of Moslemism. His dominion will extend from the East to the West. All nations will adore God their Lord according to the Catholic teaching. There will be many wise and just men. The people will love justice, and peace will reign over the whole earth, for divine power will bind Satan for many years until the coming of the Son of Perdition. "

And here is the quote from Saint Francis de Paoola

"By the grace of the Almighty, the Great Monarch will annihilate heretics and unbelievers. He will have a great army, and angels will fight as his side. He will be like the sun among the stars. His influence will spread over the whole earth. All in all, there will be on earth twelve Kings, one Emperor, one Pope and a few princes. They will all lead holy lives."

There will arise a valiant King anointed by God. He will be a Catholic and a descendant of Louis IX, yet a descendant also of an imperial German family, born in exile. He will rule supreme in temporal matters. The pope will rule in spiritual matters at the same time....All nations will adore the Lord according to Catholic teaching....People will love justice, and peace will reign over the whole earth, for Divine Power will bind Satan for many years."

This is the promised (by private revelation and more than like much biblical prophecy) "age of peace" or "age of Mary". This is the end times but NOT the end proper.

You don't seem to want to debate this point and that's fine but I believe you do a great disservice to your readers and can even discourage the Catholic faithful. Our Lady is sad in all of her approved apparitions but she gives us hope because says definitively that her immaculate heart triumphs and there is a last glorious triumph of the Church on earth IN TIME before the end proper or Anti Christ.

I think what you do is similar to what the protestants do, they get their followers all worked up waiting for this "rapture" nonsense which is not scriptural and even one private revelation I know of says that during the three days of darkness many will die from fright believing it is the end of the world. Would those people live if they knew it was just a chastisement and on the other side was a great age of peace?
I respectfully suggest you don't deny the words our Lady and what she has said will be the period of peace given to the world.

This is my last comment on the matter on your site.

John O'Donnell

Emmett O'Regan said...

John, you quote some of the Great Monarch prophecies in attempt to demonstrate that the period of peace will last for an "age" during which the Church will triumph on earth for an extended amount of time. However, the Great Monarch is universally regarded in private prophecies as appearing immediately before the reign of the Antichrist. How can you possibly reconcile these views, unless the Great Monarch lives as long as Methuselah? I have never denied that the Virgin Mary said that a period of peace would be given to the world to the shepherd children of Fatima, but she also said at La Salette that it would be short, which is the only approved private revelation which mentions the duration of this time period. You claim that I am doing the Church a disservice by denying this future "age of peace". In reality though, this idea is nothing more than thinly veiled millenarianism - the "falsification of the kingdom to come", which has been formally condemned by the Church. The Catechism plainly teaches what form the real triumph of the Church takes - not by an intra-historical triumph of the Church through a progressive ascendancy, but by it taking up its cross and following the Lord on his path to Calvary during its final Passover under the Antichrist:

"The Antichrist's deception already begins to take shape in the world every time the claim is made to realize within history that messianic hope which can only be realized beyond history through the eschatological judgement. The Church has rejected even modified forms of this falsification of the kingdom to come under the name of millenarianism, especially the "intrinsically perverse" political form of a secular messianism.

The Church will enter the glory of the kingdom only through this final Passover, when she will follow her Lord in his death and Resurrection. The kingdom will be fulfilled, then, not by a historic triumph of the Church through a progressive ascendancy, but only by God's victory over the final unleashing of evil, which will cause his Bride to come down from heaven. God's triumph over the revolt of evil will take the form of the Last Judgement after the final cosmic upheaval of this passing world. (CCC676-677)

Mark L said...

Hi Emmett-

I'm wondering what scriptural evidence there is for any period of peace or second pentecost. I don't find one in the Gospels, epistles or Revelation. Malachi 4.5-6 and Matthew 17.11 talk about a "restoration" with the return of Elijah, but of course Our Lord mentions Elijah as having already come (clearly, 'in a manner of speaking') in the figure of John the Baptist.

But these are rather oblique references. The vast body of what Our Lord says speaks essentially about a continuous spiraling downward in the end, worse and worse, until His return.

Mark L.

To my mind this would speak against any kind of universal peace. I still read Our Lady's Fatima promise as a temporal ease of conflict (largely with Russia) which I still see as having in large part been fulfilled. And I am inclined to agree with the Fr. Gobbi messages which talk about Her triumph as coinciding with Our Lord's very return in glory - one and the same thing, instead of distinct.

Emmett O'Regan said...

Hi Mark,
Scripture only mentions the promised restoration which is to take place immediately before the end of the world. This is when the Gospel is spread to the ends of earth, bringing in the "fullness of the Gentiles" before the conversion of the Jews:

But the one who endures to the end will be saved. And this gospel of the kingdom will be proclaimed throughout the whole world as a testimony to all nations, and then the end will come. (Matt 24:13-14)

Lest you be wise in your own sight, I do not want you to be unaware of this mystery, brothers: a partial hardening has come upon Israel, until the fullness of the Gentiles has come in. And in this way all Israel will be saved, as it is written, “The Deliverer will come from Zion, he will banish ungodliness from Jacob”;
“and this will be my covenant with them when I take away their sins.”
(Rom 11:25-27)

Repent therefore, and turn back, that your sins may be blotted out, that times of refreshing may come from the presence of the Lord, and that he may send the Christ appointed for you, Jesus, whom heaven must receive until the time for restoring all the things about which God spoke by the mouth of his holy prophets long ago.
(Acts 3:19-21)

The recurring theme to note is that this restoration takes place immediately before the end of the world during the Second Coming of Christ, meaning it can't last for an extended length of time. The Second Coming is only delayed until the conversion of the Jews, which takes place once the fullness of the Gentiles is brought in during the ministry of the Two Witnesses. Christ mentions two comings of Elijah - one he identifies as St. John the Baptist, and the other is still to come to bring about the "restoration of all things" mentioned above, when the hearts of the fathers are turned to the children etc.

And the disciples asked him, “Then why do the scribes say that first Elijah must come?” He answered, “Elijah does come, and he will restore all things. But I tell you that Elijah has already come, and they did not recognize him, but did to him whatever they pleased. So also the Son of Man will certainly suffer at their hands.” Then the disciples understood that he was speaking to them of John the Baptist. (Matt 17:10-13)

There won't be any universal peace during this time period, and not everyone will convert - the tares will exist alongside the wheat until the end of the world. In fact, the deaths of the Two Witnesses is met with great rejoicing. Many religious minded people will convert to Catholicism during this time of restoration, and I expect some sort of reconciliation to take place between the Catholic and Orthodox Churches, as well as the conversion of England. But there will be always be plenty of stubborn people who steadfastly refuse to believe, and evil will still abound.

