Sunday, 13 October 2019

The Miracle of the Sun and Our Lady of the Rosary

Today, October 13th, 2019, is the anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun.  Looking back at this old blog post from 2014 on the subject of Sr. Lucia's recently published 1944 vision experienced at Tuy (here), it seems to be an even stranger "coincidence" that the earthquake swarm which struck Cumbre Vieja was on 7th October, 2017 (the centennial year of Fatima) - the feast day of Our Lady of the Rosary.  The above blog post, which notes the importance of the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary, has been left unedited since 2014. This is noteworthy, since my material on the significance of the 1999 solar eclipse traversing the site of ancient Nineveh is prevalent at the end of the article.  This is well before my material on the subject of the interpretation of the "sign of Jonah" and the eclipse at Nineveh went viral in 2017, after being plagiarised by Pastor Mark Biltz in the run-up to the Great American Solar Eclipse.

Below is the later article plagiarised by Pastor Mark Biltz, and the relevant YouTube video:

Also worth noting is the fact that my material on Sr. Lucia's 1944 Tuy vision was covered by the British Tabloid The Daily Star just before the centenary of the Miracle of the Sun (here), and a few weeks later, there were fears that Cumbre Vieja was about to erupt after the occurrence of an earthquake swarm began on October 7th - the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary - which was also covered by The Daily Star (here).


Bridget said...

Hey Emmett!

Did you catch the comment on the previous post from Raphael?

October 7th (yesterday) is not only the memorial of Our Lady of the Rosary but also Vladimir Putin's birthday. Is this just a coincidence or could it mean something? I was wondering since the Rosary is connected with Fátima, which told us about the importance of Russia.

-- Raphael

I have a hard time believing that’s a coincidence as well! Is Putin being born on Oct. 7th a warning?

Patrick said...

Hi Emmett,

Thanks for your latest post on this special day.
I see Dr Kelly Bowring has fully thrown his weight behind Maria Divine Mercy, see link below.

Could I ask what is your interpretation of the messages of Maria Divine Mercy which as I'm sure you'll be aware were critised by her Bishop.

Emmett O'Regan said...

Hi Bridget! That's really interesting about Vladimir Putin's birthday being on the 7th October! I didn't see that one! Definitely worth noting!

Emmett O'Regan said...

Hi Patrick,

Dr Kelly Bowring backs the Joachite heresy of Fr. Joseph Iannuzzi, and the anonymous "Maria Divine Mercy" has been exposed as a money spinning scam from a businesswoman named Mary Carberry, who is based in Dublin.

Anonymous said...

102 years ago

The Miracle of the Sun in Fatima October 13, 1917


Anonymous said...

Pedro Arrupe, S.J., was removed just as Jorge Bergoglio, S.J., must be removed


Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

in the name of the U/N., and the JESUITS,and the mighty dollar .

Few people know about the U.N.'s demand for a $49-per-gallon gasoline tax. Why? Because progressive journalists in the complicit Western media have helped the climate crisis lobby keep it hidden. No intelligent person can fail to see that such taxes would destroy the U.S. economy, and with it the lifestyle of all but the wealthiest Americans.


Anonymous said...

Not just the American economy would be affected by this tax, but that of the entire world. They can't push that tax through; if they do, they will plunge the world back to the horse-and-buggy days, and steam will make a big comeback...wood can be used to stoke a fire in a steam boiler, after all. Say goodbye to our forests...the primary balancing agent against greenhouse gases. But then again, we already know the whole climate-change "crisis" is not about the climate at all, but about control.
The satiric joke my brother used to make applies here: "Complete and total anarchy...with me in charge."

Anthony W said...

One thought I had about Akita. Now lets just say for arguments sake that Akita is true. The part of the prophecy were Bishop is opposing Bishop and cardinal against Cardinal. Think on this? The church is divided and is ripping it's self apart. Doing the Devil's job for him. Destroying the Holy Roman Catholic church. A church that satan could never destroy himself so he gets Roman Catholics to do it for him.
Please keep the faith and unity. Support Pope Francis.

God bless.
Anthony W

JMC said...

Or at least pray for him. I can't support the things he's saying and doing. But he is the Pope, and he desperately needs our prayers.

MightyRIghty said...

Looking at the wrong apparition Emmett;

This is the one that counts;
Her deast say -
Her intent -

“When England goes back to Walsingham, Our Lady will return to England” Pope Leo XIII

England to be re-dedicated as the dowry of Mary 29th March 2020

Referendum to return England to 'Rome' (treaty of Rome?) / EU - March 2020.

C'mon people, you *know* its true; watch it happen.

*This* is how She operates.

Watch it happen and know He is working the background.


PS - Emmett have you read yet? Fascinating.

JMC said...

If is even a Catholic site, it's heretical. Here's my evidence: It says it's a series of writings based on the belief that "man has an Eternal Life in the 'here and now,' not in some fictitious 'afterlife.'" Just a heads-up in case anyone decides to go check it out.

MightyRIghty said...

@JMC - Yes, sorry, I didnt mean to mislead or misrepresent; Apokalypso is not a strictly Catholic site. What it is though is a very interesting ramble through a huge body of prophetic material, mythology, art and literature.
Its really for those at a MSc/MA/PhD level as its very heavy in parts thats why I recommended it to Emmett - its definitely not for everyone.
Very worthwhile though.

Bridget said...

Hey MightyRighty!

