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Gematria and the Number of the Beast

The Ten Sephiroth on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life

The use of gematria was widespread in esoteric Judaism at the time the New Testament was written. Although the Kabbalah did not exist during the first century, the esoteric influences that would later coalese into this practice were already fully developed and widely disseminated in Judaic thought. We can find the use of gematria in various other literary works dating back to well before the first century.  Esoteric Judaism believed that numbers held a mystical symbolic value, and because each letter of the Hebrew alphabet was also used as numerals, each word in the Hebrew language had a numerical value. Jewish mystics believed that words with equal numerical value were purposely associated by God at the creation of the world, and spiritual insight into the properties of names and words could be found by exploring these connections.

As can be seen from the table above, the Hebrew letter waw is transliterated into English as the letter w, and has the numerical value of 6 - so www in Hebrew has the numerical equivalent of three sixes - 6-6-6.

The most famous use of gematria is of course the number of the Beast in the book of Revelation. The fact that the number of the Beast, 666, was also the number of a man's name (most likely the Roman Emperor Nero in the preterist layer of interpretation) makes it explicitly clear that the use of gematria should be used to decipher this riddle.  The threefold repitition of sixes in this number was the primary symbolic value for the author of the Apocalypse. Falling short of the perfect divine number seven (which is to be found repeated throughout Revelation both in the central narrative itself and also hidden in the sub-text), the number six represented imperfection - the seperation between the Creator and the creation itself. The fact that it repeated three times in this number connotes the use of the Hebrew superlative. Hebrew does not use the superlative in the same singluar way as most other languages.  To emphasise that the superlative is being used the word is repeated three times. So the fact that the word "holy" is repeated three times in Isaiah 6:3 indicates to the reader that God is holiest. The number six being repeated three times therefore suggests that the Beast is the superlative of imperfection - the exact opposite of the Holy Trinity which is represented by three sevens.
To the semitic mind of the author of the Apocalypse three sixes would be represented by a threefold repetition of the letter waw. And a threefold repetition of the Hebrew letter waw is transliterated into the modern Latin alphabet as www - an acronym which is used to represent the medium through which all electronic commerce is now conducted - the worldwide web (see the post Hebrew 666 for more details).
The New Testament contains some other examples of gematria other than the number of the Beast. Pope Benedict XVI for instance explains that Matthew's genelogy of Jesus is seperated into three groups of fourteen generations because 14 was the numerical value of the name of King David (Jesus of Nazareth p9). In another mysterious use of number symbolism which has been widely speculated upon number is that of the 153 fishes in the net described in John 21:

 So Simon Peter went aboard and hauled the net ashore, full of large fish, 153 of them. And although there were so many, the net was not torn. (John 21:11)

John Michell asks why such a precise number would be included, and argues that it has a special signifcance for the author of the fourth Gospel. Michell notes that 153 is a triangular number - the sum of all numbers from 1-17, and that the numerial value of both the Greek words to diktuon ("the net") and ichthyes ("fish") in isopsephy (the Greek version of gematria) is 153 (How the World is Made pp97-98).

The use of gematria became common in the occult largely through the influences of the Kabbalah on Western esotericism. Although many Kabbalah adherents believe that the Zohar, the foundational work of Kabbalistic teaching, was written during the second century AD by Rabbi Shimon bar Yohai, it is more likely to have been written by Moses De Leon, who claimed to have discovered the book in the 13th century. After the publication of the Zohar, the Kabbalah became widely systemised, and began to attract thinkers from outside of Judaism.  The renaissance philosopher and occultist Pico della Mirandola (1463-1494) is thought to be the first to introduce Kabbalistic teachings to Western Hermetic thought, leading to the development of the so-called "Christian Kabbalah" which was to profoundly influence secret societies such as the Rosicrucians and Freemasons.
Many of the rituals of Freemasonry are based upon the principles of sacred geometry and the dimensions of the Temple of Solomon - influences which are derived from the Kabbalah. The infamous 19th century mason Albert Pike called the Kabbalah the "key of the occult sciences" and stated that this key turns on the secret science of numbers - given rise to the masonic motto omnia in numeris sita sunt - "Everything lies veiled in numbers" (Morals and Dogma pp626-642).

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Anonymous said...

that's why not even an "iota" may be changed from what is God's word written in the Bible, change it and it will have a complete different meaning.
I worked and lived several years in Israel, I speak, read, write Hebrew. My husband and I are catholic-Jews, he and my Hebrew teacher, a Rabbi, taught me a lot about the importance of numbers in the Bible. The number 44 stands for punishment of the world : well Obama is the 44th president. The name Barack Obama in Hebrew has a value of 666. Barack Hussein(this name does not exist in hebrew) Obama consists of 18 letters : 18=6x3
Rivka (Rita) Miro-Biesemans

Emmett O'Regan said...