Cetera said...

Another day, another terror attack by Muslims, this time executing a priest at daily mass, cutting his throat:

Maybe we can send them to the Vatican, and Francis can welcome them with open arms...

Interesting, too, how they didn't have any guns, but were still able to execute someone in public with impunity, until men with guns arrived. Also very interesting, how they aren't hiding their evil in specifically targeting a priest, a man of the cloth, an annointed of God.

How long, oh Lord? How much longer? How full will you allow the count to be?

Rev 6:9-11:
9And when the Lamb opened the fifth seal, I saw under the altar the souls of those who had been slain for the word of God and for the testimony they had upheld. 10And they cried out in a loud voice, “How long, O Lord, holy and true, until You judge those who live on the earth and avenge our blood.”

11Then each of them was given a white robe and told to rest a little while longer, until the full number of their fellow servants, their brothers, were killed, just as they had been killed.

Anonymous said...

Emmett, thanks for the reply

From your writings I can see you don't believe in the "age of peace" or "age of mary" which has been mentioned in so many private revelations and that's perfectly fine because of course private revelation is not required to be believed in for the faith. I do notice your tendency towards sola scriptura or "where is that in the bible" so you may want to be on guard against this heresy.

I think Colin Donovan VP of theology at EWTN said it best regarding the "three days" and the "age of Mary" in this reply from 2002:

"The prophecy of three days of darkness is not in the Book of Revelation but in the revelations of the end times provided by Catholic prophets St. Caspar del Bufulo, Blessed Anna Maria Taigi, Blessed Elizabeth Canori-Mora and Blessed Mary of Jesus Crucified. These holy Catholics of the 19th century, the last two of whom Pope John Paul II beatified, speak of a Minor Tribulation of the world (minor compared to the Great Tribulation of the Antichrist at the end of the world), as a time of purification leading into an age of peace. This "era of peace" is presumably that prophesized to the children of Fatima, and which St. John Eudes, St. Louis de Monfort, and others, have spoken of variously as a Marian age, or an Eucharistic age, or a Social Reign of Jesus Christ. It is not, in Catholic prophecy, a physical reign of Jesus on the earth, such as the Protestants expect, since that is the heresy of millenarianism. Rather, it is a time in which the Church will flourish, the Gospel will be spread to the far corners of the earth, but which will eventually devolve into the time of the Antichrist, whom Christ will slay with the breath of His Coming. THAT will be the end."

I enjoy reading your blog but I completely disagree with your assumptions about the "age of peace" and Ii really do think it does a disservice to our Lady and denies (Along with most modern church men) the message of Fatima

John O'D

KP said...

So denying a 1000 year golden age is disrespectful to Our Lady of Fatima, even though Our Lady of Fatima made it known to Sr. Lucia that we're now at the end of the world, just before the second coming?

Where do you get the idea that Emmett teaches sola scriptura? He refers to private revelation a lot, but only to private revelations approved by the Church. If you look deeper you'll see that these messages about a 1000 year golden age are not officially recognized by the Church. Compare that with Sr Lucia and Saint Faustina Kowalska who both said the second coming is happening soon.

A lot of this future golden age stuff really annoys me because it contradicts the Deposit of Faith. I think the real root of it is both fear and hope: people are fearful of living during the reign of Antichrist because they imagine it'll be physically horrific, and they have hope in an earthly prace with their families where practically everyone is catholic.

But we're not to look forward to anything on earth. Our hope isn't on a semi golden age. Our hope is for the Second Coming when Christ destroys evil and restores to the Earth to glory at that time. That's what you should be hoping for and looking forward to: not some golden age that contradicts the teaching of the apostles.

rose said...

At Youth Day, Vatican releases teen sex manual that doesn't mention much about sin:

You can also find this link on today's Spirit Daily:

If anyone doesn't believe that the Church has degenerated into the lowest depths of depravity please log on to the link above. We are now in the Chastisement. The Church is in such confusion and darkness that very few can really see what is going on. I've always had my doubts about Pope Francis, but now I believe he and his Curia have effectively destroyed (for the time being) the Catholic Church. She has no rudder, no captain, and has become totally secularized--abandoning her Lord. She is in her passion. The only thing to do , to those who see it, is to pray the rosary, be faithful, and trust.

Anonymous said...

KP makes a very good point about "this future golden age stuff." It does contradict the Deposit of the Faith, Catholic teaching.
1) It is not found in Scripture.
2) It's only source is the interpretation of a few private revelations, which are actually misunderstood by those who presenting them. What the good Fr. Gobbi said about a golden age is a misunderstanding of the actual end when Jesus returns and then it is Heaven on Earth, for example.

And as KP says, Our hope is not to look forward to anything on THIS earth, our hope is in the New Earth, the Heaven on Earth, the Kingdom in its fullness coming to earth. Our hope is not in a semi golden age, but in the Second Coming, and eternity. That is what we should be looking forward to, not a "golden age" that contradicts our faith.

As for private revelations, note WELL that Our Lady at Medjugorje always refers to eternity, and not living in this dying, corrupted world.

If there was to be a golden age ushered in by the Triumph of her Immaculate Heart, should we not expect she would allude to it at this late hour as we near her Triumph, which Our Lady does mention often? But Our Lady does not speak of a near-future golden age, instead she alludes to the soon-coming Kingdom of God and urgently pleads with us to convert - NOW! - before it is too late, and reminds us how this earth is passing away, not about to enter a long golden age of peace and love. Here are a few snippets from Medjugorje messages:

11/2/2015: ...My children, apostles of my love, do not lose hope, do not lose strength. You can do this. I am encouraging and blessing you. Because all that is of this world, which many of my children, unfortunately, put in the first place, will disappear; and only love and works of love will remain and open the door of the Kingdom of Heaven. I will wait for you at this door. At this door, I desire to welcome and embrace all of my children. Thank you!

3/25/2008: ...I call you to work on your personal conversion...Everything is passing, little children, only God is not passing.

11/25/2008: ...Your faith will become firm so that you will be able to say with all your heart: 'My God, my all.' You will comprehend, little children, that here on earth everything is passing...

9/2/2011: ...Everything around you is passing and everything is falling apart, only the glory of God remains. Therefore, renounce everything that distances you from the Lord. Adore Him alone, because He is the only true God...