So do you think the Great Monarch will make his appearance next year? Is the re-dedication of England to the dowry of Mary the start of the conversion of England mentioned in the secret of La Salette? Here’s a snippet from one of Emmett’s previous posts...

“But like the Olivet discourse, the secret of La Salette states that this state of apostasy will be reversed by the coming of the Second Pentecost, and that the practice of the true religion would again reflourish, beginning with the conversion of England:

‘Then, after [that], nations will convert, the faith will be rekindled everywhere. A great country, now Protestant, in the north of Europe, will be converted; by the support of this country all the other nations of the world will be converted.’

JMC said...

I just read, over at One Peter Five, that the Catholic bishops in the UK have reinstated meatless Fridays, though more in the interests of preserving Catholic identity than in encouraging mortification. Could it be starting already?

Mark W said...

And then there's this....

MightyRIghty said...


1 - The *short* answer is 'yes'.

I think the 'great monarch' character will begin his assent next year.

*HOWEVER*..... For various reasons, I think this rise will take almost 20 years.
So we wont know him for a long time yet.

2 - Rededication of England - Remember the power of the Church and its victory will be through Mary. Next year the re-dedication will be a personal gift of the people of England to the Mother of God. This strongly suggests to me a referendum and rededication - with her crown on the flag of Europe - of the people to Mary; to Europe.

This in turn will begin a chain reaction of events throughout Europe which will result in the changing (overturning) of the old guard in the EU and the cementing of nations or 'tribes' into 'Israel'; the beacon of the world. ('Jerusalem' is a euphemism for England btw.)

(Im less 'literal' in my interpretation of scripture. I read flaming swords and white horses less as actual events than metaphors for events).



JMC said...

If the Great Monarch will be the person I think, then the 20 years his rise will probably take makes perfect sense, because he's quite young right now, I think only in his late 20s or early 30s. I can't remember his name right now, but he's a rising politico in Austria who caught my eye some time ago; I even pointed him out in a comment in one of the blog posts here some time ago, and someone agreed with me that he will be someone to watch.

Emmett O'Regan said...

I don't think I've read that site yet MightRighty. Did you mention it before?

JLR said...

"the great Catholic monarch, who is Archduke Ferdinand Zvonimir of Austria."

Anonymous said...

Mark Of The Beast? NBC Touts Implants To Replace Cash, Identification And More

It is a peak into a dystopian future taken from the pages of Revelation in The Bible, but NBC is promoting it like a great thing.

NBC Nightly News went to Sweden to sing the praises of new technology that has tens of thousands in the nation implanted with a microchip


JMC said...

I was just re-reading a 2013 post regarding the vision of Pope Leo XIII. In it, you state that, after several years of contemplating his vision, he wrote a much longer prayer to St. Michael. A bit of a disagreement has arisen at another blog site I frequent, wherein some are encouraging everyone to use this longer prayer, while others are saying that the longer one is only for use by the clergy, and that it would be dangerous for the laity to use it, in the same way that it would be dangerous for a layman to attempt an exorcism. So which is it? Can the laity use this longer prayer, or would that be arrogating to ourselves an authority we do not have?

Emmett O'Regan said...

As far as I'm aware, even a priest needs permission from his bishop to say the longer prayer of exorcism. You can read it, certainly, but it is beyond the remit of the laity to attempt to say the prayers of exorcism.

Mark W said...

JMC - The laity should not use those prayers at all if they don't know what they're doing. Here's the deal...

The Rite of Exorcism requires that the person performing the exorcism have spiritual authority over the person they're performing the exorcism on. The laity have very, very few occasions when they have spiritual authority over another human being. A parent has spiritual authority over a child. A husband and wife can be seen as having some spiritual authority over each other. A homeowner can be seen to have spiritual authority over their home. But really, that's about it. However, in as blunt a way possible:

"It follows also from these same prescriptions that Christ's faithful may not employ the formula of exorcism against Satan and the fallen angels which is excerpted from the formula made official by order of the Supreme Pontiff Leo XIII, and certainly may not use the entire text of that exorcism." (Inde ab Aliquot Annis, 1984).

You can quibble with the final clause, but "may not employ" is pretty final.

What the laity may employ are deliverance prayers. But these do not use prayers of command at all, and use binding prayers in a particular way that is not related to the prayer commanding in any way.

If your friends are doing even the short version and don't know these limitations, they have a stick of dynamite in one hand a and a lit sparkler in the other. It just takes a moment of inattention to set of a chain of events that they do not want to experience.

Their lack of understanding could easily make things much, much worse for all involved.

JMC said...

Thanks, Emmett and Mark. Mark, especially, for the clarification. I'm well aware of the dangers of acting where you don't have the spiritual authority, but the line isn't always clear.

Anonymous said...

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Mark W said...

I figured you did, JMC, but I didn't want someone stumbling across this three years from now and it being left unsaid.

MyronM said...

"During October 2017, a series of low magnitude earthquakes were recorded on the west flank of the Cumbre Vieja near La Sabina Vieja. .... Such earthquakes are undetectable except by specialist equipment and therefore at best may be the precursory activity for an eruption at some time in the future." [The source: ]
God is absolutely precise, although He likes the seemingly least accurate metaphorical language. Therefore, on the occasion of the anniversary of the miracle of the sun in Fatima, Portugal, it makes no sense to display the imperceptible, extended in time tremors of the Cumbre Vieja on the Spanish island of La Plama.