Shalom Rita!

My knowledge of Hebrew only extends to being able to read and translate from the Hebrew Bible. I can read the Aramiac portion of Daniel as well. But it's a completely different thing being able to speak a language, than being able to read it. I'd love to be able to speak it myself.
You might be interested in the following post, which argues that Jewish Holocaust was predicted in the Bible:

The importance of the Jewish people to God is everlasting...

Kol Tuv

Anonymous said...

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This sounds pretty familiar. And while we often get involved in discussions about the sad state of affairs today and long for the good old days, typically, it’s just talk. Rarely, do we follow up with some type of action to change the situation.

Not so in the case of Isaiah.

After criticizing the various leaders who had presided during his lifetime, Isaiah lays out a strategy for returning to the spiritual highs of the days of the Exodus (under Moses) and the settlement of the land of Israel (under Joshua). Isaiah argues that a true national revival must be rooted in justice, fairness and, most importantly, holding ourselves, our neighbors, and especially our leaders accountable.

In fact, the ancient sages explained the deeper meaning of the passage we read above as follows: God will only give His divine blessing to our community if we do our best to make sure that our leaders are good and upstanding citizens. After all, God knows that we are all responsible for the words and deeds of those who speak for us.

But this isn’t just true of our society’s leaders. Each and every one of us must feel a sense of accountability for his or her friends and family. And in turn, we must all ask our friends and family to be there for us – to help us reach the spiritual goals that we set for ourselves. As Isaiah understood so well, this is the best, most effective way for us to make sure that we’re always making progress in perfecting our relationships with God and with our fellow man.

So next time you are with your friends, or spend time with your loved ones, let them know how much you rely on them to make you a better person. And let them know that, in return, you will always be there for them encouraging them on every step of their journey through life.

In this way – as Isaiah tells us – we will become a “City of Righteousness” and a “Faithful City.”

With prayers for shalom, peace,

Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein

(Rivka Miro-Biesemans)

Anonymous said...

Emmett you will love this video !!!!!!

It's about the nation of Israel in the past and in the future and the fate of America whether or not they will choose against or for Israel.
Parla Italiano Emmett ? Well if you say "non ancora"
then think of the following :"ma Roma non fu fatta in un giorno "
Love your blog, lots of spiritual food. Rita (Rivka is my hebrew name)

Emmett O'Regan said...

Hi Rita,

Thanks for your words of wisdom!
Non Ancora... I'm just back from Rome - it most certainly wasn't built in a day. That's why I wasn't able to reply until now. I really want to learn Italian, but am concentrating on French for now...
I will make sure to watch that video. Have you read "Salvation is from the Jews" by the Catholic Jewish convert Roy Schoeman by any chance? It's quite excellent...

Anonymous said...

Pourquoi voulez vous apprendre la langue française?
c'est une langue belle, très chique, olala.


Anonymous said...

" La Rose Qui Pleure "
Dites-moi, ma petite rose
pourquoi que tu pleures ?
y a-t-il une chose
y a-t-il des malheurs ?

Pourquoi toutes les larmes
que tu as versées ?
Ce sont elles les armes
qui le coeur te font briser ?

Vois-tu, oh symbole
de paix et d'amour
comment on bricole
le déluge de nos jours:

Riki Biesemans 11/26/1983

Emmett O'Regan said...

Ma mère possède une maison de vacances près de Troyes dans la région Champagne. Nous allons chaque année maintenant pour les cinq dernières années, et je voulais apprendre un peu la langue. Peu de gens parlez l'anglais en dehors de Paris. J'adore la France ...
J'aime votre poésie. Vous êtes tout à fait le linguiste aussi!

Baruch Ha Shem!

Anonymous said...

שלומ אמת
חזרת מרומה
שבוע טוב

Anonymous said...

Emmett, before I became an RN-Midwife, I was a translator-interpreter at the Atomic Center in Belgium for Russian, German, Dutch, French. After 4 years I refused a higher position in Vienna at the IAEA because I was fed up with all the lies and politics of the biggies in this world. I speak Spanish and Italian, I'm crazy about languages.
KOL TOV ve SHAVOUAH TOV have a good week that's what you wish when Shabat ends.

Emmett O'Regan said...

שלומ רבקה
שבוע טוב מאוד ברומא


Anonymous said...

מצוין אמת

Anonymous said...