So recent private revelation says THIS earth is passing away, not that there will be a '1000' year reign of peace on THIS earth.

God bless.
Greg J. Cring

Rachmaninov said...

From private revelation approved by the Church we have categorical prove of the eschatological future -and it doesnt contain anything about a spiritual millennium.
1) Divine Mercy revelations -the final coming of Jesus is what we are told is being prepared now. The Polish Archbishop Gadecki inteviewed just before Pope Francis' arrival in Poland said in an interview he hoped the visit would fulfil the task of" “strengthening Europe’s Christian roots and preparing the world for Christ’s second coming.”
Kibeho Rwanda (with highest level of approval) also states we are being prepared for the return of Jesus and the end of the world (thats from the seer alphonsine Mumareke now a Nun)
San Nicolas Argentina, "the coming of the Lord is imminent" and"Daughter, the Prince of Evil pours out his venom today with all his might, beacuse he sees that his sorry reign is ending.Little is left to him.His end is near".You cant get more explicit proof than that.
Of course in the theory of fr Iannuzzi and Mark Mallett, Satan returns at the end after the golden age, so in this message Our Lady is completey bypassing the 1000 year reign by prophesying Satan (not the Antichist) will be defeated forever. For those of us who follow the correct magisterial interpretation, Satan and the Antichrist will be defeated forever at the time of the Second coming.
Concerning Fatima the recent popes from Pius XII have said Fatima's message can be summed up in the words from the Gospel "The Kingdom of God is close at hand"
Also two further locally approved apparitions in Amsterdam and Brazil also speak of the second coming or the Kingdom coming.
Concerning the Kingdom of the Divine will, if they are ever approved, my belief is that Jesus was talking of the state of the world after the second coming not before. As those messages are all about the Our Father prayer being fulfilled-and as the Catechsim states it will only happen afer the final coming- then it makes perfect sense that this new era talked of is the same as the new heaven and new earth. Perusing quotes from Fr Iannuzzi Q&A's about the era of peace, all the quotes he uses from the Divine Will writings contain nothing that suggests the era Jesus talks of is temporary.Of course we have not seen the entire writings but I presume Fr Iannuzzi would have seen them all, and definately would have included any evidence from the Lord implying the Kingdom of the Divine will would end some day prior to a Fianl coming of satan.That fact that he doesnt suggests there is no message in those writings like that.
We must conclude that absolutely no approved apparition speaks of a spiritual millennium. People are confused with the terminology of Era or Age, but we should remember. St Paul describes the era after the end of th world as the "age to come" -its just that its doesnt have an end.
Stephen Walford

Anonymous said...

"So denying a 1000 year golden age is disrespectful to Our Lady of Fatima, even though Our Lady of Fatima made it known to Sr. Lucia that we're now at the end of the world, just before the second coming?

The only 1000 year golden age in the Church was from roughly 400-1400. Who denied this? Our Lady of Fatima appeared 100 years ago and specifically said there would be a time of peace given to the world. It is impossible, impossible for our Lady in any true, Church approved apparition to contradict, take away from, or lesson the teachings of her Son or the Church. So yes, you who deny this "age of peace" promised by our lady at Fatima and other apparitions call our lady a liar, plain and simple and you do so at your own peril ESPECIALLY if what you say harms the faith and love for the Holy Mother of God. I can guarantee you Our Lord will not look kindly upon such works.

Sola Scriptura is what protestants believe and I don't know if some of you commenting above are protestants (This is a Catholic end times forum but such forums seem to attract rapture nutters) but I know protestants jnearly ALWAYS despise our Lady. I have never run into one in a com box anywhere who didn't try to run down or lesson the Holy Mother of God, it's a sickness with protestants and can guarantee you they're all in for a HUGE surprise when the SHTF over the next few years.

For the person above who mentioned and quotes Medjugorje prophecy, I don't what to tell you, if you have not figured out by now that Medjugorje is a false apparition, a deception from Satan, with all the information available on the web, you need to pray for some discernment.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, a few typos and sp above, working remotely on a small keyboard, it is what it is when there is no edit function.

Mark L said...

Hi Emmett-

I'm not sure that those who posit a period of peace are necessarily talking about a spiritual millennium, something which is rightly refuted by Stephen and Greg, the authors of books I own and prize.

I point to posts of yours which talk about the Second Pentecost, for example:

"it appears that this era of peace will be short lived... The Second Pentecost/era of peace is brought about by the Two Witnesses...suggesting that the Second Pentecost and rise to power of the Antichrist occur within the course of a single life-time."



" the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, and which would pave the way for the coming of the Second Pentecost that must take place before the Parousia of Christ. "


Although I didn't follow up with your response to my previous post, the only Gospel reference of note to any sort of restoration prior to Christ's return is Matthew 17.11. The non-Gospel NT references, such as the fullness of the Gentiles and the return of the Jews, refer by deduction only. We cannot know the number of the completion of the Gentiles so ought not necessarily assume that we will be able to point to a time in the future when we can clearly state that the fullness of Gentiles has been reached. This is hidden in the heart of God. However I do think we will be able to do that with the conversion of the Jews. Though it doesn't necessarily follow that such conversion is the direct result of the Matthean restoration, it would seem to logically follow.

I am struck by how thin Our Lord's references are to a period of restoration (and given only after a direct question about Elijah), especially given the preponderance of signs he told us about of his final return in glory. It's almost as though it is much less consequential. Either that, or such a period of restoration was already well-embedded in his listeners' minds and so wasn't necessary to repeat. This is mitigated, however, by his clear intent to stress the "nowness" of the Kingdom with his Incarnation. A passage we would all do well to take to heart:

"Once Jesus was asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God was coming, and he answered, “The kingdom of God is not coming with things that can be observed; nor will they say, ‘Look, here it is!’ or ‘There it is!’ For, in fact, the kingdom of God is among[within] you.” (Luke 17.20-21)

The profuse eschatological musings in our day represent a potential threat to our interior solicitude and recollection, an interior attention to Christ which plays some mysterious part in helping to usher in his Kingdom. If this were not true, Our Lord would not have told us to guard our hearts, to keep watch and alert, to not look for his Kingdom in a way which can be observed, and so forth. 2 Peter 3.12 also reveals that we are to "hasten the coming of the day of God," thus showing, along with Matthew 6.10, that we play a real and vital part in bringing Our Lord's Day into existence. Might we not justly speculate that though "our lives are hidden now in Christ," when he returns "we will be revealed" (Colossians 3.3-4), that this "revealing" of Christians might not, at least partly, occur in time, and not just after time ends? The imagination jumps to the conclusion that it will only be in the finality of the Kingdom that the Christian will be "revealed," but might not our "revealing" be an essential part of what ushers in the Parousia?

If so, this adds to the significance of Peter's admonition: "while waiting for [Christ's return], strive to be found at peace, without spot or blemish" (2 Peter 3.14). This will be how we help "hasten his coming" (2 Peter 3.12).

In Christ,
Mark L.

Anonymous said...

Of note:

Minute 2:45, and especially 2:54:
"Most people don't know this, but St. Faustina was commanded by the Lord to prepare the way for His Second Coming and the Final Judgement by her messages that she received from Him."

God bless.
Greg Cring

Anonymous said...

To the anonymous with the 'hair on fire', who says: "Our Lady of Fatima appeared 100 years ago and specifically said there would be a time of peace given to the world."

One might find it profitable to ask oneself, "What did Our Lady mean by 'peace'?"

Jesus said, "Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you.
Not as the world gives do I give it to you." John 14:27

The footnote for that verse says:
Peace: the traditional Hebrew salutation šālôm; but Jesus’ “Shalom” is a gift of salvation, connoting the bounty of messianic blessing.

Indeed. Jesus gives us the gift of salvation by making peace between man and God when He dies on the cross for us. He makes peace with God; He reconciles us to God.

Our Lady is speaking of her Son's peace - that of reconciliation between man and God. Our Lady's promised period of peace is manifesting now through the apparition of Medjugorje, where she, the Queen of Peace, said on the third day of the apparition: "Peace, Peace, Peace! Be reconciled! Only Peace. Make your peace with God and among yourselves." Then she told us how to make our peace with God when she continued: "For that, it is necessary to believe, to pray, to fast, and to go to confession."

We are living Our Lady's promised period of peace right now. Blessed Mary said she is finishing with Medjugorje what she began at Fatima. The Medjugorje apparition is the promised period of peace - it is a time for us to reconcile, that is, to convert, to return to God, Now! (as Our Lady says, it is urgent that we return to Him NOW! -DO NOT WAIT!) One has to ask oneself, why such urgency being expressed by Our Lady? Medjugorje is a pause in the chastisements spoken of at Fatima. This 'pause' was merited by the Holy Father making the Act of Consecration in union with our first Saturday reparations over the years. After the 'pause' - that is, after the Medjugorje apparition ends - the chastisements will continue if man still refuses to convert - and that is what the Medjugorje seriously grave secrets entail: the continuation of Fatima to its conclusion: the end of the reign of Satan over the earth.

God bless you.
Greg Cring

Anonymous said...

I suspect that Christ's Millenium, at least as the Protestants define it, has already occurred; for the first thousand years after Christ, the Church grew and flourished; in the early Middle Ages, the Vatican's secular authority meant that Europe was governed in accordance with Church teachings. Everything was ordered around the liturgical seasons, such as they were back then. Time was more often reckoned by the feast days than by any secular calendar.

Of course there was corruption. The institution may have been founded by God Himself, in the Person of Jesus Christ, but it is run by men, and mankind, by definition, is sinful. The Millenium was not a period of perfection, and not even a period of peace, but even wars were governed by Church law. There were certain times and places, for instance, where a soldier wasn't allowed to go armed, certain seasons when it was forbidden to make war. I'm sure these limitations were violated, but for the most part, kingdoms adhered to them. Add to that the fact that, due to the technology of the time, it simply wasn't practical to conduct battles during some seasons - winter, and the height of summer, in particular, made it nearly impossible - and there really was only a very short period during the spring and early fall when battle was possible, so that life during that era was largely peaceful.

Of course, this is my own opinion, a conclusion I recently came to while reading some old history texts.


Anonymous said...

"Blessed Mary said she is finishing with Medjugorje what she began at Fatima"

Medjugorje is an ABSOLUTE deception from the devil and you completely invalidate any argument you are attempting to make by quoting ANYTHING from Medjugorje.

If you believe in Medjugorje you are not Catholic because any Catholic knows that an apparition which was condemned several times by the local bishop is not something that Catholics should invest one second thinking about.

So if you're not Catholic, I'm sorry you're not, but Emmett is basing this blog apparently on a Catholic perspective, if I'm wrong on that, well that would explain much about Emmett's beliefs regarding the age of Mary.
My best advice is to try to find your way back to the one true Catholic faith and you'll likely only be able to do this by findinng a traditional Latin mass community.

Anonymous said...

Emmett, do you ever wonder if the antichrist is alive now? With all the interconnectedness of commerce and communication, don't you think it is plausible? I get a sense from your writing that you think that comes much latter and I just can't fathom more apostasy. I write from the U.S. Many things have come to light during this presidential election cycle that had been concealed from the people for the last 20-25 years because of the presence of an outside candidate. The web of deceit that has been thrown over the populace can not get much worse...all forms of telecommunication are complicit in the deceit to encourage globalization and the stage is set up for a uni-religion. Pope Francis is showing he is complicit, too by encouraging Islamism in Christian countries. I guess that is where the martyrdom of the Christians will be taking place. I think the time is now for these prophesied events and not later. Mary

Anonymous said...

Anonymous with your hair completely on fire and those lacking peace: anger and rage and a conflicted state are of the devil, and remedies against it are fasting, the Sacrament of Reconciliation, and prayer, especially the Holy Rosary. In these, one will find peace.

God bless you.
Greg Cring

Cetera said...

Greg, with all due respect, you are mistaken. Anger and rage are not of the devil. They are creations of God, and intended for his creations for a purpose, every bit as important as humor and sadness.

Anger and rage serve two very vital, important functions. Anger helps you know something is wrong. It alerts you on a fundamental level, one that is impossible to ignore, that there is iniquity and injustice. They also serve to provide impetus and energy to see you through resolving that iniquity and injustice. Those iniquities and injustices may be sufficient to endanger lives.

Anger and rage, in service of Justice, Truth, and Love, are powerful tools, and powerful virtues.

If you would care to disagree with any particular point above, I will point you to Matthew 21:12-14, and ask whether or not Jesus was acting in the state of the devil.

Rather, the opposite of love is indifference. Indifference that so often manifests itself as a virtue under the guise of "tolerance."

Rev 3:15-16:
I know your deeds; you are neither cold nor hot. How I wish you were one or the other. So because you are lukewarm—neither hot nor cold—I am about to spit you out of My mouth!