ארצות הברית = United States
(aratsot ha brit) = it puzzles me why it is translated in Hebrew as the Lands of the COVENANT, they could have used another word for UNITED.
Does this Country partake in some way in the Covenant God has with His people ???
Emmett can you one way or another think of an answer for me. Take your time.

Emmett O'Regan said...

I didn't know that the United States was called ארצות הברית in modern Hebrew. That is very insightful... In his book Harbinger, Rabbi Johnathan Cahn argues that America is the only country in history besides ancient Israel to have been founded directly on a covenant with God. He goes on to suggest that this makes the USA subject to the same curses spelt out in the Book of Deuteronomy for the nation's breach of the covenant. You can watch a rather compelling YouTube clip of a speech by the good Rabbi at the link below:

In my book, I note how the term "whore of Babylon" is directly based on several passages from the Old Testament which depict the nation of Israel as a prostitute for the sin of apostasy (e.g. the Book of Hosea). As Israel had formed a covenant with God, to be in effect His wife, the fracture of this covenant by engaging in apostasy through participating in the Baal cult, led to the prophets declaring Israel to be a "whore", and thus subject to the curses laid down in the Book of Deuteronomy.
The fact that America was specifically founded as a Christian country makes it just as culpable for its current state of apostasy - the roots of which can be directly attributed to the secularising influences of Freemasonry (which can be shown to be in effect a form of neo-Baalism - given that the name of its god is given in the Royal Arch Degree as Jahbulon - which can be translated as "I am Baal, father of all").
With the influences of Masonry pervading every level of the American government, the United States has effectively given itself over to Baal worship - turning this once Christian nation into a godless whore - thus calling down judgment upon its own head.

Anonymous said...

Wow thank you Emmett, please watch the video Gog U , Magog the last War,I've sent you the Youtube link of it.So my poem I wrote for America should fit here


I, will cry you a river
And much much more
My dear dear America,
Once so beautiful !
You sold your soul
To a bunch of mercenaries
Which entered your sheep-fold
As wolves and goats
You sold your skin
To the highest bidder
You resemble a harlot
Eating and drinking
With the rich of this world
Prostituting yourself
For money and power
And became a den
Of thieves and murderers
You forgot all about
The One Who blessed
You so abundantly
Biting the Hand of the Blesser
Embarrassed to mention His Name !
Did He not teach you
To be wise as a serpent
And harmless as a dove
Why then do you behave
As a silly goose ??
He invited you to His dinner Table
He so diligently prepared
But, you made light of it
And went your worldly, haughty ways
One to his farm,
Another to his business.
But as the Father of Fathers
He waits for your return
The return of His prodigal daughter
Humble your pride
And follow the Way, the Life and the Truth !!!
Or, I SHALL cry you a river
A river of bloody tears
And much much more !!!

Rita Biesemans 02/17/2003

Unknown said...

Luke 10:18 Jesus tells his disciples, “I saw Satan fall like lightning from heaven.”=BarakOBama in Aramaic

Translations of בָּרָק

lightning             בָּרָק

Yeshua spoke Aramaic / Hebrew and he would not have said these words in Greek as the New Testament thus don’t turn to the Greek words for any information here.  What are the words lightening and Heaven or Heights in Hebrew?
Lightning  בּרק bâraq
A primitive root; to lighten (lightning): – cast forth. בּרק bârâq
lightning : by analogy a gleam; concretely a flashing sword: – bright, glitter (-ing, sword), lightning.
Did Lucifer say he would ascend into the heights? Yes he did,
Isaiah 14:12  How art thou fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! how art thou cut down to the ground, which didst weaken the nations!
Isaiah 14:13  For thou hast said in thine heart, I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God: I will sit also upon the mount of the congregation, in the sides of the north:
Isaiah 14:14  I will ascend above the heights of the clouds (heavens); I will be like the most High.
Heights  בּמה   bâmâh
From an unused root (meaning to be high); an elevation: – height, high place, wave.
A word in Hebrew used to join concepts together as a conjuction would be Vav which is often pronounced as  “O” - Vav with a dot on top is pronounced “o”, ....   So, to join "Lighting" and the "heights" of Heaven, one would use “O”.
So, in the poetic style of Isaiah we would have Lightning and heights of Heaven as Baraq “O” Bamah .    
From this we would see Yeshua saying,
 “I beheld Satan fall as Baraq “O” Bamah.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

// that the numerial value of both the Greek words to diktuon ("the net") and ichthyes ("fish") in isopsephy (the Greek version of gematria) is 153 //

Doesn't seem to figure at all, since both contain upsilon, which is 400.

Hans Georg Lundahl said...

However, 153 is the number of Hail Mary's in a full 15 mystery rosary.