Cold anger drives purpose over a long battle, to do what is right. Hot anger gives strength and energy when needed most, to defend yourself, to defend others, in the immediacy of action. Hate is vital to combat sin. We are all called to hate sin, and to never be tolerant of it. Tolerance of sin or evil can never be a virtue.

Rather, the best tools of Satan are indifference, and confusion. They go hand-in-hand with pride, sloth, envy, greed, gluttony, lust, and wrath. Yes, wrath. It seems like it might be anger or hatred, but it is something else entirely. Wrath is uncontrolled, irrational, and violent. All of the seven deadly sins are twists and perversions of traits God has created and given to us to assist us in our lives.

Indifference, and confusion. Spare us, oh Lord, for your church is filled to the brim with indifference and confusion. The church leadership sows nothing but indifference and confusion. This is a dangerous time to be alive; one of the most dangerous times to have ever been alive. It is difficult to know the Truth, and we are beset on all sides. Our shepherd is not a shepherd at all. At best, he may be a farmer. We will all suffer the fruits of the harvest he is sowing.

Anonymous said...

Semantics - there is no time left for semantics and so I won't engage in it.

All I will point out is this: Venomous, vitriolic anger expressed as judgement of another, such as 'so and so is not Catholic because they think this or that...' or ' best advice is to try to find your way back to the one true Catholic faith..' is of the devil, because it is judging another - who are we to judge?

We are warned in Sacred Scripture not to judge. Judgement is reserved to God, and so He can overturn Temple tables.

"But even the archangel Michael, when he was disputing with the devil about the body of Moses, did not himself dare to condemn him for slander but said, 'The Lord rebuke you!'" (Jude 1:9)
If an archangel refrained from reviling, from judging even the devil, how wrong it is for mere human beings to do it.

All of us need to pray, to ennoble ourselves so we are ready for the great things that are coming!

God bless you.

Anonymous said...

And there is the opposite: One who is with Christ is calm and serene, at peace with oneself and all around him!

God bless.

Mark L said...

Amen. Avoid disputes, argumentation and quarreling. Humbly think of others as greater than yourselves (Philippians). Pursue peace, strive for serenity, be merciful, compassionate. "Your anger does not bring about the righteousness that God desires" (James 1.21).

“You have heard that it was said to those of ancient times, ‘You shall not murder’; and ‘whoever murders shall be liable to judgment.’ But I say to you that if you are angry with a brother or sister, you will be liable to judgment; and if you insult a brother or sister, you will be liable to the council; and if you say, ‘You fool,’ you will be liable to the hell of fire." (Matthew 5.21-22)

"In the Sermon on the Mount, the Lord recalls the commandment, "You shall not kill," and adds to it the proscription of anger, hatred, and vengeance. Going further, Christ asks his disciples to turn the other cheek, to love their enemies. He did not defend himself and told Peter to leave his sword in its sheath. (CCC 2262)

The self-deception will be so great that "a time will come when those who kill you will think they are serving God" (John 16.2)

"Those conflicts and disputes among you, where do they come from? Do they not come from your cravings that are at war within you?" (James 4.1)

We are warned about the "morbid craving for controversy and disputes with words." (1 Timothy 6)

And aren't we witnessing "the increase of lawlessness in the world, causing the love of many to grow cold" (Matthew 24.12)

Mark L.

Emmett O'Regan said...

You've hit the nail on the head there Mark! I really appreciate your comments here Greg - hope you don't let the occasional troll put you off. I've been told I'm a Protestant who adheres to Sola Scriptura for not believing in the coming millenarian "age of peace". It's good to have even more people with extensive knowledge such as yourself participating, who actually knows what the Church teaches on this subject.

Emmett O'Regan said...

Mary, I actually think it is quite likely that the Antichrist is already alive. I believe that we are living during the period of apostasy mentioned by St. Paul, which is the immediate cause of the revelation of the Antichrist:

Let no one deceive you in any way. For that day will not come, unless the rebellion comes first, and the man of lawlessness is revealed, the son of destruction,
(2Thes 2:3)

St. Hildegard describes this event in symbolic terms, with the apostasy of many within in the Church bringing about the birth of the Antichrist. The restorative mission of the Two Witnesses must take place before the Antichrist assumes power though, so I think his reign is still some years away.

Anonymous said...


Wouldn't it be fair to say though that this apostasy has been happening for the last 500 years?

Also, I thought it was the protestant belief of a 1000 year reign. Someone was accusing you of the opposite and still you're labeled a protestant?


Anonymous said...

Something to ponder...Russia


Cetera said...


I read through that entire thing, all four parts. I think the author is extremely confused in a number of areas. He or she certainly gets all the issues with the current U.S. leadership, and how very, very bad they are at anything regarding foreign policy, strategy, diplomacy, or really anything else they attempt.

Here is a very quick take-away:
Obama's No First Use policy on nukes does not make nuclear war more likely, and the entire argument that this suddenly makes nuclear war "winnable" by the Russians is completely false. The strategic outlook for nuclear war doesn't change. America still has all the deterrence of a retaliatory counter-strike, same as always under MAD.

What it does do if give the Russians the source code, so-to-speak, for any American military response. It takes away some guess work in the possible American responses to any given situation. The U.S. will only use nukes if nuked. Chemical and biological weapons no longer provoke a nuclear response. No conventional weapons will ever provoke a nuclear response. It opens up a lot of options for the Russians to act with impunity, because if they think Obama is being truthful, they don't need to ever worry about the U.S. hitting them with nukes unless they nuke us. They, in effect, can control our nuclear response by their actions.

That doesn't make nuclear war more likely. It makes conventional war more likely, and much, much more likely. There is much less risk in a conventional conflict. Always before, when engaging in a conventional conflict with a nuclear power, if things got out of hand that nuclear power could always respond with a devastating nuclear response. It helped keep conflicts from getting out of control. That would no longer be the case.

Cetera said...

Later on, when discussing the weapons, he confuses, or at least seems to compare, meters-per-second and miles-per-hour. He doesn't understand orbital mechanics, attack profiles of ICBMs, and how missile defense systems work.

He says the TOPOL is the fastest ICMB in the world, capable of traveling at 26,400 km/h. That is completely irrelevant, and isn't actually all that fast. That is not quite orbital velocity, and no one cares about the speed of the missile, as you won't be trying to destroy the missile.

The only system that was ever designed to attack the missile that was launching the warheads were the laser-based systems proposed in orbital platforms (remember "Star Wars" in the 80s?) and limited tests done using aircraft platforms. You can shoot down a missile during the boost phase pretty easily, as it is moving relatively slow, if you can get close enough. The problem is you can't get close enough, which is why the U.S. was investigating orbital defense platforms, putting you in near proximity overhead.

Here is a link to a paper from 1963 of U.S. analysis of nuclear warhead re-entry profiles, and they were looking at re-entry velocities of 26,000 km/hr to 32,000 km/hr. A 26,000km/hr missile launcher isn't any kind of big deal.

Rather, what is unique about the Russian attempts to create nuclear missiles that can penetrate missile defenses is not speed, but maneuverability. When shooting down incoming nuclear weapons, you can either engage them in space after they have separated from their launch missiles, or you can engage the re-entry vehicles in the atmosphere. Both are like shooting a bullet with another bullet.

The TOPOL missile can vary it's flight profile, making it harder to engage in space, as it may not end up where you thought it was going to end up when you launched your interceptor. However, the Russians have supposedly designed a maneuverable re-entry vehicle for the warhead. It would be able to maneuver during re-entry, at hyper-sonic and super-sonic speeds. It doesn't take much distance for a missile interceptor to miss its target, and the re-entry vehicle will be moving much, much faster than the interceptor, meaning there won't be time or room to correct or chase. The interceptor missile has to get it perfectly right, and the maneuverability of the re-entry vehicle makes it impossible to anticipate, making the missile defense highly unreliable.

Then you have the idiocy of stating that the Russian missile defense system can't be intercepted by our missile defense systems, which is so axiomatic it doesn't belong anywhere in any intelligent write-up. It is a simple fear-mongering, throw-away line based on ignorance.

Anonymous said...

"The Holy Father will consecrate Russia to me and she will be converted, and a period of peace will be granted to the world." --Our Lady of Fatima

Emmett, when you meet our Lord one day, I'm sure He'll be interested to know you think his mother is a millenarist.

Cetera said...

Anon, that is the kind of comment that isn't helpful, and is judgemental, beyond what you can possibly know. You are claiming unequivocally correct knowledge about what our Lady said and intended, when you were not present and did not have it revealed to you, and then again about what Emmett understands and intends in his discussions, and then further more talking down to everyone. Please advise all of us on the example of the Lord you are following when you do so, and the Catholic and Christian precepts you are upholding.

Along these lines, I'd like to make a few other points and maybe have someone explain to me about the truth of the "traditional" Catholicism too.

I myself have never experienced or witnessed a Tridentine Mass, only the Novus Ordo. Am I not Catholic?

I don't believe Jesus, Mary, Joseph, or God the Father has ever been recorded as speaking in Latin. When St. Jerome translated the Bible in the early chuch, he chose to do it in the low, vulger Latin (vulgate) because it was the common language of the people and would be most widely understood, not because it was a holy language or had any inherent benefits outside of everyone knowiing it.

I take Holy Communion in the hand, because I don't trust the old bitties who are Eucharistic Ministers to not drop the precious body of our Lord, because they don't know how to give communion and are too short to do so. Which is more disrespectful of our Lord? Who will judge my worthiness?

Personally, I disagree vehemently with Francis on almost everything, and believe him to be the worst Pope of my life. However if the Church recognizes his authority, or even if they are mistaken and for some reason he isn't Pope at all (there are many theories out there), if a priest forgives a sin in confession of someone who confesses in good faith and believes they can be forgiven, even if the Church later decides it should not have been forgiven, or the authority wasn't there for whatever reason, who believes Jesus will hold that against the sinner? Is Hell justified in such an instance? Will Christ keep his word on what his Church has loosed on Earth being loosed in Heaven? Might there be a good case of invincible ignorance either way?

It seems to me that a lot of folk stake out territory that can't be fully or legitimately defended, and then claim that anyone that doesn't agree isn't Catholic or is destined for Divine punishment.

Let's instead work together to help figure these things out, and help each other understand and grow in Christ's Love and Truth. Thing are never, ever 100% black and white. Language is too inexact a medium of information exchange for that to be true. Direct soul-to-soul communication will be much better in the afterlife.

Mark W said...

Cetera - Don't feed the trolls...

Cetera said...

No kidding...

Sorry, got all ranty. I'm tired of most of humanity being idiots, even those who should know better. I include myself in that too. I'm so thankful Jesus came for the sinners. That means he came for me! I am such a selfish, egregious sinner.

Thank you, Lord, for loving me!

Cetera said...

Hey, it's August!

How's the book coming, Emmett? Do you have an updated ETA for us?

Emmett O'Regan said...

I've nearly finished the editing Cetera. My literary agent has sent a synopsis of the book to a major publisher in London. So I'm waiting to hear back on that one before publishing it myself again. If a publisher takes it on, it might delay publication by a few months. I'm not going to hold my breath on that though. Most likely I'll be going solo again, and if so, it will just be a couple of weeks away. That's the reason I've been quiet on the blogging front lately.

Mark W said...


How hard is it to publish something like this on your own and get it picked-up by the likes of Amazon? It must cost a small fortune, no?


anthony said...

To Cetera,
As Catholics we must support our Pope. Be careful with what you read in the secular media many of them are vehemently anti Catholic. If you read or hear anything on the secular media always check it first with the official Vatican web site. This will tell you what Pope francis really said.

God bless.


Cetera said...

Believe me, Anthony, I know. However, I'm not certain I fully trust and can put faith in the Vatican PR machine either. Corruption and evil has a tendency to be unreliable and permeate everything. I don't trust Obama's press secretary to "clarify" what Obama really meant when he says stupid things like "the police acted stupidly," or about terrorism really being just "workplace violence."

It was when the Pope specifically said (more than a year ago, now) that there was no hell, no punishment for lost souls, and that instead the damned souls are just annihilated and no longer exist after death that I gave up on Francis.

You can read about it here:

Here's a full translation of the article in Italian:

Here's a link to the original, in Italian, that you can have google translate for you:

You can find lots of other sites discussing it at the time, too. I have no explanation for it. I just pray for the Holy Father, and the Church. It just kinda sucks that it seems like I'm praying for the Holy Father in the same way that I pray for the President, that he will come to know the Love and Truth of our Lord, and will be converted.

anthony said...

To Cetera,
The Remnant newspaper is not a reliable source. Neither are the other two.
The important thing to remember is the promise of Jesus when he said "The gates of hell will not prevail against my holy church". Pope francis was elected through the conclave. He cannot and will not err on doctrine be assured our Lord jesus Christ has promised us it will always be so.

God bless


Cetera said...

What would be a good, reliable source for Catholic news?

Anthony said...

To Cetera.
Three good Catholic websites The official Vatican network
www.W2,vatican,va. The Holy See official website. Read all of Pope francis speeches here.

God bless


Emmett O'Regan said...

It appears on Amazon automatically if you self-publish using their own publication tool Createspace, Mark W. It's obviously not ideal, but saves a lot of time chasing publishers. Many tend to brush the subject off entirely.

Mark W said...


I don't think the Vatican websites are the best sources of news. Try these:

these aren't, strictly speaking, news sites, but they oftentimes contain more news than the usual news sights.


Cetera said...

I would agree with you, Mark. I was being a little facetious in my previous post. Bagdad Bob was the best, more accurate, most official source of news during the Iraq war, wasn't he? /snark

I did link to Rorate-Caeli's translation of Francis' comments on the annihilation of souls above. I do think such things are serious.

I did not know about the Catholic World Report's site. I also ready OnePeterFive, and a few others.

Anonymous said...


I recall once reading either a post or comment on this site about there being not 2 but 3 'captains' in one rendition of St John Bosco's vision of tne 'Two pillars', where the 2nd 'captain'[a madman] steered the Barque in a direction away from the Two Pillars.

Would you care to comment on this, or point me to the original post.

Many thanks, in anticipation.

Unknown said...


In your opinion since Our Lady mentioned she would "return here a seventh time", do you think there is any chance of her returning on the centennial and perhaps performing another and maybe even greater miracle?

Emmett O'Regan said...

I thought that too, Jimmy. But there was something in Sr. Lucia's recent biography which basically held that the seventh appearance at the Cova occurred when the seer returned there years later. That being said, I do expect something major to take place at the centenary of the apparitions in 2017. There appears to be some sort of sensus fidelium about this.

Emmett O'Regan said...

Sorry, I missed your comment above anon. I can't remember writing about a second captain steering the ship away from the two pillars. If you use the search bar on the blog and type in the keyword Bosco, it should bring up all the posts on that subject.

Unknown said...

Could you elaborate on what you said:: "I do expect something major to take place at the centenary of the apparitions in 2017." Would be an action of Our Lady, or the coming a persecution? A New Springtime of the Church, or a time of Justice and chastisement?

Emmett O'Regan said...

The end of the short time of Satan should mark the end of the period of chastisement, rather than the beginning of another one. I believe that we will be granted some respite before the final persecution of the Antichrist.

Anonymous said...

The Chinese government have announced plans to train the Syrian army inside of Syria. This is an ominous development for the US as this marks the possibility of joint military operations inside of Syria between the Russians and the Chinese.

Cetera said...

Anon, I don't believe it, but assuming it is true:
Please explain how the Chinese teaming up with the Russians to train Syrian forces to better fight against ISIS is a bad thing for anyone in the world, other than ISIS?

Anonymous said...

sheep abductions, cancer causing toothpaste, planet X.

good stuff.

Anonymous said...

I have also read that the period of peace is supposed to be something like twenty-five to thirty years...long enough for a new generation to grow up in a world of peace and plenty and decide that they don't need God.
The triumph Pope Benedict was speaking of referred to the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart which will be manifest to all mankind once the Consecration of Russia is performed. Any Pope these days is restrained from even mentioning the word "Russia" during anything to do with Fatima, so they talk around the subject. They speak in a sort of code that "Fatimists" everywhere understand, but is vague enough that the enemies of Fatima let it pass, because those not well-versed in the history of the Fatima apparitions are likely to miss what is really being said.
Most Fatimists believe that the chastisements Our Lady warned of will begin in 2017 if the consecration is not performed by then. She warned of a fate similar to the King of France, who met that fate exactly one hundred years after a request was made for the King to have France consecrated to the Immaculate Heart. I believe it was the chief exorcist (for the life of me, I can't remember his name right now) who, a few years ago, said that if the consecration is not done by the end of October in 2017, we can expect the first chastisements to strike in early November.
Prophecies made by Mother Mariana de Jesus Torrez, the seer in the Our Lady of Good Success apparitions, describe our time to a tee, down to the rise of the "Mohammedans" (the name by which they were known at that time), a new Crusade giving rise to what we would call World War III, and, particularly telling, the fact that "there will be almost no virgin souls" left in the world at that time. Considering that virginity in anyone over the age of about 14 or 15 is so rare that people act like it's actually a disease, I'd say that's a pretty apt description of our time.

So, basically, everything Emmett has said on this site is right in line with Church teaching. While he does not ignore currently unapproved prophecies and apparitions - many of which cannot be approved until one of the involved prophecies comes to pass - he approaches them with the proper amount of caution. I feel no hesitation in taking seriously his interpretations of the "signs of the times."

Anonymous said...

‘grown-up’ China looks to enter the Syrian equation
August 19, 2016 Vladimir Mikheev, special to RBTH
News that Beijing might send military instructors to Syria marks a stark departure from China’s previous foreign policy strategy, which was bent on low-profile involvement in global affairs. It also raises the prospect of an ad hoc military alliance with Russia and Iran

Anonymous said...

good stuff !!

Anonymous said...

The Islamic State responds to Pope Francis: “We are making a religious war, and we hate you”

he Islamic State has publicly responded to statements by Pope Francis that the war waged by the Islamic terrorists is not religious in nature. The article answers the pontiff that their only motivation is religious and approved by Allah in the Qur’an.

Anonymous said...

Three reasons the next President — and his/her advisors (and you) — should carefully study the latest issue of the ISIS magazine, Dabiq. (One reason: To learn about the group’s genocidal eschatology in their own words.)

he next President of the United States, and his or her advisors, need to carefully study and analyze the latest issue of Dabiq, the full-color propaganda magazine of the Islamic State. So do other world leaders, Members of Congress and Middle East policy-makers. So do you.

Three reasons — in this edition of Dabiq:

ISIS leaders make clear they want to bring about the End of Days.
ISIS leaders vow to “break the cross” — that is, to slaughter Christians in the Middle East, in the West, and around the world, and to annihilate Christianity from the Earth.
ISIS leaders lay out the six reasons they hate us, they state their ultimate objective, and they explain why they will never stop killing until they achieve total victor

good stuff !!!

Anonymous said...

New Russia-China-Iran Alliance Could Push the US out of Much of the Middle East

The reason there will be a period of peace is because the war that is months to three years away will be nuclear and leave so many dead along with geological worldwide flooding as per akita that noone will want to fight

Anonymous said...

New Center of Power is Emerging in the Middle East

vents of the recent days clearly show the emergence of a new alliance in the Middle East that is willing to work in close cooperation to seek the solution to the Syrian conflict.

This fact is not only evidenced by Russia starting to use the Hamedan Air Base in Iran to launch strikes against ISIS targets in Syria, but also by the development and strengthening of bilateral cooperation between Ankara and Tehran. Moreover, Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan has officially announced his intentions to visit Tehran with an official visit.

According to Iran’s Fars news agency, this visit is extremely important for the establishment of a new level of relations between Tehran and Ankara. It’s been announced that the meeting will partially be focused on the organization of the cross-party meeting of Iranian, Turkish and Russian officials to discuss strategies that would allow those players to put an end to the war in Syria. According to various observers, this visit will be the official start of the formation of the Russian-Iranian-Turkish alliance on Syria, Fars news notes.

The Time would declare right off the bat that this meeting will mark the appearance of the new anti-US axis of evil in the Middle East.

The fact that Putin has been advancing rapidly in the the Middle East has been pointed out by the Austrian newspaper DiePresse. According to the newspaper, the fact that Russian air strikes are being launched from the Iranian airfield against terrorists in Syria has deep symbolic significance, since Moscow and Tehran are showing that they began to work more closely on Syria, manifesting to the world and above all the United States that Russia is here to stay in the Middle East.

The New York Times would note that the new level of Russian-Iranian cooperation in Syria leads to the conslusion that Washington committed a major mistake by refraining from creating so-called “safe zones “and large-scale military operations in Syria, leaving a loophole for Russian to enter this war on its own rules. According to American historians and officials, the fact that Tehran allowed Russia’s warplanes to use its territory is a milestone development. This step has not simply granted Russia’s aircraft tactical advantage, but also looks like a part of the larger plan to attempt the creation of a broader coalition to settle the Syrian conflict.


Anonymous said...

When you hear this proclamation of a Palestinian State, know that Bible prophecy has been fulfilled, know that nothing will come of it, and know that the final annihilating war of the House of Edom, the Palestinians, is close at hand.


Even though the plan to create a Palestinian State is contrived and as false as a Three Dollar Bill, the United States has been putting pressure on Israel to make the "painful" concessions necessary to divide the land so as to create a Palestinian State. Today, the Palestinians control 42% of the land, a huge chunk of the land God originally granted to the Jews, in perpetuity! God has to be very angry with this continuous pressure.

Furthermore, as the Oslo Accord scenario painfully works its way toward conclusion, hundreds of innocent Jews have lost their lives in Palestinian terror attacks.

The Palestinians will get their physical judgment, when God uses Israel to annihilate them in fulfillment of Obadiah 15-18 and Isaiah 34.

Joel 3:9-14 reveals that this judgment is military. God is going to call the military forces of the nations about to be judged into the Valley of Jehoshaphat, so that they can there receive their physical punishment. I find it very discomforting to realize we have placed the very heart and soul of our current military in Iraq, a key location in the Valley of Jehoshaphat.

Anonymous said...

Please stop.

Anthony said...

To Anonymous.
The consecration has been done. Communism collapsed in the Soviet Union and the eastern block and the Berlin wall came down. What hasn't happened yet is the triumph of Our Lady's Immaculate heart but that will happen soon.
Sister Lucia said that heaven had accepted the consecration that St John Paul 11 did.

God bless


Russell said...

Emmett, any further word from your publisher?

I was reading book by a former Freemason turned Catholic apologist called "Unmasking Freemasonry," and I was surprised to see the influence they had during the 20th century, especially in regards to secularizing the US educational system. Then I read a Marian prophecy, Our Lady of Good Success, warning specifically about Freemasonry, and additionally, I was surprised to see so many papal encyclicals warning about the spiritual and societal dangers of Freemasonry. Have you encountered anything like this in your research and can you speculate about their role in the end times and perhaps the desire to rebuild the temple in Jerusalem?

Emmett O'Regan said...

Hi Russell,

Still no word back. I'm not holding my breath though, mainstream publishers tend to avoid the genre of Catholic prophecy and apocalyptic speculation like the plague. I think I'm just going to go it alone again. It's just too time consuming chasing publishers.
I think there is good reason to suggest that Freemasonry is part of the "armies of Satan" who arise at the end of the thousand years to encircle the camp of the saints in Rev 20. Pope Leo XIII certainly appeared to think so anyway, judging by Humanum genus and his revised version of the Exorcismus prayer.

Anonymous said...

Emmett, I'm fairly certain this last entry (UNKNOWN is the name) is by a sedevancantis:

* * C A U T I O N - and - P L E A S E B E A D V I S E D * *
The Catholic Sources of Dogma on Automatic Excommunication for heresy ... define that the Catholic Church has had no physical properties or personnel
hierarchy (no Priests or Bishops) since 8 December 1965. Every single (apparent) Bishop approved the staggering heresies (over 200 of them)
which were in the "vatican-2 council" documents ... this caused their Automatic Excommunication from the Catholic Church. They all lost
the required Catholic jurisdiction to Ordain Priests. Automatic Excommunication Sources of Dogma are listed on Section 13.2.

Unknown said...

Check out St. Robert Bellarmine's prophecy on end-times and what the signs will be here:

There are 5 clear indicators. Two have happened.

Unknown said...

More St. Robert Bellarmine revelations here:

Mark W said...

Hi Emmett,

Just curious, but will there be another post before the end of the world? :P

Or perhaps, a book?



Emmett O'Regan said...


I've been bogged down with work and putting the finishing touches to the book. I'll get back to blogging properly once its completely finished. I've finished the editing now and I'm just preparing it for publication.

Mark W said...

Ok. I suppose I can be patient a while longer.

Anonymous said...

Mark, if Emmet gets it out before the 100th anniversary of Fatima there will be a book, if not, it likely will take a LOT longer, like after the 3 days of darkness and the triumph of the Church but Emmet doesn't believe in the triumph of the Church in a period of peace BEFORE the final tribulation so nevermind.

Anonymous said...

I know this comment is late in the game, but after reading through these comments I felt compelled to respond to the few people here who are stating that we are currently living in the "era of peace" promised by Our Lady.
To those I would ask: are you not aware of the hundreds of thousands of Christians in the Middle East and Africa that have been slaughtered to the point of genocide by ISIS, Boko Haram and others?? That anyone could possibly think the Church is now enjoying a triumphant period of peace is astonishing and no doubt reveals an embarrassingly sheltered, Americanized worldview.